Tracking Calories While Traveling | Weekly Update | Holly T. Baxter | Biolayne

Tracking Calories While Traveling | Weekly Update | Holly T. Baxter | Biolayne

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This video is going up a little late as I was out of town in Fort Lauderdale on my normal check in filming day.

This is my check in for the week of 9/11-9/18.

I’ll discuss:
-How my reverse diet is coming along post show
-How tracking calories while traveling can create some challenges
-How I adapt to those challenges
-How changes in activity, diet and menstrual cycle can affect weight
-How my activity changed while I was out of town

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Hey guys welcome back to another week my Goodness i think i am now at week Six Post show So things are going pretty good i'm Feeling good energy's back my mind is Still A little laggy it hasn't quite caught up With my physical body but generally i've Been feeling really good so i was just Having a look at some of the numbers Before i hopped in and started filming Today since show I'm now up about 3.3 kilograms so it's somewhere in the Six pound range for all of you folks who Live here in the us and have no idea What that means at this point in my Reverse diet i think i'm actually doing Significantly better than what i have Done in the past and not just from a Body fat regain perspective but also Like from a psychological perspective as Well taking a lot of some of the Pressures away from body image and Aesthetics and really kind of getting Back to my roots and thinking about like My why what is my purpose and not really Focusing so much on you know the Exterior has really helped me kind of Ease my way back into the normal Comfortable body weight and i've had far Fewer extreme swings so it's not like You know binge eating

Restricting binge eating restricting I've just kind of been comfortable at The idea that okay That's not something i can sustain this Is and there's obviously a lot of other Stuff that goes into that as well as far As like stress management uh coping with Anxiety all of these other things They've definitely played into it and I'm grateful for the last 12 months 18 Months to kind of roam myself into that Work covert has been somewhat of a Blessing i think it's given me so many Opportunities to build get comfortable Being at a bigger body weight and then Like working through some of that a Negative self-talk and body image stuff And of course you know managing stress That doesn't involve putting things in Your mouth which has been wonderful 3.3 Kilograms up i'm about 850 calories up from where i kind of Finished the last two weeks of my diet So i was at about 1200 ish just a little Bit over For the final two weeks i had to cut Pretty aggressively because I still needed to lose quite a bit of Weight one of the things that a lot of People have asked is yo holly like You've got a lot of muscle how is it That you are on at 1200 calories part of That was lack of planning and i think For anybody that wasn't aware of this

I'll just share it now anyway My decision to get on stage was very Spontaneous i was retired like i think I've been talking about hey i'm retired Athlete yeah i don't i don't compete Anymore sorry to kind of step back out And go yeah i'm going to compete again Was very spontaneous and if i'm being Real about it i probably didn't give Myself a sufficient amount of time to Get the weight off so i was pushing Myself to kind of do it in the time Frame that i had It was just on 12 weeks and i needed to Lose about nine kilograms so close to 20 Pounds like that's a lot it was it was Just over 10 of my body weight now if a Client had come to me that has never Competed before i would have said not a Chance no way like it's just something That requires a lot of discipline and Honestly experience i could not have Done that had i not had you know five Years of competing experience you know Behind me i was asking a lot of myself i Didn't make the progress at the front End of the fat loss phase that i needed To and as a consequence i still had a Lot to lose in the last few weeks so That's why i had to get so aggressive so In order to you know achieve a certain Amount of weight loss each week we can Make some predictions about what kind of A deficit that would require uh based on

All the information that we have from Case studies of natural bodybuilders and What kind of percentages of you know Muscle versus fat loss are achieved you Know from week to week during a diet it Was really hard so that's kind of partly The reason why i had to get so Aggressive it's got not really so much Like oh your metabolism screwed up holly Like what's wrong with you it's just i Was wanting to lose a lot of weight in a Very short period of time 1200 i'm back To 2000 plus now i have to actually go And have a look at what my actual Targets are i've been pretty loosely i Just know that they're in the 2000 range And that's good enough for me that's Been very freeing i think just not Having to have a ceiling on all of the Foods that i really enjoy eating i still Have a lot of my content spread foods in My diet today because i truly love them And they are very satiating that's kind Of a bit of a wrap up i guess of where I'm at since show as far as my body Weight increase and my calorie increases And this week i did previously get a Calorie jump and i was thinking about Just switching over to maintenance However the coach last week the carbon Diet coach gave me a calorie increase Because i had actually lost a little bit Of weight so i was kind of like oh more Calories okay i'll take it this past

