Should I Reverse Diet or Maintain? | Weekly Update Powered by Carbon Diet Coach | Holly T. Baxter

Should I Reverse Diet or Maintain? | Weekly Update Powered by Carbon Diet Coach | Holly T. Baxter

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Welcome back guys i have no idea what's Going to be in store for you today so We're just going to roll with it so i Think i do have a little bit of a change Of goal coming up one thing you are Guaranteed to see this week is me Changing my goal over to maintenance Because i am at the weight i want to Stay at and i may at some point very Near in the future continue to trickle Up my calories and jump back into a Reverse diet but for now i'm feeling Pretty good so let's just hop in and Have a look at my data let's do things Let's mix it up a little bit this week Because i have no idea i feel like i had A great week but the data will reveal All sorry alrighty folks let's hop in to Carbon And have a look at my compliance two Calories for the week come on like that Is really good I haven't seen anything So Straight And limelike in a hot minute so That looks like a week of consistency uh That it definitely felt like that i felt Like i was On my meal prep this week i had a little Bit more time to kind of focus and Invest in that and just make it more of A priority um and the consequence was i Felt so much better

My stomach gave me so fewer Problems this past week Just getting back on track and eating Some of my kind of high fibre meals and Just making that a priority i think in Previous weeks i kind of Maybe on a couple of days if we were Eating out uh normally good behaviors Would have seen or led me to order like A side of veggies or you know get like a Big bowl or a side salad to split Between lane and i with whatever the Meal that i was ordering so like a Burger or something like that and i kind Of just stopped doing that and i think You know i have to be a little bit Compassionate to myself in these moments Because like i did that for a long time So it was kind of nice just to go i'm Not going to do that just for a week or Two but i also see the value and the Benefits that that had On my gi and my digestive health so I don't want that i want to feel good Like quality of life is important so Like i said this week i reintroduced a Lot of those behaviors i think that Helped me kind of get to that stage goal But also helped me have a pretty Symptom free contest prep as well so Yeah let's take a look at these numbers Right So monday last week My intake was 1960

24 46 2022 1853 and 2065 so Probably the most consistent that i have Been in a long while as far as calories Are concerned Um we'll go in and have a look at Protein i have a feeling that's just Going to be all over the show but i Don't know it's not actually that bad 157 this week was my average so i had One little high day there uh on thursday At 196 and i think that was a day that We actually had gone out for dinner and I ordered i think it was like a 12 ounce Filet or something so You know it's got a lot of protein um But other than that pretty consistent Right around the our numbers are Good for me so i'm using somewhere Between 2.2 to 2.9 grams of protein per Kilogram of lean body mass So that was pretty good Carbs kind of up and down across the Course of the week sunday was my highest Day Um i think lane and i wanted a Texas roadhouse Okay so for those of you that aren't From america you're gonna be like What is this texas food So it's a it's a franchise it's a chain Which it's not an expensive chain at all

It's like a family place they just do Good steaks and a bunch of like texas Food so it's usually kind of salty spicy Fried i guess but they have these dinner Rolls like i know you're all thinking Dinner rolls holly come on please dinner Rolls They are so good they're like Super sweet like they are so soft they Kind of just it's like pull apart bread Aussies you know pull apart bread you Get the stuff with the bacon in it you Can get that but this is just plain Bread Sweet and they serve it with like a Cinnamon butter So i'm just like i think i have like Four dinner rolls because now i can fit Them in my macros i'm like all right i'm Just going to enjoy myself rather than Putting a ceiling at like half a dinner Roll during contest prep so yeah i just Scooped out the cinnamon butter and Clearly enjoyed myself on that day so That was actually last night so my Training this morning i did some hit i Was feeling real good A lot of calves to feel that session but You can see there for the most part i Was kind of pretty close or around my Goal which i think i'd set to about 212 Grams in the app now let me just show You that really quickly if i go into the Settings

I can go to dietary preferences again we Have the flexibility on carbon to make Those kind of whatever works for you and Your individual food preferences so Um mine has kind of been right around These numbers but you can see me there Moving those around you know if you Weren't somebody that really cared for a Lot of carbs or sweets when you liked Fats instead maybe you're somebody that Eats more avocado and likes to cook with Oil and prefers full cream milk over the Skin variety like that's fine You can accommodate that preference Using the balanced dietary setting as Well that's what i choose and i could Take it based on my calories all the way Up to 83 grams of fat it would just mean That my carbs are a little bit lower so Anyway that's a pretty cool feature And there isn't a right or wrong and Again when you sign up you can obviously Choose different uh dietary preferences So for some of you that already know You're like i'm a hard keto fanatic like No one got to change me i like what i Like you can pick that setting and then It'll Skew those numbers to what we consider a Ketogenic diet so lots of options in There I better go back and set it to what my Targets actually were It's close enough save

So Uh where were we it leaves us at uh fats As the final macro for the week And it fluctuated a little bit more but My average was right on 60 and that was Exactly what my target was meant to be Which is really good so Um if i'm to think about like what i did Throughout the course of the week That Helped me stay on track I actually ended up getting up probably 30 to 45 minutes earlier every day last Week because one of the things that i've Found that let me down is that i make Enough time in the morning to prepare my First meal but i don't make enough time To prepare a meal to take to work with Me so i end up just having like a frozen Meal or Yogurt or something like that which are Perfectly fine options but i think for Me i'm such a volume eater and i really Like to have like a lot of food Throughout the day and it looks like Satiating so I think what was happening was i was Kind of getting to the end of the night I'm talking nine o'clock at 10 o'clock As i'm sitting there doing my last Little you know responding to dms or Whatever it is and i'm still like hungry Like i'm hungry you know this that Particular week i know that i kind of

