Your Health Equals Wealth! How To Monetize Your Health!

Your Health Equals Wealth! How To Monetize Your Health!

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Peace and blessings this is Lisa Marie Goodson of the BlackBerry Beauty Transformative Academy ancient African Wisdom for the modern sista yes So I'm coming to you live again so this Is 13 reasons and 13 secrets of why you Should join my next January 6 2017 Intensive BlackBerry beauty secrets how To glow from head to toe okay and so This is reason number 4 so remember how I do it y'all I actually am going Through this 13 well there was 13 weeks Left until my January 6 2017 intensive Blackberry beauty secrets had a glow From head to toe but now we're on our Fourth reason I'm gonna say fourth Reason cuz I give a reason and I give You a little secret and it's all Together so let me see what's on the Line Penny pick me how are you crystal good Girl Brown how are you Thank You Leonora How you doing oh I love it Erica how you doing Queens so we are a Reason number four reason number four or Why you should be in the next intensive So first let me tell you cuz you know I Love the weather report thank you for The love hey Queen so you know I love The weather report like I don't know Maybe I should have been on a Meteorologist in my last life but I love To tell you thank you sweetie I love to Tell you what the weather is so in

Oakland California is where I live in Now it is raining so it's been raining For the last couple of days and you know Rain in a lot of ways it really is a Beautiful reminder that everything will Be cleansed that everything must flow Then everything will change that Everything will grow and so today I want To talk to you about why you would want To take the next intensive and it's very Simple look at all my people coming in Thank you so much raining in New Jersey – okay get it I thank you for the Necklace my husband bought it for me hey Barbra and so I want to say this to you About so today I want to talk to you About your health being your wealth now Listen don't be hanging up now cuz I Said you're healthy so walk because I Know we hear things over and over again These catch phrases and since this has No meaning and nobody believes in them Anymore and so nobody wants to listen But I know you are here to listen Because I know that you are trusting me To give you real information today Just about 15 minutes ago I completed a Virtual speaking event it was called Back to business monetize now and my What I wanted to talk about was Literally how your health can be Monetized that literally that if you are Sick you cannot make money so reason Number four is you want to join the next

Intensive because you want to stay in Life you don't have you ever like watch Somebody that was really motivated and You loved them and they were talking About things that you thought you could Do they were inspiring you to be your Greatest to start that job to launch That business yes your talk to me do you Have you ever been in a situation where A movie you watched or a motivational Speaker or a success coach but somebody Was telling you something that made you Want to get up out your seat the moment They said it loving the hearts the Moment they said it and made you want to Do something differently and then you Stopped now you were fired up you were Fishing with focus you was ready and They were really were ready to change Your life and then you stopped you Stopped because you started thinking About well I'm not really in good health You know I want to be a speaker speak Around the world but I have weight Issues and I couldn't even travel from Point A to point B I really do want to Be my highest and best self and I really Do want to change people's lives but my Own life is suffering you know I really Do want to be the best that I can be I Really do want to build a legacy for my Children but I'm not even sure if I'm Gonna be here tomorrow because my health Is so poor if that has ever been you how

You doing angel McKnight brandy how you Do In Angela if that has ever been you Because at some point the true starts to Come out with the reason why I'm not Doing what I love the reason why I'm not Taking that chance the reason why I'm Not growing is because I have fear of my Mortality I don't believe that I'm going To be here I don't believe in the Longevity of my life I don't see that And the reason why you don't because the Doctor told me I have diabetes the Doctor told me I have cancer the doctor Told me I had five more tumors so I'm Not really excited about the future Because I don't think that I'm going to Be here and in my next January intensive I want to dispel all of those reasons of You not thinking you're gonna be here Based on your health because if you join Reason than before my next intensive Your health will improve tremendously You know I was gonna think about what I'm saying do you know what reason Number four is the reason why you need To join the next intensive because you Are sick and it's like sick and tired You really are not well you know I think To myself I say who wants the ain't Nobody on this okay and I'll put this Stuff down so there's nobody watching This right now that really wants to die Now there may be people that want to

