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Download the Vegan Plant-Based Protein Chart:

Check out these plant-based vegan protein sources. 

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In this video, we’re going to talk about plant-based proteins. I typically think a person should have about 20-25g of protein per meal. The idea is to have lower amounts of sugary foods and higher amounts of protein if you’re a vegan. Download the chart I put together for more plant-based protein sources. 

Plant-based vegan protein sources:

• Lentils — 1 Tbs = 1.1g
• Tofu — ½ cups = 10g
• Quinoa — ½ cups = 8g
• Hemp — 4 Tbs = 12g
• Sunflower Seeds — ½ cup = 6g
• Pumpkin Seeds — ½ cup = 6g
• Chia Seeds — 1oz. = 5g
• Mixed Nuts — ½ cup = 14g
• Almond Butter — 1 Tbs = 3.4g
• Hummus — 1 Tbs = 1.2g
• Tempe — ½ cup = 15g

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Thanks for watching! You may want to try these vegan protein sources.

Hey guys dr. Berg here in this video I want to 
talk about plant-based proteins now I typically   Recommend between 20 and 25 grams of protein 
per meal and the idea is to have low amounts   Of sugary foods in higher protein if you're a 
vegan lentils 1 tablespoon 1.1 grams okay and I   Did leave off some other ones like spirulina and 
things like that but I'll actually put that in a   Chart you can download below tofu make sure you 
do it organic so it's non GMO 1/2 cup 10 grams   That's pretty good quinoa 1/2 cup 8 grams not 
too bad it's a bit higher in carbs though hemp   4 tablespoons 12 grams that's pretty good then 
we have sunflower seeds 1/2 a cup 6 grams that's   Pretty high pumpkin seeds 1/2 a cup 6 grams chia 
seed 1 ounce is 5 grams that's incredible nuts   Half a cup 14 grams that's a pretty high protein 
source almond butter 1 tablespoon is 3.4 it's not   Too bad either and then we have tempeh which is 
a half a cup that's 15 grams that's the highest   Protein that's a fermented soy product make sure 
it's organic non-gmo and humus 1 tablespoon is   1.2 grams so you can kind of calculate it out 
and I'll give you some ideas on what you're   Going to have to eat to maintain this 20 to 25 
grams of protein per meal but I go I go ahead   And download the chart below and check it out 
I'll see in the next video hey guys thank you   So much for watching please click the subscribe 
button and I will see you in the next video

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