What I Eat in a Day | Plant Based Diet High Protein

What I Eat in a Day | Plant Based Diet High Protein

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In this video I go over what I eat in a day, so excited to bring this new video on a healthy and sustainable diet, all of the foods are plant-based, and vegan in this video. It is packed full of all types of healthy protein, carbohydrates, fats, micronutrients, anti-oxidants, and PHYTONUTRIENTS.

I eat like this for increased energy and optimal performance. Taking advantage of all of the healthy sources of foods that are available to us we have everything we need with this diet.

What I Eat in a Day | Plant Based Diet High Protein

I always hear about how people want more natural energy and how they are always tired and crashing throughout their days..

I decided to give you all guidance and a little insight on what types of foods are packed with the “Good Stuff” to really help take your level of performance to the next level. I am stoked to finally bring you guys What I Eat in a Day.

In this video I reveal..

►The Foods I Eat in a Day
►Nutritious & Delicious Meals
►How to Eat to Stay Lean

What I Eat in a Day | Plant Based Diet High Protein


1.) Vegan Smoothie
– Wymans Wild Blue Berries (Safeway)
– Orgain Protein (http://amzn.to/2sfbdDz) [Save $5 or more]
– Almonds Kirkland (http://amzn.to/2sfeLpd)
or. Raw Almond Butter Artisana (Whole Foods)
– Coconut Water C20 (http://amzn.to/2s9nZ5H) [Save $12 on amazon]
– Chia Seeds 2lb Bag (http://amzn.to/2s8YkKo)
– Baby Spinach Organic (Safeway)
– Cilantro Organic (Safeway)
– Spirulina Tablets (http://amzn.to/2rN3Y45)
– Bananas (Safeway Organic)
2.) Burrito & Baby Spinach
– Amys Vegan Burrito

3.) Apple & Toast
– Daves Killer Bread Good Seed (Costco)
– Apple (Safeway/Trader Joes/ Whole Foods)

4.) Baked Sweet Potato, Kale, Black Beans, and Avocado
– Organic Sweet Potato (Trader Joes get the bag]
– Kale (Safeway/Trader Joes/ Whole Foods)
– Black Beans (Costco/ Whole Foods)
– Avocados (Safeway/Trader Joes/ Whole Foods)
– Himalayan Pink Salt (http://amzn.to/2s8Xqxq)

5.) Banana Almond Smoothie
– Orgain Protein
– Banana
– Almonds
– Almond Milk Vanilla Unsweetened (Costco)

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DISCLAIMER – Please note that you should be in a healthy and vital state before you decide to follow a new way of exercising/eating. It’s always advised that you talk to your doctor or health care professional to see if a certain diet or exercise program is suitable for you. Please take special note that most individuals will have different caloric needs based on daily activity, work status, fitness goals and body type. This is not a get results overnight program/”diet” this is a way to live life to the fullest and reap all the health benefits. This video and workout routines/exercises are shown as a guide towards living a healthier lifestyle – this workout should be incorporated into a healthy and balanced way of eating to create the perfect lifestyle focused on health and optimal workouts. As a way to support this channel and provide you with better high quality videos this channel is part of the amazon affiliate program and does get a commission based off your purchases.

What is going on YouTube today I'm going To be showing you guys what I eat in a Day Alright it fluctuates a little bit Depending on what I did for the day when I lift i usually consume a little bit More calories when i am trying to cut Back on some body fat i'm a little bit More conservative with the amount of Calories that I consume today I hit a Heavy chest workout so I'm going to be Eating a lot more that's what you guys Are going to be seeing today alright so Stay tuned and check it out I have this Every single day it's a detox movie but Then I throw in some organic protein Powder so I can actually hit my macros a Little bit more we get started here the Base of this movie alright so I get this Coconut waters from Safeway alright and It's uh it's pretty good it's pretty Cheesy get like 2 for $3 you're not Going to find a better price tuning or Else and if you let me know the next Thing we're going to do is we're going To throw in a hundred grams of Blueberries Alright so you put the coconut water First and then the frozen blueberries And next alright And normally I would blend it here but At this point all good so the next thing We're doing is we're throwing in baby Spinach this is a cup of baby spinach

And this is just going to be like one Little bunch of cilantro okay so I just Kind of grabbed hand pick it and I kind Of just shove it in there I just added All of the baby spinach we have the Coconut water in here we have the Cilantro as well all right now the next Thing I'm going to do is I'm going to Grab the almonds this here is about 30 Grams of almonds okay so we go in the Almond and then the next thing we're Going to be growing in its barrel Lina Okay and again guys I'm going to put the Link in the description below so all of This stuff that you can buy and I'm also Going to list where it's from okay we're Going to throw with three little tablets Of this really in a powder okay cool so We just need three these are really good Guys they're paths with phytonutrients So macronutrients are you know like your Protein carbs and fat and then you have Micronutrients that have all your Vitamins and minerals like blueberries Accrues a baby spinach but Phytonutrients are a little bit Different so it's got a bio stock by Cosine in know if you guys could read That there because I definitely can't There you guys go Anyway it's a bunch of good things a lot Of nutrients I feel like I have a lot More energy when I take these ok guys so We've got our coconut water baby spinach

