Macros VS Calories – What To Prioritize For Best Results?

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Should you just pay attention to your overall daily calories or focus on following a proper macronutrient intake (the right amount of proteins, carbs, and fats)? Well, both of them are important, but there are still a few things you must know about to make sure you optimize your physique development for success.
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Now i’m not saying that calories are not Important but what matters much more is Where you get these calories from What’s up guys coach nick coming at you With another video today let’s figure Out what is it more important to focus On to achieve great results is it macros The amount of proteins carbs and fats Consumed during the day or just daily Total calories let’s cover it all step By step Like i said total calories are important Because they will determine whether You’ll be losing maintaining or gaining Weight however if you primarily care About your body composition and the Quality of your results rather than only Changes on a scale it’s crucial to get The quality of these calories right and That’s where macros come into play you Have to make sure you follow the right Macronutrient intake to get the best Results possible because if you look at Calories alone you can still be in a Caloric deficit which is required for Weight loss by eating one mcdonald’s Meal a day So how the hell can you lose weight by Eating mcdonald’s Since the total calories for the day are Still going to be relatively low even Though you eat junk food it’s still one Meal for the whole day you will still be Losing weight because you likely will

Still be in a caloric deficit however it Will be such a shitty weight loss you Don’t want because the quality of your Macros is going to be a complete crap You’re not going to get the nutrients Your body needs fiber vitamins minerals And you just won’t even get enough Protein now if you not only want to lose Weight but also build a gorgeous Physique even though you still have to Get your calories right it’s even more Important to get your macros right in Other words the quality of your calories Which is dictated by your macros and Other important nutrients Matters even more however there is one Significant caveat you have to know About if you love to enjoy alcohol every Once in a while you have to keep in mind That alcohol contains empty calories Meaning no real protein no fats maybe Some carbs but just a lot of calories so You might end up reaching your calorie Goal for the day if you followed your Macros But your total calories will still end Up being higher if you had alcohol even Though you did not get any extra macros Proteins carbs or fats on top of that by The way i have a separate video on Alcohol intake on my channel make sure To check this out because in that video I cover everything you need to know About alcohol intake how much alcohol is

Fine how much is too bad and most Importantly in this video i talk about Three things 90 of people have no idea About in regards to what alcohol does to Your physique development and overall Health all right guys i hope that in This video i made a lot of things clear In regards to macros and calories if you Loved that video make sure to like it Share it leave your comments subscribe Ring that notification bell and stay Tuned for more videos [Music] You

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