What I Eat In a Day | Holly T. Baxter

What I Eat In a Day | Holly T. Baxter

In today’s video I’ll show you a good example of what I eat in a day while in a contest prep.
I get asked all the time what I eat during contest prep, so here is a typical day on my current targets ➡1750kcals from 150g Protein, 175g Carb and 50g Fat.
I have to confess, this took me the better part of 6 days to film lol 😅 There wasn’t a single day this week that enabled me to film a full day start to finish due to various work commitments or my meals being RIDICULOUSLY early or REALLY late in the evening! If you were with me in person you’d see me inhaling my first meal shortly after training (11:30am -12:00pm), then squeezing in a cookie or sweet yogurt snack some time late in the afternoon between 3-5pm, followed by dinner and any left over calories about an hour before bed.

I assure you it is NEVER perfect, and it doesn’t need to be. My number 1 goal daily is adherence to protein. My number 2 goal is adherence to calories over a 7 day period. If I can do both of these things consistently and do the work in the gym, it enables me to achieve my physique goals.

In a perfect would I would aim to consume 4 meals each with ~37g protein to meet my daily requirements, and ideally I’d space them out over 3-4 hours or as far apart as possible throughout the day to optimize MPS, but my schedule rarely permits this. I often wonder how much this impacts my potential to retain muscle during fat loss?…..I don’t really have an answer for this 🤷‍♀️ Point being, I’m doing 95% of the things right, so I’m probably doing ok!

A full days eating for me this week looks like:
1. Omelet, English muffin and veggies
2. Greek yogurt with peanut butter on rice cakes topped with Reese chips
3. Spaghetti bolognaise
4. M&M Cookie + Chocolate sandwich cookie
5. Tuna sashimi & sautéed veggies

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I have messages all the time saying what Do you eat in a day just I think so many people really struggle With like you know food variety And i guess options especially for [Music] Protein Okay guys so i have just gotten back From a training session This morning at the gym the purpose of Today's video is really to show you guys What a normal day of contest prep eating Looks like i'm gonna try and uh capture Everything that i Eat today i've already made a boo-boo This morning because i was off at like 5 45 my alarm goes off to kind of get Ready for training Being there by eight i do a little bit Of email work and stuff in the morning As i was working Clearly wasn't thinking that early in The morning and i forgot to vlog So i have already had a couple of things Every day I'm on autopilot so before i go to bed I set the coffee machine for like six So by the time i come out here it's all Brewed for me and i'll have probably two Coffees And i have been such a fan of Adding in these little guys so the brand Is quest and they have vanilla flavor or The salted caramel

And this is kind of what i've been using As my creamer Just because the macro ratio is so much Better than creamer and it's still Really like thick And like tasty just adding i guess what I used to do and i'm so glad i found These I used to use like an unsweetened almond Milk and i would have to put a bunch of Sweeteners in there and it was just Nasty so to have something that's Already flavored And creamy is really good so i have like A hundred meals Total over my two coffees with the Creamer And then also i was really hungry this Morning which is kind of the first time I've woken up Hungry but there's a good reason why That is and that is because This weekend we're traveling so i'm Going to be going out to Dallas on friday and i know that we've Got two nights back to back with Entertaining we're going to be going to Restaurants i want to be able to have a Wine or something like that Last night i got to the end of the day i Was probably like nine o'clock before i Had dinner so It's quite late and i already had a Bunch of calories left over and i was

Like you know what hit my protein i Might just roll Those calories um so that i've got a bit More flexibility on the weekend So in a day when i woke up i was like oh Hunger is crazy So first thing i grabbed this morning Just on autopilot As i was groggy drinking coffee was the Quaker chocolate flavored Rice cakes these are the higher calorie Ones when i say high calorie they're Still ridiculously low They have just 12 grams of carbohydrate And one gram protein and fat So i just had one of those with some Peanut butter powder uh Spread which this has been A bit of a savior for contest prep so They come in a couple of different Flavors I've got the original one but they also Come in a chocolate and a banana so it's Kind of like banana loaf or something Banana bread is kind of what it tastes Like but Again this is significantly lower Calorie than regular peanut butter so The serving size is still 32 grams which Is the same as regular peanut butter but It has two and a half grams of fat Instead of 16 And it's higher in carbohydrate but the Calories are still nowhere near

