WHAT I EAT - 163g of protein VEGAN + calories and macronutrients + IM STRESSED

WHAT I EAT – 163g of protein VEGAN + calories and macronutrients + IM STRESSED

I hope you guys liked my video, I love keeping you all in the loop with
my fitness journey and where I’m at mentally and physically.
You guys have been with me every step of the way and I’m so grateful, ya’ll like family.. you know?


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[Music] Hey guys it's c and welcome back to my Channel today i'm going to be doing Another what i eat in day vlog In today's video i'm going to Incorporate my macros and the foods that I eat as a high protein vegan In australia right now the weather is Absolutely awful i probably just woke up About an hour ago and then i washed my Hair Did my makeup and it's a very chill day I reckon so you guys can just see What i get up to on a lazy sunday i love When i'm vlogging on a chill day i feel Like i get to chat with you guys more And i'm really missing that because as You guys know in my living situation i Feel like i'm so distant from you guys Lately like i feel like i'm not as Connected As i usually am or i want to be i am so Supportive through those who have stuck With me the whole way and who are so Nice and who have helped me out the Whole time but yeah As you guys know my living situation Isn't where i want it to be at the Moment but Everything is coming slowly but i'll Give you a quick little update with my Living situation yes i'm still at my Parents house at the moment And my house is getting pushed further

And further away i swear to god because The tyler and The carpenter has just they just keep Having sick days and i'm like what But everything's good to come and thank You guys so much for saying and i am so Sorry that i haven't been as connected As i am wanting to you guys like i feel So distant and i hate it like even on Instagram on all my social media kids i Feel like i'm distant from you guys like I know you guys are still there I know you guys are still watching i Just feel so distant i hate it okay i Just realized i'm studying my vlog with Winging It's probably not the best but it's Going to be a good day The day is what you make of it i'm Currently so comfortable at the moment i Have this Really long it's so long i love it so Warm i have these Leopard trackies and the heaters on at The moment oh what is this Oh hello all righty so i'm going to take My oats to The glass onions and i'm going to do Some little bit of work And have a coffee because coffee is life Okay now let go Okay so it doesn't look too appealing But it's just my little Oats and wild nutrition powder

Peanut butter mashed banana strawberries And i've actually added maca powder i Think that's A maca powder because i know that it has Really good amino acids and it's got Very good calcium Magnesium and potassium and i was like Why not Overall it just tastes really good with The vanilla protein So just a bonus and i have my coffee Bliss so this morning i'm basically Doing like trial and error For a while i was using pb2 in my oats Because I think i don't know like from my past i Created a intolerance to like nuts and Like nut butters Just purely because i didn't have them For so long And it was starting to really upset my Tummy so i Um someone like told me to use pb2 Powder because apparently That like doesn't upset your stomach so I started to use that and it didn't But just i don't know like it just Wasn't as feeling and i wasn't like Getting any healthy fats from that and It was more processed So again i started to incorporate just Normal like peanut butter or just like Almond butter And then i had it probably last week

When i vlogged for you guys And i was in so much pain But i'm really wanting to get my stomach Used to it because it's such healthy Fats and it's an easy way to Get like fat and protein especially as a Vegan and it's really really nice so I've Just um i haven't had it for like like Since that video So i've tried to just have normal peanut Butter again instead of pb2 today So i'm gonna see how it goes and i feel Like It's going to be okay i thought it's Going to be okay we got to do what we Got to do for peanut butter [Laughter] Hey guys sorry i've just finished the Gym and now i'm coming home To make some lunch the sun's coming out Woo-hoo yay okay guys so lunch Is brown rice crispy tofu Um avocado and it's just on a bed of Kale And green peas oh my god i am obsessed With green peas at the moment Literally my favorite food how young Does this look I'm currently at domain and i'm looking For some room and house stuff because I'm literally moving to this house with Nothing I have bed pellets and that's it and i'm

Actually planning on getting rid of my Bed pellets and getting a bed I'm not too sure guys what should i do And yesterday i went to fantastic Furniture and i bought this Oh my god this mirror it is absolutely Amazing it's like a massive floor mirror And you guys will literally see it like All the time i'll be taking so many Selfies in it i'll show you when i've Got it but i didn't get it now because i Haven't moved in my house and there's Nowhere to put it so They're minding it for me and oh my god I'm sorry i'm like looking everywhere This Is like my life in the shop it's Incredible My mom did just spend eighty dollars on A pillow Eighty dollars on a pillow Yeah girl girl got sass i'm currently at The beach and it is around 3 p.m And i'm feeling stressed i haven't had a Stressful day But i am just feeling stressed with my Overall Living and life situation at the moment I Still don't have my car it's been fixed And my house i feel like it's been Pushed further and further away And it's just stressing me out and i've Realized that the only emotions that i

