Keepin' Up with Me | Intuitive Eating, Mother's Day Beach Weekend and Carbon Anniversary

Keepin’ Up with Me | Intuitive Eating, Mother’s Day Beach Weekend and Carbon Anniversary

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Welcome back to another episode of Keepin’ Up with Me! This episode is all about my Mother’s Day weekend trip to Clearwater Beach, Carbon Diet Coach’s one year anniversary and my thoughts on intuitive eating and flexible dieting.

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel it's Been a couple of weeks since i've done a Check-in So i've got a bunch of things that i Wanted to talk to you guys about before We get into all of my Shenanigans over the last two weeks i Wanted to do a couple of housekeeping Notes the first thing is in the next Couple of weeks So on may 29 and may 30 There is going to be a really great Speaking event It's an online webinar with probably About i'm going to say 10 to 12 guest speakers speaking on topics i Guess related to nutrition and exercise Science And it's with the group called natural Peaking so we actually had A tour in spain i think two years ago i Have kept our connections with those Guys and I know for anybody there that is Interested in learning more about the Science of nutrition You will get so much out of this two-day Event So go and check out uh their instagram Page i'll throw that up here for you so That you can have a look I think it's going to be a great weekend Of education Jam-packed info that's that i'm going to

Be speaking specifically on the topic of Metabolic adaptation I'll be looking at i guess the concept Of reverse dieting and probably throw in A few Uh nuance issues and things that i've Just seen um anecdotally working with Clients and that i have experienced Myself Going through that process hopefully Give you guys some good takeaway points And like practical things that you can Do to kind of help Recover your endogenous metabolic rate So The other thing that i wanted to quickly Talk about was our one-year anniversary For Carbon diet courage so obviously this Particular series Is really about just showing you hand How our nutrition coaching app works But also um i guess just to see how i Kind of Handle different situations and really Try to implement The concept of flexible dieting but also Show you that You know it's okay if you don't have Perfect check-ins every week And that maybe um some of the approaches To nutrition like Intuitive eating or mindful eating can Actually still

Work somewhat closely with our flexible Dieting So we have just announced our winners For Our uh big carbon transformation Challenge So in order to celebrate our one year Anniversary we wanted to be able to give Back to you guys And say a huge thank you so i believe we Actually ended up giving out 10 No 15 lifetime subscriptions originally We were going to have 10 and then just looking over some of The entries i think there were Probably 15 alone fat loss entrance that Could have won easily so we ended up Just giving away More so that we still had five winners From the reverse diet And muscle building category as well so If you would like to check out who our Winners are you can go over and have a Look at The carbon diet coach instagram page and See Who took away our lifetime coaching Subscriptions So massive congratulations to all the Folks that put in their Entries huge congratulations and We are very excited to have you on board For a lifetime of carbon Okay so this weekend was

Mother's day we actually went away i was In friends of ours Um to the beach which is lovely when she Didn't have the kids this this mother's Day they are with their mama Sadly didn't get to spend any time with The kids but we did have a wonderful Weekend So we went to the beach had two nights In a beautiful resort um in clearwater Here in florida so if anybody is Contemplating doing maybe a trip To florida and wants a nice beach Location I would highly recommend the hotel that We stayed in it was called the Sand pearl it is stunning the views are Just Incredible and the restaurant there like For someone that really enjoys food It was probably one of the better Restaurants that i've eaten at When it comes to like staying in a hotel And not feeling like you need to leave At all so we had a really nice weekend And i definitely needed a bit of a break I feel like The last few months have just been Incredibly stressful and lane and i Really don't get a huge amount of time To spend together so yeah that was Definitely something that we We definitely needed something that i Wanted to talk about before i jump into

My check-in for the last for this one Last week was the Idea that intuitive eating or Mindful eating can be a dieting strategy That or a strategy that can help in the Aid of fat loss so i'll first talk about That and i also wanted to discuss Can they coexist with something like Flexible dieting First off i think intuitive eating or Mindful eating Just very briefly i won't go into all The details because it's probably a Video on its own But that really is kind of the idea that You are Honoring your internal hunger cues and Your Appetite signals to kind of eat there's No Expectations about the types of foods That you're eating you're really just You know if you're craving this you know And you're hungry like you truly honor That And give yourself unconditional Permission to eat We're thinking about eating with Intention eating mindfully And trying not to eat out of a result Perhaps of a certain emotion A lot of people tend to eat when they Are feeling Sad or if they're stressed and some

People eat If they are feeling i guess frustrated There's a lot of different reasons why We choose to eat and there's also a lot Of sociological factors that play into You know why we might eat And we're not in fact hungry that's Something that i have actually used as A nutrition strategy kind of coming out Of my Life as a competitor you guys have heard Me talk about quite a bit but i still do Track macros So i think there's kind of a few Questions that have been asked about You know can they really work together And are they appropriate strategies for Helping you to maintain your weight and The answer Is well to that question not really These Are approaches that are kind of very Much weight neutral There shouldn't be any expectation that When you start intuitively eating or Mindfully eating that there's going to Be some kind of change To your food choices or a change to your Body composition for that matter That's the first thing that i really Wanted to point out like these aren't Nutrition approaches that are going to Lead to successful weight loss outcomes It's really about helping people improve