Take their lives there might be somebody Watching this that does not want to live Again but there's nobody that actually Wants to die and once it was the Difference of not wanting to die but Don't want to live the difference of not Wanting to die is you really don't want To die but you don't know any Alternatives to living again you really Don't want to die but you don't have any Other alternatives to living because you Believe that your situation is dire that Your health is just gone and a lot of Times when you're not healthy you can't Even think correctly it is affecting Your money the health your physical Health your spiritual mental health is Affecting the amount of money That you can make people talk about Healing your heart heal your body and Watch your heart feel real good Everything is about what is this idea of Good health good health comes from Confidence and courage you have to have The confidence to be healthy you have to Have the courage to be healthy and Definitely to be wealthy because you can Make a million dollars but if your Health is not right then you're not Right you're not gonna be here to make The money that's why when I think about People that want to stay at home since The nubia odd your course I needed since Inovio my health is jacked up since the

Nubia I really want to be in the course But I don't know how I'm going to get The money this is your health They'd borrow or steal get their money Not for some shoes or a car or a new Purse for your life and not just your Life for the life of the generations to Come How many of you and I know many thank You since I know many of you I know you Have to be affected by this new wave of Black folks talking about legacy and Financial health and building a legacy And and creating money for the next Generation and the next generation and The next generation I know you caught up In it I know it is what is the intents of the Intensive is next January 6 2017 is Actually on the website now so jet Jeanie you asked that question it's on The website but it starts next year January 2017 on the sixth so and it's All virtual so anywhere you are in the World you can join and I so let's talk About this idea of your wealth your Health is your wealth literally Cuz I think a lot of you are thinking About how I want monetize how do I get To stay home and work from home how do I Get to not work for somebody else that's Disrespecting me or is never gonna make Over a certain amount of money what are The criterias what do I need to be able

To do that y'all some I can say well Girl you need a website girl you need a Breathing Coast girl you need a marketer No girl you need your health you need to Be learn how to be here be A lot of times when we asked for the big Thing the big job to quit the job to Start the business the more money and we Know we are devoted and devout we know We are devoted and devout what do I mean By that we do our visualizations we say Our prayers we do our meditations we're Doing everything that everybody is said To do we built the website we've got the Brain because we've got the marketer why Are we not succeeding why are we not Getting what we want because we're but In our minds we're not know why are we Not getting what we want why if you did Everything you're supposed to do why is The universe not giving you exactly what You want because the universe knows that You are not healthy enough to receive That what you asked for the universe Knows that if it gives it to you is Going to cause more problems in your Life because now you're gonna have to Hustle now you have to stay up all night Now you gonna have to go to some chicken Engagements that you dreamt about you Asked for it but you're too unhealthy to Get there cuz your mind ain't right Your spirit is sad your body is weak but You're willing and that's good

It's got to be willing it was being Great if you had live intensive sort of Like a weekend retreat I would love that That is definitely coming Thank You Candace I want that fro yah yah so I put I spray water on it it was morally I Know Marvel idea I sprayed water and Then patted the bad boy down and I was Like you know what I wanna rock my throw Short I think that would be cool so That's how I got it I mean we're talking About blackberry beauty secrets we're Not talking about how to look as Beautiful with someone else we're not Talking about how to look like somebody Else we're talking about how to look Your most beautiful best that is not Cosmetic it comes from within today We're talking about the fact that you Want to take this intensive is because You are aliased because you are Suffering sometimes in silence because You don't feel good cuz you really do Want to live but you don't know how There's a way to do it you know our Health Think about the health touchy of black Women you know I think society makes it Like your health it's just a struggle It's so much you have to do it so much You have to invest in it and to me is so Simple because when you think about your Health what you're actually saying is I Want to love myself I want to be okay

With me I won't wear my shirt afro with All the great up in it I want women ever Yeah and I'm and I want to feel Beautiful and if I feel beautiful it's Gonna be contagious and everybody else Gonna start thinking well maybe it ain't Never getting too bad maybe there Shortly naturally into that maybe they Have some beauty in them that's worth Something to somebody do you understand That when you learn about being healthy And then you become healthy people that Come to you and say can you tell me how You stay so healthy do you understand That's a possibility for another stream Of income it's teaching people what you Learn people don't understand it until Only the ones that actually take courses I notice do you know why you actually Another reason why you take a course is Because you can then monetize that Information see if you took a course and Learning how to be more beautiful Which means learning how to be more Healthy then you actually became all of Those things that the course said if you Do these things you would do you Understand and you can turn around and And monetize you can turn around and Create a program that teaches other People how to be healthy now I even bet Right now that there's somebody I Remember Barbara Jackson you talked About it using my Africa seven beauty