As high as a regular peanut butter and I don't know if you want to have a look In here but it doesn't look very pretty But uh it's kind of the same Consistency when you spread it you can See that that is definitely not coming Out of the jar so it's better than not Having any peanut butter So that's what i snacked on this morning And i'm just about to have Breakfast it is 11 15 and i am hungry So let's do it What i'm going to be having is a bunch Of veggies so You guys probably see me put this on my Store quite a bit because it truly gets Me through the day I wouldn't be surprised if i have about 500 grams of veggies In this first meal so i'm just going to Go in and weigh out everything and show You what i've got Here so we've got peppers Green onion That's more peppers we don't need that Shishite pepperos so these are kind of Like i've chopped them up really finely But they're not very big And It kind of tastes like a red baby bell Pepper But they look like a jalapeno so We've got a nice little tang

Just some diversity i hate eating the Same thing all the time Speaking of jalapeno peppers got some Kale I don't really like kale unless it's Like covered in salt like When you go to a restaurant and you have Like kale and it's Super like buttery and oily And salty that's about the only way that I like it but hey it's still adding Fiber so that's how i like to eat it And then i've got some tomatoes as well So i'm going to go and Put a bunch of stuff in here So i usually do about um 200 grams Of mixed zucchini and yellow squash and Their macronutrient profiles pretty much The same so If i get real lazy i'll just log it as One or the other because it saves me Time And the differences is not that Significant so That's probably what's going to happen Today i'll do 30 grams of kale kale's Actually Surprisingly high in carbohydrate Compared to some of the other veggies It's nothing like a like a starch a Bread grain or a cereal obviously But or a vegetable i remember looking And going oh that's surprisingly high in Carbs so

30 grams of that i'll do 20 Of the jalapenos i really like a little Bit of spice in my life So why not same for the green onions We'll do a 20 grams of that Shishitos we'll do 20 as well And some baby bell peppers i'll probably Do 50. Literally just goes in The frying pan if i wanted to be really Pedantic about this i would probably do The zucchini first since it's probably Going to take a little bit longer to Cook through But i ain't got time for that i gotta Get to the office so I'm very much a rushed rushed chef Salt like i said i love salt i probably Use about three or four grams Every meal and that was just for the Veggies i'll probably salt my eggs as Well So if i had to guess i'd say my daily Sodium intake Is probably around six thousand Milligrams maybe more Because just looking at what my general Food logs are Without adding in any salt it's already Sitting probably Like 3 500 or 4 000 milligrams Beforehand so i only can imagine what it Would be like If i actually tracked it all so as i get

A little bit closer To getting on stage um So like the last two weeks i'll actually Start to Log all the sodium that i'm having Because in the last peak week my sodium Intake needs to be very consistent Like pretty much every single day we Don't want large fluxes because it does Change how you're looking um just Because of its Um ability to draw in water so water Will follow sodium And whilst water is a good thing it does Help your muscle look really good If it's inside your muscle if it's not Inside your muscle that's when you can Start to have your You just look a little bit soft and flat And i guess watery So there's that just gonna add some Black cracked pepper Turn that down and then i can explain What i'm going to do with my omelette So i have about two or three different Ways of Oh my god can't keep anything together By the way i gotta show you this guys no I'm not flashing you but so this Happened it like ripped my nail like i These are all my nails under here you Can see that this one is the only one That had a tip And it ripped my fingernail right back

And it was bleeding So bad yesterday and it just catches on Everything Something else to think about i guess a Lot of people ask about Oils and things should you track that i Haven't I never have technically if i was to Look at my Food log in carbon it would say i eat 50 Grams of fat i do use oil And i do use butter spray on a lot of Things but i'm pretty consistent with The amount So i just know that my actual intake Each day is probably a little bit higher And you know when push comes to shove at The very end of prep If i'm struggling to lose like you know The last little bit I might take some of those things out It's probably going to contribute about 100 calories across the course of the Day based on how many meals i have So that might be enough to get me a Little bit lower in calories but right Now it's not something that i track but Like i said i try to be really Pretty consistent with it i think today I want to show you both but i Don't want to eat both so i've been Doing a wrap uh and i also do An english muffin so you guys show you The wrap today

