Supplements for WEIGHT LOSS (Good, Bad, & WORTHLESS)

Supplements for WEIGHT LOSS (Good, Bad, & WORTHLESS)

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[Music] What's up you guys welcome to the video I'm here with Brian a what's gonna have Not done a video within forever Seriously it's been forever we're Actually doing something really cool at His house getting stuff ready for these Shirts that's all I'm gonna say but it's Coming very very soon but I wanted to Record a video I've been getting a ton a Ton of ton and ton of questions about Supplements and fat loss so that's what This whole video is going to be about It's going to be about supplements and It's gonna be about fat loss so the First point at the very very beginning Of this video that I absolutely feel Like I should make is that for me Personally I believe that to lose a Massive amount of weight to lose 50 Pounds even to lose 10 pounds you do not Need any supplements there is no Supplement that we're going to show you That is necessary and that you need to Buy or spend your money on to lose Weight but with that being said I just Wanted to make a video to show you Basically what I use and what I think is Worth the money and then what I think is Definitely not worth the money So let's do it so the first thing that I Want to talk about is protein powders And protein supplements are like protein Bars this is I've actually made a whole

Video about protein and weight loss but For me personally I feel like protein is One of the supplements that is actually I guess you could say worth your money That like makes sense and there actually Is a reason to take it so like the Reason I wanted to have Bryan here in The video is because he has a lot he Knows a lot more about like supplements At about this stuff than I do so I Figured why not bring him in in the Videos yeah my thought with the probe With the protein thing is a lot of People will end up eating so much more Food because they want to hit that Certain amount of protein so they end up Eating so many more calories yeah so if You need an extra 20 grams of protein Within that it's super convenient to be Able to just throw this in a cup or put It in your oats it's not yeah yeah so Like for me the thing that I like I said None of this stuff is necessary right so For me I would much rather you if you're Trying to lose weight or if you're just Trying to you know track your protein to Get that protein from actual protein Sources chicken breast beans you know Has a lot of protein ill you up you know Things real food that has protein but if You are tracking your protein you Realize that you're maybe 20 grams under You know I do use a protein powder more More than than not I actually end up

Going for a protein bar just personally For me this fills me up a lot more than Just a scoop of protein is going to be But like I said everything here is not It's not like protein powders are like Specifically going to help you burn fat It's just extra protein if you don't Feel like eating some chicken you have a You know a scoop of protein it's Something that's sweet it's a little bit Different than chicken and that might Help you lose weight because your Instead of eating a candy bar you have a Protein bar or you have a scoop of Protein that's why it would maybe be Beneficial for weight loss so up next I Want to talk about multivitamins and Fish oils now these pizza these are Gummies because you're fine Because I'm 5 years old and I for me I Know I can't take like fish oil and Multivitamins usually taste terrible So the reason I like gummies is because I know that weren't right when I wake up Yeah I get some gummy you're guaranteed You have it every single day so I like I Like taking them so the way that I think About multivitamins for me personally is Like I think of it as insurance so you Know I know that I don't have the best Diet in the world and I feel like most People it's all the other things right It's hard to get everything in so for me Having a multivitamin and just taking it

It gives me that insurance but it's also That peace of mind to feel like okay I'm Using this and it's you know I feel like I'm giving myself those nutrients that Maybe I wouldn't be getting normally Well and also all the all the vitamins And minerals that you have in your body Serve a function and the function is all Sorts of different things but a lot of Them serve the function of increasing Your metabolic functioning your actual Ability to break down calories break Down fat and use it and if you don't Have enough of certain minerals like for Example B vitamins that's why they're in Like engine energy drinks and one okay They give you energy but really they're Just turning on things that should Already be turned on but you didn't eat The right foods to get s turned on so Exactly it's an insurance and that's the Way that it could help you lose more fat Okay alright sue see this is why he's Here talking about next is fish oils or Omega-3s so officials have a ton of Omega-3s in them and that's like the Main thing that's great about you know Fish oil so can you explain like what Omega-3 do and why they're so helpful Totally omega-3 omega-6 is their Essential fatty acids you need those Again for metabolic function Mm-hmm not everyone pretty much nobody In a westernized civilization is getting

All of the things that they need to get So by using these you're able to again Turn on those metabolic functions and do What your your body's just supposed to Do when it's getting the right amount of Foods in so that makes it so that you Can kind of again insurance that you are Getting the vitamins and minerals and The fatty acids that you need okay and Then also another thing is that they Help with joints too right like the yoga Getting those healthy fats and they help With like if you are waitressing and You're doing a lot of that stuff or even If you are you know your are heavier and You're you know you're walking around a Lot that's your cardio it's gonna help With that join those joint ankles for Sure so fish oil is definitely something That I mean I would recommend this 100% To anybody or omega-3s you can do fish Oil make four Omega threes it's really Up to you but definitely would recommend This I think to anybody in general just For health in general look so the next We're gonna talk about our greens Basically just dehydrated vegetables and A bunch of different like routes and Sorts of plants and things that have Benefits for you the great thing about Greens is they they dehydrate them and Just put them into a powder so you can Throw them into like straight-up water If you don't like taste of it all just

