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Welcome back to another what I eat in a Day video my name is Derrick from Simon Nutrition thank you all so much for Joining me today so I realized it had Been a while since I filmed one of these What I eat in a day videos and I know You all get a lot of ideas from it you Enjoy watching them and they're fun for Me to do so I figured why not do another One so this morning as soon as I got up I made myself some hot lemon water like I do every morning it is just so good For helping to hydrate your body it Tastes great and it makes you feel so Alive so I never missed that in the Mornings it's definitely the key to the Start of a good day for me and as soon As I'm done that lemon water I like to Get out of the house and move my body so I find myself down here at the park on Most mornings and I just like to jog Around get warmed up made me do some Handstands to do some pull-ups on some Tree branches whatever I can find to Have some fun get my body warmed up and Then I usually head for a workout like I'm gonna do today I'm gonna have a push Day I'm feeling so strong so energetic So I know it's gonna be an awesome day So after the workout I'm gonna head home And have some food I'll show you Everything that I eat help myself Recover the best that I can from my Intense workouts and then I'll show you

Everything that I eat the rest of the Day to help promote some muscle growth Some lean gains you guys know how it is All right so let's warm up head to the Gym [Music] [Music] All right so I just got back from having An awesome workout and now it is time to Refuel so I'm gonna have smoothie Bowl Like I so often do after my workouts I Know a lot of you guys are going to know This one by now but here it goes anyways So in this one I put two bananas one Frozen banana and one fresh banana and Then we've got some greens we've got a Bunch of cilantro and a bunch of parsley I know it seems weird to push that Strong flavored herbs into a smoothie That actually tastes really good and the Benefits of eating grubs are really Really great definitely get them in yeah Then I also threw in 2 cups of frozen Berries 2 tablespoons of ground flax Seed and then I've also got some Turmeric and black pepper that I'm Putting in there I actually ground up my Black pepper and put it right into the Turmeric so that I'm always having them Together some of you guys know why I'm Putting turmeric and black pepper in There turmeric is a really good Anti-inflammatory and black pepper it Helps our body to absorb more of that

Tumeric There's also got some people like Perform protein powder that I'm gonna Put in there I have been absolutely Loving the salted mackerel flavor lately It is so good in these smoothie bowls so I'll put a scoop of that in there you Know if you guys want to no pressure but You can use my discount code Derick 10 For 10% off if you want to try any other Products that'll save you some money so That's always a good thing and then I Put it in a half a cup of almond milk Just to get it all going So here we have the finished product you Can see it is nice and thick this is one Having a high-power blender it really Comes in handy and then I'm gonna dress It up a little bit so since I only got Two bananas in there I'm gonna chop up a Banana put that on the side then I'm Also gonna add some of this granola that We've been making this is a dehydrated Granola that we've been making in our Dehydrator it's so dang good so it's Really simple to make this we just Dehydrate a bunch of loads that has been Mixed with some blended bananas dates Some frozen berries and whatever else we Want to throw in there cinnamon is Always a good choice then I always like To put some extra frozen berries on There berries are so good for helping to Combat that oxidative stress that

Workouts put us through so it's always a Good thing to have lots of berries after Your workout and then I've also got some Goji berries which I don't usually have Around a house but it's really nice to Have them and some raisins as well so Here we have the finished product it's Basically just like a big bowl of Recovery ice cream I couldn't imagine Having anything more delicious after a Workout so I'm gonna enjoy this I've got Some work to do on the computer know you Guys always ask me what do you do for Work what do you have to do on the Computer other than like film and make Youtube videos there's lots of Administrative stuff behind the scenes You guys don't see so I'm gonna do that Eat this and I'll see you guys for the Next meal probably have something small For lunch since the day's getting on Pretty quickly here don't even have a Watch on so yeah it's something small For lunch and then I'll make a big Delicious dinner see you guys for lunch [Music] All right so I'm back in the kitchen to Make a quick lunch and I'm gonna have Some avocado on toast but with a little Bit of a twist and it seems like a weird Flavor combination but try this you're Gonna love it So I know you guys are gonna ask me About what kind of bread I'm having is