These are both pretty good products this One especially Is lower in carbohydrates so these wraps Are 16 grams of carbohydrate they have 11 Grams of soluble fiber which is crazy i Love that i don't have a lot of other Soluble fiber In my diet just because my carbohydrates Are going to start to come down so That is usually the type of fiber that Starts to suffer i can do a really good Job with keeping Insoluble fiber in my diet because That's primarily our you know fruit and Vegetable intake but soluble you know is From Your breads your cereal products and Because they are more carbohydrate rich They tend to be the ones that go first When i'm in fat loss So something that i will probably have To start doing as i get to the end of Prep is Supplement with like a fire powder that Is a cilia husk is what i would use Because it would be more soluble Let's do this omelette so probably gonna Do 150 mils perfection guys been doing this Way too long Again add a bit of salt cool I'll turn that right down Okay something that i am grateful for

When i live here Now that i live in america is the Variety of fat-free or low-fat Products so i've clearly got all of them Ah this particular cheese it's not a High Quality cheese if you're looking for Like a look i'm Like a cheesy person i would love to go And sit down and have like a nice Chicutery board or something but they're Just so dense it's like for one ounce You're getting like nine grams of fat Not worth it so these are fat-free sharp Singles They're great if you're doing like a a Burger hamburger Or a breakfast muffin or something like That so i'll probably use that Today and then i also really like um I think how creamy light cheese will so These are like a 16 gram serving and It's just a really nice cheese to spread And i also put it in my omelette so i'm Going to go and do that now I'm going to turn that off so it doesn't Burn it's kind of already cooked Through a few little bits up I'm being super lazy here i would Normally cut this on a chopping board Get real fancy So i'm just gonna flip that over And Pop that guy on a plate putting half of

That On here and then i'm going to get a Second Cheese well just because I really like cheese And then i'm going to spread that over Cool so that will be Part of my breakfast and let's come over Here into the Space so you can see this I'm naughty i think i must go through Like 10 pans In a two month period because i'm using Metal my bad Sorry it's partly done we're almost There And something that i've been using a lot Of lately is The g hughes honey mustard i They have such a good range of like Really low calorie Um dressings and dipping sauces they all Have garlic and onion in them So as much as i used to use them It was just not worth the sacrifice of Me being six months pregnant so This is the only one at the moment i Probably could go and find some others But It doesn't have any garlic and onions so It has One and a half grams of fat and one gram Of carbs for a 30 gram serve so I wouldn't normally be this pedantic

With the dressings Prepping so it kind of all adds up So i usually just zero out There we go Beautiful 22 grams So um that's pretty much What i'm gonna have for breakfast guys So um this will probably be about i'll Do the macros here for you in a second But i think this is probably gonna be Close to about 40 grams of protein Um it'll probably be about 25 carb And easily under seven grams of fat So um we'll see how close i am when i do The math I'm starving i'm gonna eat okay guys so I just realized i didn't put the beef That i normally have in there so i Usually use 86 Fat-free ground beef and that would add Probably 15 Grams of protein it's actually it's 31 Grams of protein i was a little shy on My estimates but Anyway um five grams of fat which is Great Um and it is let me see 43 Grams of carbohydrate i'm just making Sure i've got everything Entered in there correctly bell peppers Kale zucchini squash so that 200 gram Combo of zucchini and squash is about Eight and a half grams of carbs which is Why

You should track your veggies like They're not free Um and in this case like if i take away The 15 from the wrap Like i'm still getting like 30 grams of Carbohydrate just from vegetables so Do track your veggies because they ain't Calorie-free yeah that looks all pretty Good So 31 protein 43 carbohydrate and 5 grams of fat and fiber for the day So far with this wrap which was 11 is Already at 17 and a half grams So these are great um they are really Good i guess for helping if you have Started to diet And your calories are getting down a Little low you can really start to see Some changes in your Speed of digestion so if that's a Problem for you and you're feeling like You Are not going very regularly just a Simple reintroduction of something like This Which is more soluble based will Probably um Really help you out so that's it that's My first meal I'm gonna eat this and then i'm gonna go To the office so you'll see me do some Of my client updates today And then you'll also get to see i guess My food choices

I guess meal timing um while i'm at Work alrighty guys uh so It's four o'clock and i still haven't Had an opportunity to eat anything so I'm a little bit hungry Also probably a little bit naughty Because i usually try and eat something You know every three Hours so my breakfast was eleven o'clock So I have just had back-to-back clients This morning then i had an hour Consultation Sorry i just didn't eat so i'm gonna go Get a snack By the way welcome to my office space Not a full house today but a few people In the house think what i want to eat Okay so this is going to be about 37 or so grams of protein i think And it's probably my favorite all-time Snack So this is just plain greek yogurt But it is mixed in with a new product And we're actually going to be having Something very similar soon this is a Good friend of mine Zack's brand of powdered mixins Um so this is salted caramel flavor Which is delicious And i'm going to have that with a little Bit of extra sweetness So the stevia and reese's Peanut butter chips and the peanut

