My Protein Sources: Whole Foods Plant-Based

I give you all of my significant plant-based, whole foods protein sources that I eat on a daily basis.

Note: I realize the Peanut Butter is not ‘whole foods’ however the variety that I make with my blender is much closer to whole foods. See here:

Remember, eating whole foods, plant-based is a lifestyle, not a diet. Change your mindset to think long term for optimum health. By eating plants, your body will thank you, the earth will thank you and the animals will thank you.

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Plants, for the win!

Hey guys Wanted to make this video about where do I get my Whole food vegan protein Sources hopefully the lighting in this Movie is a little bit better than the One i made Yesterday hopefully it's not too Obnoxiously bright But um so put very simply let's let's Just Start at it here um beans Right i don't as a whole pay attention To my protein sources i don't really pay Attention to Any macronutrient in particular i just Make sure that I eat enough to until i'm satisfied And i kind of let all the macronutrients Sort themselves out But uh beans are very high in protein Chronometer puts beans at 20 of the Calories are coming from protein These this brand the wegmans brand and If you don't know what wegmans is Wegmans is a Chain of grocery stores in the northeast I highly recommend checking them out Um these kidney beans are 32 Protein so there's quite a difference There but still Um pretty significant amount of calories Coming from protein And the criteria before i go further the

Criteria That i have um the reason why i'm Presenting these foods to you is because They eat these foods i eat them Regularly and they have Over 10 percent of their calories coming From protein In my opinion that's significant when We're talking about 80 10 10 where approximately 10 of your Calories should be coming from protein Anything more than that You know anything more than that is Significant so the second food That i want to highlight is oats alright So these are rolled oats You can get the steel cut oats and you Can also get the instant oats although I would recommend the old-fashioned Rolled oats Or the steel cut oats so These oats are 13 protein I didn't really look them didn't really Bother to look them up on chronometer Because the nutrition facts are on the Back But really really love oats i eat them Many Multiple times a day and oats are also Great They have 10 of your daily need of iron And i'll get into iron a little bit Later in another video The third food is broccoli now

Surprisingly You wouldn't think that broccoli would Be very high in protein but Chronometer puts it at 16 of the Calories are coming from protein So that's pretty significant um Very green great food it's a superfood Superfood And the fourth one that i want to Highlight is peanut butter Um you know peanut butter is much higher In fat than a lot of other whole plant Foods so that's why i keep it in Moderation I eat it occasionally a couple Tablespoons a day And this wegman's brand is 16 So 16 of the calories are coming from Protein And that's about it Those are my significant protein sources I'd be very interested to hear what your Significant protein sources are on a Whole foods plant-based diet and just to Keep in mind too I guess three out of four of these you Know with the exception of the peanut Butter They also have in common they have very High fiber levels So not only are you getting your protein But you're getting your fiber Which is also very good for your health So thank you for watching

And i'll be posting more of these videos Soon having to do with My carbohydrate sources and my fat Sources Thanks so much

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