Make dieting easier with high volume meals + progress update

Make dieting easier with high volume meals + progress update

Two weeks post-comp progress update, plus my top tips on how to fill your meals out with high volume ideas!


0:01 – Introduction
0:41 – Progress update
3:28 – Tip #1: Eggwhite & Zucchini Oats
7:50 – Tip #2: Zucchini and Konjac Noodles
12:23 – Tip #3: Cauliflower Rice
14:50 – Tip #4: Vegetable and Large Salads
15:37 – Tip #5: Fluffy Foods
16:39 – Tip #6: Egg Whites
20:08 – Outro

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Hey guys welcome to another video So i'm just chilling here with my my Mali over there i went above and beyond Fit her in this video actually so Today's video is a bit of a theme video So it's all about how i feel my meals Out when in a deficit and when trying to Do calorie control so that i feel full And satiated and actually enjoy the Dieting process so i put all of my Favorite go-to's in this video Then just a little bit of a progress Update the timestamps are below the Video just in case you want to skip Ahead to a particular part yeah Otherwise that's it good morning guys Just a little kind of physique update a Few people asked me if i could Talk through the like reverse dieting Process and then what i do post conf i Just thought with every video like no Matter what the topic is i'll probably Just throw in where i'm at and then i'll Make a video about it specifically a bit Later when i'm done this is currently Where i'm at like physique-wise um Everything Looks about the same you could almost Say which is Like i'm gonna be honest like a little Bit shocking to me i wasn't quite Expecting that as i've explained in Other videos i've been hungry non-stop Which is the whole point of this video

Actually the one that you're watching Now we're about to watch post comp your Body just wants to put on fat anyways I've been hungry hungry hungry but i Just jacked my protein up really high to About 200 220 grams just thought i'd be A bit fuller i might have mentioned Before that my calories are about 16.50 I just increased them on tuesday till 1800 just because they kept nibbling Over anyway so i kept having like an Extra piece of dark chocolate and then You know a little bit extra oats a Little bit extra egg white and lava so I'll just put them up and i just didn't Check in now so it's saturday so it's Almost two weeks post comp and the same Weight again and my thigh was one half Of a centimeter smaller and i just it's Just bizarre to me but anyway so i Mentioned another video that um I'm going to do photos on the 8th of December and after that i'm going to Increase my calories more so it's Looking really promising for that so i Should be able to maintain this until Then and then i can start my proper Reverse so at the moment i'm eating About four or five hundred calories a Day more than i was when i was dieting And instead of ten cardio sessions i now Have five And i've done four and a half weight Sessions a week probably more accurately

A one pole class pole dancing class Which is very strength based so all is Surprisingly On track and i say surprisingly because Post comp is a tough period leaving Myself pan on the back for that Haven't gone crazy i've had planned Cheat meals keep going and i will Keep updating you actually Might actually look better than i did When i competed but you know whatever so That is my Update and i'll see you in the next clip Hey guys the biggest thing with dieting I guess is like you feel That you are low on food you know so you Look at your meal and you just think This is not enough food i'm going to be Hungry so a lot of it's like a Psychological thing and You know there's different ways that you Can fill your meals out and have like Really low calorie meals with lots of Food on the plate so it just means that You're eating for longer you know so It's just kind of i guess it's a little Mental trick but also fills your Belly up a little bit more yeah so i was Just going to show you a few meals that I've been having lately which kind of Utilize this principle First one is going to be oats you may Have seen like if you've watched any of My previous videos that i was having

Rice porridge and i was putting zucchini And egg white in it so i do the same Thing with my oats it took me years to Do the zucchini oats thing so i did not Believe in it i thought no i don't even Like zucchini but i got desperate enough This last prep and i tried it and now i Just can't stop doing it yeah so let's Just say a normal oat serving you might Have like a cup or you might have like 80 grams or something like that that's About 60 grams of carbs 50 to 60 grams So when you're you know in a deficit You're going to be having much less Carbs than that so your oat serving Might be like 40 grams and for some People that's enough you know but for me I like to have a big meal i like to feel Full after i eat so what i do is mix Grated zucchini and then i also use egg White to kind of fluff it all up so that I actually end up with about twice the Volume of food for the same calories so And what i also do is i put some casein Custard on top instead of just mixing Like a wpi through The oats and it makes it a little bit Dessert like but also really still Healthy so What we have for this one so i've got my Oats like already way down there's 40 Grams in there With just a bit of sea salt and cinnamon Then i've got 100 grams of grated

Zucchini which i did earlier Then i've got 100 grams of egg whites And then i have some custard so this is Just muscle nation chock mint custard so This is choc mint themed oats and you Can do this with any chocolate and any Custard flavor you like um and then i've Just got this one which is like mint Nutmeg chocolate so no sugar added dark Chocolate so it's kind of like chocolate Oats um other combos i like to do uh Like choc orange so i'll put vanilla Custard or chocolate custard protein Custard with choc orange or i have plain Chocolate or you can have coconut rough Chocolate or you know whatever your Favorite dark chocolate is this works Perfectly so pretty much all you do is Just quickly cook up the oats these are Quick oats takes about one minute you Mix through the egg white and it takes About Maybe two minutes of just um constant Mixing you'll see it kind of get fluff Up and start to get a bit firm and then Add in the zucchini mix that through And then Pour that on top and then put three Squares of this on top so Yeah i'm gonna do that now And show you how to do it [Music] So i've got my porridge all cooked up so As you can see it's like quite thick now

