Pre Workout Cons (Top 3)

Pre Workout Cons (Top 3)

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There are some negatives and cons to taking a pre workout. Most of the cons of using a pre workout supplement come form abuse, but there are also some bad pre workout supplements out there too. that may give you some bad side effects.

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Hey what's going on everybody welcome to The gym rat world my name is Rob and This is the only spot where you can go For a fast and simple submarine views Today I'm actually gonna be talking About the top three downsides or cons of Taking a pre-workout just some things That you should be a little cautious up Or maybe some of these reasons might Deter you from taking a pre-workout I'm Not too sure you'd have to decide on That pretty the way I'm gonna make sure I'd make this video nice quick and Concise for you so let's just get right On into it All right let's start with that number Three con or- of taking a pre-workout And that is addiction you can definitely Get addicted to pre workouts there are Some people that take pre workouts every Single day and they feel like that they Can only take a pre-workout to have a Good workout and when you get to that Point to where maybe you run out of a Pre-workout and you need a workout that Day or you want to workout that day but You don't go just because you ran out of A pre-workout That's the prop houston we have a Problem that's called addiction okay so That can definitely happen to a lot of People because you know there's Stimulants in it stimulants our bodies You know people just like stimulants

Like cocaine is a really intense Stimulant but people get addicted to it And it's straight-up ruins lives now Obviously caffeine and other stimulants That are pre workouts aren't that Intense but you can also still get Addicted to that energy and that feeling That you get right before you get into The gym so getting addicted to pre Workouts can definitely happen if you Let it I always just suggest maybe cycling off Of it take it for three or four weeks Maybe take a week or two off something Like that right just to make sure you Don't get addicted but it can definitely Happen okay so addiction is definitely One of the three cons or negatives of Taking it pretty work out and yeah let's Move on to number two okay so the number Two negative of taking a pre-workout is The fact that you can actually get sick Now there's multiple different ways you Can get sick it could be a bad product It could be a bad company whether They're just putting in some crap Ingredients in there you can also take Too much pre-workout and that can make You sick as well and you could also just Be born however the way you were born Because certain bodies certain on Genetics things like that they don't mix With some ingredients like if you take a Pre-workout that has like maybe some

Weight loss ingredients in there Something that's gonna give you a Thermogenic feeling something like that It could really mess up somebody's body If they're not used to any of those Exotic ingredients and that can make you Sick so that's an issue and then again If you're getting it from a horrible Source or a company that's just not Reliable they haven't tested anything They're getting all their ingredients From way overseas and they don't test Anything and there's all sorts of Different things in it that can Definitely get you sick and that's an Because there's different severa T's of How sick you can get from it people have Definitely got super mess up from taking A pre-workout when it's been from a Horrible source so as long as you make Sure that you're getting it from the Right source and you're all good but Again you can't really get passage in Every part and you can definitely get Past taking too much pre-workout I see a Lot of people taking two or three scoops Of a pre-workout when they're only Supposed to be taking one that's Ridiculous that's stupid and it can Definitely make you sick so those are Just some of the reasons on how it can Make you sick but yeah getting sick is Definitely negative of taking a Pre-workout now let's get into the

Number one negative of taking a Pre-workout which is actually freaking Out / getting injured I look at freaking Out and getting injured kind of the same Thing and let me explain real quick now When you can freak out if you take too Much pre-workout you can definitely Freak out if you have a whole bunch of Caffeine that's entering in your system Like if you have a pre-workout that Gives you already 350 milligrams of Caffeine and then you take it two scoops Of that that's a lot caffeine that's 700 Milligrams that's about 7 cups of coffee Running through your body you can freak Out and if you're laughing right now Thinking oh some idiot what kind of Idiots going to do that it happens all The time all right here's a clip maybe I Was that guy okay but either way I feel Like we've all done it once or twice but If you do too much it can definitely Mess you up and you could freak out now With that freaked out you can take too Much pre-workout and you can go into the Gym and then you just start throwing Weights around if you're trying to lift More than you can actually lift well one You should be pushing yourself a little Bit but if you take too much pre-workout If you get too overconfident you could Really just mess your stuff up you can Get injured you can injure your shoulder You can injure your elbow if you're

Doing bench you're just throwing on too Much and you're all hyped and Jack Because you took some crazy amounts of Pre-workout that's an issue because Again you can You get injured and that's gonna hurt Your training and that is a real Negative of pre workouts I've definitely Done that in the past as a young marine Taking pre-workout Remember jack3d we used to take that two Scoops so we've had some injuries there We've had some freak outs taking that so It can definitely happen so watch out For that but also even just regular Dosages if you're not used to pre Workouts that you can take too much beta Alanine for your body or for your Comfort level at that time you start Itching your face a lot of people freak Out from that too here's a clip on that So yeah basically if you don't have a Level head when you're going into it and If you don't pay attention to the label And you don't pay attention how many Scoops you're actually supposed to take You can freak out or get injured from Taking a pre-workout and that's the Number one negative of taking pre Workouts and that's my list so those are The top three reasons in my opinion on Why you should or shouldn't take or just Be a little bit of cost a little bit More cautious of taking pretty workouts

And yeah let me know what you think down Below let me know any of your crazy Stories that you might have as well Taking pre workouts or know somebody I Find those to be quite entertaining but Yeah appreciate your time today thanks For stopping by oh and also if you're Wondering like you know what's good Pre-workout to take I have like top 5 Lists of different pre workouts also Reviewed probably every single Pre-workout that's on the market not Everyone but most of them so check those Out because I will always let you know If there's any issues with any Pre-workout set I actually review yeah Other than that I appreciate your time Thank you for stopping by And have a good day [Music]