Cilantro we're just doing three tablets Of a fairly 'no and also some almonds That's 30 grams of almonds next thing Guys we're going to be using organic Protein powder to Morgaine alright so I'm doing two scoops of this okay so This makes it have 21 grams of protein Alright here we go awesome so next thing We're going to be putting some bananas In that normally I use one banana but Like I said since I listed today I am Eating more carbs Okay so bananas are good source of carbs And a good source of potassium and They're just really easy to digest and They just taste really good Alright like that perfect like that Then I pour the rest of this coconut Water over the top alright guys so we Pretty much doing everything that we Needed for this movie and now all we got To do is add some chia seeds Okay so chia seeds have about 3 grams of Protein for one tablespoon I kind of Already know how much I should put in There so I'm not going to actually Measure it but I guess so we're good to Go Now I just put the top on all right Here's the blender all right Okay cool guys and I just gives us a Couple shakes like that this is the Final product okay so which is détente Smoothie it's somewhat thick because of

The bananas so right now I've been Fasting this entire time I'm kind of Hungry so this is going to taste really Good so good so um I just had that Smoothie I feel really stayed eiated it's super Super healthy for you I'm just packed With antioxidants it's packed with Micronutrients and phytonutrients so It's just I feel amazing afterwards and The other reason why I have a smoothie Is because it doesn't fit as heavily in Your stomach before after my Post-workout meal I would basically have A giant bowl of oatmeal with like two Bananas protein powder it was just a Really thick and heavy meal and there's Nothing wrong with that but I just felt Myself crash at a certain point in the Day I switched it up to the smoothie and I feel a lot better the reason we're in The car right now because we're going to Trader Joe's we got to pick up some Sweet potatoes okay for my next meal and I'm going to show you guys how to get The spheal meat we're heading in the Trader Joe's where you go find some Sweet potatoes that are basically a good Bang for your buck so take a usually Super expensive I'm looking for the sweet potatoes check These out 391 degree palm the focus of names and Peeps with these out here so we got a

Sweet potatoes in awesome we just Stopped by Amy's drive-through I ordered an organic vegan burrito from Amy's that has 77 grams of carbs 19 Grams of fats in about 13 to 15 grams of Protein okay so I'm like this is my Higher calorie day so I usually indulge It a little bit more calories all right Cool guys so I've got some baby spinach Here in my burrito sorry I already do Goodbye um but this is like around five Hundred and seventy calories I like to Get micronutrients in with every meal And yeah this is a little bit heavier But if I wasn't eating the trio here I Would have like one cup of black beans With half of an avocado and half of a Sweet potato something a little bit on The lighter side but since I worked Pretty hard today I'm going to treat Myself with a burrito so this is vegans There's no cheese nothing like that and Yes I'm enjoy From my snack I'm going to be having an Apple then really good source of bread If you can't be without it Dave's killer organic bread five grams Of protein four grams of fiber get some Omega-3s and 14 whole grains so like That in there let that toast I kind of my stuff and I burn my toast That's okay too still going to eat it Why not it's tasty it's a little burnt But that's alright

Watch the sweet potatoes before I become 100 degrees fahrenheit if you're having Ads like a second compartment top of the Name I just usually mash them up like This you know just quick and easy and Quick and simple same thing put some Veggies on it as well Some people might think this is weird I Eat my veggies for the most part plain This is how I stay at a lean body fat Percentage and still kind of enjoy food This meal is particularly a bit heavier I'm going to be eating around 300 grams Of black beans then I sprinkle some pink Himalayan salt on this half of an Avocado Like so this is 260 grams of sweet Potatoes and then I've got about 45 Grams of kale here but this is going to Be a pretty full meal after this I'm Pretty much out like a bear so for my Last and final meal I'm going to be Having a shake I'm doing about 1 cup of Almond milk 2 scoops I think you guys can get this on Amazon At the link in my description below one Banana cool I've got some almonds here as well one Them in this is my amelia almonds a Banana and she speaks superhuman person Powder and some almond milk big on point That was what I eat in a day ok so if You guys want to stay up to date with More of my videos and more tips and

Advice on how to gain muscle how to lose Body fat different types of exercises That you guys can do go ahead and hit The subscribe button I'll catch you guys Later [Music]

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