The Exact Steps To Lose Weight Properly (AND WHY YOUR SCALES SUCK)

The Exact Steps To Lose Weight Properly (AND WHY YOUR SCALES SUCK)

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Are you so confused about this ”caloric deficit” advice you hear all over the place? Do you want to finally understand how to lose weight the right way?
And, why your scales often suck at giving you the correct information? I am going to give you all the answers.
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Bro to lose weight you need to be in a Caloric deficit you need to burn more Calories than you consume throughout the Day now it’s the same thing as telling Somebody whose car doesn’t start that he Needs to fix his car bro your car broke Down all you need to do is to fix it oh Bro cool thank you very much for your Advice really appreciate it I didn’t Know it like seriously how does it help At all would you like to tell me at Least some details on how to get in that Freaking calorie deficit What’s up guys the coach Nick is here With you so I guess you’ve heard that Hillary deficit crap advice all over the Place already and by saying crap advice I don’t mean that caloric deficit Doesn’t work no in fact yes this is the Most crucial factor for successful fat Loss All I mean is that this advice Alone Says nothing to the person who is not Into fitness It’s the same thing as telling a newbie Entrepreneur that to grow his business He needs more sales Like cool but how do I get more [ __ ] Sales So in this video I’m going to give you Some fundamental basic steps toward Figuring out how to get into that Caloric deficit And most importantly how your scales can

Make you so confused about whether You’re making progress or not Just before I get started guys keep in Mind that lots of things are extremely Individual and depend on several factors But I’m going to do my best to deliver The overall concept and the main aspects And make sure to stick to the end of This video do not miss out on some other Important caveats I’m going to talk About So first of all you should pick a Certain number of calories or at least The calorie range that you’ll stick to For that first week Then at the end of this week you look at Your weight if it went down by one to Three pounds it likely means that you Are in a sufficient deficit and you can Stick to these calories until your body Adapts to it now if your weight Decreased by more than three pounds Unless you started seriously overweight It’s too much loss So I would recommend increasing your Calories by around two to three hundred If your weight stayed the same it likely Means that you’re in maintenance Calories so you need to drop your Calories by around 300 and if your Weight increase it means that you were Simply in a caloric Surplus So you should try to decrease your Calories by around 500 it really depends

On how much weight you’ve gained to make Sure you go past that maintenance point And go right into the deficit But keep in mind that the numbers I’m Using are very abstract and are being Used as approximate examples And that these numbers might be Completely different for you Individually now let’s talk about some Caveats you can encounter along the way Unfortunately your scales are not always A good representation of whether you’re Losing or gaining fat because several Other things can influence the scales Resulting in weight fluctuations apart From Fat Loss or gain the most Significant ones are the quality of your Sleep your period if you’re a woman Water retention muscle soreness stress Levels what you ate last night how much And how late Your digestion and your poop schedule So as you can see it’s very easy to Misunderstand your results if you allow Any of these factors above influence Your scales Gems you might see your caloric intake As a causative Factor resulting in the Lack of progress when it’s simply not True maybe your calories worked well and You lost some fat but just because you Had some fries full of salt the night Before your weight temporary went up due To water retention

And it will get back to normal within 24 To 72 hours But the problem is you’re going to take The wrong action of further lowering Your calories That’s one of the biggest reasons why Most people struggle to get results Without the guidance of a good Professional they can’t tell the Difference between causation and Correlation Hence they are simply confused about What the hell is happening Causation is what costs something to Happen meanwhile the correlation is Something that happened along with a Particular outcome but didn’t cause it Now back to these factors that can Influence your scales To get your weight measurement to Represent the actual fat loss Maintenance or gain so you can take Proper action you have to make sure that The day before measurements you get good Sleep avoid cheat meals or too much salt Better have a day off from training Minimize your stress don’t eat too late At night avoid huge meals before Weighing yourself if possible get rid of As much poop as possible And if you’re a woman simply don’t do Any measurements if you’re in your Period Well guys of course there is much more

Information that I would like to share On the topic of caloric deficit but I’m Going to keep it for other videos so Make sure you stay tuned for new content Like that video subscribe to the channel Ring that notification Bell learn more About my coaching at trained by For your next video to watch make sure You check out this one to find out why I Do not recommend intermittent fasting Coach Nick with you I’m out [Music]

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