Feel like i ever really feel are happy Anxious and stressed i never really feel Angry i never really feel sad i never Really feel Any of them other bad emotions i only Really feel stressed Stress oh my god stressed And anxious i only really ever feel them Bad low frequency emotions And stress is something that i struggle With because It does awful things to me mentally Mentally physically everything and I'm not a stressful person but i just Feel like i've created Such bad emotion towards my family Towards My living situation at the moment and Yes i love my family but They cause me so much stress they cause Me more stress than anything On this planet i don't really feel Any bad emotion towards anything else I never really get stressed or sad or Anxious From anything else rather than my family And i know it's because they mean so Much to me because it is so true that The more that person means to you the Stronger the emotion you feel Towards them and i'm dying to get out Because i do love my family but i love Them in small doses Like it's nothing that i can pinpoint in

Particular why I get so stressed about them and living With them I can't pinpoint anything but i'm Overall just so stressed And i feel like nothing is working for Me purely because i am just Vibing of stress and low frequency and Just Oh like i can't i can't even think Straight i can't talk i can't like i'm Just so Stressed and that's my emotion right now I'm not angry i'm not sad i'm just Stressed and I'm aware of it i'm very aware of it But i want i want to take control of it And i feel like i can't But i know i can i know i'm in control But i just i I'm so stressed Like it's it's horrible and Hence why i feel like i've been so Distance from you guys because I just haven't had the energy mentally To be myself To put any energy towards you guys or Anything like i've I've just been so caught up in all this and i just Can't wait to be on the other end And yes i know we should all be Appreciative of right now and I should be thinking of right now but

I'm so stressed right now And i know that nothing good will come If i am constantly having this mindset But i just feel like it's so hard to Change when i'm in such a stressful Environment because what we have Surrounded ourselves with Impacts our mental state so so so much Like so much i want to be positive all The time with you guys but That's not me and i want to be as real With you Or as much as possible and this is how I'm feeling right now i'm just Feeling so stressed so i've just decided To come to the beach which is my happy Place And i have decided to do some meditation I'm going to put my earphones on i'm Going to listen to some spotify Some good music some chilled music and I'm just Going to try and get outside my head So stop thinking to stop having monkey Mind and to just clear everything down And just to be calm And just start to appreciate what i have Because i am i'm so appreciative of my Family They just cause me so much stress and i Am i'm so stressed guys Like i just i uh like i feel like i've Been crying So much and it's so not me to be

Feeling this emotion all the time to be Feeling Such anxious and Yeah so that's just that's just me at The moment And overall i'm a happy girl overall i Love my life but i'm just going through A stressful period I am so appreciative of right now [Music] So [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh you're joking so I've just walked in back to the car And i went to find my phone and i've Left it on the beach somewhere in the Sand so this is exactly what i'm talking About I just feel like when it just gets Harder and harder and harder and that's Purely because Of me and I'm okay with that because everything is Okay Everything is okay this is just Life challenging me putting me through Little obstacle courses little Challenges because if i overcome these Challenges I unconsciously will become A stronger person now where's my phone Hey

And tonight for dessert i have myself a Larva i have never tried one of these But i've heard good things about them And anything flavored banana bread is a Fan of me And while i'm having my bar i'm just Going to use in bed and do some planning On My laptop and my notebook So here i just plan like what i'm doing Tomorrow stuff for work And the workouts that i'm going to be Doing all right As you guys know i'm such a planner and I love routines and i love having Everything instructor and i love being Organized Okay so i'm still hungry so i've just Made myself A little bit of sweet potato and hummus Just some carbs before Bed because i feel like i haven't had Too much carbs today that's probably why I'm so hungry it's like nine o'clock at Night And i'm still hungry after that bath so Got up the carbs hey guys so this is my Daily intake for the day After i've tracked it in chronometer and Chronometer is just an app that i either Have On my phone or i just use it on my Laptop So i've tried my breakfast lunch and

