What I ate today (vegan, low carb, lots of protein, healthy)

This is a typical day for me: about 100 grams of protein, lots of fat, and fairly minimal carbs. I find a higher protein/fat diet to be way more delicious and satisfying than one focused on carbohydrates. And it’s helped me drop below my pre-pregnancy weight without even trying, so that’s pretty neat!

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Hey guys so this is not like a template For how you should eat this is just a Sample day of how I eat some of you have Asked for more of these type of videos Because you're just not sure how to put Stuff together this is a sample day of That I think it's a good day to show Because it's really really simple It's like smoothie and southland and you Know the rap I made is really simple the Soup I made is super super simple takes Like I don't know 45 minutes total and For those of you who are interested in Low carb vegan that's what this is I Didn't mean it to be low carb it's just Kind of how I've been eating lately Mostly because I focus on protein and Fat so I just kind of end up eating less Carbs again you definitely do not have To eat low carb you don't have to eat as Much fat as I do you don't have to eat As much protein as I do I think I got Like about 100 grams it's usually what I Aim for again I just find it really Really satisfying anyway so started the Day with coffee like I normally do at Least when I'm not weight training I do Try to eat like a protein rich meal Before I weight training but if I'm just Doing cardio or something I don't really Care and I'll just have coffee so coffee Sweetened with Splenda of course and Some non-dairy milk and the non-dairy Milk that I used is the silk protein nut

Milk I've reviewed before on this Channel I think I had a problem with the Milk separating before I think I talked About that in the review but I didn't Have a problem this time I forgot how Much I liked the stuff so I think I'm Just gonna keep buying this it is a Little bit more expensive and just Briefly here's a container of cream Cheese that was in the back it's the Trader Joe's vegan cream cheese and it Sucks like all of the vegan cream Cheeses that I've tried they just do not Taste good they don't taste like cream Cheese they've got this weird like Plasticy aftertaste I don't even know How to describe it it's gross it really Tastes like fake food I hate that term But it just it doesn't taste like food To me so I'm really hoping that i Think–my Yoko's has a cream cheese man If it's anything like their butter oh my God like they need to get that in stores And there's my dirty coffee Pinker That's just really disgusting oh and There's my dirty Vitamix that's also Disgusting it's just mineral buildup It's not that big of a deal but yeah I Should probably clean it it looks Anyway it is smoothie time and that's a Banana that's about how ripe the banana Is you want it pretty white ripe if You're using bananas for smoothies and There's some more of the nut milk this

Amount is for two people by the way Myself and my partner So one banana about a cup of the silk Protein milk some wild blueberries I Think I put like a cup of those in some Ice because I like my smoothies pretty Frizzy and some water some like ice-cold Water from the fridge because again I Like I'm pretty cold and a bunch of chia Seeds it's 10 grams 15 grams something Like that and some protein powder this Is the Garden of Life raw protein powder I hadn't tried this for a while I used It a little bit in my my roll days I Like that there's no stevia or anything And it's totally unflavored and it's Just got a texture that I like it's kind Of like a chalky texture I don't know I Just like that texture it's insanely Expensive I think it was like $35 or Something for that container it's so Ridiculous but I just wanted to try it Again and yeah it's fine I would never Ever ever buy it again I like protein powder I like using it It's an easy way to get protein without You know getting a ton of calories but I Can get it way cheaper off like Amazon Like I can get some soy protein powder Or even pea protein you know for like $10 a pound or you could just use beans White beans great northern cannellini Navy beans cook those nice and soft and You can use those and smoothies I've

Definitely done that before as long as You don't like salt them um it's totally Fine you don't even taste it and it Makes the smoothie like nice and creamy And add some protein without adding like A ton of calories from like cashews or Whatever you would normally put in a Smoothie to make it creamy so about a Scoop of the protein powder and again That's for two people and some walnuts Lots of walnuts I think I used to like 50 grams of walnuts something like that So lots of Omega 3 not just from the Walnuts but from the chia seeds as well I like to put omega-3 rich stuff into my Morning meals just to make sure that I Get enough throughout the day because It's an easy thing to to kind of forget I find at least for me so as long as I'm Making A super omega-3 rich smoothie in the Morning I know that I'm getting enough And now we have lots and lots and lots Of cinnamon that's actually Ceylon Cinnamon I like to keep it in that Container because it's a nice container And now we're blending it up and of Course it's going to get stuck like it Always does and I just hate getting out The tamper so I do my shakey shake Method and usually that works I don't Remember if it worked this time oh it Did that's so fun but I still have to Get the tamper out anyway because as you

Can see there's a bunch of stuff a bunch Of a protein powder and chia seeds stuck To the sides so what I would normally do Is blend the like blueberries and banana And water and milk and walnuts and stuff First and then once it's all liquefied I Would add in the protein powder and the Chia seed or anything that was going to Stick you know cocoa powder something Like that because then you can kind of Put it in the middle and make sure that It doesn't get all stuck to the sides oh And it's just it's just so pretty it's Actually a little bit sweet I think it Would be better with like a mixture of Blueberry and like raspberry or Strawberry something like that okay so Now making some tasty wraps we have These low carb high fiber wraps they've Got a good amount of protein in them and They're nice they don't fall apart I Find that so many of these weed wraps Just totally totally fall apart so I've Got some hummus there that we made Chickpeas obviously I guess not Obviously you can make hummus with a lot Of stuff but chickpeas and salt and Lemon juice tahini and canola oil some More omega-3s it's just way tastier I Find than the packaged stuff the Commercial stuff is just way too tart Yeah like the Sabra hummus I'm not a fan And here's the tofu that I like the Trader Joe's high-protein tofu it has

