Top 5: Best Nootropics | 2018

Top 5: Best Nootropics | 2018

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Number 5 Pick is Alpha Brain by Onnit Buy It Here:
Here is a full supplement review of Alpha Brain Nootropic Supplement by Onnit Labs Here:

Onnit Labs conducted a Double Blind study on this supplement to make sure that it will help you with memory, focus, and mental clarity. Honestly, the ratings are low and the price is high, but I couldn’t find a better nootropic to be at the number 5 spot.

Number 4 Pick is Neuro Optimizer by Jarrow Formulas Buy It Here:
Watch the full supplement review of Neuro Optimizer Nootropic Supplement Here:

Neuro Optimizer costs about $30 for 30 servings and has been shown to help with brain fog and focus.

Number 3 Pick is Neuroignite by Havasu Nutrition Buy It Here:
Watch the full supplement review of Neurognite Here:
Havasu Nutrition put this neuroignite through many different trials to make sure that this supplement works. One of the main ingredients is Bacopa Monnieri which is an herb that helps to reduce anxiety which is important to make sure that you can keep focus.

Number 2 Pick is Genius Joy by The Genius Brand Buy It Here:
Watch a full review of Genius Joy Nootropic by The Genius Brand Here:
Genius Joy can help you improve your mood, reduce anxiety, and improve your focus.

Number 1 Pick is Neuro Peak by Zhou Nutrition Buy it Here:
Watch the full review of Neuro Peak by Zhou Nutrition Here:
Neuro peak is going to be there to help with memory focus and clarity. Now this supplement has a lot of the ingredients that are in the ones I have already mentioned like PS, Bacopa Monnieri, DMAE and also Gingko Baloba. What sets this one apart from the rest is the combination of effective ingredients that help with brain function. This supplement has also been used the most with over 5,500 people who have reviewed it and rate it at 4.2 stars.

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Hey what's going on everybody welcome to Gym rat world my name's Rob and this is The only spot where you can go for fast And simple submarine views now today I'm Gonna be talking about my top five Nootropic sub mints now I'm gonna hit up Some key ingredients for you the price Of reviews and also why I chose each one Of these supplements now I'm going to Make sure I take every time today right I'm not gonna make this too long and if You do want to see full reviews of any Of the supplements I talked about today I have links down below for you so go Ahead and check that out and also if you Want to pick up any of these supplements I have links down below for you as well But other than that let's just get into My top 5 nootropics up All right so start with my number five Spot which goes to on its alpha brain Neuron it's pretty popular company and Alpha brain supplement is a very popular Supplement as well now this thing Supposed to help with your mental Clarity your mental sharpness and your Focus as well now some key ingredients That are in here is this one called PS And what this is gonna do it's gonna Help with your cognitive decline I don't Know if you knew this or not but as we Get older things just kind of start Deteriorating such as our learning Ability and our cognition so that's

Where PS comes in and it helps kind of Slow that process down There's also alpha GPC in here and this Is a very popular nootropic ingredient That is used because it does the same Thing as far as helping slow down the Process of our cognitive decline Now another ingredient is hooper Xia's Sirata who Perseus Soraka is going to Help with our memory and those are the Key ingredients those are the main Ingredients that are in here in my Opinion there's a whole bunch of other Ingredients but I think these ones are The main ones now one thing about this Summon I do want to let you know is they Use proprietary buns and normally I Wouldn't recommend any sub ment that Does this however on I did two Double-blind studies on this sub to Actually show that it does actually work And when you're talking about Supplements and more specifically Nootropic supplements not too many People not to me supplement companies Actually do double-blind studies on Their supplements so it's really Something to take notice when you see a Company that does that and that's why This supplement made the list now as far As the ratings on this it's not that Good to be honest it's about mid threes Out of 5 stars Which normally again I wouldn't

Recommend anything that's that low However apples so try this submit if That matters to you I've tried the Supplement and I do like it I've tried It multiple times It definitely cleared up like brain fog It really helped me just get started and Actually working so that's why this Summit did make the list is a little bit Of my personal experience right and also The fact that it had double-blind Studies haven't done that as well so Yeah as far as the price on this it's Not that good right to be honest it's The most expensive supplement that's on The list here it's actually about 30 Bucks for 15 servings and so you kind of Got to make the call on that one I would Say to get a little bit more than 15 Servings or I just said make it worth it Make it worth your money But yeah That you know that's the summit those Are the key ingredients those are the Ratings and you gotta make this decision On your own if you want to try it out Alright so getting into my number four Spot which is djaro formulas Nero Optimizer now first off Jarah formulas I've been around for a while and this Nero optimizers was help with your focus And your mental clarity as well some of The main ingredients that are in here is Cognizant now cognizant is just a

Patented form of city choline now city Choline has been shown to help repair Neurotransmitters and also help with the Deterioration of our cognition as well Now another main ingredient is as PS Ingredient that was in alpha brain again This is going to help with our cognitive Decline just kind of slowing that down It's also been used with Alzheimer's Patients and also you've been use for People with depression as well so it's a Good ingredient and yeah that's how this Sub men made the list because they just Chose some effective ingredients that Are in here now as far as the ratings on This there's been over 200 people that Have reviewed this supplement and rates Over four stars right so that means that A whole bunch of people are actually Liking the sub mints actually working For them and some people are going as Far as the saying that it's helping them Clear up their brain fog for them and It's just helping them focus more and That's kind of what you want from a Nootropic supplement now another reason Why this some men made the list is Because of the price this thing's only Thirty bucks for thirty serving which is A pretty good deal it's only $1 serving Free to actually help with your focus And clear up a little bit of brain fog For you um but yeah that's the number Four spot that's near optimizer by