Yes the zucchini does always look a Little bit gross but yeah it should be Nice and thick and gluggy like that So what was now a little bit of oats is Now about double the size And i'm just going to put that in a bowl And then i'm going to top it with Custard and put the dark chocolate on Top and leave it to melt a little bit [Music] He said that is my little breakfast hack For filling out my breakfast and making It last much longer as you can see so The chocolate's gonna melt and because It's casein custard it's a slower Digesting protein this is the custard Protein just in case you haven't heard Of it before the other hack is to eat it With a tiny little spoon And it will last much longer [Music] Hey guys so i just had what is probably The worst workout in a long time i was So excited it it's leg day and i was Like i'm gonna just smash my legs for an Hour it's gonna be the best thing ever But all i managed to do was like a bit Of a warm up and then squats and then Some lunges and my legs were so crimped I had to then move on and finish my Session with back and shoulders so Anyway we'll get back there what i was Going to show you now is just another High volume food so what i'm making is

My version of sweetie bolognese it's not A proper escape spaghetti bolognese it's Just something that i'm really into at The moment it just involves beef mince Tomato paste and black olives i was Having it all through prep and i just Got really obsessed with it and what i'm Gonna do is fill it out with zucchini Noodles and these so cognac Noodles these all you do there's Literally no calories in them i don't Really understand what cognac is or what It's made of but it's never hurt my Stomach before and i just keep eating Them when i need to feel full so like i Said before i want to stay full because I'm on a calorie deficit and it's Important that i don't get the urge over And over to overeat i'm going to fill Myself up with these and zucchini Noodles which are Here i have to get these for 50 cents Pretty good that's what i'm going to do So i'm going to cook up the onion i'm Going to cook up the mushrooms and the Tomatoes and then which is something i Didn't add before prep because i was Keeping it real simple and just sticking To the green veg but now we're going to Have lots of variety and being able to Show you how these Are prepared All you do Open

They just look like this very exciting And i just use the bowl that i'm gonna Eat from you need a Strainer Like so And then basically Cut this open and [Music] Like so Just go like this because we don't want That slimy stuff These heads don't judge my sink You've been working a lot today pretty Much just do this Give a rinse then you're trying to dump In your bowl and you're just going to Soak them while you're preparing your Food so that's it let us sit in water Pretty simple And they just sit there while you cook And then you basically just pour them Back into the strainer rinse them again And then i always toss mine into the pan To heat my food up but you can literally Just put your food straight on it and Mix it through if you want i like to Heat them up i think it tastes better That's it [Music] Now let's get to making my high volume Bolognese situation with this so i've Got my Cognac noodles Then i have my zucchini noodles i'm

Going to use a half a pack of this and Then i'm going to add in 312 grams of That mixture to the meal and that's Going to be my lunch [Music] So that's it that's how you make a super High volume meal so this one if i just Had the beef on its own it would Probably be about a quarter of the Amount of food so a quarter of the Amount of time to eat it you know and The longer you eat the fuller you Usually get because obviously you're Digesting as you're eating more and yeah It's only about 250 calories maybe 280 But i'll pop it up on the screen and Show you obviously a little bit of Parmesan or cheese could be nice but i'm Not having dairy this week yet bring That in in a couple weeks time i'm gonna Go and enjoy this and catch in the next Video [Music] Hey guys so this is my next tip for Filling out your meals and staying full When in a deficit or when trying to Control your appetite and body weight And that is to use cauliflower rice what I have here i've already kind of cooked It up so that's four meals worth of Chicken fried rice so in this particular Meal i've got a whole pack of Cauliflower rice you can either chop it Up yourself or you can just buy a packet

It's a 500 gram packet and it's just got Chicken peas corn and tea a little bit Of bacon and Some onion so what i would do is around The start of my prep like around the Side of my dining i was having normal Rice and as i got closer i started Replacing some of that rice with Cauliflower rice so what you end up with Is the same volume of food so you can Eat the same amount of food you can be Chewing on your food for longer and Digesting it for longer but you're just Getting less of the calories you know so What would started off with like a cup Of rice per meal ended up being like Three quarters of a cup then a half a Cup and let's just say i got up to a Half a cup i would then also have the Cauliflower rice the thing is like Depends if you like cauliflower so People can put cauliflower in cakes or In their oats or well pretty much in any Meal i'm not a massive fan of Cauliflower this is the only way that i Really like to eat it in this what i did Was it can sometimes get a little bit Soggy so i actually cooked egg through It as well and that what it does is it's Kind of i don't know if i can really Show you but Let me try to show you like it kind of Makes it um i don't know if you can see It kind of makes it a bit harder so it

