Vegan High Protein Full Day of Eating | 152g of Protein

Vegan High Protein Full Day of Eating | 152g of Protein

I hope this helps some of you out. Quite a few of you guys have kindly asked that I show what I eat in a day. This is a high protein full day of eating for those that are vegan. I have a high metabolism and am extremely active so my calories are higher than most especially since I am more of an ectomorph. When I am counting calories (which is rarely) I stay between 2500 and 3500 depending on my fitness goals. I generally dont have to track too much as I have been doing this for long enough to have a decent sense of how much accounts for what. As far as living Fluoride free I try to as much as possible but of course taking showers and other factors are unavoidable to contributing to some exposure to fluoride. Anyway, Thanks so much for watching!


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You know what y'all asked not delivered Today as a full day of eating video Getting 152 calories 152 grams of Protein rather on a vegan diet man the Cuts are coming in I'm feeling good About my progress so far and I'm feeling Good about the family growing thank you 4,000 subscribers we hit a thousand Recently you all know that I do my thank Yous a little bit different so every Time we hit a milestone in terms of Subscribers every time the family grows And hits a certain number I like to do What I call a milestone movie and so That's coming up soon for the thousand Subscribers thank you for the family for The journey I appreciate y'all my stop Talking until next time well not until Next time I see at the end of this video This is a full day of E so to start off My morning I normally have a breakfast Of peanut butter toast with chia seed Applesauce and I like to toast my bread This is the beginning Ancient whole wheat sprouted bread and I Had a lot of protein things like 5 grams Of protein per slice so if you haven't Haven't picked that up I would advise Picking it up always use crunchy peanut Butter Skippy's natural crunchy peanut Butter probably not the best in terms of Health loss but I really like it and Then hasn't messed me up at all also Used to be free vegan honey it's a

Substitute for honey but it tastes Exactly like it it's actually a lot Better than me and it's made from apples So it's natural so I'm getting my brand Another toaster be sure to use the Proper utensils this is a public service Announcement I almost burnt my hand Aside to put it back in do it the right Way the way mama taught me and then I'll Drop the toast but that's neither here Nor there I'll bring it over there to Put the peanut butter on and here I'm Preparing my applesauce I'll put about a Cup and 1/4 or so about a cup of Applesauce and I put 2 tablespoons of Chia seed and each tablespoon gives me a Decent mount of protein me not too much But good enough 3 grams of protein per Tablespoon and in this one I have about 2 so I have 6 grams of protein and the Applesauce alone and then I add fruit to It so I have a strawberry and my Blueberry And I'm ready to go and start my day I'm Good to go 19 grams of protein in one Sitting so I said that's a good job for Me before my workout this is my Pre-workout meal on most days it gives Me a lot of energy gives me a decent Amount of carbs and a great amount of Protein so I'm ready to go What's up y'all so now that that meal That's done we're heading to the gym but You saw what I ate what I eat pretty

Much for breakfast I'm going to show you All my post-workout bars I usually have Like a protein bar that I eat Post-workout today's post-workout bars The new go slim crunchy peanut butter 17 Grams of protein that's going to be next Up after I finish my workout and I'm off To the car right now I still get these gains boy hey the cuts Are coming out done lifting as you can See I'm getting back my bounce a Chestbounce huh this is first port O'Call that I lift hits the box Everything about the protein real good I've changed my workout up cuz I've Changed my goals but I go get my pre my Post-workout meal in after I consume This once I get home I see y'all there So as you can now see I have kale quinoa Black beans and chickpeas along with Brussels sprouts and my ancient whole Week veganic bread I use the bread for This particular meal for my hummus and Veggie sandwich so I have cayenne hummus Here and then I add some black bean Hummus as well the bread alone gives me 10 grams of protein and then the black Bean hummus brings me a little bit of Protein as well until I add tomato Cucumber and then my spicy kale mix on Top and almost for my sides as you'll See here a little bit I have my chickpea Quinoa and black bean concoction and I Have also sweet potato casserole which

You can't see it's a vegan sweet potato Casserole and then on top of that we'll Get somebody's vegan protein to go along With it getting all kinds of protein Today and so I'll normally I'll do a Quick snack and for this snack I do 1/2 A cup of dry roasted unsalted peanuts 2 Servings gives me 14 grams of protein so A real quick hot protein snack is all I Really need this was later on of the day And I wanted a snack but I wasn't really Hungry from my huge meal earlier so I Just did one serving of peanuts the same Peanuts as before with my favorite Cashew milk ice cream bar so delicious Really good really simple and it got the Job done The last meal of the night is going to Be brown rice spaghetti some Cleon Welcome atomism sauce listen I hate Using fluoride in my my noodles so bad And we don't even have any more water That I decided that the next best thing Was to take the ice bubbles inside my Freezer put in the pot melt it down I'm Gonna use that we live fluoride free You'll see in this kitchen too I don't Own a microwave so I don't read anything In the microwave i reheat it's going to Be reheated in the oven or on stovetop Or I'm just going to eat it cold if I Can That's just how I live don't leave my Food to change its molecular structure

Don't need that to be ingesting to my Body so that's why I do that so we're Gonna let this boil down and see see you See what we get So what you're seeing here is a quinoa Basil pesto sauce that we got from Sprouts and I put it on top of my Noodles along with garlic toast and Avocado toast and so you see the totals Man four thousand two hundred calories Powering 26 point six grams of carbs and One hundred fifty two point three grams Of protein hope you enjoyed this video Didn't want it to be too long but it Kind of was it's all good though till Next time stay cool stay true and stay Smooth peace Are you a vegan

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