Top 3: Pros of Pre Workout Supplements

Top 3: Pros of Pre Workout Supplements

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There are 3 benefits of taking a pre workout supplement in my opinion. One is better endurance in the gym which can maximize your workouts. Two is more energy to not only get in the gym, but they also help increase your reps and sets because you have more energy. And the third reason is because you can have consistent wrokouts because your energy and endurance levels will be relatively the same every day.

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Hey what's up everyone welcome to the Gym round world my name is Rob and this Is the only spot where you can get fast And simple submarine TVs now today I'm Actually just gonna be talking about my Top three benefits of taking a Pre-workout today not talked to a whole Bunch of people and some people think That you know pre workouts are gonna Kill them maybe they're filled with Steroids or they're gonna get addicted To them or all sorts of things so that's Why I'm making this video so I can go Over the benefits of actually taking a Pre-workout now I'm not just going to be One-sided well in this video I'm going To be one-sided but I'm also going to Come out with the top three cons or Negatives of taking a pre-workout if You're watching this in real time that Video will be out tomorrow otherwise You're watching this at some later date Just cruise you're on my channel or I'll Put a link to it down below as well but Yeah other than that let's get into the Top three benefits of taking a Pre-workout All right so start with number three Spot now this actually goes to endurance Right now endurance is super important When you're working up you want to be Able to hit your sets you want to be Able to hit your reps and that's where Pre workouts come in because pretty

Workouts do have if you're choosing the Right ones obviously they do have Ingredients that actually help your body Just get optimized optimize meaning that You're actually able to stay in the gym Longer There's ingredients in there that know The stresses that come with working out So they kind of replace certain things That kind of refill certain things they Kind of move some things around to make Sure that you actually stay in this I Can't tell you how many times that I've Gone to the gym without taking a pre Workout and I've just left early either Because I just lost motivation or Because my body has given up now most of The time I'm gassed out by the end of my Workout but if I'm able to stay there Longer That means I'm able to get more sets I'm Able to get more reps I'm able to train My body that much more because I took a Pre-workout instead of getting gassed Out halfway through my typical workout That kind of sucks like if you're Typically going for like maybe maybe You're going for ten reps right but then Your body gives out at like six and then You barely get to eight and you probably Throw your form all over the place That's a problem okay so that's why pre Workouts can help get you to that ten Reps because more than likely if you're

Shooting for ten reps so you probably Know that you can get it but your body Just won't actually comply with that and That's because your body is just getting Fatigued too early and if that's Happening you're just not getting the Progress so you probably want so that's Where pre workouts can come in that can Give you some endurance so you can get Into the gym and you actually and you Can actually stay in the gym I'm not Leaving And you know you just get again you get More reps you get more sets you get to Train harder Obviously you got to be putting in some Work but that's where these kind of come In and that's the number three benefit Which is endurance right so number two Spot actually goes to energy right Energy is absolutely key to going into The gym I mean you can go into the gym Without having too much energy but You're not gonna do much I've been to The gym to where I've been like oh you Know what I'm gonna go workout I did Want to work out at all I didn't really Have the energy to do it but then I walk Into the gym still don't have any energy I didn't take a pre-workout I might jump On the treadmill not to run but I've Walked on the treadmill for like two Minutes and then I dip down okay That's from lack of energy I didn't take

A pre-workout and that was a huge Problem that day obviously and that can Really mess up your training schedule That could really mess up the things That you're doing and that's where pre Workouts come in because obviously they Have caffeine in them they have other Stimulants in there as well they have Even like citrulline malate something That gets the blood flowing that can get Your energy levels up as well and it's Just super just super super important For you to have energy when you go into The gym if you're working out in the Morning then you're actually able to Have energy right after you wake up so You can go into the gym and do whatever It is that you do if you workout after The day has already been done nice Workout at like eight nine o'clock at Night after a day of just working Dealing with that dealing with just ever Just basically dealing with life I mean If you workout super late at night You've already had a full day so having The energy to get into the gym can be an Issue and that's where pre workouts can Come in to give you that energy so you Can just actually get into the gym and Just get things done alright get what You wanted to get done hit the set so You want hit the reps that you want hit The weight that you want and that is Obviously crucial and important if

You're going into the gym and you're Working out okay so that's where pre Workouts come in that's the number two Reason which is energy alright so the Number one benefit of taking a pre Workout this is kind of like an overlay Of the two points I've already made it's Consistent workouts right this is Absolutely huge for me I mean I it's Just the main reason why I take a Pre-workout it's because I want to make Sure that I get into the gym and I do The sets I do the reps I do the workouts That I actually wanted to do that day And set up leaving early instead of Half-assing them instead of stopping Early on reps all those things so that's Where pre workouts come in because they Have ingredients in there that help with Your energy levels to keep your mood up Also help with the endurance as well Just to optimize your body to make sure It doesn't fail too early and that's Just a huge reason why I take pre Workouts because it just keeps sayings Consistent such as like I wake up at 4 O'clock in the morning right sometimes Most of the time is very hard for me to Go from getting up to getting into the Gym especially if I'm not taking a Pre-workout sometimes I'll get into the Gym if I'm not taking a pre-workout I'll Just be dragging my ass and then all of A sudden that transfers into my workout

I have an OK workout and then you know The days over and it sucks you know if You have a bad workout first thing in The morning the rest of the day usually Sucks and if you're not able to bounce Back so that's where pre workouts come In because I'm able to wake up get my Eyes open by taking a pre-workout buy Tom I hit the gym I'm ready to go and I'm just ready to actually have a good Workout it's actually very very hard to Have a bad workout after you take a pre Workout if you're taking the right ones Obviously because they're just gonna Rush your body with energy they're gonna Help your body be optimized for Endurance and you're able to have a good Workout it's very hard to take a Pre-workout and then walk in and then Five minutes later lead because you're Too tired or not motivated to work out It's extremely hard to do that ok so That's where pre workouts come in Because they can help you out stay Consistent whether you're working on in The morning what are you working out Late at night after a long day you're Actually just again able to transfer That energy to get a little bit more Energy so you can stay in the gym so you Can hit everything you can and that's Why pre workouts in my mind there's some Good benefits to have such at it's great Endurance some energy and just consists

In workouts now though that's the list That's the top three benefits now does This sound simple does it sound well no Rob yes it is simple Me it's very simple there's nothing too Complicated about taking pre-workouts Yeah there's complicated ingredients They do complicated things but the Reason why you should be taking it it's Very simple well I want to stay in the Gym longer okay how do I do that okay I'll take something that helps my body Do it in a safe way oh well I never Really have energy and sometimes my Workouts are kind of lackluster how do I Fix it oh well I'll take some Ingredients like some caffeine to get my Energy levels up to give me a little bit Of a boost okay so that's pretty simple Right oh well some days I have good Workouts some days are bad you know all That so sometimes I'll leave early how Do I fix that Take a pre-workout okay those are the Top three benefits do you want to figure Out the top three cons again tune in Tomorrow if you're watching this in Real-time or just search my channel or I'll throw a link in or something like That yeah other than that always come Back to the gym right world for Everything related to the gym and yeah If you have any questions or if you're Looking for any supplements just cruise

Around my channel or type in that Supplement and also the gym rat world my Face will pop up you can check it out Yeah other than that appreciate your Time today thanks for stopping by [Music]