Butter that i was sharing with you guys Earlier this morning And i'm going to put that on some rice Cakes so Let's go and take it back to my desk and We'll Show you what's in it don't mind my Treadmill With a chair ultimate lazy Normally i stand up but you know it's One of those days Um okay macros let me grab my phone i'll Tell you what's in here So this meal is going to have um 175 grams of greek yogurt 15 grams of The powdered mix in that i showed you 15 grams of the peanut butter i'll do a Serving of the reese's chips which is About 15 grams i think And then i'll do two rice cakes so this Comes out to a 403 Calorie snack 38 grams of protein god I've got a good memory 47 grams of carbohydrate and 7 grams of Fat so yeah this is super Super tasty if you like sweets but You're on a calorie budget This is probably the way to go um you Could absolutely Reduce or chop down those carbohydrates If you wanted by Removing the amount of peanut butter You're going to see I'm going to use quite a bit and you

Probably don't also have to have chips On it i don't do this every day but i do Still have a bit of flexibility Right now with my macros so why not Oh that's it don't you hate it when you Break bite open up a packet of Rice cakes and they're all crumbly Someone's been kicking this bag Around the back shed That's my bit okay so Peanut butter let's turn that on I'm betting this is probably about 15 Grams Oh god i'm just nailing these numbers Lately Ever go through a phase where you're Just a magician with Weighing things out get nail it the First time Okay and 15 again since i've given Myself a Serving hang on awesome So that's going to be the base then We're going to get Super fancy and tip in Oh it's nice and thick put on some of This good stuff A little bit more salted caramel Goodness I will lick that bowl later don't worry About that And then zero that out Oh what's the serving again 15 grams so 16. no one knows about that

I'll just plop these so It's definitely food time i've been Listening to my stomach grumbling for The last Hour phone consult so I'm probably gonna have another mule a Little bit closer than i would normally As far as like the time In an ideal world like i said earlier i Think you would want to spread out Your protein intake and that's just Again If if you're doing perfectly with your Protein On a day to day basis like you're doing A phenomenal job But if you want to take it to the next Level Um thinking about like the the protein Refractory phenomenon That is basically you are stimulating Your Mps signaling so that's your muscle Protein synthesis When you eat a boneless amount of Protein like this it's but once you Maximally stimulate it by eating a good Amount of protein eating more within a Short period of time doesn't like Ramp it up even more it's like you turn Your car on it's already on So it takes about two to three hours for Your blood leucine levels to actually Fall back to kind of a baseline level

And that's when you want to hit it again With some more protein So that would ensure that for the entire Day You're maximally signaling protein to You know muscle protein synthesis but i Made a boo-boo today Probably not going to spread my meals Out because that would mean that i'm Going to bed at 12 o'clock So i'm doing my best sorry this is my Snack I think i have two more snacks that i Packed for the office and they haven't Even gotten down to it but uh Yeah that's a pretty juicy looking 38 grams of protein like i said if you Want to cut down those carbs just omit The good part And also admit the other good part which Is this really low calorie Uh peanut butter which is phenomenal It's about 100 calories for a serve Okay guys so we're back uh Clearly i'm wearing different clothes And that is because it is taking Three days consecutively to try and film This full day of eating We just have like meetings check-ins i'm Like i can't do it I'm too busy so what i am actually Showing you today Is a pretty decent representation of What i actually would eat in a day

Except you're seeing it at like each Different meal over three different days So obviously my normal breakfast you Guys have seen me do my Um i guess wrap omelette veggies in the Morning then you saw my snack which was Yesterday Which was the reese's the yogurt some Dairy in there The rice cakes that kind of thing then What i would normally go to Next is something that i've kind of Prepared from home Or sometimes i'll even use like a frozen Meal we use A awesome company icon meals Violin has been sponsored by icon for Several years now so it's just really Convenient as like a fill in meal If you've run out of time to meal prep Like you've got something there and they Do have Quite a variety of different macro Friendly options but This week i was exceptionally prepared And wanted some more voluminous food So i know i'm serving this to you in a Blue package it looks super delicious i Will present this in a bowl when i eat It But this is like my famous bolognese It's in all of my books actually both of The books have got a different variation Of this so

