Protein Powder, Creatine & BCAA's - What You Need To Know

Protein Powder, Creatine & BCAA’s – What You Need To Know

10 Common questions answered regarding popular supplements protein powder, creatine & BCAA’s.

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What's up guys in today's video we're Going to be discussing some ones this is The first supplement video which I've Done How convenient it's come at a time when I also announced my new supplements Watch it on bulk powders I'm gonna be Answering similar most common questions Which I get regarding protein powders Creatine monohydrate and branched chain Amino acids so starting off with protein Powders questions above one is Mike do I Need protein powders in order for me to Reach my goals I'm gonna be honest with You guys if I stopped taking protein Powder it's not like I would just Disintegrate into nothing and lose all My gains doesn't work like that I've Gone through long periods of time Without consuming any protein powder Whatsoever and it didn't really make a Huge difference to my body composition Overall but that was just because I was Making sure that I was hitting my Protein intake targets for the day for Consuming whole foods one of the main Benefits of consuming protein powders is It's just a very convenient way for you To take your protein targets for the day Particularly if you need to consume 200 Grams worth of protein or more it can be Quite difficult to get all of that from Whole food sources so if you can get an Extra 30 60 grams in powder form it's

Very easy to do so and the other benefit Is it's just a quick hit of protein Which is gonna be digested almost Immediately question number two what is The best type of protein powder that you Should consume you may want to go for The whey protein you might get one here For the whey protein isolate or the Vegan blend or even the beef protein Eissler Or the casein okay there's loads of who Wants to choose from obviously there's Been a lot of studies done on each and Every one of these and it has been Proven that whey protein isolate is Probably gonna be the best one for you To consume so the most anabolic and it's The purest form of protein however it's Not gonna be suitable for everyone and That is either if you are vegan Obviously you can't consume dairy or if You do have some kind of intolerance to Dairy in the first place such as me Therefore whenever I'm consuming whey Protein or whey protein Eissler I do Have some reaction to it's not like I Have explosive diarrhea and I'm just Grounded and I can't move for an hour no It's not quite like that however I do Notice it doesn't make me feel great Therefore I consume vegan protein or the Beef protein Iceland also you need to Bear in mind when it comes to the vegan Protein powders it's ultimately down to

Your preference and taste the Stroeve it but most importantly how much Protein is in there per scoop for Example and what is the amino acid chain Profile There's 21 amino acids which are useful For our bodies and we can actually Produce all but nine of them so we can See that soy protein hemp protein rice Protein and pea protein all provide Different levels of these branched chain Amino acids you just need to make sure That when you are consuming vegan Protein powders you're getting a good Hit of all the essential amino acids Because you want to be consuming Something which is particularly low in One of them okay you need all of them There so have a look at the ingredient Label and just check to see them most of The time you will find the best vegan Protein powders such as bulk powders Vegan protein powder they have a mixture Of different forms of protein sources You've got a bit of rice bit of hemp it P mixed all together so that you have The perfect blend providing adequate Essential amino acids overall question Number three when is the best time to Take protein powders well there is no Ideal time because ultimately what is The most important is your overall Protein intake for the day and ideally You want to spread that out evenly as

Opposed to getting your entire protein Intake in a three hour window for Example there's a lot of people that Seem to think oh I need to get my Protein shake in immediately after my Workout otherwise the workout was Completely pointless which is not true That is really depending upon what you Consume prior to the workout itself so If you have a protein rich meal one to Two hours before your session you're Still going to be digesting that meal During and after the session itself so The need to have a protein shake is not As high in comparison to if you were to Might train in a fasted state or to have Had a protein-rich meal long before the Session itself so if you're training Fasted or you've had a meal way before The session it's more importantly to get Some protein into your system pretty Much as soon as the session is finished Question number four how much protein Powder should you have in one sitting That really is dependent upon the type Of protein which are having the less say For example if you have a whey protein Powder 20 25 grams in one pop is Sufficient enough to maximize protein Synthesis if you're consuming 30 grams Worth of vegan protein powder If you compare that to 30 grams of whey Protein powder or casein it's not the Stimulate as much protein synthesis as

