Top 3: Cons of Protein Supplements

Top 3: Cons of Protein Supplements

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These are the Top 3 Negatives of protein powder supplements. There can be very dangerous cons to taking protein supplements, but they are typically from abuse like most things. Yes, bad factories and companies are around, but thanks to the internet, those companies are easy to identify.

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Hey what's up everyone now welcome to Gym rat world my name is Rob and this is The only spot where you can get fast and Simple submarine views now today though Max you're gonna be talking about the Top three negatives or cons of taking a Protein supplement for you now I'm gonna Make sure I make this video nice and Quick for you I'm gonna take care of Your time today but also if you want to Know the top three benefits of taking a Protein supplement I'll have a link to a Video that I did down below for you Other than that let's just get right on This All right now first up let's address the Fact that protein supplements are not Real food okay so that's one of the Issues with it now I know there's a lot Of people are not buying protein Supplements because they're actually Looking for real food that's kind of Ridiculous because we know they just buy Real food what I am saying though is That there are some people out there That just buy protein some it's because They believe that it's actually going to Help them replace one meal two meals or Maybe even all the meals in their day But most typically it's about one or two Meals that they replace a day with Protein supplements and you know if They're not paying attention then They're usually protein supplements that

Just have like whey protein in them and That's obviously not gonna replace a Full meal for you because real food Gives you nutrients gives you vitamins Gives you a whole wide array of Different things that protein Supplements typically just do not give You a so yeah real food is just superior Over protein supplements because real Food real meals that you actually go out And get assuming it's not fast food or Any garbage like that they're gonna give You some vitamins some nutrients of wide Array of amino acids protein content all Sorts of different things that most Proteins just simply do not give you so That's why it's kind of an issue for People who just replace a meal with Protein supplements thinking it's real Food and that means that they're being Deficient in certain areas as far as Vitamins and nutrients if their body Actually does need and they think They're kind of getting it with the Protein some and when they're not so That's an issue and that's why proteins Something that's not being real food is One of the negatives of actually taking Protein supplements alright so one of The other negatives of taking a protein Supplement is just unnecessary weight Gain if you're not paying attention to Your workout your diet anything like That and you just plop a protein

Supplement on top of it you are gonna Gain some excess weight that you Probably don't actually want I cannot Tell you how many times I've seen so Many people that are overweight friends Of mine that decide hey you know what I'm gonna go to the gym I'm gonna start Working out first thing they do is they Go get protein some men and they start Taking it before they even workout so That's an issue and a lot of people are Just beginning in the gym typically fall Into that kind of category of oh I'm Gonna go get a protein supplement it's Gonna help me out it's gonna help me Build muscle they don't really know that They're just adding protein they're Adding fat they're adding all this other Stuff and their workouts aren't really That intense Especially when you're you know first Beginning and yeah that's definitely an Issue with people who are just beginning Who are just starting out trying some Supplements up they're just going to Gain some excess weight and also even For people who've been working out a lot I mean if you slip on your diet you're Not paying attention and you're adding On all this protein it can give you that Excess weight that you might not want Because you're just trying to hone down Your workout your diet everything like That so that's why protein supplements

If you don't really know what's actually Going on you're not really paying Attention they can really put on some Pounds that you probably don't want and That's one of the negatives of taking Protein supplements is that you know you Just get some extra fat ok now lastly One of the negatives are taking protein Supplements is they just might get some Harmful ingredients in there every now And then because you know you have Companies now some companies are amazing You know but other companies absolutely Suck they're shady and they're just Trying to make money that's just the way The world is it happens in every single Industry that's out there and it Definitely happens with supplements Because you can easily source a lot of These supplements with these ingredients And everything overseas and you can't Really control everything overseas if You're not actually going to check out These factories what they're doing Because people from overseas could be Mixing all these different ingredients Together and certain bats it might not Clean the bats they have different Health standards they have different Everything kind of going on so there's Some supplement companies out there that Do use that so that's why you can get Some harmful ingredients in there Whether because they're using just

Inferior whey protein or something like That or they're also just mixing it in a Bag that was not cleaned or they're just You know it just might not be that good Of quality control with their actual Factories so that's an issue and you can Get some harmful ingredients from it now There was this project that came on is Called the clean label project and what They did is basically took supplements And found that there's detectable levels Of arsenic lead bpa things like that now Is that actually super harmful from what The clean label project found maybe Maybe not they didn't really disclose Their evidence Or really their procedures or anything Like that so we don't really know but it Is reasonable to believe that there are Some supplements out there that have Some harmful ingredients in there There's some people that have some Issues with supplements with That's from the the way that their Genetics are or the fact that the Protein supplements contain some harmful Ingredients is there a high risk of that Actually happening to you not really you Know it's not really something to really Be as super afraid of or anything like That but it is out there okay you can't Get some harmful ingredients and protein Some mints and really all sub mints for That matter but yeah that is one of the

Issues with protein Simmons is that you Can just get some harmful ingredients Alright so that's the list okay now like I said you know one of the negatives is That protein supplements are not real Foods like no done on that one but you Know if you are replacing multiple meals With it it can be an issue you got to Make sure that your body is getting the Nutrients and vitamins that it actually Needs and you typically get that from a Full meal that's not protein so and Again protein supplements can also give You some unnecessary weight gain that You probably just don't want again so Just make sure you're checking out what Supplements you're getting what's inside Them all those sorts of things and Lastly again you can possibly get some Harmful ingredients in some protein Supplements and that's the only way to Combat that it's just checking out the Brand checking out the company and Seeing what's actually going on or Watching this channel because I go over Everything and I make sure to dive into Each supplement and let you guys know What's actually going on but yeah other Than that thank you for your time today I do appreciate you stopping by and it [Music]

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