FREE EBOOKLET Humans are tropical animals, and when we move away from our ideal habitat, optimal health is more difficult to attain. Today I share some of my experiences with you from growing up in Norway and how to cope with it.

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So today I want to talk about the Biggest challenge might even complain a Little bit the biggest challenge about Not living in a tropical client let's Set the record straight human beings the Human species is a tropical animal this Is obvious to anyone who thinks about it Really you know if we were if we were Adapted to this climate if we were Adapted to Norway Europe North America Anywhere outside the tropics if we were Adapted to that we wouldn't have to put On clothing we wouldn't have to close The door and live inside houses we Wouldn't have to use heating to survive The Tropic is the only place where we Can stay year-round without clothes Essentially not just anywhere of course If you're up on a mountain even though You're in the tropics you won't really Do very well so it's not just about Being in tropics it's about being in an Appropriate place in the tropics can Also be too hot in the tropics some Places of course and during the summer In even outside the tropics it's Possible to live there quite healthy if Not very helpfully so I'm not saying That it's just as black and white as Tropics or not but biologically speaking We are adapted to a tropical climate That being said we are also humans which Means we have a mind and we can we can Imagine things we can make plans and we

Have dreams and we were curious and Thank God I love that fact about human Human myths I love my human experience And part of that experience is to go Traveling and explore places that are Beyond our biological capacity so we we Explored the world we went out of Africa We went out of where we orange Originated and we went into as far as Norway and further even and here we are Humans established way outside the Tropics where it's our natural habitat Still living a fairly happy life right And we do that by using tools like Clothing like houses like Heating and we do lots of other things Too that we need tools for we need Choose to walk around because in the Winter especially because it's cold on The ground and we use cars to get around Maybe skis when we work on the snow you Know that we use tools that's the thing About humans we use lots of tools now What I wanted to touch on today was the Biggest challenge the thing that bothers Me the most when I am outside of a Tropical climate is having to stay Indoors being inside a house Yes bogged down by clothing that's also Another thing all the clothing but also The fact that you're inside the house And the thing is I'm okay with being Inside the house in fact I enjoy it I Like a house I prefer that over living

Just like out without any form of Shelter I don't see why we would need to Do that you know making many animals Make shelters it's a natural process for Us to build a roof over a head and a Little bit of protection against the Wind and all that and so I quite enjoy Houses but I enjoy them as long as the Door can stay open as long as the Windows can be open as long as there is A airflow coming through there are Several reasons there's the airflow Coming through and there's also the Sounds of the birds of the wind which Makes it less sterile because when you Close the door which you have to do at Certain times of the year because it's Simply too cold outside you not only Create a indoor air climate which is not Healthy because there's things coming up There's gases coming off the materials There gas is coming off with paint These things are polluting there's also Dust and then there's the lack of oxygen Lack of fresh air so in winter I find This is difficult to strike that balance Between keeping the heat and Keeping it warm and comfortable so I Don't have to wear a jacket inside and At the same time airing it out enough to Get enough oxygen in and eventually it Gets so cold that that balance is Impossible to strike you have to keep it Pretty much closed all day long which

Creates terrible air quality inside There's a ways around it I'm sure but Anyway these are the this is probably The biggest challenge and like right now It's August it's always so it's not it's Not winter but Norway you know it's it's Getting towards autumn and it's probably About 15 degrees outside right now 15 Degrees Celsius so you know it's not Cold I can go outside it's no problem in Fact I should probably keep that door Open right now it's not it's okay but Having it close to this morning just Because it was a little bit chilly made Me sort of think about that a little bit And realize how it was for me during the Winters growing up and how it's been for Me the last few years the times that Have been in Norway during the cold Periods of the air and I think that That's really the biggest challenge That's really the main thing that draws Me away from this climate during the Winter half of the air and of course It's not that you can't go outside Because of course you can be outside I'm Gonna go for a run and you can go for a Walk you can be outside Lots and work in The garden whatever it's not I think Cold and you can do that year round by Putting on up enough clothing and I Recommend you do that too if you are in A climate like this get outside every Single day get that fresh air get that

Sunlight even if there's it's overcast Just get some daylight you know get some Movement and then it's much easier to Cope when you are inside the house but Yes I'm complaining a little bit that's That's this is challenge this is a Challenge living in a place where you Have to close yourself off from nature Put yourself put clothing on your body I Like to be liked minimal clothing Outside and inside but just keeping that Link with with with the fresh air with The earth The birds and the flowers and the bees So yes I guess it's just a little rant Really but for for the end of this video A little bit of positive advice get Outside like I just said no matter what Get outside every day and I do highly Recommend that you go somewhere tropical For the winter really because the Tropics is the only place where we can Truly thrive as human beings where the Fruit is excellent and it's fresh and It's delicious and it's nutritious and Ripe and where the Sun is strong enough To produce enough vitamin D because That's another problem of course as we Progress through the year here in Norway We're coming to a point where there's Not enough strength in the Sun isn't Strong enough for the angle of the Sun Isn't such that it's producing a vitamin D which is a big problem so you know get

Out of the wherever you are go traveling Go traveling for part of the air if it's Just a few weeks or if it's a month or a Couple of months or even as much as Three four five or six months half the Year and go to that tropical climate That's something I highly recommend or At least subtropical climate which is Halfway there and can still be Sufficient so you can check out our Ebook of course about traveling I'll put A link to it here where we talk about How to do that how to pack your backpack And how to make it happen in your life In general because sometimes it can be Difficult to arrange such a such a thing Anyway so do check that out for tips on Traveling and in the meantime you know Do the best you can coping and you know I'll watch this video back myself and Then I'll you all take it as advice for Myself because we all need including Myself we all need that encouragement And And also to know that there are others Out there in the same situation so I Know you're paying you know if you're Not in the tropics which probably most Of you guys are not if you're if you're In a similar climate like I am here and I know how you feel about it I know that That indoors feeling that kind of dark Is quiet so quiet so it's like dead Quiet when you close the door is just

Dead quiet except for the fridge just Quiet and it's a bit too quiet I find so I dunno how that feels and the solution Is basically there is really no solution Except going to the tropics but you can Cope with it by getting outdoors every Single day moving your body and doing Something during the middle of the day And not just sort of hanging around in The house walking around and bored if You're bored get out there you know put On some clothing or whatever you need to Do go out for a long walk or go for a Run or take the bus somewhere I mean Just do something don't stay stuck Inside the house and then of course when It comes to airing out make sure you Find that balance between getting that Fresh air inside the house yet keeping It warm enough so you don't have to have Too many clothes on it's a balance Alright I think that's all for today Thank you for watching as always thanks A lot to all the patreon supporters Really appreciate that support if you're Interested in joining a patreon there's A link in the description down below we Share monthly Q&A videos for patrons Only and we also have live hangout where You can talk those live in the question And comments and that sort of thing Enjoy your day make the best out of it Go to the tropics when it gets too bad And enjoy whatever is good because

There's always something good even when Everything sucks so with something good As well see your honor You

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