My 4-Day High Protein Vegan Meal Plan

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Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or just someone who is adventurous and likes to try new stuff from time to time, this meal plan is for you because the food is delicious, nourishing and completely plant-based. Today we have a highly requested high protein vegan meal plan.

Many of us are introducing more plant-based meals into our weekly meal plans. I recently convinced my dad to go vegan to help clear up a lot of his health issues and in just 4 months he’ll lost close to 40 pounds. The vegan diet plan is perfect for weight loss and it’s healthy! What a perfect combination.

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Enjoy the video and let me know what you think about it in the comments below. 🙂


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What's going on guys and welcome back to
the pit man cook kitchen today's video Is a lot of fun because we are doing a
meal prep video now whether you are Vegan vegetarian or just someone who
likes to be adventurous and try out some New stuff from time to time
this video is for you because the food Is delicious and nourishing and
completely plant-based wait wait with a Wait don't turn off don't turn off
because let me just tell you right now Plant-based food is amazing I have
received so many stories from all of you From across the world about how you are
introducing a lot more plant-based Recipes into your own diet in fact if
you follow me on Facebook and Instagram Then you know that recently I convinced
my dad to finally go vegan just to clear Up a lot of his health issues and in
just four months guys he's lost close to 40 pounds he's looking great and feeling
wonderful so what more convincing do you Need oh yeah and no worries
I've actually met some vegan Bodybuilders and they can assure you
that you will not lose all your Hard-earned muscle on a plant-based diet
just like last time guys I'm gonna be Making this meal plan available on
Fitness calm but also making the Completely customizable for you in the
meal prep pro app all right if you are Ready to roll up your sleeves for some
delicious plant food I think then let's Get started first up we're making a
creamy high-protein apple pie smoothie First chop up an apple then add it to a
blender along with coconut yogurt almond Milk chia seeds rolled oats your choice
of vegan protein powder cinnamon nutmeg And a little Stevie if you want it
sweeter lend it up until smooth Place all the dry ingredients in plastic
or paper bags to get ready for the week And cut the Apple fresh each morning Next we're making a spicy peanut butter
tempeh with brown rice and delicious Purple cabbage slaw first let's make the
sauce you're gonna add peanut butter soy Sauce coconut sugar chili garlic sauce
rice vinegar ginger garlic and a little Hot water mix it up and set it aside
cut up the tempeh into small pieces then Add them to a bowl pour in the sauce mix
it all together and marinate for two to Three hours or overnight in the fridge
place the pieces on a baking sheet lined With parchment paper spray them with a
little olive oil then bake for 25 to 30 Minutes at 375 now while they're baking
prep the rice then the slaw – purple Cabbage add agave sesame oil and fresh
lime mix it up then bring it all Together first a brown rice then the
cabbage slaw that tasty tempeh drizzle

On the leftover sauce and garnish with
green onion and fresh lime next step We're making a high-protein vegan snack
pot that even pop I would love – a jar Or container you're going to add thought
edamame some thawed peas some sesame Seeds and a splash of soy sauce top it
all off with some red chili garlic sauce And fresh cilantro And for dinner we are going to Italia
okay was too much was all right guys We're making some Italian veggie
meatballs and whole wheat spaghetti Check it out
two mill flaxseed we're going to pour in Some water mix it up and set it aside
then place some kidney beans in a food Processor and pulse blend until smooth
add the beans to a bowl then toss and Veggie ground Italian seasoning garlic
powder black seed mix wheat bread crumbs And a pinch of fresh parsley mix it all
together spray your hands with a little Olive oil then form golf ball sized
veggie meatballs place them on a baking Sheet lined with parchment paper and
allow them to set in the freezer or Fridge for 20 minutes then bake them in
the oven for 20 minutes at 400 bring a Pot of water to a boil then add wheat
pasta and cook it through spray it with A little olive oil to prevent sticking
heat up some marinara and a skillet Didn't bring it all together add pasta
your veggie meatballs and hot marinara Garnish with fresh parsley Alright guys that is it for today's
video I hope that you all enjoyed it and I hope that you are ready just to dive
into some delicious plant-based recipes Mine are ready to go right here as you
can see now if you like this video I Want you to smash that like button below
and also comment below your favorite Recipe from this video also you can get
this the entire prep from zip Minkus Calm and then customize it for your
macros in the meal prep Pro hat alright Guys thank y'all for watching as always
I'll watch other Cupid healthy but of Course never ever boring boom long live
the plan

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