Have like a health shot in the morning Or you can throw them in a smoothie or If you're willing to like oh or if You're like me you can buy the ones that Are super yeah these are holiday cookie Flavor insects all right or if you're Like Brian you get the unflavored ones But I like these you can get these at Target I've seen them at Target thing About sprouts Um but yeah they're really the reason Why these are cool instead of a Multivitamin is because these aren't Actually vitamins that are that are like Derived or synthesized these are Actually just literally the plant itself Desiccated into a bunch of little pieces Which is really good for you because It's actually technically a whole food Still there is uh so every single Morning I make like I just put this in Water by itself cuz it tastes pretty Good every time I take it I'm like yes I'm so healthy right now that's right I Am the smartest person of all time Because I'm drinking my greens but yeah I really 100% recommend them they I feel Like they make me feel better anyway They just it's like the same thing with The multivitamins is they give me that Insurance like I feel like alright Awesome like I'm mentally like I Not enough of my organic carrot and Green tea organic mixture Sappington

Please also eat vegetables yeah yeah not A bad place remember Supplements are just suddenly your diet No I had my greens I don't need any more Veggies all for the rest of my life Alright so next one is up is BCAAs Probably heard of these before and you Might not know that much about them They're just kind of talked about it but What is BCA stand for right so it's Branched chain amino acid I already knew That but I was just like trying to get That in there the science of it the Science of it and I think there's more To it than just the science for the Benefits but the science of it is that You have amino acids in your blood right And when you're working out somewhere Around 45 minutes to 70 minutes you're Pretty much running out of that free Aminos that are going through your blood System so by drinking some BCAAs while You're in your workout you can kind of Extend the amount of time that you have Amino acids in your blood thus you don't Have to break down your muscle to get Those amino acids back in your blood That way you look like all the science Behind it yeah and then for me Personally this is more important now if You know exactly what I'm say will give Us a second why are you doing this we're Trying to film a video jump out just Parachute down come on so like I was

Saying before that plane rudely Interrupted the reason that I like BCA Is and like what I think it helps for Fat loss is because they taste you Delicious and they're all almost all Zero calories you can't see what that Says but they're almost all zero Calories so like for me personally if if I'm like eating a meal and instead of Like drinking like maybe a soda or you Know juice that has a bunch of calories In it you can drink you know use a scoop Of this and water and you're getting That really nice taste and you're not Adding any extra calories to your meal Which is huge right so for fat loss You're trying to be in that caloric Deficit in BCAAs helped me a ton by just You know I'm not drinking any calories Because these are zero calories and There is all that all that extra good Stuff like helping you preserve that Muscle and it's doing all that stuff so Then it's like the same thing you just Feel really good about it and you're Like man I'm like super smart and I know Exactly what I'm doing that being said I Am also the same exact way and the only Reason I drink them is not for that Science part it's littered for the Flavor and for me specifically I get a Little bit of craving right before I go To bed so instead of having a protein Or a little bit extra calories I just

Drink this and it works out go to bed Exactly up next is one of the most asked About supplements that I get asked about Is pre workouts you know the ones that I Use is G fuel this I am sponsored by Them but this is the the pre-workout That I use now the reason that I think Pre workouts are beneficial and again Like like I said about everything it's Not necessary but the reason I think It's beneficial is if say if you're Working 12 hours a day or whatever it Might be in it and you're you want to go To the gym but you just don't have the Motivation and knowing that when you Take this free workout it's going to Make you feel better it's going to make You like have that energy to go to the Gym then why would you not use that Right so like I said with with pre Workouts and things the main thing That's really getting you up and like Active is the caffeine that's in it so It's you can you get instead of doing a Pre workout you can do coffee instead or Or whatever it is laughing pills exactly Yeah so but for me I just looked Obviously I love how this stuff tastes So it's it's like that extra incentive To be like well it tastes delicious too So how would I not drink it you know so That's like what I like and I know that There's there's a ton of different Things inside of pre workouts that will

Give you like a nice a really nice pump Like citrulline malate that's like That's something that's in a lot of pre Workouts and there's there's obviously a Ton of other ingredients in pre workouts And if we tried to sit here and talk About all the ingredients in pre Workouts that would be another whole Video they're all like seriously yeah They're all really really different but The main thing that's in pre workout That kind of gets you up and get you Going is gonna be the caffeine and again Like I said there's ton of other stuff But I really love free where I gotta use It a good amount of time so yeah it's Something I use a lot the way I look at It is if you're somebody who's not going To go to the gym that day and if you Take some pre-workout it's gonna Motivate you to go to the gym that is Something that's gonna make you lose More weight yeah because of you going to The gym not because of this being in Your blood I'm saying and the thing is That I think is is really important is Like I don't want people to think that They have to take any of this stuff like If you feel like you're going to the gym And you don't need me workout and you're Like yeah I'm pretty motivated without It then don't feel like you need to buy Anything but if you are someone that's Like man it would be kind of nice to

