Top 3 tips to maintain muscle when intermittent fasting

Top 3 tips to maintain muscle when intermittent fasting

How to maintain muscle while losing weight with intermittent fasting! This is critical for you if you want to ensure that all the hard work you put into building your muscle will be worth it. Let me tell you that with intermittent fasting the process of protecting muscle tissue becomes much much easier. I present to you the top 3 tips for retaining your muscle when intermittent fasting! Enjoy!


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* I’m not a nutritionist nor am I a doctor all information given has been gathered by personal experience and information that I researched and compiled over the years. Always consult a physician before starting a new diet, eating regiment, or workout plan.

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What is up I've warriors is your boy a Trivia today we're gonna talk about Three top tips for maintaining your Muscle when in termina fasting stay Tuned I don't I don't know why I rolled My hands I wasn't really gonna do Anything with them so yeah state state – Okay so if you didn't know I've been Doing intermittent fasting for almost Five years and one thing that I did Notice is that my first shot at Intermittent fasting where I went full Force was that transformation video Which I think was 2013 and what I did Was I went eight months straight Just went all the way down to about five Percent four to five percent body fat Crazy number from like twenty eight Percent body fat down to five percent Just using the warrior diet but ended up Happening was that I lost a lot of Weight but the beauty of everything was That I used the fat calipers to make Sure that I measured how much muscle Mass or how much overall mass lean mass I had in my body see you can tell how Much muscle you're losing based on your Weight and the body fat percentage that You're carrying on your body there has To be a correlation there if the Correlation is off the only thing that Could change is your lean mass and your Lean mass consists of your bones your Muscles your organs things like that and

Those things aren't pretty impossible to Change the weight of maybe over time Over years maybe your bones start to Accumulate weight but definitely not Within the span of eight months and you Being a grown adult so this means one Thing that if there's a change in the Lean mass most likely that means that There's a change in your muscle mass now I did not build muscle during that time Where I was losing weight because I was At a caloric deficit and that meant that I was losing weight so no matter how you Slice it or cut it up unless you're new To lifting weights and weight resistance You're not gonna just gain muscle while Being a Laurin deficit your body won't be able To pull that off unfortunately but if You're new to working out this may Actually help you lose weight and build Muscle at the same time it is a Possibility because the growth is very Fast when you're brand new to weight Resistance okay enough about the Explanation of how I was able to measure And see how much my my muscle tissue was Was retaining itself and not going away While I was losing body fat so we've Established this I maintain muscle mass A lot of muscle mass I maintain 97% of My muscle mass within the course of that Eight long span where I lost a boatload Of body fat percent tiles from my body

Fat percentage so it was from 26% I Brought it all the way down to about 5 To about 4 percent probably about 5 but Granted I was using fat calipers so take That with a grain of salt in terms of Where in the spectrum it was of 5 6 or For body fat calipers were used they're Not the most accurate thing in the world But they're better than just the scale Scanning you they're a little bit more Accurate than that so here are my three Tips for how you can maintain most of Your muscle mass while losing your body Fat while using intermittent fasting Here we go first thing you have to do is You need to make sure that you are Taking in adequate amounts of protein Make sure that your protein intake is Definitely the highest macro on your Plate one thing that I did is I did not Over do my protein intake I didn't use Protein powders I didn't use any Supplements or anything like that but I Did definitely make sure that most of my Calories were coming from the protein Side of things Proteins turned into amino acids amino Acids provide the brow protein provides The amino acids the amino acids turned Into the Building blocks for the muscle tissue That you are building when you go to the Gym and you workout you are breaking Tissue and that tissue has to be rebuilt

And it gets rebuilt with slightly more Fibers to tackle the weight that you Have to deal with when you were at the Gym that's how you build muscle little By little and depending on your genetics That muscle building fiber portion can Happen faster or slower so just make Sure you're getting an adamant amount of Protein when you're eating and while You're doing your whole intermittent Fasting thing and just keep all chute And for the caloric deficit so that you Can lose weight while maintaining that Muscle mass number to make sure you are 100% doing weight resistance training You want to send all the signals that You can to your body to tell your body That you need these bad boys you need Your muscles your muscles are necessary So how do you send the signals to your Body how do you talk to your body and Tell your body hey hey listen listen guy I want my arms I want my back on my legs I want my chest I want my abs I want mush I want Everything that I built to stay there Can you help me out with that I also Want to take off all this body fat but I Need you to help me out with leaving all That muscle tissue on my body well it Would be awesome if you could just say That to your body and it listens but Actions speak a hundred times louder Than words when it comes to your body if

You ensure that every week minimum I Would say about four times a week Which is what I did if you work out Every single week and you tackle your Muscles tissues and you at least Maintain the same amount of weights that You have been working out with before You started intermittent fasting to lose Weights then you are sending the correct Signals to your body to tell your body Hey we need to make sure that we Maintain this muscle tissue these muscle Fibers that he has now but because he's Doing intermittent fasting we're gonna Go ahead and tackle all of his body fat That he has on his body and Three number three is and this one's Gonna shock some of you cardio yes there You go I know you wasn't expecting that One I think you weren't expecting that One anyways cardio you need to do cardio This is the thing when it comes to Intermittent fasting your body has set Up a platform to protect muscle tissues Because of the human growth hormone Increase and the fight-or-flight design When it comes to intermittent fasting so It protects muscle tissue and because Intermittent fasting also lowers your Insulin it releases body fat storage Name you would think that we were just Meant to do intermittent fasting always But I digress when you do cardio and You're fasting especially if you're in a

Fasted state your body will protect the Muscles that you have and increase the Body fat loss by pulling body fat for The energy to push you through your Cardio workout if you maintain a caloric Deficit and you do some cardio you're Gonna do some damage to that body fat Percentage and that's what you want to Do you want to do damage to that body Fat percentage while maintaining your Muscle mass I mean you work so hard for Your muscles why would you want to lose Them just because you want to lose some Body fat so believe it or not eating six Meals a day may be more detrimental to Maintaining the muscle that you build Over time the reason being is that your Insulin is so high up from constantly Eating your body's not gonna move your Body fat storage unless you go to sleep And just stop eating for a few seconds On top of that the fight or flight is Not shot up your HGH is not net positive Twenty five hundred percent none of Those things are happening so you're Putting your muscles at a more Vulnerable state so what does Edward VIII recommend for you to maintain your Muscle and also lose that pesky body fat That everybody's trying to lose one make Sure that you are eating most of your Calories from protein to make sure you Are doing weight training weight Resistance while at a caloric deficit

And make sure that the weight resistance Is minimum the amount of waste that you Were doing before you started trying to Burn the body fat and three throw in Fasted cardio because your muscles are Protected in that state and your body Fat is vulnerable in a fasted state There you have it guys those are my Three tips for how you can maintain your Muscle and also burn that body fat that Nobody wants on their body however don't Overdo it because you do need at least Four percent 5% probably a little bit Higher to just be a little bit safer Because if you get to zero percent body Fat you are putting your organs at risk And that is that is not anything that Anyone wants to do at all alright that Was fun guys thank you to all the Patreon members because you guys are Helping me do this full-time which is my Ultimate goal so that you guys can Receive from non-stop intermittent Fasting intermittent fasting content and I'm gonna put your names right up here [Music] And thank you so much I'll see you Tomorrow for the vlog peace [Music] [Music]