Made double in the mornings um and i Would put into two containers and i'd Bring one to work so i had something More satiating and that definitely Helped kind of cram some of those kind Of late night hunger kind of cues that i Was getting that's really the main Difference that i can truly think of so Anyway it also could be a reflection of The fact that it's been four four weeks Now yeah almost four weeks to the day Uh since i was on stage i've had a Little bit more time to kind of eat some Of those things that i had to kind of Restrict for a while i've gained back a Little bit of body fat maybe i'm you Know my leptin is a little bit higher I'm feeling more more ability to focus On work and not so much food probably is A combination of all of those things but Either way i'm very happy with this past Week so we're going to go and check in With the coach first before i change my Goals so let's go and do that So was i compliant to my macro target so It's saying there that the range which Is allowable at two percent with Somewhere as low as 1915 or up to 2005 In my average tracked calories were 2010 So Technically i'm 5 Calories outside that range So In this in this particular situation and

I'm sure many of you have been who are Using carbon have kind of looked at These numbers and you're like oh that's So close like what do i do and i get This question asked all the time So we have to have a cut off somewhere Our cutoff isn't 10 for a reason you Know if we allowed that degree of flex Uh flexibility then keeping in mind we Have that maintenance calorie range uh Where our bodies can kind of adapt to Different calorie amounts and very Little is going to happen if we had such A wide range and allowed you to have too Much flexibility then for those of you That are trying to achieve fat loss You know a certain target may not be in A deficit anymore like it's just kind of Holds you right there in your Maintenance so we've made it a little Bit tighter to make sure that we get Results but five calories For me i'm going to say that i'm Compliant this week just looking at how How wonderful that week was for me so Yes i'll go ahead and say yes but let's Quickly look at my protein so my average Was 157 so it was a little bit higher But it also means that i was probably a Little bit lower on either my carbs or Fats and you can see there that both my Carb and fat um are kind of sitting Within the recommended ranges but They're on the lower end so

Heck yes compliance Weighed in this morning i was at 64.2 Body fat haven't tested it since post Just the week post show Am i close to my menstrual cycle oh my God guys i've got no idea i'm just over This I had all the symptoms last week never Got it just Acne All the bad stuff but didn't get it so We're gonna say no Does everything look okay was i Compliant yes body weight check No dyslexic moments That's good let's complete that check-in Your metabolism has sped up quite a bit Uh it looks like you actually lost Weight this week uh so for this reason We are going to make a bigger than Normal increase to your calories sorry That is really good news actually that That looks nice for my weekend i'm Actually catching up with a friend she's Going to be flying into florida on the Weekend So That probably means that we get to share A dessert on the weekend I don't know we'll do something fun but Who doesn't like eating more i mean Maybe call me crazy but for me as Someone that's dieted and restricted for A long time when you're like yes

Coaches give me a full more food So i'm at 145 protein this week 219 Carbs so it's only like you know an 8 Gram increase in carbs but it's an Increase nonetheless and then a two or Three gram increase in fats as well so Keep in mind remember the purpose of This reverse diet is to Slowly and conservatively over time Increase your calorie intake but in a Way that causes that positive adaptation If we do things too quickly then you're Very likely to just gain unnecessary Amounts of body fat when we could if we Did it a little bit slower drive up that Metabolism but without any negative Physiological changes and when i say Negative i mean just unnecessary amounts Of body fat so I think people often ask you know how do We know how to add more calories When we're doing that reverse diet well Stay tuned because i'm going to be Putting that video up here on youtube And instagram very soon for you To give you guys some more tools to Actually do that however carbon is the Practical application of theories and Information that i'm about to provide With you in that video so We see a lot of percentages kind of Thrown around on the interwebs on posts In books You can certainly use that as a

Guideline but keep in mind everybody's Metabolism is going to respond evidently Quite differently We have people that are slow responders Or non-responders we have people that Are you know they're fast adapters their Metabolism adapts very quickly So you really have to Pace yourself in response to how Your body responded to the calorie Increases so there isn't really an Arbitrary way to go about doing this so If you are doing it on your own there Isn't really a set number like i see People say 50 calories per week or 50 Calories a day add add add for someone That might be great but for somebody Else that might be extremely quick and You might see a really Rapid weight regain so the beauty of Carbon is that it is responding to a Your allowable goals so if you set it up To Not exceed like 0.2 of a pound per week That's the maximum Calorie increase that it can give you a Weight increase before it will go nope We're not adding more calories so it Follows your set instructions and it Adapts based on how you as an individual Are responding to that change So It's pretty cool i really like it Um so anyways i think

Now that i've just kind of gone in and Done this i was gonna change my goals to Maintenance but It's given me a new higher calorie Target this week so you know what i Think i might actually just stay right Here for another week you can just see How i go If i can maintain my weight on this That would be great and if not next week If my weight does sneak up a little bit You know maybe i will go and hit the Brakes but let's give it a try like i'm Keen to get my calories up i'd like to Have more flexibility i want to enjoy Life without all the pressures of oh no No no you can't do this So Let's give it a go i'm excited Alrighty guys if you have any questions About this week's check-in Please leave me a comment i'm always Jumping online and responding to you Guys and helping you in any way i can if You want to sign up to carbon uh please Go and check out the description the Links to join carbon and subscribe Either as an android user or ios Is right below It'll take you to the appropriate page That you are currently using i'm an Iphone user so go and check that out Again any questions please ask and i'll See you next week

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