My Crazy Covid Christmas! | Weekly Carbon Diet Coach Check In | Holly T. Baxter

My Crazy Covid Christmas! | Weekly Carbon Diet Coach Check In | Holly T. Baxter

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Hey guys welcome back Wow Who had a fun christmas and new year I did But i definitely had covert so let me Backtrack a little bit a few weeks ago It feels like months ago When we were talking about lane's 40th Birthday celebrations um just a few days After Everyone basically from that party or Event Got covered so one of our staff members That came along to the party his wife um Hadn't started developing the symptoms Yet but obviously had been contagious Enough to give it to joey and then half Of us all went back to their house Because they were having a housewarming So after lane's birthday all the girls That are at the party went over and kind Of celebrated their you know purchasing Their new home So Anyone that went to that event all got So sick so i think wednesday Um i went in and got my coven test um i Put a few things up on my story that Week and was like yay sitting for three Hours waiting to get my cover test in The car Because i don't let you leave once You've registered or checked in Um yeah and i came back positive so the

Symptoms for me and i guess it's been Pretty similar just listening to my Clients and looking online and watching Like friends that have all had it as Well I started off with a really bad migraine And that was almost like the key for me To go you're not right because i never Get headaches so to have this throbbing Migraine like i thought maybe my wisdom Teeth are moving around or something Like that so that was the first bad Symptom and then i started to get this Cough and then every time i tried to do Even any light activity i was like Wheezing Just dying couldn't get a proper breath Of air in so that's kind of how it Started and then just fatigue so I Actually planned to have i think it was Tuesday and wednesday before christmas Off from all my client check-ins So each of the big christmas holidays New year thanksgiving fourth of july Usually i take those weeks off coaching Because most clients actually don't want To check in on those days either and Thank gosh that i did because i just Laid in bed doing a whole lot of not Much because i was pretty beat up so it Wasn't quite the christmas that we had Planned so elaine and i had actually Organised to do a friends miss

With some of our other friends who have All got children We were going none of us have got family Or immediate family uh in the state of Florida so i was like why would you Celebrate on your own let's just get all Of our friends together so i'd gone out And bought Christmas presents for all of their kids And it was ready to go bought all the Food And then that happened so i was like Looks like we're staying home guys so We actually ended up having quite a nice Day actually because we couldn't really Go out and you know be around people we Had to quarantine for 10 days i actually Got two negative covert test results Back i think after seven so i was good To go but we got the kids lots of Outdoor stuff for christmas presents so We had olivia out on her new roller Blades we bought a bow and arrow so we Actually were out like Living life on christmas day and it was Absolutely beautiful weather here um in Tampa and we also got fantastic news So lane and i Put an offering on a home feels like a Couple of months ago now actually and The offer was accepted we're going Through all of our financing and we're Kind of back and forth sending through All the documents

To the underwriters to make sure that Everything can go through And for anybody that owns their own Business you guys will know just how Difficult and time consuming that Process can be because they are looking At everything and What's been super frustrating for us is That for two of our businesses so Outwork nutrition and carbon diet coach We don't yet have two full years of Income tax statements because they're New companies So that's even worse when it comes to You know looking at mortgages and loans So poor lane he offered or volunteered To kind of manage the new house and i Offered and volunteered to kind of Manage everything to do with the Existing hats as well as all of the Packing he's been stressed out and busy With that but we did finally get the Approval done so we actually get to go And sign our contracts i think in a Couple of days like officially Everything's done and we've got our Final walk through with the homeowner This afternoon so That is so exciting for us we have both I guess our dream home is to be on the Water i grew up on the water like my dad Built this incredible boat when we were Kids we were always water water water Like i'm totally a water baby and for my

Entire adult life i've always chosen to Be on the water either as an Apartment building or like a small home Or something So where we've been located here in Florida is actually it's about 40 Minutes 35 minutes depending on traffic Time to get downtown where we go most Weekends when we have some free time it Just made sense and we are so excited i Cannot wait to move it is such a Beautiful home we have our office is Going to be on the top level so it's a Three level house which is so Awesome Um so i cannot wait to show you i might Do like a little bit of a tour of our New place once it's all set up so that's Super fun so that happened that was a Perfect christmas present for elaine and I we both said no presents because we Were doing that or we knew we were doing That and then what's happened we've also Had new year as well so I guess that's often quite a difficult Time for people again being a holiday i Guess there's lots of entertaining and Socializing And it can be again another one of those Moments where people tend to overindulge And gain a little bit of body fat over The holidays so I was trying to be quite mindful and Intentional with my eating over