The way or the casing so in order to Combat that you may need to double up on The amount of vegan protein powder which You're having to say for example instead Of 30 grams probably best to have 50 or 60 grams now we're gonna move on to Creatine question of a body do need Creatine the answer to that very similar To the protein powders you don't need it See results you know you can train hard Trained properly and eat well you can Make progress without it but there's Been so many studies done on it which Have proven that it's beneficial for a Whole host of reasons such as improving The performance improving strength Improving endurance improving weight Gain improving your rate of recovery Question number six when is the best Time to take creatine a lot of people Seem to think it doesn't really matter Just have it whenever you want as long As you taking it consistently but it has Been shown that taking it with Sufficient protein and carbs at the same Time it's good at deliver superior Results especially number seven do you Need to go through a loading phase when You start taking creatine I wouldn't say So from what I've seen and learn it Makes tiny difference as to whether you Go through a load and take it say for Example 20 grams per day for seven days And then bring down so three to five

Grams per day or whether you just start Off with three to five grams per day the Difference is so small that it doesn't Really matter so I would just pick one And stick with it okay just make sure That if you are taking creatine you'd be Consistent with it and you take it every Day regardless of whether you're Training or not question of eight I'll Do any side effects from taking creatine Short simple answer no there are not Been countless studies done on creating Consumption none of which have shown to Be any negative side effects that being Said there was one which potentially Linked to creatine consumption with hair Loss which was a little bit alarming Particularly for myself who is losing His hair whose hair line has been in Full-on receipt mode since 2015 however There was only one study done on it and It's not being fully proved yet and the Thing is if you have a full head of hair Nobody any family's bald Taken greeting isn't gonna have any Effect whatsoever but if there's members Of your family who are bald and it's Likely that you do have Male pattern baldness then there may be A slight risk or chance that taking Creatine may accelerate the rate of hair Loss but it's not being proven so it's Really up to you whether or not you want To take that risk I personally don't

Really take that much creatine because Of that exactly I do not need anything Which is gonna help increase this rate Of receipt so it's really down to you Guys and what do you want to consume now We're gonna move on to branched chain Amino acids question number 9 do you Need them I would say no out of all the Sufferers out there they're probably the Ones which you will need or requires at Least the reason for that is the Branched chain amino acids which your Body can't produce and requires can just Be found in whole foods and the protein Powders which is consuming so there's no Real need for you to go and buy sprouts Any amino acids when you already get Enough of them in the first place Question number 10 what about fasted Training don't you need branched chain Amino I significant we train it faster Despot my cell phone was losing all the Muscle to keep gained the answer to that Is no okay first of all I need to clear A few things up right if you consuming Branched chain amino acids before your Training session you're taking yourself Out of a fasted State okay it's not like Brass chain amino acids contain no Calories they contain calories and Particularly we're gonna be consuming 1015 grams or more of these branched Chain amino acids you're taking yourself Out word fasted state if you are gonna

Be training faster do you want to avoid Any potential muscle breakdown which is Gonna occur in your training sessions You're gonna be much better off just Consuming a protein shake before your Training session is that's actually Going to provide you with all the Essential amino acids instead of just a Few of them from the branch chain amino Acids but if you are really anal about Wanting to train faster than just don't Consume anything all just have water Okay that's that way you know for sure That you are training in a fasted state But you just have to ask yourself why is It you training fasted I know from my Experience if I train fasted I feel a little bit weaker I usually Feel like I'm drained halfway through The session so I like to always have Something in my system before I train But that's just going off on a tangent Which will just leave for now So that is video guys and trying to keep Short sweet for you obviously is quite a Few supplements which I'm not touched Upon but we'll have more videos to come – speaking of which if you do want to Get yourself involved with some of these Wonderful products which are on offer on Their website you can use code thurston To get 25% off your Highly recommended high quality it Tastes good and you know you can get it

All from one place instead I'm gonna get These different supplements from Different stores online and so on so Thirst and coke thirst will get me that Discount also click the link below so Thanks for watching like I said more Supplement videos to come don't forget Subscribe or check out bulk powders Pages on social media as well see soon