Like it's just so so super packed so That's that's really great you don't Have to to press it at all to get more Water out really like that but yeah so I I fried a little bit of that and some Oil not really fryi we say fry it's not At that high of a temperature and then Adding some of this delicious roasted Garlic dressing that I really like and I Added add a little too much and now I'm Just trying to spread it out because That will fix it I'm not sure sure what I was thinking there and now here's some Tomatoes some roma Tomato and as you can see I've already Put way too much stuff in this wrap this Is a problem for me and I don't know how To solve it I can't stop I can't stop Adding way too much stuff and here's More stuff because that'll fix it oh god It's so sad Look it's so why like I'm watching this And it's so obvious it's too much stuff But when I'm making it I can't do it oh Yeah no that's that's how you do it That's how oh it's just it looks great Okay that looks not terrible oh look at That that looks delicious oh and look Delicious green bowls I can't help but I Really like green so this is some really Really tasty soup the cream is killing Me it looks so ugly Anyway the soup this is a it's basically This recipe I think it's a Martha

Stewart recipe for just a vegetable bean Soup and it's so good and it's so so so Simple the only thing I do differently I Add more beans I think she uses like 2 Cans of beans so that's like 3 cups I Use like 4 to 5 cups and these beans Were broken down a little bit they have Been in the freezer so that's why the Soup is kind of orangey color they've Kind of really really broken down in the Soup so it's more orange than then red I Kind of like it the other way when They're not so broken down it's more Broth II but either way is really really Good I think hers calls for dried thyme Instead I use this ratatouille seasoning From spice house that is super super Tasty and then for the broth I use Bouillon that's better than bullion That's just my favorite I basically Never buy vegetable broth or anything Like that I always use this stuff so That was my lunch and it was it was a Lot of food I was so full it was it was Just a little bit too much food and you Saw that huge glass of water that I had Along with him too Okay so then sometime later in the day I Had a green apple and some peanut butter And I forgot how tart green apples are Yeah I mean when I was a kid I loved Sour stuff but not so much anymore They're just too tart for me anyway

That's me Cutting an apple in case in case you Need help with that I don't honestly This knife needs to be sharpened you can Tell I'm kind of pushing down as I'm Cutting which is not good that's how you Injure yourself you want your knives as Sharp as possible using Want knives that's how you get injured Do as I say not as I do Okay so then they have the peanut butter Right there natural creamy Kroger peanut Butter it's just peanuts and salt so That's pretty cool it's not as good is The stuff with sugar in it but you know And here I'm adding a little bit of Splenda just because again the green Apple is so incredibly tart if I'm Eating peanut butter with like Fuji or Pink lady or something I don't but these Are just really targeted and next for a Tiny snack I had some of these Chocolates they had these in the Clearance section at our store and the Seattle chocolate and this is the the Salted almond it comes with three Different types these little wrapped Chocolates this is my favorites really Really good it's actually pretty salty And it's got lots of almonds in there You can see and then a little later I Had another one this is the dark with Cocoa nibs also really good I mean it Says dark chocolate it's really not this

Like most dark chocolate there's like a Ton of sugar in it and now I'm making a Salad to offset the like 100 calories of Sugar that I just ate so yeah we have Some romaine lettuce here in the spinner Getting getting less wet and some Chickpeas I think I'm measuring it to Like what does that say 120 it looks Like about 120 or so and I like to cook Them a little more firm when I'm using Them and like salads like when I want to Keep them whole or in soups whereas if I'm using them for like hummus then I Cook them pretty soft and here's a Cucumber in case you forgot what Cucumbers look like it's actually a Seedless cucumber they are more Expensive but there's so much tastier Just really really liked them and yeah I'm just slicing them into little little Half moons and here's aroma that's Getting a little bit wrinkly and I'm Cutting off the little little blossom Into there I mean it's fine You don't have to but it's just I find It kind of yucky and now I'm adding some Hemp seeds I think it's about 10 grams And a little bit of pepper and a little Bit of salt and some more of that Roasted garlic dressing and oh wow that Looks kind of pretty so other than that I had a supplement I did have a Multivitamin which has b12 and D and a Bunch of other stuff

And that's it for me I hope you guys Enjoyed this comments and questions down Below if you want to subscribe that's Super cool you want to let me know what You ate for today or whatever day I mean I filmed this like a week ago so it's Not really today come on don't be silly You can do that down below and subscribe Or I said that's fourth channel Patreon.com slash unnatural vegan become A patreon as I see people saying which Just cracks me up I've seen it so much It's a it's patron guys like patronage Patron you're not you're not a you're Not becoming a patreon anyway thanks so Much everybody have a nice day

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