Top 5: Best Protein Powders | 2018

Top 5: Best Protein Powders | 2018

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In this video I go over the Top 5 Protein Powder Supplements on the market right now. These protein powders have whey protein, casein, and more. The Top 5 Best Protein Supplements are rated based on ingredients, reviews, and the price.

Number 5 Pick is Evlution Nutrition 100% Stacked Whey Protein Buy It Here:
Here is a full supplement review of 100% Stacked Whey Protein:
The type of protein that they used is whey Isolate protein and as far the ingredients inside of here you get 25 grams of protein per serving, which is ideal, there is 6 grams of BCAA’s which is awesome, it also has low sugar, low carbs, and low fat. As far as the price this thing only cost $30 for 28 servings.

Number 4 Pick is Muscletech Nitro Tech Whey Gold Protein Supplement Buy It Here:
Watch the full supplement review of Nitrotech Whey Gold Here:
As far as the ingredients you get 24 grams of protein, 2 grams of fat, 2 grams of sugar and also 2 grams of carbs. It costs around $60 for 76 servings.

Number 3 Pick is Dymatize ISO 100 Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Powder Buy It Here:
Watch the full supplement review of ISO 100 by Dymatize Here:
You will get 25 grams of protein per serving, 5.5 grams of BCAA’s, only 120 calories, less than a gram of sugar, it is low on carbs and fat too. It does cost about $30 for 23 servings which is a little pricey but if you get the larger one then you will get 71 servings for around $65.

Number 2 Pick is RSP Nutrition TrueFit Lean Protein Supplement Buy It Here:
Watch a full review of TrueFit Protein Here:
You get 25 grams of whey protein per serving which is standard, but you also get a super food blend, good amount of fiber, and even probiotics. It does cost around $30 for 20 servings.

Number 1 Pick is Jym Supplement Science Pro Jym Protein Supplement Buy It Here:
Watch the full review of Pro Jym Protein Here:
You get 24 grams of Egg, Casein, and Whey Protein, also you get 6 grams of carbs, and 4 grams of fat. This is another highly rated protein and it does cost a little over $30 for 23 servings.

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Hey what's up everyone my name is Rob Welcome to the gymraeg world now this is The only spot where you can go for fast And simple information you know today I'm gonna be actually breaking down my Top 5 protein supplements for you I'm Gonna tell you how I judge my pick so I Judge my picks up the reputation of the Company as far as how much you can trust Them also the ingredients that they Chose the dosages of those ingredients The ratings and also the price of all These as well now I'm going to make sure I don't hold you hostage I'm not going To take up too much of your time I'm Gonna briskly cover all these different Points for you on each one of these Supplements and if you need to see a Full review of it maybe you want a Little bit more information I have links Down in the description box for you that I'll link you up to reviews that I have Done and also if you want to buy any of These maybe you just want to pick one of Them up I have links that go to Amazon So you can pick it up as well but other Than all that let's just get into my top 5 protein supplements of 2018 ok so Let's just get into my number 5 spot Right which is evolution nutrition or Evil sports to go by both names it's a 100% stacked whey protein solution Nutrition is kind of an up-and-coming Something hungry they're gaining some

Traction right now you've probably seen Them around before now it's quite Surprised with this protein supplement Not the type of protein that they use in This sub man this is actually weight Isolate protein which is a good protein To use now as far as the ingredients That are inside here you get you know 25 Brands of whey protein per serving which Is ideal you also get 6 grams of BCAAs Which is awesome it's also low on sugar Low on cards and also low on fat as well Which is something that I really like From a protein that doesn't have all Those excess ingredients in here now as Far as the prices thing does cost $30 For about 28 servings which makes this a Very affordable protein powder to try Out honestly you know I find this Protein powder just useful for pretty Much everybody whatever your goal is This protein can probably fit right on The inside of their list you're trying To be like a freak beast or something Like that but yeah the main reasons why I like it just as a good amount of Ingredients inside of here Also tastes good on top of that and There's no real complaints price is good Everything's pretty good on it and That's why I made my list at my number 5 Spot but let's just move on to my number 4 spot now which is from muscle tech it Is our nitro tech 100% weight gold

Protein now this is honestly one of the Many different weight weight proteins That they have out there you know I like This once was Because of its ability to fit into my Lifestyle and I can see how it can fit Into a bunch of other people's Lifestyles as well because that All-around protein powder now doesn't Hurt that sternum company that's Honestly it's been around since the 90s There's not too many companies that have Been around since the 90s so I really do Like that factor and as far as the Ingredients you get 24 grams of protein To get 2 grams of fat 2 grams of sugar Also 2 grams of carbs as well so it's Not super low in the excess ingredients But it's just low but it's not like a Super high amount either so that's good Now as far as the price you get 76 Servings for $60 if you get the larger One which really it makes more sense if You get the larger one because it costs Us $1 serving which means you can pretty Much you know take this protein a couple Times a day not like 5 or 10 times a day You take a couple of times a day and You're able to get a high quality Protein for a really great price which Is really why I like this protein and Why it made my list moving on to my Number three which is Dymatize iso100 Now basically if you're looking for a

