Your Life Is Going To Be Amazing On Raw Foods!

Your Life Is Going To Be Amazing On Raw Foods!

Anastasia is leading an amazing life and donated some of her time to share a bit of her story with us. Yet another shining 80/10/10 success story

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What do you get with The 80/10/10 Diet?
-peak performance for any athlete
-perfect weight no matter what your body type
-off-the-charts wellness
-success with a low-fat vegan raw food diet
-simplicity in your lifestyle
-a healthy relationship with your food
-and enviable vitality

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Sure my name is Anastasia I live in New York City right now and I would like to Know because you were here last year I Was Evan every every year since the First yeah how is the Woodstock fruit Festival it's definitely amazing It's definitely amazing it's like the Premier raw food event you have fitness Classes in the morning you're surrounded By positive like-minded people who Inspire you and push you to be better You have international raw food speakers People literally traveling the world to You know come talk to you give you their Knowledge it's it's the premier ralphy's Event it's just amazing it is and you Know I only see you have at the Woodstock fruit festival it seems right Now happy yes but I feel like I'm seeing Less of you How'd that go did you what'd you do over The last year oh yeah last year well I Guess every year since the first you've Been seeing less than less than me Physically so yeah just you know being On this lifestyle and you sort of it Forces you to look at yourself and when You want to do and sort of to up your Athleticism and to well this past year Actually I was also in Costa Rica for Two months fasting with dr. Douglas Graham how was that experience you know It was definitely very interesting it's Very tough and you have to go at it with

A very good reason like a lot of people Were healing intestinal issues you know Or like adrenal fatigue issues or you Know definitely there for a really good Reason and as was I and you know 32 days Fasting that's what I did that was a lot More than anybody else did it was it was Really good it was a really good Experience and you know the location was Amazing we had daily lectures from Whatever they you know they call him Like the daddy of raw foods or something Like that dr. Douglas Graham the author Of the 80/10/10 diet It was that's the reason why I chose to Go because he was like the guy to have The best fasting experience with and the Refeeding process as well and that's That's really where I went there as well You've been at this lifestyle now for a Few years right yeah since 2004 and Mostly raw since about 2009 yeah so it's Been a tough journey though I had Definitely issues to overcome and Stumbling blocks to come over and the Woodstock Food Festival is just amazing To make you realize you're not the only One and also that this is a growing Lifestyle and that it just makes sense You know you're you're definitely eating This way like around other people as Well so you're not like the Freak or You're not the you know the special one Or something like that you're just it

Just makes sense and you feel healthy And it's just a really good thing to be Here so we didn't have nearly enough Time to delve into Anastacia enough so If people want to connect with you I Know you have a great YouTube channel Can you talk about what you share on There and wherever you can connect with You absolutely um I have a raw vegan Channel you know end it like fitness as Well and inspiration so and you know Obviously I documented the whole fasting Trip and just travels around the worlds And stuff like that so if you want to See it when I'm up – and if you want for Their inspiration its if you look up Some thought som e th o ug HT on YouTube Then yeah I talked a lot about cycling Because I love cycling there's some Running videos there's also like you Know what to do in the winter and There's you know there's just like raw Foods there's like some recipe videos as Well and if you know I'm looking forward To putting up more of those and stuff Like that so yeah come check it out it I'd love to connect thank you and stay – Thanks Anastasia I ran so it's um it can Be very difficult especially in our Culture where there's like ubiquitous Messages of like candy you know where do You get your protein you know eat less You know do that do this do that there's A lot of you know died diabetic seem to

Think that you know sugar is the problem Versus fat or there's just Lot of miscommunication and it's not That easy to go raw so connect with as Many people as you can because it your Life will just be changed for the better Just exponentially and to do it your Life is going to be amazing so that's Great You You You

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