Products the clay mask and you said you The same president without the Monday But you want our Tuesday after using the Claim and he was like oh my god your Skin is glowing oh my god you know you Look thinner oh my god like they Couldn't put exactly what was it that Made you glowing looks so absolutely Beautiful but it was something that you You did somebody you I told you about it You looked at me decided that it was a Good try and it worked for you to now You do but you actually have knowledge Of health and diet of meditation and Spiritual visualizations and things that Could make a person more healthy because The person was attracted to your beauty When I talk about beauty I'm talking About beauty from a spiritual Perspective we thought about the law of Attraction the operative word is attract How do I get people to even come to me To buy what I have to sell if you are Looking the part you ain't never got a Sound people will just buy if you look Beautiful and you feel beautiful you are Healthy you ain't gotta tell nobody you A hell guru everybody gonna look at you And go I saw you walking down the street And your skin was glowing how do you do That and Dan you have now told me to say Oh I make my own beauty products oh oh I Teach a class on how to be beautiful oh Do you understand that your your

Livelihood depends on you feeling good Even if you decide to sell something That has nothing to do with health and Beauty I want to teach you today how Your health and beauty can and will be Monetized and why it's so important Hey sister how you doing the toyour Thank you Yes I fell off I'm so mad at myself That's okay then there I hate the fool I've been eating okay that's okay Damn speak the truth yes I am I want to I have to you know I thought about how I Got started I was able today to share on The virtual intensity that I did today With Shawna Harry about how I got Started in business yeah I was growing In my life I basically I realize I hit Rock bottom and I was I was knowing Things but I wasn't implementing that I Had information but I didn't know how to Utilize it and I eventually I hit rock Bottom I did everything wrong that I Could do I was at a point of eviction my Car had broken down life was knocked I Was getting some EBT and living on food Stamps it was not a good situation and Somebody came over my house who was a Raw foodist and I had a wound circle Because I knew that I needed help so I Want to tell you the importance of wound Circles and women getting together Because my intensives are just that They're virtual

And then I said you know what is the Spring equinox I'm gonna do the room Circle even though I'm broken because I Feel like that's when you should have a Room circle when you got issues when you Got wound issues you need to have a Circle financial issues for a woman is Wound related health issues for a woman Is wound related depression issues for a Woman is wound related so I did this Womb circle and I asked one sister that I knew was very healthy in her sixties Beautiful to make the food and she came Over with this ruffle I know I mean Health that's right baby we'll come on In crystal you got got you sister I got You Queen and so the sister came by and She made a smoothie first one I think I've ever had her own salad dressing and A beautiful arugula salad I couldn't Even pronounce the word arugula let Alone have I ever eaten that bad boy and Now they ain't no arugula and it was Delicious and the wound circle was Beautiful people were healing themselves We were working together and she left And I and she left with these recipes on Three raw food dishes and I'm telling You when I say I hit rock bottom when I Say that I was suffering when I say I Didn't know what my last meal or money Or opportunity was coming from I Exaggerate to you not even though I grew Up in a house of Metta physicians even

Though I learned about the power of mine Even though I learned about the law of Attraction my health even though I was a Vegan vegetarian I let the outside Forces affect me in a way that made me Unhealthy and she brought the greatest Gift that anybody could give any human Being was the gift of health and I used Those recipes days in and days out and I Started going raw and going crazy about Raw okay turning 35 November 1st ready To start the healing journey come on Legs come on ladies let's do it I love It that's beautiful and so yeah it was a Miracle I have to after you do raw for Three days and in like January intensive We're gonna Talk about raw we're not trying to get You to be 100% or any with you just Information just the knowledge and the Wisdom just hearing about it can change Everything and your direction your Trajectory may not look like mine but You you are definitely on the right path And so after that I do not stayed on the Roof weather goes by like few months I Decided to make a youtube and I want to Tell you how your health is your wealth And how you can monetize it I want to Tell you the points of your out of Beauty I don't mean beauty in some Traditional or some non-traditional way Or some what's trending way I mean that Real love and honesty and healing that