Great tasting protein this is pretty Much it I'm not a guy that really cares Too much about the taste of a protein But I got to say this one's probably the Best tasting protein in my book so if You're looking for that just kind of put This one on the list the best thing About it is the ingredients not just to Taste your 25 grams of protein per Serving which is again ideal you get 5 And 1/2 grams of BCAAs in here you only Get you know 120 calories it's very low On sugar it's very low in fat and also Very long hearts as well now the reason Why you know this protein is very low on All those excess ingredients is because Dymatize actually uses hydrolyzed whey Protein and all that means that's a very Pure form of whey protein so it doesn't Have all those excess ingredients but it Also gets digested into our system and Just works a little bit faster than Normal whey protein that's pretty much Why this protein comes on top of the Other ones now as far as a price sink That's cost about $30 for 23 servings Which I know can be a little bit pricey So if you actually get the larger one You get 71 servings for only about 65 Dollars which really makes this an ideal You know I really like this one because It doesn't have you know that high Amount of excess ingredients in here but Also it just has like a very strong

Presence of quality in here and it's Also very inexpensive if you do get that Larger one and it tastes amazing as well So that's why I made it to list and That's Why I picked Dymatize iso100 for my Number three spot next up is my number Two protein a choice which is to fit Protein by RS pre nutrition now this is A lean almost all-in-one protein powder You know it's hard for me not to name This one my number one got to say I do Use it quite frequently now true fit Probably fits best for you if you're Struggling to keep your like daily Nutrients that you need reggae just Don't pay attention to it and if you Just want like a really effective meal Replacement or really effective Post-workout drink this is where a true Fit kind of fits in now the reason why Is because if you don't see ingredients That are inside again I mean you get 25 Grams of whey protein per serving which Is you know it's pretty standard but you Also get a superfood blend in here so You get those added nutrients and you Also get probiotics in here and it's Also a good amount of fiber but the main Thing is that you get those probiotics In here as well it's not too common also On top of that it's very low on sugar And typically you know what a supplement Tries to take on all these different

Ingredients it usually doesn't end up Well they usually fall short somewhere But doesn't seem to be the case with the Trufit protein like I said I've had it Multiple times and I really do like it's A protein that I pretty much go to most Of the time so if you're in the same Boat as me as far as you just want to be Healthy this protein is probably going To pull it off for you because you get The whey protein which again is standard You get that the nutrients from the Superfood blend you get the probiotics You get the fiber you pretty much get it All with this protein as far as the Price it is a little bit pricey at Thirty dollars for 20 servings so I can See how some people might not want to Spend that much but I gotta say it's Definitely worth the money it's Definitely worth the shop for at least a Month just to see if it does actually Work out for you alright finally we're Up to my number one protein spot and That is protein by James supplement Science now this protein pretty much Prides itself on giving you a very Healthy mix of different proteins Because they actually use whey protein They use casein protein they also use Egg protein in here as well now these Blends have pretty much just been shown To be a better option as far as instead Of just getting one protein like whey

Protein just seems to be a better option As far as optimizing your recovery Optimizing your strength and also just Optimizing your performance all together One unique factor about this protein is That gem supplement Science pretty much Just shows you a complete breakdown of Everything that's inside this protein They break down how much egg protein You're getting in here and they're just Very transparent With everybody which is great and they Also show all the studies to back up Their claims on what this approach is Going to do for you now as far as what's Inside of here to get 24 grams of Protein all these different ones Together you get 24 grams of it you get 6 grams of cards and also 4 grams of fat In here as well so you pretty much get a Mix of all these different healthy Ingredients in here as far as why I did Choose this is pretty much just because Like I said they're very transparent They're highly rated and the mix of Different proteins in my opinion seem to Be a better option than just getting Like a sole casein protein or a salt Whey protein now as far as the price st. Can be possibly considered a little Expensive you get 23 servings for 3 $30 Can't talk how you get 23 servings for $30 so it makes it almost too expensive But honestly I find it to definitely be

Worth it because of the transparency Because of the results and because of The science to back everything up so I Definitely recommend this protein by Jim Supplement science as my number one Protein pay now that is it for my top 5 Protein supplements obviously if you Made it through the list now if you're Looking to again pick these up or if you Just want to see full reviews of this Got everything down in the description Box for you all so you don't comment Below let me know if you think there's Better proteins out there also tell me Why you think there's other proteins That possibly might be better than the Ones that I list said just let me know What's up also I do want to say that Protein powder should not be like a Staple part of your diet as far as they Should not overtake your protein intake So you shouldn't be taking like 510 Protein shakes a day I do not condone That whatsoever so that's all I want to Say is to make sure that you're not over Doing it with protein these things are Just a sub meant your lifestyle they're Not there to actually be your lifestyle Be your actual diet so just know that or At least that's just how I stand on it But other than all that all that Craziness just go ahead and use those Links below but thank you for stopping By I appreciate your time and have a

Good one