Review of Xtend GO Energy + BCAAs Mango Nectar by Scivation

Review of Xtend GO Energy + BCAAs Mango Nectar by Scivation

Review of Xtend GO Energy + BCAAs Mango Nectar by Scivation

A lot of supplements make claims about effects that are not immediately, if ever, observable. But Xtend GO Energy is not one of them. The product has a generally positive effect and is great pre-workout. Xtend GO Energy works on endurance, muscle recovery and improves an athlete’s energy because of a better-optimized blend of compounds.

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How Can Xtend + BCAAs Mango Nectar Help You?
This intra-workout drink is designed to improve your endurance, resistance and getting that ideal body. BCAA addition into drink will benefit your body and give you the energy for all your workouts in-session. Xtend fortified with BCAA is ideal for weightlifters, athletes and strength gainers.

Many in sports world use this drink because of its benefits and great body compositions. It is just perfect for all those who are serious in their workout regimens.

Xtend is sugar-free and works on maximizing, pushing your body to the limit with extreme training intensity. Xtend is formulated to be used by both male and female athletes for an effective increase in intensity and endurance at higher levels of performance.

Advantages of Xtend GO Energy

— Help speed up recovery
— Decreases fatigue
— Can be consumed anytime even under adverse conditions
— Increases performance of muscle and energy levels
— Efficient for training as it increases training intensity
— Good for recovery
— Promotes vasodilation hence promotes distribution of fluid

Disadvantages of Xtend GO Energy

— Not designed for athletes under the age of 18
— Workouts have to be intense for results to be shown effectively
— Taste not too pleasant
— Lack of evidence for weight loss claims

Dosage of SciVation Xtend

The dosage for Xtend includes mixing of 1 scoop of Xtend with about 8 ounces of water.
— For this dosage, it is recommended that Xtend should be mixed in a shaker cup.
— For better results has to be taken during exercise.

Side Effects & Precautions
1. Check with your doctor before using any supplements in order to avoid any counteractions with other medications.
2. Side effects are minimal but necessary precautions should be taken from physicians in case you are suffering from certain ailments.
3. Pregnant mothers and those under the age of 18 are strictly not allowed to use this product.

Buy at BEST Price Xtend Go Energy By Scivation Review on

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Buy at BEST Price Xtend Go Energy By Scivation Review on

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