Orange learn about all its properties and health benefits

Orange learn about all its properties and health benefits

Thanks to the vitamin C and flavonoids contained in oranges, it protects cells from damage caused by free radicals, which contribute to the development of certain diseases and play a role in aging processes.

Cardiovascular ally
Vitamin C inhibits the oxidation of the so-called “bad cholesterol” (LDL) and prevents it from being deposited on the walls of blood vessels, thus preventing atherosclerosis. In addition, in people prone to thrombosis, edema, varicose veins, etc.: orange flavonoids strengthen the wall of capillary vessels, give greater elasticity to the arteries and, in general, improve venous circulation, in addition to preventing platelet aggregation, providing an antithrombotic effect.

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Hey good morning this is Dr Luis Vasquez For Bowman Brothers I want to talk about To talk to you about the properties of Oranges Stay With Me Everybody here knows that oranges have Vitamin C but what does vitamin c does For you prevent scurvy we all know that Sailors throughout history for centuries Have struggled with this problem in in Their gums and their teeth Um because the lack of vitamin C because It's scurvy they use these Sailors used To sail will sail for three five up to Six months or whatever Um and not eating oranges nor lemons nor Uh grapefruit and so on and so forth They used to only eat fish what else Bread water And so on so that's the reason why these People used to have scurvy moreover Vitamin C [Music] Um And copper are essential vitamins and Minerals in order for our body to Produce collagen That's quintessential for your skin Uh hair and nails it's basically Basically it's a structural protein in All of our body when it when it comes to Beauty it's very important that you have Enough collagen because take remember This when you are 25 30 years old from

That time in your life forward your body Stops producing enough collagen Therefore wrinkles appear Cellulitis Your hair Your hair's growth Is not as Let's say quick and it was when you were 20 or 15 years old your nails growth It's also slower Than when you were very young so by the Time you hit your 25 your 30s your 40s You must you must If you want to say be uh beautiful Healthy sexy good looking handsome if You want to be like that start eating Oranges on a regular basis I would Recommend you I would encourage you to Eat at least Three four five oranges every single day Instead of junk food just look into my Oranges here I'm at the clinic in the Clinic I'm I have my all my oranges here Which I eat Basically every single day Okay you got it Uh just remember we have the coffee Legend for sale here on Amazon USA well It's it has collagen coffee uh biotin Pantothenic acid uh what else inulin What else it has copper and many other Important elements to to give nutrition To your hair to your skin and to your Nails it's an amazing product on for

Sale on Amazon called philajin Okay moreover about oranges It also has this antioxidant called Lymonim okay Um remember this vitamin c does not Fight against a common cold uh viral Infections and so on against How people think actually oranges fight Viral infections because this because of This antioxidant alimony you got it of Course lemons also have this Antioxidants okay you got it this also Have helps against obesity the number One disease in the U.S You got it also one recommendation if You want to lose weight like this And be healthy sexy Handsome good looking beautiful gorgeous Riveting fetching Okay I would recommend you to fast with Oranges one day per week so let's say Monday just pick one day of the week Monday you you have to eat only oranges And water or tea that specific date Nothing else how many oranges can you Eat okay you can eat I don't know 30 Oranges 10 whatever it's that that's up To you And uh you can take you can drink water And tea but that's it no that's it Nothing else just oranges once one day Per week and you will lose weight and Look beautiful like Eddie Lamar like there were a car like

Ingrid Bergman like uh All these beautiful girls like Carrie Grant You got it okay You can also you can you can also look Uh as ugly as Jack Black if you're Looking for that I can tell you why on Another video I will tell you how to be Ugly and fat and how to be bold if you Lose all your hair and so on but no this Is a positive video today okay also we Have the the oranges have Carotenoids which is a antioxidant which Which can be uh split into other two Antioxidants beta carotenoid and the Lutein just remember this When a person has 70 years old it's very Often they they suffer a disease age Related macular degeneration Basically where we See in our eye It's in the part of behind the either Retina there's a little spot out there Called the macula Which basically means staying in the Greek Latin American Grammar Roots okay got it that's where We actually See things and there it is related it Sends a neurological transmission back To the occipital lobe in our Well brain When someone has these disease Ophthalmologists

Recommend to take lutein on a regular Basis because this Antioxidant stops the quick progression Of the disease Plain and simple but it wouldn't it be Wiser to eat looting on a regular basis Before you have this Disease yes that's my recommendation to You that's why I'm telling you to eat Oranges on a regular basis Also carotenoid uh beta carotenoid okay It helps against Hyperplasia of prostate How many guys how many men out there Have A big prostate and can't urinate Correctly it cannot pee correctly they Have to wake up every two hours during The night in order to pee if they can Pee by the way most of them can't cannot So take oranges on a regular basis also For them I'm gonna deviate for for from the top From the main topic but what the heck The important thing is that you get Healthy Read about men I'm talking to men right Now if you have Prostate problems and you have a big Prostate do these exercises keggle Exercises I don't know 1 000 Repetitions of this Um exercise and you will get get much

Better In less than one month yes believe me Okay Moreover it has also oranges have Flavonoids One of them is called the Narin genin Okay it is an antibacterial antiviral And other stuff which one of the most Important is that it decreases the Um activity of aromatase it's an enzyme In the ovaries so for women I already Talked about men now I'm talking about Women okay got it Every single women in their ovaries You girls have okay the ovaries In this tissue you have this enzyme Aromatase it converts testosterone into Estrogens that's healthy that's normal However when a woman has Some some [Music] Ovary tumors and some breast tumors Are estrogen dependent so in other words The more estrogen they have The more likely the tumor will grow In this specific patients In order to fight back against this Problem orange just decreases the Activity of aromatase hence less a Quantity of estrogens Got it it's very easy guys if you if you If you Labs want to learn more about Physiology Anatomy herbs natural Remedies and so on and so forth uh

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