Their Psychological health and their Relationship with Food sorry i just had i just moved the Camera around because i noticed that We've got big highlight windows up here But it's just like Ah blasting my face and you don't want To see that anyways Back to intuitive eating and mindful Eating i think that's Quite a common misconception that this Is automatically going to cause Um changes in your body composition and It's certainly not the intention it Really is about focusing on Overcoming poor relationship with food And i guess the underlying issue Is often to do with our body image Or self-image and how we kind of feel About ourselves You know when we're trying to blend Something like that with flexible Dieting It's kind of like to me they can coexist I've really tried to Apply some of the principles behind that While still Following some kind of macro target and I have absolutely found That my relationship with food has Improved I've also kind of learned to let go of That like perfectionist

Mindset if i previously you know would Track my macros It was i really had to keep a tight Control on them every single day It was very limited flexibility and you Know if i made a mistake like that was It and how that would impact me on an Emotional level Was quite significant i think you know One of the things that has helped me Improve is just kind of letting go of Some of the stress Around flexible dieting but more to the Point like it's enabled me to Be comfortable in a bigger state of flux Or weight fluctuation my final answer on This Is yes i do think that they can coexist And i mean if we just look at kind of What flexible dieting is like a lot of That is Potentially meal planning and those two Like factors you can still practice Those If you are you know trying to eat Mindfully or eat Intuitively really meal planning is just Choosing foods perhaps at the beginning Of the week that you hopefully enjoy To save you time hopefully to save you Money And just to lower the overall stress Um about kind of choosing foods when You're feeling really

You know busy and rushed you know if we Look at what meal prepping actually is That's really just preparing food Probably in bulk again Potentially to save you time potentially To save you money And just reduce the amount of stress can Often come with having a busy schedule And just having to rush to make a Decision around your food So i do think that those practices can Still be incorporated It's just you know looking more closely At some of the other Existing beliefs that you might have so A couple of things that i wrote down was Flexibility If you're going to practice you know Flexible dieting And you're trying to repair or work on The psychological aspects of health And how you perceive food are you giving Yourself Permission to be flexible so if you've Done some meal planning and you've Prepared meals or maybe you've entered It into your You know food tracking device at some Point during the day Can you still be flexible about that or Is there a really Strong you know feeling or association With i have to do this like there's no Option to change i have to be sticking

To this rigid structured plan If that's the case you know i think That's where we need to kind of reassess And go Okay do i need to change how i'm Implementing this kind of flexible Dieting approach do i need to give Myself Increased flexibility and be less rigid Around it Other things to consider is like when You're doing your meal planning or meal Prepping is Am i making sure that i'm giving myself Sufficient amount of calories Am i eating enough to make sure that i Can sustain all the activities that i'm Going to be doing throughout the day Do i have enough energy to make sure That if i'm training you know i've got Plenty of energy there and it's not Restrictive In nature and then the other couple are Satisfaction so are you enjoying the Foods that you are preparing and Planning Or are these kind of foods that you're Eating With the understanding that there's Going to be some kind of benefit To consuming that specific food even Though you do not Enjoy it so again you know looking at The overall satisfaction of the foods

That you're preparing Like that's a big one for me even though I do a lot of meal prep I really enjoy the foods that i prepare And it just feels Easy the next one is stress um for a lot Of people meal planning and meal prep is Actually A lot more stressful so again i think There's a lot of Individuality that kind of comes into This so flexible dieting Has been a game changer for me and Probably for millions of people However it's not necessarily going to be The best approach For everybody i completely understand That so again Thinking about your individual Personality and whether that's the right Dieting approach for you And then the last one is food variety so When you are incorporating some kind of Meal planning or meal prep And your flexible dieting have you got Enough food variety We know that flexible dieting actually Seems to be superior compared to say a Rigid or a structured meal plan Because it is flexible like you get to Choose more of the foods that you like But again if there's too much rigidity Around your meal planning And meal prepping then we start to kind

Of get into the habit of just eating the Same foods Over and over again and now your Micronutrient diversity Is actually going down so just being Mindful of those Things if you know that some of those Things Are not being practiced even though You're applying the principles of Flexible dieting They might be some areas that you can Consider working on To help you particularly if you're Somebody that is struggling with your Relationship with food that's kind of What i wanted to talk about a little bit Today Because i know that's been a question That's asked quite often especially Since my check-ins are often Non-compliant or i will overeat my Macros Intentionally but that's truly because I'm trying to incorporate A little bit more of that intuitive Eating and mindfulness To help me kind of recover from some of Those native Diet culture contest prep behaviors Around food Let's go and have a look at my check-in For this week Okay so i'm going to hop in and quickly