You have in you that your beauty shines Through and so I got on YouTube yeah and I kept telling about oh my god I'm wrong Yes Angela yes oh my god I'm wrong and You should be wrong I don't even talk About you should be wrong to try to Convince somebody to be wrong and try to Sell any wrongful prize I didn't know Nothing about it I was so fascinated with this idea of Raw and it was other people no matter When I said I thought I was saying some Profound stuff all everybody in the Comment section 7 was girl your skin is Glowing girl what you use on your skin What I didn't get into that is what with With visual people and so but and I Didn't also understand that when you eat This healthy you're going to glow and You're going to attract and so my Husband was the one that said he was Mine not my husband at that time he said Read the comments people want to know What you're doing I said well y'all I Actually make my own beauty products They said could yourself so don't think About selling my beauty products I'm Talking about monetizing your health I'm Talking about that your health is your Wealth I didn't understand that the People were asking for something you Gotta give the people what they not I Didn't understand that the room there's A byproduct of eating so well what's

Going to make you appear no being Beautiful And healthy I didn't realize that see my Comments hey changing Muhammad are you Doing Oh girl thank you so much I appreciate That Looking more beautiful never ends I love You it's not you know when you're lying Of lie it is nothing like a natural it Is nothing like a natural brace or nice I'm gonna put them back in but the Natural is the bomb and I agree with you And I thank you for that and so I Decided to create products for other People because people asked me to so I Was monetizing my health through my Beauty I was monetizing my beauty Through my health and even though I made Thousands I'm up to a thousand videos Made thousands of videos in the end no Matter what I'm saying no matter how Profound it is and I don't have a Problem with it I'm thankful for it People still go so how did you get your Skin to glow again how did you do that So this packaging the blackberry beauty Sister Nubia I'm gonna follow you since 2011 I feel so connected to you I need Your help more than ever now know that Fisa sister come on into the next Intensive I would love to see you Blackberry beauty radiance did you cut Your hair no GG let me tell you what I

Did I worked with the shrinkage my Throat was out to here and I sprayed it With water and patted it down girl this Is what I did cuz I actually wanted a Short Ephram I know girl I don't know What Another thing about your health and your Beauty is really obsession about beauty Its self-acceptance you know I said to Myself today so I could have a big afro Now tell me I have wound trauma I used to abuse my Body okay sweetie Victoria coming to the next intensive I Got you sweetie that mean I love you too Fine for couple years thank you to me That I love you too let me tell you Ladies something when we do things to Our body when we abuse ourselves and we Allow others to abuse us it's because we Don't know how great marvellous and Magnificent that we are we don't know That we are more than our bodies we are More than our physical The reason I'm even focusing on is I'm Telling you that then what you see Outside cuz what I've done inside and in The next intensive ladies that are Struggling we talk about those healing Abandonment issues those central section On the dormant and why we may be over Sexualized in ourselves because we want Certain times of attention you know the Reason why I'm wearing my hair like this

Today is yes I can pull my hair out I Can do all the stretching in the world And then look wiry and thin but the afro Is big and I said today why don't I just Accept myself and what Mike here does my Hair is nappy and I'm happy my hair Looks good in a nice short afro cuz I Put water on it and water is what its Needs thank you for the hearts so Sweetie I just sprayed water on it and It didn't would imagine did it reverted Or it went back to what it really is I really is important me I now the Confidence I have in myself is not cuz I Think I look better than somebody else Or I look great it's because I accept Myself I accept my brand of beauty I accept who and what I am the way I can And I want to be my beautiful best self And I want you to be your beautiful best Self that's what I'm teaching people Looking at your skin oh you have this They don't know it's the love for myself That's the bottom line and that's what I Want to teach you is how to love Yourself so that your beauty naturally Shines and you ain't got to try to Stretch it here out and have an afro That's see-through and look at the grain For me like thank you for the hard like Hey this was just that's what it is what It is what it is this is what it is so It really is about being your authentic