This is or even smells like spaghetti Bolognese so It's like an extra lean um ground beef And i actually make the sauce myself Because i have ibs Most um like marinara sauces or Bolognese sauces or like tomato basil Like you know when you're making Spaghetti Like they have garlic and onion and not Just a little bit like a lot So that does not sit well with me so i Kind of make it from scratch and i use Like diced tomatoes Red peppers i'll put zucchini and squash In there as well just to kind of feel it Out And then i'll let it simmer and i use Cracked pepper salt Chili powder if i want a like a bit of Flair or jalapenos And then i'll kind of puree it all up if I'm feeling lazy If i'm feeling really good i'll finely Dice everything But i've taken the lazy option this week And put it in the food processor so I'm gonna have this as kind of like my Third meal so you've seen a breakfast Snack This is kind of my lunch but usually It's like 4 30 in the afternoon Just based on like my my normal meal Timing and the noodles that i've got

Here Are by a company called miracle noodles Sorry I know a lot of you probably looking at These going i feel like i've had those Once oh my god they were awful You know you need to know how to prepare These because i've had that feedback A lot from people but i can also say That When it comes to dieting and feeling Like you're satiated These are a fantastic option So it's basically a japanese root Of a plant and it goes through a bunch Of processing to make it into the shape Of a noodle So they have like rice fettuccine Spaghetti angel hair like you can see There Capellini angel hair so thin noodle Typically i would want to cook this In the pan so when i'm making my Bolognese if i was doing it for home When cooking it fresh i would do that I'd be emptying out the Noodles i'd be preparing them as per the Instructions so basically you want to Soak them in warm water and then let Them drain and then you want to fold it Through like whatever sauce or meal You're preparing And they will take on the flavor so They're really good to replicate any

Pasta dishes i have made my own macaroni And cheese using like different types of Their pasta any thai dish where you're Using like noodles or japanese food They're awesome so as long as you're Using a nice flavor and a sauce They're great so that's my next meal the Macros for This are 37 grams of protein 13.2 grams Of carbohydrate and that's Literally just the vegetables that are In my food and there's about four grams Of carbohydrate all there abouts Just from the pasta noodles and it has Six grams of fat and again that comes From The extra lean ground beef So i'll also probably put some cheese on Here so i'll use like a fat free Um shredded like or grated cheese that's Going to add that's part of the protein Content i guess it's like not Adding an extra 9 grams for a serving And i know That i'm going to run out of time today To feel what i actually go and eat so This is going to be my like pre-dinner Snack or it might even be my dessert Depending on what time i finish work So you are looking here at some probably My Favorite cookies they are amazing so m M cookies they're just like super dense I just love them so i'm gonna have one

Of each Today because i can they fit my macros So Based on what you've seen so far my Totals are 116 grams of protein I'm at 110 grams of carbs already And i'm at 20 grams of fat so i'm kind Of sneaking up close to my carbohydrate Target so that's 172 at the moment And my fats are 50. so i have some room To fit Two but um here's what's going to happen Once i put these into my macros you're Going to see that this particular snack Comes out at like 22 grams of fat and 62 Grams of carbohydrate which is dense But today i'm probably gonna have that As my snack i Don't do this every day and i can assure You that when my calories are starting To get below like 1500 Right now they're at like 1750 something That's okay but there's gonna become a Point where i am so hungry That these types of foods are just not Really satiating anymore Like right now my hunger is all right so I may alternate this like every other Day and incorporate a treat or something Like this maybe some ice cream like or Whatever But they'll become a point where i'm Just like it's not worth it to me i Would rather eat like

Seven more of these instead of these two Tiny little cookies so That's where we're at guys this is going To be the next couple of meals that i Have But it still leaves me with I think about what have we got here i Have to do some math because i'm adding Multiple days together I still have 31 grams of protein left to Hit my gram my Target of 150 protein i have zero Carbs left this literally takes me to The end of my Limit but i still have eight grams of Fat left over So that's quite a small meal if you do The math there that's like just under 200 calories for my dinner But that's also gonna be like at nine O'clock and i know i'm not going to be Hungry like After having all of this still so what I'm probably going to Do is zero carbohydrates doesn't give You a lot of flexibility does it So i'll probably end up having like um Some kind of egg white or a lean Protein sauce i might even do some ahi Tuna like a I don't know whether you guys enjoy like Japanese food but i love sashimi tuna So i might do something like that and Instead of having the eight grams of

