What is the medicinal plant called barbasco used for?

What is the medicinal plant called barbasco used for?

Mullein also contains saponins that can help loosen phlegm. On this basis, mullein has been suggested as a treatment for asthma, colds, coughs and sore throats.

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Hi this is Dr Luis Vasquez for Bowman Brothers I want to talk about a herb A gem it's called barabasco It is originally originally from the Americas it comes from from Mexico as a Matter of fact it is mentioned in a in a Very important book from the Mayan Culture which is called the popovu Right here uh it's it's a very important Crucial book from the Mayan culture and They make a reference to the barbasco Jam okay the Latin name is this Korea Compositor It's irrelevant but just so you guys Know it I I write it down so that you Can Google it and buy it in your country Of origin because if I write barbasco Probably you won't find it anyway The important thing is that this Jam Has this ingredient Dioxinin okay this eventually especially In a women's body can produce estrogen And progesterone this is extremely Important because Once a woman hits let's say 48 49 years Old And he and she is going through the Menopause Then she will have a decrease in Estrogen levels in her uh well in her Body Hence she will have most of them will Have

Um let's say Wrinkles Sagging skin loss of hair loss of bone Structure a terrible humor they they Won't be in a good mood believe me we All know that eventually even their uh Voice will change due to the lack of Estrogen and eventually testosterone Will have a predominant Um Power or influence in their bodies Anyway Also the lack of estrogen in women after Menopause Will cause other problems like uh dry Vagina dry eye dry nose dry ear dry Mouth and so on and so forth a decrease In libido won't be willing to engage in Sex as often as before And many other problems this can be Solved is if a woman drinks One liter of Barbasca's tea every single day every Single day I'm not asking you Something illegal or unethical just Drink this tea and you'll feel in the Mood just like the Benny Goodman Goodman's Sung Which is a it's a fabulous song by the Way Anyway Uh I'll also take this into Consideration Well uh this scientist from the US

Russell marker Realized that barbasca was such a Magnificent gem So eventually like 70 Years ago or so started this process to To investigate by Basco and thanks to Him now we have the contraceptive pills Which come from this plant All drugs Come from plants most of them at least Most of them But these plants in Broad terms have no Side effects because they have a certain Elements and ingredients that fight back Against the small quantities of small Quantities of poison that every single Plant has However the medicine extracts only this Ingredient but does not extract the Other the other ingredients that fight Against poisons that's that's the reason Why Um drugs have several side effects Whereas The a tea a plant does not In Broad terms there are exceptions of Course so my recommendation to you girls If you want to stay Attractive hot sexy pretty gorgeous Fetching All your life Drink this tea What else do you want everybody wants to Be uh attractive young healthy sexy Everybody am I right

Or am I Knox It's you who has to decide well just Just remember we have uh this this Product on Amazon It's the coffee lagen Which is uh which is collagen plus Coffee Plus biotin plus uh pantothenic acid Plus vitamin A vitamin C vitamin D Vitamin E uh what else copper zinc Inulin and many other ingredients to Boost your collagen absorption and you Can get rid of those wrinkles This product on a for sale on Amazon us This coffee Legend product helps you to Grow to to grow your hair and nails and Also for your bone structure and joints Uh what else are you looking for This is something that will keep you Young and beautiful forever Anyway just I'm gonna end now with just One uh it's a joke the video is over if You want to continue continue if not you Can just erase or just stop the The video it's a joke but all women's Problems Start with men Such as menses All women's problems start with men Menopause All women's problems start with men Mental breakdown I know it's a silly joke Anyway

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