Why Your Diet Break Isn't Working | Calculating Diet Break Macros | Holly T. Baxter

Why Your Diet Break Isn’t Working | Calculating Diet Break Macros | Holly T. Baxter

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I still get this question ALL THE TIME so here’s a throwback post for anyone who missed it or for any of my new subscribers!

I’m often asked how to calculate your macros for a diet break, as our true maintenance is constantly changing, so this video explains the math ✍🏼 and logic 🧠 behind the calculation, so you can accurately calculate your own macros so you don’t overshoot and gain weight, or continue losing weight during your scheduled diet break.

Remember☝🏽, for the above to be effective in minimizing metabolic adaption and helping preserve lean mass, we are trying to select calories that are right at your maintenance (your weight should remain stable, no loss or gain).

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Hey guys holly here the video that i'm About to provide for you guys is all About how to determine your calories While you're taking a diet break a lot Of you have checked in and kind of said To me oh i've just kind of come across The notion of taking diet breaks during A diet but i don't know how to determine What my calories should be so check out This video hopefully you can learn Something imply the information that i Have used to help with your own diet Breaks [Music] Okay guys so i'm a visual person and if I'm going to do a math equation i can't Just talk about it i've got to write it So If you guys want to work out how to Calculate your maintenance calories this Is one method that you can do obviously We also use the mueller equation to help Calculate my maintenance calories But this is kind of just to help check To make sure that you were doing things Correctly and that you're not giving Yourself Really high uh calorie targets for your Maintenance week and that could Consequently undo all the hard work that You've done so i just ran this i ran These numbers compared it and they're Almost within as lane said 10 calories Of each other so let's start off at the

Top uh this is the total amount of Weight that i actually lost over the Three week period of dieting okay so i Started at like 59.8 and i got down to 57.3 so 1.6 kilograms was my total Weight loss Now we want to put that into a gram Amount because we know that we can Attribute a caloric value to an amount Of weight loss but it's in grams okay so 1.6 kilos is also 1600 grams Times it by 5.9 this is one of the Equations that we Talk about and discuss in the complete Contest prep guide and in fat loss Forever if you want to learn how we come To these kind of numbers all that Information is actually available in That book so this is the amount of Calories that we can denote to one gram Of weight loss or weight gain okay so if We multiply 1600 by 5.9 it comes out to 9440 kilocalories Now that is the total amount of calorie Value That it took for me to lose 1.6 kilos i Hope you're following Now what we need to do is work out uh What was the deficit per day So i was dieting for a period of 21 days In case three weeks same thing But now if we converted today so we can See what my daily calorie deficit is Okay and there's a reason we're trying

To work it towards a daily calorie Deficit we'll come to that in a second For each of those days um i was down In a deficit of 449.5 kilocalories Um My targets for the week Were 1571 that's what i was actually Consuming i probably was a little here Or a little out if you've been following Along on the weeks one to three Fat loss series you'll see that Sometimes i was like one percent over Other times i was one percent under but On the whole or the average i was Working towards hitting this particular Number for my calories right So in order to determine what my actual Maintenance is For this particular weight for my brand New body weight all i need to do is add In This amount of calories that i was in a Deficit okay because that would bring me Back To what my maintenance calories is i Hope you're following this is where we Come to my maintenance calories for the Week so this week i'm going to be Following 2020. uh obviously i'm going To be keeping my protein at around 155 Grams per day my carbohydrates are going To be sitting at about wow I can't remember where they are actually To go and check my carbohydrates are

Going to be right around 200 and my Daily fat intake is going to be sitting At 67 and that brings me to around 20 20 20 23. we're being really specific so That's how i have worked out what my Maintenance calories are hopefully you Can apply this information to your diet If you're trying to determine your Maintenance between diet breaks