Sort of dries it out a little bit yeah So this is five days worth of lunch and I get 400 grams of this as a serving so A lot of food volume wise again it's Just about creating more volume for Lower calories that you can eat for Longer and you you don't look at your Meal and just go oh is that all you know Because when you're really hungry look At your food and you feel sad so that's What happens to me i like to have as Much food as possible and veggies are The best way to do it and cauliflower You know can substitute for that it's Time for my lunch so i'm going to weigh Out 380 grams of this and i'm gonna heat It up and then i'm going to enjoy that And i'm gonna be nice and satiated when I'm finished okay so you see this It's quite a lot of food hey delish okay So all heated up as you can see really Nice big bowl of Chicken cauliflower fried rice This is just one of my other meals and Just another example of staying full so As you can see there's like a turkey Patty in there which i just have is like A lettuce burger which tastes better Than what you think it's just the Novelty of it i guess and look how many Veggies i have no so vegetables are Such a good way of filling up your Stomach um one because you have to chew Them for ages and then two because super

Low in calories and super high in fiber So i literally ate two hours ago and i Ate a meal of about 450 calories and i Am already hungry it's just better to Eat a large amount of food you know a Lot of volume when your calories are a Bit lower and just allow yourself to Have that because it's just going to Make sticking to everything so much Easier Hey guys so another way that you can Fill out your meals when you're in a Calorie deficit is by switching out Normal carbohydrate foods for what i Would call fluffy foods so things that Kind of blow up and are full of air as An example i have popcorn here It was 40 grams already ate some of it But this for example is equivalent to One half of a cup of rice cooked rice You know so either you can sit here and Eat this plus probably another half to One cup of popcorn which i made myself Or you can buy it in a packet or you can Just have one half of a cup of rice with Your meat and veg so it comes down to Preferences so normally i'd have the Rice but on those days where i'm feeling Particularly starving and i'm more than Happy to switch it out for homemade Popcorn okay so on this popcorn is Napkin which is like sugar-free Sweetener plant-based one and some Cinnamon some paprika and a little bit

Of coconut oil spray just to cook them Just to pop them in and some sea salt so Yeah fluffy foods So this next tip regarding volumizing Your meals and creating more food for Less calories is dedicated to egg whites So as you will have seen earlier i used Egg whites in my oats to bulk and fluff Them up i also Put egg white in my cauliflower rice and Then now i'm going to use it to create a Pancake so i have done the pancake on Other videos you know but i'm just going To do it here i'm not going to show you Actually how i make it just in case Because you've probably already seen it I'm just going to show you like what you Can create in terms of size of meal For amount of calories so the egg whites That i use are these as you can see There is an athlete on the front so that Means you should use these so egg whites Just get them in a bag because you want To be able to use a large amount of egg Whites because you can actually eat a Lot For very little calories and it's just Pure protein so it's perfect for that When i make a pancake you can either do Like two whole eggs plus egg whites one Whole egg plus egg whites or you can Just use straight egg whites because Let's just say you have one egg half of Those calories let's just say you have

One egg about two thirds of the calories Is actually in the yolk as fat and Protein and then the other half is in The white which is just protein so to Get a lot of calories from egg whites You're gonna need to have like a half a Cup or a cup or something like that so That's why this is the best option these Ones you buy Um in woolworth's it's in the fruit like With the frozen fruit and also like in Kohl's you can buy normal kind of Cartons of egg whites they're the two Main ones that i've seen in australia For this particular pancake i'm having Two whole eggs and then i'm going to Have 150 grams of egg white And i'm gonna fluff it up so another pro Tip with baking powder So my preference for baking powder is to Have the no added aluminium okay because I'm sure you can like you know aluminium Is a toxic metal and i'm sure you can Kind of compute like why would i have Aluminium in my baking powder when i Cannot you know so Aluminium free baking powder you get it From the health food shop and obviously As you would know this as most people Probably know this just Acts as a um raising agent so just going To make everything a little bit more Fluffy and pancake like and i'm also Going to use oats so

The ingredients two eggs some egg white Baking powder salt cinnamon and some Oats and some spinach because it's green Pancake but you could also have berries Instead so i shall just make And then i'll be back [Music] So the finished product is a gigantic Pancake it's very big it's quite thick Like a centimeter thick this whole Pancake has 290 calories i'm not actually going to Eat this now this is for tomorrow Breakfast so i'm going to bring to the Gym after cardio and reheat it in the Microwave and eat it then hello again i Hope you enjoyed the content of this Video and i hope it helps you if you're In a deficit or not looking for Substitutes and trying to lower your Calories just a little bit to lose Weight or to feel healthier or whatever It is whatever your goals may be if you Have any comments or questions just pop Them down below And Like and subscribe because as i say at The end of every video i really enjoy Making these videos And i hope to continue to do so so i'm Aiming for one per week and i have to Duck out for my auntie six years Birthday hence why i'm not in gym gear And i will catch you in the next video

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