Christmas holidays i certainly gained a Little bit of weight which you will see When we go through my check-in but Honestly i really just wanted to enjoy Those moments also relax and try and Recover Um since i had covered so for that whole Week wasn't able to do any training like I honestly just did nothing i think i Got up for a couple of 10 15 minute Walks Just to stretch my legs because i was Starting to get some pretty serious back Pain just from being seated Or laying down so I did a little bit of walking so my Energy expenditure went way down that Week and I guess in those situations and i've had People ask this before as well and you Guys probably have thought the same Thing it's oh if i'm sick you know Should i be doing anything to manage my Calories And there's two lines of thought you Certainly can if you're wanting or the Intention is to maintain your weight In which case you could obviously go and Make some adjustments to your calorie Intake Move it down a little bit if you're not Able to exercise as much as you normally Are but for me i thought about it i was Like ah you know we've got christmas i

Would really just like to enjoy myself And just take some time To to just be present you know i hardly Ever get any really um i guess quality Time off usually even if we do have a Day off if we travel somewhere i'm not Just you know focusing on nothing but my Travel i'm still reading emails or doing Posts or answering a q a like i like to Stay busy in business so this was kind Of the one week where i was like oh you Know what i'm going to take a few days Just you know Off the grid so i really kind of just Chilled out ate my normal calories so i Didn't make any adjustments to those at All and of course you know i'm eating Above what my requirements are because I'm not exercising so i did put on a Little bit of weight um for that reason And i do think that this week as i've Started to feel better i've done three Workouts this last Seven day period i have started to see My weight trend back down so we'll have A look at that and see what carbon does For my macros for this current week so First off i haven't done this in a Little while we'll go back and have a Look i guess at my calorie intake my Carb fat and protein for the last few Days so we'll start off with calories You can see there on the weekends Saturday and sunday

Um this was kind of like mine in lane This is new year so the new year was Saturday so 25 25 calories and then Sunday 27 24 so that was yesterday and i Just enjoyed myself we went out for Breakfast We knew we were getting the kids back on Monday and i was like you know what i Just want to have some hearty foods and I do want to talk about food choices Here in a minute too because this has Been super interesting post covert So anyway 2180 look to be my current Average calories And i know that this past week just kind Of trying to pack up the house get Things organized we've had a few big Projects at work where we're trying to Finish them off I haven't been very good with tracking As i'm going i had to do a lot of recall At the end of the day so i kind of sit Down at seven or eight o'clock at night And be like hmm What did you actually eat today and then Because i ate fairly similar i've put in An amount i'm like oh no i think that Was yesterday you know when you just Like i can't quite remember So a lot of estimating and probably some Errors so i think that what we see here Is probably inaccurate i'd say that i Haven't tracked everything to the best Of my ability and i assume

It's probably more so again not only no Exercise also overeating my weight is Going to be up this week but it's not The end of the world We scroll back to the week before So this was on the day after christmas My average calories were 19 at 28. so That was a little bit more consistent But for both weeks if we go and have a Look at my protein averages [Music] So this past week my average was 135 and We can see there on two days 105 113 way low for me Uh and then if we go to the week before The week of christmas i was averaging 122. i had a day where i ate 76 but i'm Pretty sure that was yeah that was the Day that after i had covered and i just Was in bed and i did nothing i had no Appetite at all So Protein has been low and calories have Been met or exceeded so you know what That means guys from a thermic effective Food standpoint my energy balance is Already going to be up because i've Eaten more of those calories from fats And carbs And i've exceeded my requirements so We'll go and have a look at my weight I've been Somewhat consistent i guess for wayne's You can see here

I was up to 66 9 67 won After that higher calorie week 64 65 you Can see it really bounces Around all over the place and that's Definitely due To some fairly Significant calorie cycling so I'm kind of used to seeing this Oscillate in that range and that used to Really bother me But it certainly does a lot less so now Because i know that with a few days of Consistency And getting back to my normal workout Schedule like things kind of just Gravitate back to where they usually are So we'll go and do my check-in and then I do want to talk to you about our food Choices after covered and also something Else that i've been experiencing i think Just with my Um enjoyment and satisfaction around Meals So we'll check in i think i'm actually i Know i'm on time today But you can see there that i don't have Any green lit up which means that this Week i haven't been compliant to any of My targets which i kind of expected if i Or hindsight's a wonderful thing i could Have probably gone back into carbon diet Coach into the settings And given myself a bit more flexibility By changing my maintenance range for the