Pull up My calories my averages for the last Couple of days So we go to my calorie intake you can See there from monday through to sunday Which is my seven day Period my average intake was 1942 so if i Hadn't have had such a high calorie day Yesterday Which is sunday on mother's day i think I probably would have been compliant But again in that moment like previously If i was a competitor and i was being Really like Rigid about my nutrition i would not Have made that decision but i think for Me i was like Okay we're here with friends i don't get To see them very often I'm really enjoying this moment i'd like To be able to share You know this nice dessert with my Friends and i'd like to be able to Have a drink with them out of the boat Today rather than just sitting there And having a water or something so like I made that Intentional decision to go you know what I'm going to Have more calories today i feel fine i Don't feel like i'm Full i'm not forcing food down this just Feels

Right so i had quite a few calories Yesterday you can see that 27 71 for the rest of the week i was pretty On track with my Actual targets so just for those of you Who don't know i'll quickly pop back in And i'll go over to my macro target so You can see there My our current calorie targets are 1732. Um and that they are my maintenance Calories I'm targeting 149 protein 176 carb And 48 fat so if we go over To um calories i just want to pull up What my monthly Averages have been all right guys there Is so much Light in my house we go to um the month View you can actually see here on the Screen That my average calorie intake Is actually being 21.25 so it's Significantly higher than what my Targeted maintenance calories are so i Think What that would suggest is that my true Maintenance Calories if i wanted to maintain the Weight that i'm currently At is probably a little bit higher Than what i'm targeting because every Time i do consistently hit My targets you can kind of see my weight Starting to creep down but i'm never

On it long enough for you know my weight To keep dropping i always end up having A couple of days that are quite a bit Higher in calories like i did yesterday So then my weight kind of comes back up So That's always really interesting to have A look at we'll go over and have a look Now at my protein Intake for this last week my average Protein intake was right on 150 grams So that is a little bit of a one gram Above what my actual targets were But that is definitely insignificant So you can see there yesterday was the Highest day at 181 but throughout the Week Pretty consistent around that 150 mark If we go To my carbohydrate intake for this last Seven day period 215 grams was my average but again like Yesterday Mother's day i had 325 grams they're Quite a bit higher than What i would normally consume but Overall My average was 215 and then Fats so from monday through sunday my Average fat intake was 54 So again there's a little bit more flux With my carbohydrate and fats and again That's totally okay like i'm not Trying to keep my weight perfectly at

One mark I'm totally open to there be more Fluctuation but again i think for those Of you that are following a structured Fat loss plan right now There's certainly something to be said For keeping your carbohydrates and fats Within Close range of those targets just due to The fact that you know when we're eating More carbohydrates as a percentage of Our remaining calories There's going to be more glycogen stored There's going to be more water I would say if you are trying to lose or Actively pursue fat loss right now Try to be consistent with those numbers Um when possible when it makes the most Amount of sense My weight this past week i've only taken It a few times so you can see that my Average is 68.3 So i'm still within my allowable range But that's also knowing i've eaten Considerably more calories So you can see this morning when i weigh In i was at 69.2 67.9 68 And 67.9 not too bad Considering so we'll go and actually Check in With the coach i'm going to check in a Day earlier you should check it on a Tuesday

So you can see there once i compliant to My calories No so i'm just going to go ahead and put No Current weight this morning was 69.2 I did have my menstrual cycle actually This week which is annoying it kind of Came Unexpectedly does everything look okay Complete checking And what do you know my macros are going To be herald Steady so that's kind of where i'm at For this week Again i will try my best to follow those Targets and see what happens I'm actually ever so close to wanting to Do Um a reverse but at the same time i have So many friends And clients that are all competing it's Very Tempting to go back into a fat loss Phase Just to have a like intentional goal i Know that it's been Difficult to not have a goal And not be like oh i'm competing for This or i've got like at least a power Lifting meter or something so I'm kind of getting a little bit like i Can tell that i'm getting itchy feet But at the same time i know that i Probably need to spend a bit more time

Away from contest prep before i consider Doing that again But uh yeah it's an interesting dilemma Because i know that i'd like to have a Goal but i'm not sure What at the moment i don't think i want To do powerlifting again just because It's so taxing on your body I'd like to do fat loss but i also know That's very taxing mentally so i'm like I don't know where i'm at with this at The moment so Yeah i must have a think about what i Might Do but for now i'm just going to keep Plugging away at work And all of our business stuff so Anyways um sorry for all the moving Around today guys I definitely felt a bit distracted During today's updates i can just see This Blaring light in my face but anyway i Hope you guys have a wonderful week Um if you've got any questions about Anything um please leave me a message And i will see you at my next chicken

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