Self see anybody that the woman that Talked about the prostitution that's not Who you are that's what you did because You didn't know you have more to give You don't ever have to identify with That again you don't have to feel bad or Guilty about it cuz when we know more we Do better and we know what we do better We do We know better you know now so that's Okay like I I what I had to do to this Is what we're talking about in the next Ten cents I had to forgive myself seeing Myself for the the abortions forgive Myself for the the night of the Relationships that I had that were not Cool forgive myself for you know not Being honest forgive myself I had to say And then I realized there was nothing to Forgive at the time that was probably in My mind think about where you are I want To change your state of mind your state Of being in that place I did the right Thing for that place I don't tell you What I mean by the right thing for where You are if you if you live on the Streets and you a woman now your natural Self might be to be kind and gentle to Everyone but if you're homeless on the Street and you're kind and gentle to Everyone you're going to not survive so The right thing to do money to be sleep With a knife the right thing to do might Be cuts cuts on a mother and four out do

You understand that every time for Whatever the situation you were in Whatever you did how low down you think It is now how dirty you thought it is or Think it is it was the right thing for That circumstances I'm talking about Changing your life circumstances and the Beauty is the byproduct of changing your Life circumstances it's not what you're Going for it's what you're going to end Up with because we're talking about Really getting into who you are do you Think that everybody gonna look at me be Like oh she's so beautiful oh she's so I Don't her dark and mochi and everything You could ever think of and guess what I Don't believe it so there so when you Know who you are kid nobody telling you Otherwise when you know who you are can Can nobody tell you otherwise And having that great confidence in Yourself brings you all the things you Ever wanted See what you want lies in your Confidence of who you are periods what You want thank you for the hearts Lies in the confidence of who you are When you know who you are you gonna get Exactly what you want when you knew who You wasn't you got what you needed cuz You ain't no you knew were surviving and You was doing the things you need to Survive so see that's why I can't feel Guilty about the things that I've done

That now I know I don't have to do now Because now I know better so you don't Know when you approach your beauty you Don't know when you heal those abandom Issues you don't understand truly what Abundance and bounty and prosperity is Actually waiting for you because you Think that you're the person you are so You have identified with who you used to Be you have even identified with who you Think you are now and you're right if You're identifying with who you used to Be and you're identifying with who you Think you are now then right everything You want that you don't have not gonna Get everything you want that you don't Have you're not going to get because it Lies in a whole nother vibrational Frequency that you haven't yet mastered When you're ready when you master that New vibrational frequency it's going to Attract new things listen you don't even Have to be metaphysical you don't even Have to be spiritual I know everybody in Here know that it's tucked into place And it either felt good or felt bad you Wanted to stay on you wanted to leave Everybody walked into somebody house and Said I think I'm gonna leave right now Or you wanted a sick girl I don't never Want to leave it so comfortable up in Here so you are that space you are that House we want to get you comfortable Cozy beautiful extravagant lovely we

Want people to never not want to be Around you we want the right people to Be attracted to you I'm talking about Beauty from the perspective of you Attracting the right people not beauty Attracting somebody because your butt is Big or because you're sexy or because You have all these physical attributes That men are supposed to like I don't Talk about true attraction that leads to True Wealth and true abundance and true Understanding of who you are that's what I'm talking about that's what I'm Talking about the rest of this stuff Don't matter you know there was in the Intensive today that was speaking that Was doing the virtual speaking a system Was talking about some of the profitable Businesses and how overall because of People's concern for money that they're Not prospering they're not profiting or They're not investing in things like Buying clothes or very expensive cars Because they know they understand now They're working jobs that are not Guaranteed to be do tomorrow the idea of The progresses are leaving your job or Retiring with a pension is pretty much Outdated the idea that there's job Security on any job particularly in the Industry of technology and computers There is not you know you can get fired In a few black you know that firing

Possibility goes up about a hundred Percent and so because of that women are Not spending I'm saying people are Saying women are not spending Frivolously on things that were extra Things things that to enhance their Beauty but artificially you know what The end warning though they want there Now I know that you all want and I know Why this is why you want to invest in my Next attention because your health is Non-negotiable because your good health Is non-negotiable You can say well I can go without them Extra pair of shoes or I can wear my Coat from last year you are not you Cannot go without your good health well I can go without good health for a year To longer nothing to happen no you Cannot so your house is really Everything it's just that in our Community this is recent I say in our Community but this is not where we came If you go back to ancient Canon if you Go back to ancient Africa our health was Our wealth and we taught it to our People we understood that diet meant You've stayed alive we understood the Connection of vibrational frequency that Food had for us we understood Food was your medicine we understood That so you know what as as George Frazier says success runs in our race Success runs in our race

