Simple Ways To Feel More Grounded, Centered, Healthy

Simple Ways To Feel More Grounded, Centered, Healthy

It's the gorgeous stay in Scarborough Believe it or not it's not just a ghetto A lot of Torontonians want you to Believe a lot of Torontonians will label Scarborough Ontario Canada as the ghetto And that is all it is but you know what Even within the ghetto there's beautiful Places in nature like this ah look at How beautiful this is well this you know We have beautiful parks forests we have The Scarborough Bluffs there's a lot of Nature everywhere people that's I want To get at today among other things and Scarborough is actually just a temporary Home for me I'm actually gonna be Jetting to British Columbia and then Possibly somewhere else after that but I Just wanted to say that you know a lot Of people limit themselves when they Live in cities they think that because It's not known for its nature that there Isn't any nature but there's pockets of Nature everywhere you actually just need To take the time and look and you'll Find it you'll find some I guarantee it Anyway it's an absolutely gorgeous Sunday afternoon and I wanted to take Some time to just come out in nature and Meditate and hug trees and get grounded Centered and feel connected to spirit And it's really important for you stays People to do something like this every Single day So something that you can do right off

The bat that will help you to feel more Connected and centered is to hug trees But Lea I can't what will people think I Can't do that No or lay up I'm not a hippie like you You know I can't feel tree energy well This is not about that this is actually Science Most people just because there's so much EMF pollution in this world today Especially if you live in a city their Bodies have way too much of a positive Charge and when I say positive charge I'm not many positive energy I mean Positive ions which are not good the Earth is just a never-ending supply of Negative ions which is what you want to Want to be absorbing negative ions every Single day through walking barefoot Through hugging trees through walking Next to an ocean a lake waterfalls just Being in some kind of natural setting Where you are either touching the earth Or there's just like ocean waves will Produce a lot of negative ions same with O mountains air but I know not everybody Has access to all that kind of nature so That is why hugging trees is really good Because it's the easy alternative It's a lot of people in this day and age Suffer from a lot of health conditions And science has actually proven that Most of those health conditions are Linked to having too much of a positive

Charge in your body too many positive Ions from the technocratic world from Cell phone towers and cell phones and Computers and radio waves and this huge Like electromagnetic soup that just Completely I mean it does so many things To your body it will make you feel more Irritated more Spacey Depressed just disconnected from who you Really are disconnected from your spirit And of course all sorts of health Conditions anything that has to do Inflammation ATD so much so getting to The point is that most people are not Feeling healthy because they have too Much of a positive charge in their body And not enough of a negative charge from Getting grounded actually physically Absorbing the negative ions from the Earth so that is why when you hug a tree And he put in a bear face right on the Tree in your hands if it's not too cold You're absorbing all of those negative Ions from the earth which is instantly Grounding you which is going to make you Feel a heck of a lot better if you were In a crappy mood before and guaranteed You will begin to feel better it'll Boost your mood it will energize you it Will begin to take down inflammation in Your body the list is never ending so That's something that you can do every Single day and if you don't want to hug Trees if you're like I just can't hug a

Tree sorry I can't go there just put Your hand on the tree just some kind of Physical contact with the natural world And something else that you can do Something I love to do is come out into Nature or even in my house and focus on My breathing most of us are not Breathing properly if you suffer from Anxiety I want you to do something for Me okay the next time you're feeling Anxious put one hand on your chest and The other one on your diaphragm you know Right below your rib cage and see which Hand is rising up first And if it's the one on your chest that Means that you're a shallow chest Breather and if it's both like most People are well that's still not the Correct way of Breathing the correct way of breathing The natural way of breathing is with Your diaphragm and that's how babies Breathe and most people who suffer from Anxiety they just they are breathing Properly so something that I think Everybody could implement into their Daily routine you know just for a couple Minutes today whether or not you suffer From anxiety it's just really important To do this because it connects you Instantly to your being it allows you to Get into the present moment you are Connected to spirits and it stops the Mind chatter and the mind chatter goes

Away because you're in your body you're Not in your mind and that's how most of Us we get ourselves into trouble because We're just thinking thinking thinking Thinking thinking you know our minds are Crazy and we're not connecting to our Bodies enough You Lay on the ground put your knees up Maybe put a pillow underneath your knees To support your lower back and do some Deep breathing breathe in with your Diaphragm you know you want your stomach To be raised enough not your chest okay So breathe in for about five seconds Hold it for a couple of seconds then Exhale for about five seconds and do This even for like 5-10 minutes breath Work is absolutely profound it's so Simple yet so profound in healing You So one other thing you can do is Preferably out in nature after you've Done some deep diaphragmatic breathing To bring you into your core into the Present moment connect to the spirit Repeat the mantra I am and you can say This out loud or you can say it in your Mind just repeat that mantra and see What happens I know for me when I repeat This mantra it allows me to just really Get into the gap and feel connected to Who I really am what you might find Happen is that after saying I am for

About a minute your mind might begin to Wander and that's okay that's absolutely Natural that's what the mind likes to do It likes to make you go in all sorts of Directions So just bring your attention back to the Breath do a couple of deep breaths in And out and then go back to saying I am You