Why I use BCAA to help with my fat loss

Why I use BCAA to help with my fat loss

If you have any questions regarding BCAA or other reasons why you may take them, feel free to drop a comment below!




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Hi is it siguro editing again I'm back Again with another video today we're Going to be talking about a question I Get all the time it's one of my go to Products and I'm going to the gym so I Mentioned a few times I actually haven't Spoken about why I use it all the Benefits of it so it's going to be a Short quick video talking about BCAA [Applause] So I will start first with what does BCAA stands for BC a simply sensible Branched chain amino acids so what do You use these bad boys for off the tin Can It says muscle recovery muscle protein Synthesis and lean muscles so I'm not Going to go too deep into it because we Don't really want too much science Knowledge over here we just want me to Break it down to you so we both Understand why you should get it do you Need it you know just those basic kind Of things I'm not going to try and go Too deep into it like I said I'm just Gonna go basic so one of the first Reasons why I would recommend BCAAs is If you are on a weight-loss journey for Example if you're on a weight-loss Journey It's very easy to lose muscle mass so What I tend to do is I use BCAAs to Maintain muscle mass while losing weight But what the BCA helps with is to

Maintain muscle mass so as you're losing The fat you're less likely to lose Muscles just doing to lose muscle Cuz that's inevitable but you're less Likely to lose as you're able to Maintain time with the help of BCAAs I Haven't said that though you still want To make sure you're doing some kind of Resistance training to help you build Muscle mass because the more muscle you Have the more fat you use I'm sure you Know that already from previous videos But in case you haven't watched it the More muscle you have the more fat you Use so you can lose more fat you can Lose more weight essentially you have to Understand first that weight loss is Different very different from fat loss And once you've got that then we can Talk about this bad boy [Music] Another thing that BCA helps you with is Fat burning size from just several Studies has been done under the Correlation between people losing weight Who were taking BCAAs and people were Also doing the same thing not taking BCAAs lose in less weight so basically It increases your glucose tolerance and Your fat burning so studies have been Done with people using BCAAs and some Others using a placebo which obviously Had nothing inside it and at the end of A four-week program it was noted that

The people using BCAAs add more strength Than people using the placebos and Obviously because it was a study that Was being conducted either parties Didn't know what they were using this is One you'd like to know you know that Pain you get after working out sometimes It comes a day sometimes it comes two Days after working out sometimes it Comes on the day after you finished Working out you know that pain is called Dawn's and what do you need for Dom's BCAAs maybe you can eat more protein Essentially but this year aids you can Take BCAAs and it'll help to reduce the Muscle soreness and the time it takes so Maybe instead of a 48 hour Dom's you're More likely to have after 24 hours Answer I am not in any way promoting any Of these fear aids or this brand in Particular I just like this because it's Watermelon like so I'm in no way Inoculation with any company that Doesn't CCA's I'm just out here to see Reggie's do so so achieve you feel like You need BCAAs great and if you feel Like your workout regions working just Fine for you that's also fine I simply Use it right now because I am on a Weight-loss journey as we all know Trying to lose a couple kgs so I'm Currently 75 and tried to get to 70 Before January it's not a big jump Weekend's I could just focus on strength

Training BCAAs and just lose the weight Gradually you know I guess it goes Without saying then so if you weren't Training and you were taking BCAAs You're more likely to maintain the Muscle mass that you have it was to Gradually go down because you're not Using those muscles as actively as you Probably did before but there will be a Slower deke like a slower slope in The muscle using period so you're going To lose muscle slower than if you Weren't taking and this year basically Basically BCAAs and protein together is The perfect combination for strength Building and also for muscle building so If you want to increase strength and Build muscle then I recommend BCAAs and Protein together with an effective Workout routine that goes without saying I'm sure anyway that's this quick video Just talking about BCAAs or ranting on About BCAAs I hope you learned a thing Or two from this I need you have Anything before I didn't mentioned and Please leave it in a comment bellow Thank you very much for watching and I'll see you in my next video I'm going To go back to reading now because Anatomy and physiology is a killer wish Me luck