That's right Thank You penny Thank You Ty any industry that's right Success runs in our race and so we're Not let's not let's you know I'm not Trying to dismiss you know the four to Five hundred years of chattel slavery I'm telling you that that's not our Beginning see that's what happens is When use diet they use the idea of You're not beautiful they wanted you to Believe that in order to be beautiful You had to look like Miss in it they Wanted to if you don't know homers in is Ask somebody who miss em is your car Becky today miss in it's okay okay Success it runs in our race yes it does Crystal so when you think about this Idea of chattel slavery and you think About the the insecurities of the Mistress of the slave masters wife of Miss inner because you were beautiful Because you weren't dark or brown or Light didn't even matter you were Gorgeous beautiful body it could have More babies stronger smarter more agile Miss and all she could think about was And worse her man was coming to your Cabin every night not her bedroom so Miss Anne had to do whatever she could To make you feel less than she did and The first thing she did was attack your Out of beauty she needed you to believe That your dark skin was ugly your hair Your nappy here was ugly your full lips

Was ugly your nose she needed you to Believe and she needed to include that And all of your children to come so you Are so confused and mixed up that you Spend $500 on some rims for your car Instead of for an intensive that Can save your life she needed to attack Your out of beauty yes sounds like today That's right sister sure does ADA I'm me Angela and ADA absolutely so the Reason why I mean this dark woman with Her short they aren't happy here her Gray hair it's coming to you talking About beauty it's because it's something Different it's something we forgot about It's forgetting about the mother and Taking care of daughter we mean that Mother to be here to continue to give The messages to her daughter and Miss Ann made sure that that was going to be Stopped and we bought into it how did She do it She made sure that you could not do your Hair you could not be in your hair she Made sure you could not use the products That you have from your home country Like shea butters and natural oils to Use it she made sure that you were not Able to have a proper diet because when You eat well you have enough water to Drink you are going to be beautiful she Made sure he worked from sunup to Sundown and broke your back basically so That you could lose your beauty don't

Think that this was not delivering that You don't feel like you are enough that You don't feel like you're investing in Your natural beauty because Miss Ann Never invested in that natural beauty Because Miss Ann from the beginning was Getting treatments and nowadays plastic Surgery and lip injections and all these Things that's artificial beauty that Will kill you dead you had the secret of Beauty black woman you already knew it All I'm teaching you is going back Ancient African healing for the modern System that we already had the knowledge And the wisdom and that's what I teach And I teach it with passion because I Love you because you armed me let me see Conda that was a lie yes indeed penny no More we have the truth that's right Justin yes just yes and in the end those Courses that the European woman wore was To emulate your being ButI she wanted to look like you it must Be hard for any woman to know that her Man is coming into your cabin violating You and harshly as it is he rather be With you than her and he ain't choose Either because he helped with this Demise of the black woman's beauty image But it's time for us to understand There's something we have gotten from Those ancestors that suffered is we had A better way we have more education we Make more money it's what we're doing

With it That is slave-like mentality it's not That we don't have it is that we don't Use it in the right way when you're sick When you have issues pay for somebody to Help you to get over it and get on with Your life Any intensive that I teach my hope coz I Won't be so bold as to say I always do It might hope is that you go away and Say that intensive gave me things that I Can use for the rest of my life see I'm About to get emotional that that Intensive gave me something that I can Use for the rest of my life we got People out here to take advantage of our People that take advantage of their Money and I understand why people are Afraid sometimes to invest in somebody That looks like them but are you one of Them because I know about karma and I Know what I put on them and get back so I better put out good if I want good you Know I believe that in all of us those Ancestors never die because they live in Us that's why that's that fervor that I Have I truly believe when I say words have Power When I said in the video on years ago That I want to be like Harriet something Whoa what did I say what did I say That's deep and I meant it So now I got to do it and I got to bring