Fats I might use those 72 calories for like a Little stir-fry veggie or something So i can trade out those 72 calories From fat To carb or whatever combination i want As long as i don't exceed that number So i will probably try and make a sneaky Meal tonight and show you It'll be off my phone so i'm going to Apologize now But you know this is just kind of how i Operate you know i sometimes i'll get to The end of the day and i've got a ton of Calories left and i might have like a Bigger meal i might have like four tacos It truly just depends and i really like To try and be flexible Because i have been very restrictive With my food choices in the past And i don't want to be there again i Don't want food rules i don't want any Restrictions i don't want any no Bad foods good foods that doesn't exist Like everything has a calorie value Every food has a micronutrient value And i think it's really important to Kind of you know Eat in moderation like this isn't a bad Food there's nothing wrong with this It provides me energy this is going to Fuel my training It's not going to give me a whole bunch Of micronutrients but i'm getting that

From You know the variety of other foods that I'm eating And because i do eat quite flexibly my Food choices are Changing all the time so you know i Might not get any Like i don't know b vitamins today if i You know Ate this way but on another day because I do change it up i'm getting a lot then And i also supplement with all of my Vitamins i'm taking a regular Iron tablet if i don't have red meat This isn't always a staple i might have A Poultry or something else a fish so i Might not be getting a lot of iron but I am constantly changing out what i'm Having So that's about it i will try and get a Little snap of my picture tonight on my Dinner tonight And if you guys have any questions about This stuff please leave me a comment i Have a lot of ideas with foods i have a Lot of cookbooks And a lot of recipes so if you're Wanting some ideas about protein because I know so many of you guys really Struggle with that Every single recipe is like with the Intention of helping somebody that's a Competitor

To get on stage in fact a lot of the Recipes that went into my books Especially the contest prep recipe guide They were developed while i was prepping Because i had to get creative when i've Got more flexibility in my off season I'm not playing around with shiritaki Noodles i assure you i'm eating the real Deal but You know it's a good alternative just For that short period of time when You're trying to get extremely Cut so that's enough talking from me Guys have an awesome day And i will probably be talking to you From my camera in a second Okay guys so i know that i had promised You a Final meal to kind of take me through to The end of my full day of eating macros I failed miserably at doing this Uh we just had so many things kind of Come up that i was like i can't film Everything So it's taken me about six days to Actually film this for you but i know The last time we chatted i didn't have Very many calories left it was probably Under 200. so I mentioned to you maybe grabbing some Ahi tuna or something like that which Could absolutely have been a feasible Option Um but i just so happen to have prepared

Tuna fillets from the prep kitchen which Is actually straight out of Dallas so let's go over and take a quick Look At the products and then how i'm going To kind of make that into a meal So this is the product that i'm talking About Right here ahi tuna sashimi grade There it is it's got like a light Seasoning i'll pull it out and show you In a bit more detail in a minute So i'm going to have that and that will Take me through To the last of my protein almost because I'm going to get a little bit more Protein from those veggies Over there so um to kind of make this Like a filling Satiating meal i'm not just eating plain Tuna on its own I'm going to actually saute a bunch of Different veggies so i'll go ahead and Do that and then i will show you Uh what the macros come out to i guess What i've included the weights Um i'll put everything up on the screen For you and uh you can see how it looks Okay guys so here is my giant Bowl second serving of the day to be Honest veggies but This will pair perfectly with this Pre-seeded Tuna so this is exactly four ounces

You can see it's got a little bit of a Seasoning on top honestly it just tastes Like pepper And i'd have to go and have a look to See exactly what it is but I will serve these things together it's Going to be pretty tasty and very low Calorie So i've got my tuna huge bowl of veggies Lots of color i've got pretty much Everything in there Except for the kitchen sink and you'd be Amazed at how filling this is How tasty it is i actually put some Different seasonings on top so um there Are Red chili flakes and trader joe's i Think it's a Garlic free onion free um Seasoning so it's kind of like i think Paprika chili Probably jalapenos it's pretty spicy um But this Is so good so i'm gonna Enjoy that now so that takes me to the End of the day guys finally i did it You