Charro formula okay so number three spot Goes to Nero night by Havasu nutrition Now Nero tonight's gonna help with a Couple different things such as helping You with energy your mood and also your Focus as well some of the main Ingredients in here include bacopa Monnieri now this is an herb that Actually helps reduce anxiety so if You're just a little bit less anxious You could probably focus a little bit Better and that's why this ingredients In here there's also DM aen here that's Kind of similar to PS and the fact that It just helps with our cognitive decline Kind of fights against a deterioration Of our cognition so that's another great Ingredient now this supplement Specifically has actually gone through Some tests as well it's been through Some clinical trials to actually show That it does actually work now as far as The ratings on this it's been rated over 2,000 times Rates over four stars and that just Means that a whole bunch of people tried It and a whole bunch of people like it And it's actually helping them again With just better focus um they're Getting a better mood from this and also Better energy from this as well so this Is kind of like an all-around nootropics Supplement for you now as far as the Price on this it's about 25 bucks

For 30 servings right so it's a pretty Good price you're gonna be spending less Than a dollar serving just barely less Than a dollar a serving um so yeah just To get a better mood to help with your Energy and also help you focus as well From a sub meant that went through some Trials and it's also highly rated as Well so it seems pretty good to me and That's why I've made the list at the Number three spot near ignite have a Signature okay so you're almost over at The number two spot which goes to genius Joy by the genius brand and with the Name like the genius brand they'd better Have some good nootropic supplements now With this genius joy they say it's going To help do a couple things such as Helping with your anxiety helping with Your mood and also helping with your Focus as well now some of the main Ingredients start with Sam beet you get A thousand milligrams of Sammy in here Now Sammy has actually been used for People with mild to severe depression There's also 5-htp in here as well and This is actually going to help raise up Your serotonin levels and 5-htp and also Sammy both help raise up your serotonin Levels and that just increases the Chances of you being happier right and The main idea behind that is that if You're just a little bit happier if You're just a little bit more uplifted

Then you can focus more on what's Actually going on and it helps basically The rest of your day out now they also Put in ingredients or specifically in Here to actually help you with focus but Those are the main ingredients that I Saw in here now as far as the ratings on This has been reviewed over 400 times it Rates over 4.5 stars and that just shows That people are liking this up meant a Lot of people are saying that they are Feeling better from this they are Focusing better on this as well and then It's just plain and simple just working For them now I do like this summit Because they really just packed this Thing with a whole bunch of great Ingredients and they did not skip out on The dosages of this so you're really Getting your money's worth and you Should be getting your money's worth Because it's a little expensive right You're gonna pay about 60 bucks for 25 Servings so again so little expensive But as you can see when you compare this One against The other nootropics summons I talked About today this one really does have a Whole bunch of different ingredients in Here that are just proven to actually Work and again they then skip out on the Dosages and that's why this one made the Number 2 spot and that is genius joy by The genius brand ok so we're at the

Number one spot and that actually goes To Nero peak by zoo nutrition now this Nero peak is gonna help you with memory Clarity and also your focus as well now It pretty much has all a lot of main Ingredients that are in some of the Summons I've talked about such as PS but Cup of money re and also ginkgo biloba As well now the reason why this one made The number-one spot is because it kind Of just took the effective ingredients That I've already talked about in the Other sub mints and put them into one Sub mint and they also properly dose Them as well another reason why this Will make the top of the list is because It's been reviewed over 5,000 times or And it thinks over like fifty five Hundred times and rates 4.2 stars which Means it's a whole bunch of different People talking about the same thing and It just seems to actually be working for A whole bunch of different people Helping them with their mental clarity Help them their mind just stay sharp Right they're not wandering around that Are actually focusing on what's going on They're able to get rid of some brain Fog as well and that's what you want From a nootropic cell mate another thing That you want from a nootropic Supplement is something that's not going To just drain your wallet and this one Definitely doesn't because it's the

Least expensive one on the list at less Than 25 bucks for 30 servings so that Means that it's a little bit more Practical because of the price because Of the ingredients are inside of here And the fact that a whole bunch of People are just basically coming Together saying that actually does work And that's why near peak buy zoom Nutrition made the number-one spot Alright so that wraps up my top 5 a Nootropic supplement list now I've tried Every single one of these nootropics That are here basically because I always Have trouble you know focusing I have a Horrible memory a lot of the times and That's why I do take nootropic summons And I don't want to take you know Adderall or anything crazy like that so I'm really into nootropic summons and I Really do like them and like said I Tried all these ones and these are why They made the list right because I've Tried them some of them I tried multiple Times and They work for myself now I'm not really Somebody that goes off of anecdotal Advice or anything like that and that's Why another reason why these ones made The list because of one my personal Experience very very small reason why They made a list but also the experience Of other people that have tried these Segments right with alpha brain as the

Exception a lot of these have been rated By a whole bunch of people and a whole Bunch of people are actually liking them You know nootropic supplements their Kind of shape for the most part a lot of Nootropics supplements are kind of shady So you kind of got to watch out what's Going on and these ones that I mentioned Today these are the least shadiest one Said her on the market like I said I Tried them all they do work for myself So it's up to you you know I hope I made This fast and simple for you I hope I Helped you out find out some good Nootropic so you can try out yeah just Remember if you want to see any more Information I have links down below to Full reviews of each one of those Supplements also if you want to pick any Of those up I got links down below for you as well But again you know thanks for stopping By thanks for watching always come back To the gym around world for all your sub Men needs but appreciate your time thank You And have see this [Music]