You all along deliver lies and an Attempt to destroy our confidence health Beauty and prosperity chin gene you put It perfectly sister Yes Erica thank you thank you tie yes This Israel yet be feet before you said Too often I'm afraid oh I get there I Saw you know what I say when I get Afraid I say I'm more afraid not to change than To change every time I get afraid this Is again I'm saying again I say to Myself I'm more afraid not to change Than to change because change is a Possibility of something better ahead Change is the possibility of something Better ahead staying the same means Guaranteed I'm going to always be this Way and it probably works only because Life and time keeps moving so when you Have that fear of changing think about That change it's the possibility I'd Rather deal with a possibility from the Possibility of something better ahead And staying the same means I know what This issue is I know what I got now it Ain't good and cognate it kind of Dissipates the fear a bit because you Start thinking about in the real way Going or while I'm afraid to look more Beautiful I'm afraid to be more Prosperous I'm afraid to be more Healthier and I can understand it Because you are right if you're afraid

Because and I want to get to calm Yourself anybody I say yes you're afraid Stagnation is failure yes it is Queen ty You're afraid Because you maybe because you understand That if I change and if I take this Course and I change then guess what I Gotta get rid of people I gotta stop doing those things and I Know not good I gotta stop smoking weed I gotta stop drinking to be I gotta stop Having the wine I gotta stop eating Foods but for emotional reasons I got stuff hanging I gotta stop Sleeping with that brother that I know He just want to be friends with benefits I got stopped singing with that brother I know it's maddening I got stuff Sleeping with that brother that I know Don't even care about me I got to stop All those things and you know what that Ain't nothing to be afraid of Cuz do you think the universe is gonna Take some away from you without Replacing it with something better Because if you're afraid of that So let's break that down I'm afraid of The abuse we endure from our own people Often many of us are financially tight To afford the extreme prices okay I okay So this is good point so let me tell you How you get over there she made it apart She's saying why do people charge so Much right for something what that's

Natural or something that's good okay I'ma tell you because you're worth it if They actually deliver it and you get Results what is too much to be to change For the rest of your life when all of Your life you've been down and trying And all your all of your life you've Been sick and tired there's not that Much particularly if the person produced It particularly if the person allows you To see their own evolution but I want to Tell you how to get past money money is Just energy don't look at it as I don't Have it because you'll always not have It what you want to do is say how can I Get the money you have to think Differently and money starts to react Differently in your life if you think Therefore the money starts to react Differently in your life can I save can I put away ten dollars a month or ten Dollars a week can I forego buying that Span you know that's not good for me or That air freshener when I get my car Wash so maybe I can wash my own car Do you know how many ways that you could Actually get the money to pay for Something that's going to change and add Value to your life I mean really Sometimes you know we get the car wash And we go for the Super Deluxe let's Just go for the regular water maybe we Just wash it by here you know we want to Go out and to the laundromat but maybe

We could actually wash them to clothes In the house you know we want to put our Clothes and the cleaners all the time And they moved from go to cleaners Wearing clothes that can we could wash In the washing machine do you understand That you're probably spending the money Anyway you're probably spending the Money anyway but you don't see results That are a life long lasting so you Think that Tamiya is asking for too much But in actuality you are circulating and If you are circulating cuz circulating Means to print to send it out and come Back many of us don't circulate we just Spend we exhaust your circle you're Spending the money anyway and you're Getting nothing of value in return long Lasting value in return let me look at Some of these comments oh thank you Katie I appreciate that Yes my heart I'm a Leo so my heart is so Big and my heart is so open and I'm so Grateful that I get a chance to do these You know to be honest I know I don't Want to say it but I'm going to say if Nothing came out of the videos if nobody Bought court the course which some People are actually buying and I need More to buy because I need to get this Message out to more people I enjoy doing Things I enjoy doing these live videos I Enjoy making somebody's day I enjoy Changing somebody's mind

I enjoy this as somebody seeing the Possibilities of where they could go It's a beautiful thing you know so I Just want to tell you Oh lovely oh yeah We are something else Hey look Keesha Leo's like yeah I thank You all of you leo and that's such a Little thing to say as a man you know There's a reason I'll talk about that Also in the courses to come about the Astrological sign sign an astrological Sign that you're born in it tells you a Lot about what your divine purpose is And how it's gonna show up in your life You know Leo's tend to be comfortable Being in front of a camera on people and They tend to have some type of Confidence and courage now let me tell You don't think it's automatic I had to Work on this one here and now I'm still A work in progress But it's so much you know I've been on For a while so I'm gonna conclude but I Just want to say it is so much to do Thing that the final product that most People see when they turn on a YouTube Video and they are watching a content Creator it is more than just a few Minutes they took before they got on to Get on and tell you about whatever they Wanted to talk about it is a lifestyle Change it is a belief in something Better and greater it is an Understanding that they were already