Have a little bit more of the pick-me-up Then use a pre-workout like I don't see Wrong with it yeah so pretty simple and Last but not least we're gonna be Talking about fat burns this is probably A lot of you guys click on the video for Now there is a there's a ton of like Science stuff that goes behind them I'll have Brian kind of explaining a Little bit better again he's better at This stuff than I am so with fat burner The only thing you're really getting out Of it for the most part is it's gonna Have some sort of stimulant which is Usually just caffeine to super cheap so Again you're thinking the same thing as A pre-workout you need caffeine in your System that's what's making you feel Energized without any calories The only other benefit that I think is Really actually there with a fat burner Is that there's something in it called Thermogenics so there's different Ingredients that can kind of raise your Body temperature ever so slightly which Helps you ever so slightly to burn ever So slightly more calories than your Workout and and I think you mentioned Before when we were talking like it's Less than a hundred calories yeah it Like nothing that's the thing with with Fat burners that if they really burnt Fat like you think they would sitting I Mean imagine would anybody be overweight

Yeah you know what I mean like if you Just took this this pill like what I Think a lot of it is is it it gives you Energy to move around a little bit more Which will get you to burn a little bit More calories but it's not like it's Gonna be burning an extra 500 calories For you throughout the day by doing Nothing it's just gonna maybe motivate You a little bit and then obviously Increase that heart the heart uh what am I heart rate how does this a heart Pressure heart tempo increase your heart Rate so when your heart rate increase Obviously your your your heart is Beating faster so you're burning Literally just a little bit more Calories little it's very very very Slight and I would really like to Mention that this has lots of caffeine In it so if you're taking yes all day Like it's prescribed okay so this says This this brand right here each one Capsule okay has 83 milligrams of Caffeine and it's telling you to take About 3 capsules each time that's more Than a cup of coffee and that's just Like to start your day off so just That's why like you have to be really Careful with fat Brendan they usually Want to sell you more pills so they're Gonna say do it three times a day times A day you're gonna a grain of caffeine Which is not good for yet anybody that's

The dangerous part about this that's why Most people are usually talking badly About these because it can be very Dangerous if you're not aware of what You're actually putting in your body Absolutely and like the only people that I feel like fat burners might be really Beneficial for or like be give you that Extra edges if you like you're competing And you're like three weeks out or Something like that and like you really Need to burn an extra 50 calories a day Like that's really important to you then Maybe a fat burner will be helpful but If you're trying to lose 50 pounds 100 Pounds I seriously like this is the once Of them I will say don't spend your Money on these don't spend your money on Fat burners and don't be distracted on The supplements if you have a lot of Weight to lose don't get distracted by All these little things I can buy Instead just make sure that you're doing The right things your diet and make sure You drinking water yeah yeah absolutely I think that's it that's a good point to End on like like I said in the very Beginning of this video None of these things are necessary and Especially if you're on a tight budget Do not spend your money on supplements Don't spend your money on supplements Spend it on food remember much more Important yeah if you want to start

Going to the gym absolutely spend it on The gym membership before you start Stressing about supplements don't even Go seriously don't even go into a Supplement store and ask a couple Questions because those people that work In those supplement stores their job is To try and sell you on stuff and the Reason that I'm kind of I I get so Passionate about that is because I was There I was the person that ended up Spending a ton like seriously hundreds Of dollars on all this stuff that I Didn't need like everything that I'm Telling you not to buy I bought because I thought it would help me and so just Thank seriously if you're if you're not 100% educated on what exactly you want To get don't even go into a supplement Store and ask questions because they're Gonna sit there and tell you lies to get You to buy stuff so be really really Careful with that and like what that Being said I hope that this video kind Of helped you out if you are deciding to Buy some supplements you know I gave you Some good recommendations again none of This stuff is necessary I can do this All on your own but this stuff might Give you that little bit of you know Energy or it might be actually helpful To get a little bit extra protein in Your diet or whatever it is Um so yeah definitely but I want to

Thank Brian for me in the video because You guys have probably noticed he's very Good on camera so he does have his own YouTube channel so I'm gonna go ahead And link that down in the description is Anything that you want to say what the Video no I just love you and I wish I Was here with you more often I know he's Always CrossFitting and I'm always Working on other people's projects so Never get to see we don't get to hang Out as much but today's hug um YouTube House it's coming up very Yes you Mouse is gonna be good but again Thank you guys so much for watching the Video make sure you like comment and Subscribe there was one of the thing That Brian wanted to say look up love I Am he's just working on it this is what Imagine really on Sophie's the Beast but That sucks for you all day the warning Sign and when there are flashing lights Or wig legs don't attempt to cross until The coming to a complete stop [Music]

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