Dinner And these little signs here they're just Symbols that i have made up so little Recipes that i Use frequently so it's just easier to Just pop them in Whenever i have them and so I had you know the tofu noodle salad That was really good and Their noodles i got just from an organic Store close by And they were so high in protein Nutritionist and Actually very nice and the larabar oh Yeah i don't know seven out of ten like I was Kind of disappointed it tasted nothing Like banana bread and i was so off that Okay go down here so these are my Macronutrients for the day so my protein I hit 163.4 grams carbohydrates 277.4 grams And fat 74.3 grams And don't forget about all these Micronutrients And don't forget that i Add a lot of these things in manually And i don't really Fill in the micronutrients all the Minerals and stuff i mainly just feel The Main macronutrients so that's probably Why All of these aren't highlighted but

[Music] Majority of them are green anyway so That Is good and here so These are just estimates like these are What i like to hit Daily minimal so i just add them in so Around These numbers and as you can see my Protein Is quite high i'm not saying you have to Be hitting these grams Daily but i'm just letting you guys know That you Very much can whilst being vegan and Eating a plant-based diet it is very Much possible to Hit a good amount of protein whilst Being vegan eating plant-based you just Have to eat enough And eat a variety eating a balanced diet Is so important especially For your body for your minds and just to Hit all these nutrients and Macronutrients and micronutrients So yeah i do track on the occasion Obviously if i can't track like i'm out With friends i don't stress that's Totally fine I just use this as a platform to help me With help me with my goals and to let me Make sure that i know That i'm hitting everything because i Feel like as soon as i started to track

That's when i started to see results And i started to feel a lot better Physically and mentally So yeah if you are thinking about Tracking i definitely do recommend Downloading chronometer I actually pay for this i don't know how Much a month it's not too much But you can get a free version the Upgraded one isn't much different But if you feel like tracking is going To disadvantage you in any way mentally I suggest do not trying it at all Because Tracking can cause stress if you're not In the right mindset And any stress for you or your body is Not going to help you with your physique With your mental state with anything so I suggest not tracking at all and just Trying to eat intriguingly Or just finding something that is going To work for you And just mainly focusing on nutrients Rather than calories Okay that's enough from me bye sorry a Little infill about today My pro was my stomach didn't hurt all Day from after eating the peanut butter At breakfast And my con is i didn't end up finding my Iphone So i don't know what i did i just popped A

Song on and then i meditated for a Little bit And then after like five ten minutes i Got up i left To go to the car because i had to pick My brother up and i realized i didn't Have my phone when i was at the car so I ran back down to the beach i searched Everywhere and i didn't even sit that Far from the walkway so i was literally Only like 10 minutes 10 meters down And i was searching and a guy actually Came over and he helped me and He rang the phone for me and straight Away it was turned off So someone has taken it and they have Turned it off well this is what i think Has happened I'm not too sure and then i was Like it i was so stressed at that time i Was like you gotta be kidding me like This was kind of like The icing on top of the cake like i just Really didn't need this but It's happened and there is no point Stressing about it like it's insured It's fine It can be dealt with it's just an Annoying situation and There really is no point in stressing About it i am aware of that like yes It's frustrating but It is what it is and i know if i was in A good headspace i wouldn't have

Attracted this But it has happened And it's just another hurdle for me to Overcome and i will overcome it it's Just another hurdle for me to overcome And i will overcome it and i will Become stronger mentally physically I will just become a stronger version of Me and it's tough I know it is i'm so frustrated like i Don't have a phone and but i'm so Grateful like as soon as i got home my Mom like rang vodafone and they got them To cancel it and stuff and that just Like It made me like realize how great my Family is and how amazing my family is And the good that they do do So if anything i've learned from this Situation and everything is going to be Okay And i do thank you guys so much for Watching this video and being with me And supporting me the whole way because I know you guys Are open to seeing my struggles you're Open to seeing me at my best and you're Open to see me at my worst and That is what i'm going to give you i am I'm real i'm raw And i show you my struggles because i'm A normal human being You struggle by struggle we all struggle And that's okay

We can overcome it together anyway i Hope you guys did that this video i'm Sorry i wasn't my normal happy chubby Self the whole way through but That's just me and that has i'm just Being real If you are new here and you do like me As a person in my attitude and my videos Make sure that you do subscribe because It really supports my channel And guys please comment down below the Videos you want me to make more of And let's hope i get a new phone soon Thank you so much for watching adios

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