Seven days and in fact it's now been About 10 days i think since i've checked In with a coach We'll do that live today i was really Enjoying those high calories so i'll be Interested to see what happens today When we go and check in but i do have to Confess something to all of you guys I've probably weighed myself four times In the last 10 days so it's not very Consistent today i weighed in this Morning and it was on the back of having Had about i'm gonna say 3 000 calories On i think it was monday evening or Monday because i was meant to catch a Flight back into tampa and my flight was Delayed from i think it was a seven O'clock flight so i was trying to get Back home about eight don't fly with me Guys because i have like a beacon that's Like technology break if it is near to Holly like things break it's scary so Anyway my flight was delayed until about 11 30 and i think i got home about two At the time you know you just kind of Get yourself to bed wash your makeup off Have a shower all that kind of stuff it Was three o'clock shelly and i were both Exhausted like you know when you have Giggling fits like you're so tired We're sitting opposite each other in the Airport waiting and one of us would make A funny joke i haven't laughed so hard And it was like out of hysteria like

Just tired exhausted then we just had a Feast of chocolate at the airport we got All these good things so anyway my Calories were crazy high on monday so i Weighed in like today and i know that my Weight is up significantly so it's not Really a true reflection of what my Actual weight is I don't know whether to include that in This week's check-in but we'll just see We'll go and have a look at my data First so my confession was haven't Weighed in um so it's not really giving The coach the best information it it Needs to make an accurate decision about I guess my requirements so part of me Thinks i probably am going to mark Non-compliant this week just because i Don't want the coach to make an Adjustment based on false information or Inflated Information i was away over the four Days over the weekend from friday to Monday and i was not eating my normal Food intake so I would have one meal of the day that Was prepared at home and that had all of My veggies it's like my go-to probably See it all the time if you follow me on Instagram it's like just an entire Saucepan of vegetables Meats and then good sauces and stuff so That was it really for the day as far as Veggies and then like we went to a

Couple of different steakhouses so we're Having like salty steak and then Cocktails i think we would order like Two or three cocktails off every meal So Like my fiber intake was low that Obviously has uh implications on our Weight when we get on the scale my Weight was probably artificially low Over the weekend when i was weighing in Because i wasn't eating fiber so you Know i'm stepping on i'm like Oh look how light i am but like Meanwhile like the other holly is like Are you serious you actually believe That right So There's that so i think i'm probably Just gonna mark non-compliant this week But i would like to show you uh i guess What happened this week okay so uh 2023 Was the goal after this week still Sitting at that 145 protein 219 Carbohydrate and 63 Fats so That was the goal now if we go over to The me section of the app we'll take a Look at my calorie intake for the last Few days so You'll see here thursday through to Sunday Were the days that i was actually away So i did a pretty good job at hitting or Actually i was a little bit under on a

Couple other days so um making pretty Good food choices like i said Steakhouses anywhere where you can go And order like a piece of protein And then like a side of veggies and Stuff that's really easy for me if i'm Not getting tuna i'm getting like some Kind of fish or like protein appetizers So it's not super challenging so 2265 2300 on wednesday and then it was kind Of just tinkering around that 2000 mark 1950-ish For most of the week so We'll have a look at protein now so Again steakhouses fish seafood all the Good stuff we are in florida we are Surrounded by water very close seafood Is good it's usually my go-to so 150 156 163 saturday no doubt that was the steak Night And 1 30. so a little bit low there on Sunday but it was one day it's not the End of the world Carbs let's have a look so my average Was 198 so a little bit on the lower end I guess highest day was at 2 35 lowest Day saturday 1 149 and if i had to guess i probably Tracked all my cocktails as fat we'll Have to see about that let's go have a Look And then my fat average was 73. so A little bit higher than what my target Was but you can see that i'm just

Trading out if i'm going to eat Something that's higher in fats it means That i have to make a compromise and eat A little bit less carbohydrates so That's not really something that i'm Super conscious of every day But as i get towards the end of the week Where i know i'm nearing kind of my Check-in day i will go in i will have a Look i'll look at these stats that You're seeing here i'm like oh like my Weekly average is a little bit off on Whatever the macro is so i might just Intentionally choose a few more meals That are higher in carbs or if i can see That i'm down on my protein on the last Day or something it's like okay i might Just have a little bit more today uh That is my fat average so let's go and Do this check in so we'll go to the Coach oh three days past my check-in I've never done that don't think i've Ever waited this long you know guys i Was holding out for you i really just Wanted to show you this check-in live Okay so let's do it Were you compliant To your macro targets Oh i wasn't compliant anyway okay so i Think it's actually going to utilize the Last 10 days of data that i have that I've been entering in so you can see There my goal was 1969 to 2077 And if we incorporate the first two days

Of this week which is the day i ate Easily 3 000 calories because Airport foods so good not 21.62 so i'm just going to go ahead and Mark no i'm not compliant Current weight today when i got on the Scale after Stuffing my face with really Not so delicious food at the airport i Was 65.1 And i don't know what my body fat is but If i look at myself in the mirror no i'm Not stage lean but i feel good I don't care i really don't care Am i close to my menstrual cycle uh i Had my period all last week too so that Was fun Um i'm gonna put yes because all of the Weigh-ins that i had last week were Being influenced by my menstrual cycle So we'll hit Next Does everything look okay Yes Completing your check-in I always get this message it feels like I always get this message looks like Things didn't go as planned uh don't Worry let's try to hit your targets a Little closer every day this week all Right so i'm going to keep it right Where it's been I am now interested to know what happens At these calories with a bit more

