Top 5 Best Creatine Supplements | 2018

Top 5 Best Creatine Supplements | 2018

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Number 5 Pick is Muscletech Creactor Creatine HCL Buy It Here:
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Number 4 Pick MuscleTech: 100% Pure Platinum Creatine Monohydrate Buy It Here:
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Number 3 Pick is Nutrabio: 100% Pure Creatine Monohydrate Buy It Here:
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Number 2 Pick is Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate Buy It Here:
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Number 1 Pick is Dymatize Creatine Monohydrate Buy it Here:
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Hey what's up everyone welcome to gem Round worlds my name's Rob and this is The only spot where you can go for fast And simple submarine use where I just Cover everything that you need to know In under five minutes today's gonna be a Little bit different I'm gonna be Talking about my top 5 creatine Supplements for you now these are just Pure creatine supplements ok there's no Extra branch chain amino acids protein Or anything like that now if you want to See full reviews of any of the products That I talked about today I have links Down below also if you want to pick up Any of the products I talked about today They're down below as well now other Than that though as far as creatine I'm Not gonna be debating the efficacy of it The effectiveness of it it's just plain And simple works right google it Research hit it's one of the most Popular ingredients that is out there And is proven to help increase muscle Size and strength for you as long as one Correctly dose – you're taking it every Single day and number three that you're Obviously working out with it as well But either way let's get into my top 5 Creatine supplements for you Okay so number five spot goes through MuscleTech scree actor creatine Hydrochloride supplement so this one's a Little bit different this is only

Creatine hydrochloride on the list now This is supposed to be just a micronized Form meaning you don't want to have to Load with it and also to just don't have To take as much of it now with this Supplement they say you do need to take It about two times a day and 750 Milligrams that is dose every single Serving that you're going to be taking Now science behind it the research Behind it says that the proper dose is About 750 milligrams to 1.5 grams so This one's just right there for you okay Now I do like this one because is by MuscleTech I know some people don't like large Companies but I personally do because I Can trust them not to kill me with their Supplements right so I do like it for That I also like the fact that it's Creatine hydrochloride you don't have to Load it with it as well I just don't Really like the fact that you have to Take it twice a day it's not really my Favorite thing about this now as far as The amount of servings you're gonna get With this is gonna be about a 120 Servings so you can just divide that by Two and that means that you can take This for pretty much two months for Pretty cheap because this thing is only About 19 bucks now as far as the reviews Are okay there's that four stars with Over 300 people that have reviewed it so

It's not too bad it's okay Alright it's not the best there's a Reason why this one's not at the number One spot but as far as the flavors on This thing you can actually get multiple Flavors you get unflavored and a couple Other ones as well and yeah other than That I think this is a pretty good Supplement if you are looking for Something that is different from Creatine monohydrate something you don't Have to load with and something that Just just works for you right but other Than that yeah that small so tank Reactor creatine hydrochloride Supplement at my number five spot Alright so we're moving right along to My number four spot which actually goes To another muscle tech supplement which Is muscle Tex platinum creatine that They have now I do like this sub mint Again because by muscle tech I don't Really have to doubt too much with it And because it's such a large company as Well I like it because the price is Cheap okay when you have large companies That bring out supplements like this the Price is usually cheap because they can Afford it okay now this one is creatine Monohydrate meaning that you're gonna Have to take five grams of the Every single day they say take it one to Two times a day that is up to you okay Now as far as the servings on this is 80

Servings so if you do take it twice a Day sings I'm gonna last you 40 days now If you take it once a day Obviously 80 days it's gonna last you And it makes it pretty inexpensive Because this thing's only nine dollars Is pretty cheap okay for five brands of Creatine monohydrate that just plain Simple works now you do have to load With this one as well okay so if you Don't know about loading again just Google it or just check out a video that I did as well depending on when you Watch this video might not be out yet Okay so let's check that out Now this creatine does have multiple Different flavors as well so you don't Have to scrounge around and find Something to mix this in with and on top Of that a whole bunch of other people Like this summit because this thing Rates about 4.5 stars with over 2400 People that have reviewed it okay now if You know the supplement industry you Know that a whole bunch of people just Don't like certain things a whole bunch Of people say it tastes horrible it Doesn't work it does work all this crazy Crap so when you have something that's Been reviewed over 2400 times and raised 4.5 stars there's a high chance that you Are actually gonna like this and again This thing's just properly does it Secretes a monohydrate from a large

Company and it is super inexpensive at Only about nine dollars for 80 servings And that's my number four spot which Goes through muscle Tex platinum Creatine okay so next up my number three Spot actually goes to nutri bios Creatine now nutria bio is a company That's been around for a little bit but It is a company that really focuses on Performance they make sure that they Have science backing every single one of Their supplements and that's why I do Like nature bio and that's one of the Main reasons why this supplement didn't Make the list because they use creatine Monohydrate again just standard creatine Monohydrate they dose to that five Grains which is a correct dose as well Now as far as the servings you get about A hundred servings with this again as Far as how many times you're gonna take This as completely up to you you can Take it once a day you take it twice a Day if you're like super into it it's The two a day kind of thing okay so Again you kind of got to work your Budget around there because this Supplement is 15 bucks which means it's Super cheap as well it's not At all I mean 15 bucks 400 servings Especially if you're gonna be taking This just once a day that's a hundred Days for $15 it's for helping you with Muscle size and muscle strength so it

