The three white enemies of health —Bolmann Brothers

The three white enemies of health —Bolmann Brothers

Known as “white poisons”, refined sugar, salt and refined flours, among others, are the cause of various diseases that are considered serious because they are degenerative, such as diabetes, high blood pressure and even cancer.

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Three white enemies of humankind The three white enemies are Vladimir Putin Joe Biden Donald Trump and uh that's that's a joke That's that's a silly joke Gorbachev or whatever no that's a joke No let's go down to business okay so the Three white enemies of humankind are Dairy refined sugar and flour take into Consideration that every single Advertisement on TV on on the radio Shows and all over the place all over The planet claims that Dairy means Cheese milk butter and so on and so Forth Uh can provide you a lot of Calcium that's just baloney that's a big Lie It nothing can be further away from the Reality let me explain it to you let me Break it down for you so 100 milliliters Of milk in in other words Uh 100 Milligrams of cheese have less amount Less amount than 100 Milligrams of sesame Seed It has if we compare the same amount of Dairy and sesame Dairy has one fifth one Fifth of the amount of calcium that Sesame Sesame Seed has so if you want to Build up calcium in your body Start Spreading sesame seed into your

Blends into your salads into your soup And we'll try to eat Sesame every single Day and I I can tell you your bones will Be As strong as Steel Really Moreover the Harvard University Investigations have demonstrated that Milk I mean in other words just Dairy is Not healthy for human beings take into Consideration this Dairy has hormones Which are very important to grow a baby Cow okay that's phenomenal that's that's Great for a baby cow but all these Different amount of hormones in a Different proportion to nurturing Breastfeeding from a woman to Um to her child are very different Hormones the the amounts and the Quantities So all these hormones from the cow from The milk's cow Are very dangerous to you but you eat Dairy on a regular basis also you can Read another book written by Dr Colleen Camp Bell The China Study in which he Demonstrated that in 18 eating dairy on A regular basis Increased the risk for breast cancer 13 13 times did you get it All the lads All the folks watching this video I Would recommend you to stop eating dairy

Or at least decrease the amount of dairy That you take on a regular basis Also Remember this The country that eats more Dairy around The world is the US And it's also the country that suffers More of osteoporosis Is that linked yes it is You don't see a lot of Osteoporosis in India Bangladesh among The people who practice Hinduism or Jainism or Buddhism because they have a Different a different lifestyle but the Western society that abuse of dairy Suffer of osteoporosis because This product although it has a smaller Quantity of calcium it is not Um natural for the human body to absorb This calcium and it will only produce Um kidney stones that's all if you Didn't drink a lot of milk you won't Have strong bones you won't you will Only have that that calcium only works For you to have kidney stones You got it The other white enemy of the of the Human being is refined sugar We all know it causes obesity try a high Blood levels of triglycerides Diabetes and many other diseases such as Gastritis Gastroesophagus reflux and many other Diseases such as osteoporosis by the way

And it is more addictive than cocaine Did you know that refined sugar is more Addictive than cocaine so avoid it at All cost A lot of canned food has a refined sugar A lot of the food that you buy uh When you go to the supermarket has Refined sugar learn how to read the Labels And actually you read them out because Some of you don't read the label read The labels instead of refined sugar Find a healthy softy substitute such as Agave agave It's it's very healthy Honey even though some people are Against honey and and are against fruit Because allegedly this causes a spike And a plateau a high plateau of uh blood Uh sugar levels That's not true believe me you got you Gotta believe me on this if you try if You Substitute substitute review change Refined sugar for honey or fruits such As papaya oranges pineapple and whatever Believe me your blood sugar will be in Normal levels All kinds of fruits even though the Doctors recommend recommend to avoid Let's say oranges pineapple watermelon What else mango and so on and so forth That's a bunch of BS that's that's a big Lie they they don't know what I'm

Talking they are talking about They also recommend not to eat a lot of Bananas They went bananas that the doctors the MDS they went bananas because bananas in Reality are very healthy just look into Apes gorillas chimpanzees they eat 20 pounds of bananas every single day And and none of them has obesity nor Diabetes so is banana linked to uh Diabetes no that's baloney okay I Recommend you to eat bananas every Single day just avoid this three uh White enemies And also you can you can eat maple syrup From Vermont or from the Canada or Whatever and also you can use dates if You blend fruit with water or whatever Or you eat Um let's say Oatmeal milk or let's say almond milk or Whatever Use dates instead of refined sugar or Instead of this other options just use Dates they do not cause a you know Trigger a spike of glucose level they Actually have a a very low glycemic Index Delicious affordable and absolutely Healthy Flower is the other one this is we all Know that we all know that just uh Instead of eating this try to Eat corn

If If you can find a natural organic and Whatever corn much better that would be Much better but try to avoid these three White enemies some of you might say that The white enemies are Gorbachev or or I Don't know Trudeau at all all the Politicians around the the globe Just to make fun that's that's great but Yeah just the reality is that the three Enemies are this okay guys if you need Further information further information Go into our website uh Www.bullman Bros Does come just Google our website ball Man Brothers See you around