Top 4: Pre Workout Ingredients

Top 4: Pre Workout Ingredients

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Number 1 Ingredient to look for in a pre workout is creatine because of its ability to increase our energy levels through ATP Production.

Number 2 Pre Workout Ingredient to look for is Citrulline Malate because of its ability to increase blood flow which helps to maximize every workout.

Number 3 Pre Workout Ingredient to look for is Beta Alanine because of its ability to help us fight through fatigue. Find out more about Beta Alanine Here:

Number 4 Pre Workout Ingredient to look for is caffeine because it keeps every workout consistent.

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What's up everyone my name is Rob and Welcome to the gym round world now this Is a spot where you can typically get Fast and simple summary views but today I'm just gonna do things a little bit Different I'm going to talk about my top Floor pre-workout ingredients that I Personally look for this is in my Opinion and this is kind of a you know a Little new segment that I got going on Here let me know in the comments section If you dig it or if you don't dig it oh Yeah I'm just gonna go over my four in Three and said I look for while I look For them and if you want to look for Them then that's perfectly fine I'm not Gonna try to project that you should be Doing this but I do kind of think that Most people should be looking for these Right but let's just get right on into It right Okay so first up is creatine this is one Ingredient that I for sure look for as Much as possible now I know there's some History behind it is a little bit Controversial back in the day but it has Been around for literally decades now And there's been just numerous studies Literally thousands of studies that back Up creatine and its effectiveness on you Know increasing size and also increasing Strength so that's kind of what I'm Looking for I'm looking for ingredients That just work that they're effective

And that they're also safe and creatine Hits all of those it's safe and it's Effective and there's research behind it So I don't see why I wouldn't take it if You didn't know creatine works you know Where did he have creatine in her body's Right so when we workout actually Deplete those creatine stores very quick Not very quick but we do deplete those Levels while we're working out and when Those levels are depleted or ATP Production goes down and that means our Energy levels go down so if you don't Have enough energy then you're probably Not going to have an effective workout Or is not as effective workout if you're To have those creatine stores back up to Full and that's where supplementing with Creatine kind of comes into place Because it saturates your muscles it Regenerates those creatine stores much Faster so you have more ATP production And so you have more energy and that's Why I use it right so I can have more Energy so I can have an effective Workout because in my opinion that's a Whole reason why you take a pre-workout Is to have an effective workout now I Love 4 or 5 grams of creatine in my pre Workouts now not too many supplement Companies do give you that full 5 grams In that pre-workout so me personally What I do you can do this if you want But what I do is I look for a

Post-workout supplement or I look for Looking into my diet to see where I can Get the rest of that creatine throughout My day so I can saturate my muscles with It so I can hit up that 5 grams of Creatine that I need and it is 5 brands Because of all the studies and Everything is basically around 5 grams So look out for that if you are looking To get creatine oh yeah that's why I Take it those are the dosages that you Should be looking for if you want to Look for it as well and it's kind of a Little bit how it works as well so Hopefully this helps you out Now the next ingredient that I look for Is citrulline malate so citrulline Malate hasn't been around for too long Right there hasn't been you know back You know six years ago there was Any supplements that have citrulline Malate in it now citrulline malate isn't A lot of pre-workout so I want to say Most pre-workouts the way it works is That it just increases the blood flow Throughout our bodies which helps with Endurance helps with energy and if You're into like getting a good pump or Whatever it also does that as well so That's a good thing about Salim Ali for Myself and that's why I look for it Because it helps me with again energy it Helps me with endurance anything that is Safe effective and can help me prolong

My workout to make sure I'm having an Awesome workout that's what those are The ingredients I'm gonna look for right Now I'm gonna want to make sure that They do actually work citrulline malate Does actually work the dosages I look For there's about 6 grams of citrulline Malate some are lies some are more I'm Always down for the more but typically If it's under six grands citrulline Malate probably not gonna mess around With it or I'm not gonna buy that Pre-workout just because of the Citrulline malate that's in there oh Yeah it's one of those ingredients that Hasn't been around for too long but it's Starting to make its way through Everything just because this does work You know increases that blood flow it Makes sense to me I've done the research On it as well so check it out if you Want Now the next ingredient that I love for Is beta alanine beta alanine you don't Really actually have to look for it's Pretty much in every single pre-workout I gotta say there's probably only like a Couple pre workouts that don't have it Now if you don't know this just controls Your ph levels so again it helps with Endurance it helps with fatigue and yet That's always just what I'm looking for I don't want to skip out on my last set I don't want to skip out on my last reps