It gluten free or whatever and no I've Reintroduced gluten back into my diet And my digestion seems to be fine However I do try and keep it to like Ancient grains and like unprocessed Lewton so I'm trying not to eat like White bread and like tortillas and that Sort of stuff yeah here's the bread that I'm having today and this is a really Really awesome bread made from a local Baker and as you can see it's just Traditional sourdough and the only Ingredients are whole wheat rye flour And filtered water it's really dense you Sure don't need many slices to fill yeah But it's really really tasty bread and Super good for yourself and I just keep It in the freezer there because it takes Me a while to go through like a whole Loaf and with bread that doesn't have Any preservatives or anything like that And it preservatives or anything like That in it it sure doesn't last long in The in the kitchen here in the summer so Yeah put it slice it up put in the Freezer and fresh bread whenever you Want it alright so once we have the Bread toasted first thing we're gonna do Is we're gonna put some miso paste on There so you want a nice thin layer of Miso paste it's really strong really Salty so yeah just really really thin Layer of that and then I've got some Spicy brown mustard I'm gonna put on

There you can use any mustard that you Like if you don't like mustard you don't Have to use any then you want to just Get some avocado on there [Music] And then I'm gonna top it with this Sieve edge blend that we have from Harmonic arts and it's basically just a Whole bunch of different sea vegetables That they have ground up it's a good Source of iodine keep your thyroid nice And healthy and I'm actually gonna Finish it with some Chili Peppers we'll Give him a couple quick slices here so There we have it super healthy thyroid Supporting lunch if you want to keep a Healthy metabolism you gotta keep that Fire roid in check to make sure you're Having your sea vegetables man that Mustard miso Avvo combo is so good Especially with the onions and the sea Vegetables on top mmm honestly try this Out if you guys make it tag me on Instagram because I'd love to hear how You like it but I know you're gonna love It so good all right so I'm gonna go eat This and I think I might get outside and Do a bit more like exercise and movement Or something because it's so beautiful Outside we've been waiting like weeks For your blue sky I just finally cocoa And it's finally here so I'm gonna eat This and head outside and work up an Appetite for dinner I have to get mad at

That face the hope [Music] So it was a nice day out here but it Definitely doesn't look so good now Especially over that way so I was Thinking I was actually gonna ride my Bike up to the store and get some yams For dinner but I don't know if I'm gonna Go that far now that looks so crappy Outside so we'll see but I'm definitely Gonna go up for a rip and get some Exercise move my body a bit more before At dinner time goes up that you just go Nuts go go [Music] Well don't run away I'm friendly [Music] I love the look of this overgrown house [Music] [Music] You want some love to come here all Right so it's dinner time and a little While ago I popped some of those yams That I bought into the oven I just Sliced them in half put them on a Non-stick baking sheet clay a silicone Sheet and then I just fired him in the Oven at like 350 or 375 and probably Leave them in for 45 minutes to an hour Till they start to get really soft and Hmm they are so good and here the Ingredients that I have for the rest of Dinner so I thought it would be tasty to Have like black beans stir-fry with the

Yams so I'm gonna chop up all these Veggies get him into the frying pan and Then I'll show you how we're gonna Season it so the mushrooms and the Onions are gonna take the longest to Cook so I'm gonna put them in first so Once the onions and the mushrooms are Starting to cook a little bit you can Add the rest of the veggies so that Stir-fries looking good but it Definitely needs a sauce so I'm gonna Whip one up right here so like most good Sauces starts with a scoop or two of Tahini and I find tahini a little bitter So I always add a little sweetness right Away so it's a bit of maple syrup and Then here the spices I'm gonna add to it So there's a cocoa and then for spice I'm gonna add this smoke to pull a Seasoning it's just some smoked red Jalapenos and then some paprika as well And then I'm also gonna throw in a Squirt of Mustard mustard really seems to help Sauces come together so I always like Having that [Music] Then you want to mix that around so I'm Gonna have a pinch or two of sea salt And then I just put some water in there To thin it a little bit so I'm gonna add Some ground coriander seed to it just to Brighten it up a bit man I really need a kitchen with an island

Alright one more taste hmm yeah really Nice So some of you guys always correct me And tell me these are sweet potatoes let Me know in the comments down below are These orange ones yams or sweet potatoes Highly controversial to me that's a Sweet potato and that's a yam do you Have a vote the orange one is it a yam Or a sweet potato all right I'm gonna go And enjoy this thank you all so much for Joining me today I hope you guys got Some good ideas on healthy and delicious Things that you can cook definitely like This video if it's LTO comment down Below let me know your thoughts on the Yam controversy and subscribe if you Want to see more from me because I'm Gonna be making lots more content this Summer so thank you all again and I'll See you on the next video Oh yeah eat plants stay positive wow This is so good [Music] [Music] You [Music]

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