Makes sense on that one now as far as Reviews on this it's about 4.3 stars Which is okay you know with not too many People that have reviewed it's like 50 People or something like that so you do Have to kind of factor that in but yeah Other than that again this is from a Company that is up-and-coming that is Pushing against the traditional sub ment Companies that used to hide their Ingredients inside proprietary plants That used to do some weird kind of stuff Going on and so that's why you know this One made the number three spot neutral BIOS creatine for you oh and one other Thing this one does not have any flavor So you can just throw this and something Crystal Light or you can just chug it Real quick it's completely up to you on That one for me personally I used to Throw this in my protein powder or I Throw it in my pre-workout again it's up To you unflavored if you can deal with It you can deal with it if you can't Just figure out a way but either way That's my number three spot neutral BIOS Creatine monohydrate sup alright so We're moving pretty quick today there's Not much to cover when it's just one Ingredient but my number two spot goes To optimum nutrition creatine supplement Okay now of course this thing's properly Does that 5 grams it is creatine Monohydrate again as well so again you

Are gonna have to load with this now I Really do like this supplement because Optimal nutrition it's just known for Quality alright they just bring out a Bunch of quality supplements I haven't Seen them really in the news or being Hated on by too many people because They're just again they're known for Quality and when you're taking something When you're putting something into your Body you want to make sure that it's not Gonna kill you you got that you want to Make sure that it's not going to harm You at all and I'm getting with creatine Monohydrate you know you want to make Sure it's also effective as well so when You have large companies that make these Subnets that means there's a very high Chance that it is affected because they Are not trying to lose everything that They have by just bringing out some crap Supplement that just doesn't work okay So that's another main reason why this One made the list and now again it is Dosed correctly it's creatine Monohydrate As far as reviews on this say it's Pretty awesome that's another huge Reason why this one made the list Because it's at like 4.4 stars over four Thousand people that have reviewed it so That's a whole bunch of people again That come together that say hey this is A pretty good supplement I liked it you

Liked it it worked it's great and again That's why I chose this supplement Now another reason why I made the list Is because this thing is super Inexpensive it's only 15 bucks for a 115 Servings okay so this thing can last you However long depending on how many times You take it but either way it is gonna Be affordable for you to just take this Creatine monohydrate Submit now this Thing is also unflavored as well so just Figure that part out but other than that That's my number two spot optimum Nutrition – creatine monohydrate alright So we're at my number one spot which Goes to Dymatize creatine monohydrate Obviously at this point it's probably a Creasing supplement but either way this Supplement made the number one spot Because it's from Dymatize Dymatize is Again one of those companies that is Just reputable there's not much Controversy behind up there's not much Haters that are trying to bring them Down they're just bringing out quality Supplements for people that just work And when you're dealing with a creatine Monohydrate supplement where everything Is pretty much always dosed correctly And it's just creates you monohydrate You just really got to look at the Company and you gotta look at the Ratings in you gotta look at the price So those are the main factors and the

Company is one of the largest factors For myself and that is why the sub Monopolist PHA now as far as the price On this saying it is only about 11 bucks For a hundred different serving so that Again it's super inexpensive I'm sure You already know that at this point now On top of that the reviews on this They're not as much as some of the other Reviews been spoke it's been reviewed About 390 sometimes Reis about 4.4 stars Which means to me that's good enough It's something that just plain and Simple works for most people okay It is unflavored as well so yeah for me That's not really a big deal I just Throw this in to get protein on my Pre-workout and I'm done so like it's Not even there but yeah that's the Number one spot Dymatize creatine sub And I feel like I don't have to say too Much of it you already know that Creatine does work you already know that The proper Dosing which is five grams of this Creatine monohydrate and you already Know to take this every single day and Again I think all these supplements that I talked about today are pretty awesome To be honest because they're super cheap They give you a whole bunch of different Servings they're from companies are Reputable as well so that you don't Really have to worry about too much it's

Actually pretty hard to kind of rank These on which one's better than the Other but again Dymatize is my number One spot and that is my top 5 creatine Monohydrate supplements for you now I Hope you enjoyed this I hope you got Something out of this let me know down Below I'm sure I don't even have to tell You but let me know down below what you Think your top 5 or just your favorite Creatine supplement is out there now I Know there's a whole bunch of them I Miss a whole bunch of other supplements That are out there just a whole bunch of New companies that are coming up that Are awesome But again I just go for what can be Reliable a lot of new companies are Coming up now Are a little shady okay even though they Say that they're going against the Traditional large companies you got to Check into it you got to check out their Site you got to check out what they're Doing you got to check out some of these Companies that say that still use Proprietary advice which is ridiculous They also drastically under dohsa Ingredients as well but either way save That for another video but again I hope I made this fast and simple for you Again if you want to know more Information about any of these I have Links down below if you want pick any of

Them up I have links down below but Always stick around for the gym round World to get everything that you need to Know about supplements I appreciate you Coming by appreciate your time thank you And that's a good day [Music]