And if I'm shooting for like maybe 10 Reps of something I don't want to stop At 8 or 9 and that's kind of where beta Alanine comes in to help you push past That point so you can hit that that Original goal that you set in place so That's why I do like beta alanine it Does give you that little tingly feeling For those of you who haven't tried it Out it's just something that we all kind Of get used to and it kind of gives a Little pep in my step so it's another Little little tiny reason why I like it As well gives me a little pep in my Stuff and it just helps me be more Effective in the gym I'm able to do all The things that I've set out to do Before I actually enter the gym because You already know if you're working out Every single day or however long or However often you work out your You know that sometimes you get in there Then halfway through to work on your Like old man it's kind of sucks kind of Want to go home and go sleep well so That's where you got to kind of look to See how you can optimize your body a Safe way and on beta-alanine to one of Those ingredients that helps I typically Look for 2.5 grams of beta-alanine now The last ingredient is caffeine and I Feel like is this the most important Ingredient it might be the most Important ingredient in my personal

Opinion for my personal schedule I wake Up at 4:30 in the morning I'm in the gym By 4:45 Or 5 o'clock in the morning caffeine is A huge help for me to go from literally Sleeping on my bed just out to working Out to lifting weights or running or Training whatever I'm doing that morning You know 15 to 30 minutes later so Having caffeine with these other Ingredients is in my opinion pretty Essential because it like I said I take A pre-workout just to make sure that I Have a consistent workout that I don't Get fatigued too early that I can last Longer in the gym and I can push as much Weight as I plan on pushing that day and Be able to just maximize everything Because you know if you don't have these Things and you have to worry about your Attitude you have to worry about you Know do you have the energy levels is Your body gonna quit right now Did you recover from yesterday to today Enough to where you can actually have an Effective workout all those other Variables all right at play when you're Working out from day to day so I want to Make sure I minimize those variables and That's why I look for these four Ingredients and caffeine is one of those Ones that helps me with that energy to Get up get going into the gym so I can Get pumped and get there and just make

Things happen so those are the four Ingredients that I look for right you Know creatine I think anybody can you Know benefit from creatine whether You're a bodybuilder powerlifter runner Cyclists crossfitter whatever it is you Do you probably can benefit from Creatine just because like I said it's Safe effective there's research behind It and it helps me out a lot as well so There's that one there's citrulline Malate just helps with that blood flow And that's what I'm looking for I do Feel a little bit more energy as well Just because I have more blood Circulating throughout my body and like I said I don't care about getting a pump But I do feel like I get a little bit Boost of energy from it You got beta-alanine in there which is Just another tried and proven ingredient To actually work and help reduce fatigue And then lastly the caffeine I really Feel like you know I just can't live Without the caffeine when it comes to Pre workouts oh and some honorable Mentions if I can get some nootropics in There like alpha GPC or choline that's a Plus Right so those aren't specifically ones That I always look for but those really Do help with focus and just making sure That when you're in the gym you're Pushing as much weight as you can you

Know that's at least for myself I like To make sure that I can focus as much as Possible because I get distracted all The time but yeah those are my four Ingredients again so yeah make sure to Let me know what you think of this video Again like dislike whatever you want to Do comment below if you like this kind Of like more relaxed kind of feel going On I just figured I should you know give You guys my opinion on top four Ingredients I didn't really write Anything down just sat down to this Video and Here I am here you are Watching me thank you for watching the End of this video also for those of you Who are subscribed you're pretty awesome Alright appreciate it I appreciate um You guys watching the videos I Appreciate everyone who likes the videos Everything I appreciate it alright so I Appreciate you thank you and have a good Day [Music]