Two weeks over christmas new year But at the end of the day i can also Very simply just mark a non-compliant And get back on track this week So i'm going to be marking a big old no For this past week and it would have Been like that last week as well just Because i didn't hit my protein Today i weighed in at 66.1 so i am Trending back down i was at 67 A couple of days ago so down a kilo Already which is great and i bet you by Next week i'll be back into the 65s Which is pretty good So am i close to my cycle no probably Will be next week And we'll hit next Does everything look okay And no doubt i'm going to get my macros Repeated to me yes there you go so I'm sitting just under 2000 calories so 1971 Keeping my protein at 140 but again Because my goal at the moment is to lose A little bit of muscle I'm happy to kind of oscillate back even To as far as 130 Um That's still within the kind of range Recommend recommended range for protein Intake but it gives me a bit more Flexibility with my carbs and fats by Taking that down that is my check-in for This week

I will definitely be doing a better job To kind of get back on track i certainly Don't feel my best at the moment partly Because i've been sick but Here's something that i noticed that was Really interesting after having covered So obviously if you go through that Period where you don't have any taste And there was one night i'd made elaine And i have like a new dish i was like Super excited to try it sat down it had Quite a few veggies in it it was very Volumous And i got about halfway through and i Was just like oh i honestly can't taste This This is gross and then like i tried to Keep eating and it almost made me feel Nauseous like trying to push down all Those veggies with no taste And then i had a couple of days with Fairly limited ability to taste anything I could taste I guess saltiness But nothing really beyond that so if i Ate anything it was like a sliced meat Like deli meat or something because it Was super salty but other than that i Was like Like nothing was really appealing at all And then after that as i've gotten my Taste back it's actually really put me Off Like my normal veggie meals which is

Unheard of But i also think that i'm at that point Now where competition was back in august It's now january so you know i've had Five or six months now Where i've been eating pretty similar Foods to what i was doing in contest Prep with the exception of still going Out on the weekends and having a nice Fun meal here and there But i think i have totally exhausted my Normal day-to-day food preferences i'm Done with them i need to create Something new and exciting in my diet in Order to get back on track and be Consistent with my calories and i think The reason i've kind of been really all Over the place lately Is because i'm not enjoying my normal Staples anymore i've just overdone it I've had the same things over and over And over and then what do you do when You're not satisfied with the foods that You've got in front of you you start Looking for other things and the other Things that we've had at the house at The moment it's been the holidays so We've got lovely candies and like i Don't know i guess christmas ice creams And cookies and just just yummy stuff Like hearty stuff so i've been having That instead of like making myself an Actual meal because i don't have a whole Lot of other diversity because i'm so

Used to cooking the same types of things So if there's anything that i have Learned over the last couple of weeks is That number one krover definitely messes With your taste and it may actually have A continued effect afterwards sorry what I was enjoying before because it gave me That nauseous feeling it's like when you Throw up and you just remember the food That made you sick like i know from me When i was a kid i had there was it was Like a chicken sweet and sour chicken And the meal after that i remember being Really sick as a kid i have never had it Ever again so it's like whatever you Felt sick and nauseous on i'm probably Not going to eat and that was my nice Veggie dish So Now i'm going to have to try and find Something new something fun that i Really enjoy And it's been pretty tough because of Ibs so for me i can't just go and pick Up any jar sauce off the shelf for Dressing because they've all got garlic And onion in them and there's not that Many companies at the moment that are Doing different sources to accommodate People with irritable bowel syndrome So I'm probably going to have to get Creative in the kitchen and i haven't Had a lot of time either obviously i've

Packed up our entire house last weekend Almost so you know prepping meals has Not been a priority i've got to move our House stuff out by you know the ninth of The month So I think that i'm going to have to be Okay The next week or two with maybe having a Little bit of Oscillation calorie cycling and i might Not get back to my normal weight quite As quickly as i usually would because i Don't have those routine meals to fall Back on So that's a hard reality i probably will Have to accept and that's okay But i just wanted to share that with you Because i know a lot of people like get Frustrated with their inability to be Compliant for one reason or another and That's certainly something that i have Identified as being a big cause of Problem for me um it's not to say that i Won't have a better week this week i Already know just getting back in the Gym i'm going to feel a little bit more Energized that really gives me vitality If i have a couple of days where i don't Do any movement i just don't feel good i Start to get lethargic sorry That's going to help but i do think that In the next few weeks that will actually Be some homework for me

To get online google some new recipes And perhaps do a little bit of Experimenting on the weekend when i've Got some time so anyway that has been my Last couple of weeks covered christmas Yay we did have a covered party with all Of our covered sick friends so that was Fun But anywho i hope that this video has Been fun i know for me it's been a week Or two since i've checked in with you so It's been nice to kind of share that And what's been happening in our lives And if you guys have got any questions About carbon diet coach um or anything That i have discussed please feel free To leave me a comment We do have all of the links to our Products and services in the description If you're watching this on instagram you Can always check out my link in my bio It has the Plethora of services and products are Listed where you can go straight to it And check it out so Anyway i hope you all had a wonderful New year And i look forward to checking in with You again next week

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