The Hard Truth About Fasting (WHY YOU SHOULDN'T DO IT)

The Hard Truth About Fasting (WHY YOU SHOULDN’T DO IT)

Intermittent fasting is a very popular thing nowadays. There is a lot of hype and promises around its ”magic” results. Let’s look at some real facts to see if it’s actually worth it.


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Intermittent fasting has changed my life What is intermittent fasting it’s when There are times when you can and cannot Eat but you can still have all the foods You love makes fasting really enjoyable You don’t need to do any work you just Go on the app and it tells you exactly What’s happening to your body and when You were burning fat throughout the day So forget the other diet plans this Month you have to try a new app well Time to stop the nonsense and speak the Real freaking truth thank you Coach snake is here with you today let’s Talk about such a Hot Topic as Intermittent fasting first of all let me Make it very clear that I am not Completely against it fasting is simply A tool that might be good for some People to achieve their own specific Goals meanwhile might be a horrible Choice for many others look you should Approach completely everything this way From training to nutrition To look at everything as a tool every Diet every exercise every workout Program and so on is Hammer good or bad It depends on what you want to do with It to nail something or try to unscrew Something in the second case the Screwdriver would probably be a better Tool wanted the same about intermittent Fasting I know people who follow it and Feel great did I use it with my clients

Yes well only twice within three years But still did it anyway the most Important thing to know about fasting is That it has some significant benefits Yes it does but in return it also brings Some significant disadvantages and in Fact more disadvantages than benefits And that poor ratio you get of just a Few wins in return for a bunch of losses Should already kill all the overly Positive hype about it like this stupid Instagram video ad I showed at the Beginning that claims fasting is a Life-changing thing that provides only Benefits and Promises unrealistic Results like turning from fat to Super Lean while eating all the shitty Foods You love complete BS don’t fall for it All right let’s get to the actual pros And cons let’s talk benefits first Fasting improves insulin sensitivity Which allows the cells of your body to Use blood glucose more effectively hence Reducing blood sugar levels yes that’s a Very significant benefit next it can Significantly boost your growth hormone Levels which is important for overall Health and fat loss And intermittent fasting helps with Lowering bad cholesterol and Triglycerides which leads to improved Cardiovascular health well there are Actually more sub benefits but they Usually happen as a result of this core

Benefits I just talked about now let’s Talk about disadvantages first of all And that’s what I hate the most about Intermittent fasting is that you should Get all of your food within just a six To eight hour window which unless you Eat very very little is a bad thing Because you’re simply not going to allow Your food to fully digest in between Meals it’s much healthier for your gut To spread the food intake more evenly Throughout the day and that’s especially Important for protein for any muscle Building results even if you want just a Little bit of muscle tone you don’t want To only provide your body with much Needed building blocks for only 6 hours And then make it starve for another 18. Your recovery is simply going to be very Poor the next disadvantage is severely Decreased workout performance especially If you’re trained outside your eaten Window diminished workout performance Equals diminished results as simple as That to be worry honest I don’t really Care what other people tell you but Training fasted when your body is Literally in a starving mode is a Horrible freaking idea your energy will Suck your strength will suck and overall Gym related results will especially if It’s done for a longer period of time For one week it might be totally fine no Problems with that but no longer than

One Max two weeks next reduced energy Levels that one I will be honest is Individual I’ve heard of people that Said they felt great if they were honest But the majority of people are more Likely to be fatigued irritable and Might just find it very hard to Concentrate because you’re simply Running on an empty tank it makes Perfect freaking sense the next Disadvantage is a higher chance of binge Eating of course that might be the case For a lot of individuals because you’re Literally looking forward to the moment You can finally eat and enjoy yourself And you’ve got only six to eight hours To do so because then again you’ll have To starve for quite a while also if you Do an intermittent fasting for an Extended period of time you’re running a Higher chance of slowing down your Metabolism because of consistent long Gaps of no food at all which sooner or Later will signal to your body to slow Down its basal metabolic rate now Another important thing I want you to Keep in mind especially those of you who Seriously really believe that fasting is The magic thing that will allow you to Eat any crap you want and still lose Weight Just because you eat in a much shorter Window not gonna happen why because your Body doesn’t freaking care how long or

Short your window is all it cares about Is your total caloric intake for the day If you want to lose weight do fasting But even within the six hours end up in A caloric Surplus not deficit which is Required for weight loss you are still Going to gain weight yes even if you eat Within a 30 minute window but three Thousand calories it doesn’t matter you Are going to gain Dame fat so be smarter And don’t fall for that hype there is Nothing magic about intermittent fasting It’s just time to finally understand and Accept it intermittent fasting is not an Easy solution to a better looking body Now to summarize everything I would Simply say that intermittent fasting Might be a good idea for some people or For everybody but on a very short-term Basis I would say One Max two weeks so You can get some health benefits and Boost your fat loss but not for long Because you will definitely allow all The disadvantages to fully kick in and Affect you negatively and if you want to Actually bulk AKA goal full mode on Muscle building then intermittent Fasting is the most horrible idea ever Don’t do it for even a single day Alright guys I hope you found this video Valuable if you did make sure to hit That like button subscribe to the Channel check out my other videos coach Nick with you I’m out

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