Consistency the other thing that i want To talk about real quick as well is Your activity levels so for me obviously I was going away the intention this past Four days was to just Unplug switch off i feel like i did that Pretty well in fact it was like a i feel Like i cried most days had a lot of like Deep conversations there was a lot of a Lot of deep meaningfuls like talks about Life like i don't know it was really Good you know when you just get around Your girlfriends and you just have some Good chats so i really enjoyed this Weekend but we were doing those deep Medieval chats as we were walking so yes I was a weirdo i remember walking out I'm like Crying as i'm walking on the road put my Sunglasses back on Anyway lots of walking happened and fort Lauderdale where we were it is beautiful Like it is just stunning i wish that i Lived on that side Of florida because the water is like Aqua blue and they've got like the Pathways all the way along the side of The coast to just Enjoy and stroll and be happy my average Depth count you know i can probably go And have a look at this but i feel like It was quite high so there's probably a Couple of things that are going to Influence my weight here so we just

Talked about the fact that i was Under-eating on my fiber intake so That's going to artificially lower Potentially my weight on the scale but i Was also doing a lot more activity based On my recollection those two things are Moving me in a negative direction but i Also had my cycle which was going to Push me in a positive direction so we've Got multiple variables or factors that Influence scale weight happening And the reality is We don't really know what's happening During that time so last week you can See here monday this is like working Days so it was at eight you can see down The bottom here of the screen 8 300 was My average steps 10 09 27 Uh A little bit low on wednesday Thursday 13 that was an airport day Obviously lots of walking and then it Just shoots up over the weekend so Friday's not too bad 11 But then 15 000 on saturday which is just crazy For me And then on sunday 19820 Steps and dare i say monday might have Been similar what was it Sixteen thousand eleven hundred i'm not Gonna do the math and work out what the Average was but my step my step target

Is ten thousand steps so clearly Significantly over so Uh the contribution of extra movement That i did this week even if i did kind Of go over my calorie targets a little Bit probably outweighed each other i Don't want to try and um i guess game The system i'm not going to go in and Like you know mark things that are not Accurate in carbon this week i'll just Have a more normal week i'm not doing All the crazy flying and traveling um so Things should get back on track so i Would probably like to have a little bit More flexibility with my calories but at This point i think i'm open to very Slowly doing that i'm not thinking about Food every minute of the day now which Is really nice um but if i can get them Back towards that Number perhaps over the next eight to Ten weeks or so we will see um Everybody's metabolism responds a little Bit differently and people will always Say well you know what could i expect to Get my calories to or You know how long is this going to take For me to get my calories there it just Depends on the individual i have seen Some people be able to make 10 calorie Increases consistently every single week And only put on maybe i don't know 0.2 Of a kilogram or something like that or Sometimes even more i know shelley for

Instance she is very regimented with her Nutrition though there's no polar swings And i will say there is benefits to Those of you that can reverse Successfully and in a very controlled Fashion it really does allow for those Positive adaptations to occur And you can get to a pretty high number With very little body fat regain now the Degree of that is going to again vary From person to person but For whatever the case if we see people Reversing and perhaps like i'm a perfect Example of this i Really right now i'm not so concerned With like body fat or body image so i'll Have weeks where my calories are really High like monday over 3000 calories and That you know yesterday i think i had 2500 calories so I'm probably pushing my body to its Metabolic capacity and in some cases i'm Probably putting on unnecessary body fat Because i'm not doing it in that super Controlled slow fashion So as a consequence i'm probably Not going to get to my goal Calorie target and achieve the best Possible outcomes when we're thinking About retention of that leanness that Conditioning everybody has their own Opinion and preferences for how they Look physique wise but then there's also The reality of somebody's lifestyle for

Me like Maybe i have the desire to Maintain a lower body fat percentage Throughout the reverse But if i'm going to choose to eat out All the time if i'm going to choose not To weigh things all the time or if i Choose to just go you know what i'm Going to eat 3 000 calories today Frequently then i cannot expect to be Able to get to my goal calories and Maintain The level of leanness that i would like So we have to make those decisions and Choices And then we have to be okay with the Outcome if you choose not to do things In a really controlled fashion i think That's really all i've got for you guys This week if you have any questions Either about carbon diet coach Reverse dieting overcoming the fear of The scale weight or changes in body Composition if you are somebody that's Going through a reverse diet at the Moment or even just maintaining and Struggling in your current self please Feel free to reach out to me i really Enjoy talking through some of these Types of issues with people To help you just feel better and do Better So thank you so much for watching um go And check out all of the links in the

Description if you want to get your Hands on carbon diet coach our nutrition Coaching app it is only 9.99 for a Subscription per month we have various Different subscription lengths so you Can sign up for six months twelve months You get discounts for the longer that You sign up to And until next week I will see you then

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