Born perfect whole and complete that you Weren't and that all you're doing is Chiseling away everything that is not Perfect whole and complete and perfect Don't mean doing everything right it's The understanding that you have the Opportunity every single day that you Open your eyes to do something right and So this was you know I got 13 reasons Why and 13 ways and so I just want to Remind everybody to hydrate yourself Drink lots of water this is just a tip Because I noticed that when the winter Months come the idea we may have been Drinking a gallon of water in the Summertime and so people so I'm gonna be With us in my group now happen in my Intention you might be slowing down on That gallon of water or close to it Scorpio can say hey I'm Aquarius yeah That's in the house you Aries they asked My daughters my husband's an Aries Actually my daughters are fat and I'm a Leo sigh yeah you may be you may be Waning on your health because you want Those comfort foods because it's colder If I could remind you of a tip today to Increase your beauty and your magnetism Continue to drink a lot of water even if You don't feel like it particularly in The winter months because that's when You probably are going to go for other Things other than water and I want to Tell you that you still need to drink

Water even in the fall in the winter Good news I can't believe I say this for Last But I forgot touch for those that I've Been telling you my husband and I are Moving to North Carolina my When I moved to North Carolina guess What we got the place we wanted in North Carolina the place we're going to live Temporarily until we build our house and We move in on December 1st we will be in North Carolina in the raleigh-durham Area on December 1st yeah so just a Legend I got a share I gotta share the Accomplishments with you to show you That the stuff that I use is working and It could work in your life too we are Moving we will be in North Carolina on December 1st I want to remind everybody That this video is sponsored by my Blackberry beauty secrets how to glow From head to toe next training course That starts and it starts January 2017 Yes how long how long I know girl word Congratulations thank you I'm so excited Y'all it's so exciting See I thought it was October 1st I know It's December hey you leave it up the Spirit and let it be and it'll happen Oh Thank You crystal thank you everybody Yeah yes I hope you'll be able to have a Truce in looking you know it you know You know that 1845 acres is about to Yeah yes it is going to help the

Retreats will happen but I would love to See the reason why I made the next Intensive in January is I'm sympathetic To sometimes the financial situation of Our sisters and I'm giving you time to Get the money up I'm also giving you an Installment plan in order to get the Money up I don't think we have to Devalue what we have to offer our people But I do think we have to give them some Time and incentives and work with them Because they're gonna be the people that Work with others to change their lives And so I read a couple more awesome just A movie I lived here for four years Oh yeah hey everything so I love you all Y'all I've been working today How did the virtual speaking I've been On this thing and I got another blast I have intensive actually I have a A private coaching group called wild Women who run with the womb and we are In the October series and it's called Creating new and healthy rituals and we Have our last instructional upload Tomorrow and I gotta be fierce fired and Focused to make sure I give them some Good and I knew this these two days I Would be doing all these virtual Intensives and speaking engagements so I Wanted to make sure that tomorrow which Is totally hopefully a day off I'm gonna Give them all that I had I love you all With all of my heart please share the

Video if you saw value in it and the Other videos that I've been putting up Weekly this is reason number four so That means we have whatnot and then we Have nine more of these left and it will Be posted on this page I'm also gonna Share them on YouTube page I love you All with all my heart Oh November 12th I'll be I've been Nominated for Black Power Awards and Health and wellness and so I want to win And I ain't ashamed to ask and I want to Thank you all for nominating me so could You now put the goddess vibrational Frequencies and see me holding that Award and saying thank you and have a Speech you know I look real fine can you Can you work that out for me now I know You can do it out tell me what you want I said on my vibrational frequency so You can get it cuz we all need to win And so November 12 I'll be in Atlanta Georgia for the Black Power Awards and Then December 1st I'll be in on the East Coast see y'all back home And I we're gonna do some more when I Get back there it's a whole nother Vibrational frequency and in my next one My maybe one of my youtube videos I'm Gonna talk a little bit about that I What moving does for your whole Trajectory in life this is Lisa Marie Goodson of the BlackBerry Beauty Transformative Academy ancient African

Wisdom for the modern system check out My website I leave it in this arm in This live stream it's WWWE beauty calm Line up and register for the January Intensive peace and blessings

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