How To Use A Massage Gun On Shin Splints | Physical Therapist Teaches

How To Use A Massage Gun On Shin Splints | Physical Therapist Teaches

Massage guns are all the rage in the DIY/at-home health and healing community. In the last year, we’ve seen tons of companies develop their own versions of the massage gun. But with their growing popularity, most people still don’t completely understand why these percussive instruments even work. Using your massage gun mindfully is having an understanding of what muscles need to be RELEASED and which need to be SIMULATED or ACTIVATED. Using it in the proper direction for the proper muscle is key to seeing a long-term improvement (and not just a short-term relief). Discover the two general rules for using a massage gun and, more specifically, my favorite way to use it on SHIN SPLINTS!

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Filmed and Edited By: Griffin Lisuk
IG: @griffinlisuk

Hi everyone i'm dr justin lin here at Rehab revive physical therapy I'm excited to catapult and spring off That massage gun Review video that we shot back in November Now i've had significant time to play With this massage Gun and i have a better understanding And so we're going to do something on Shin splints what we can do to prepare Our body for safe use was this massage Gun So i'm not ripping my skin off okay You ready yep and making funny faces so I think what important things is to Understand what these heads are And i'll explain in my point of view It's a soft head it's for Anywhere you would use an actual thumb Doesn't necessarily feel like a thumb to Me but I'll kind of explain it in my Perspective and you got the flat head For any body part it says in the bullet Head which is like a deep Trigger tissue what we want to do is We got the shin area a lot of us runners People with flat feet it's important to Know that shin splints all about Fascia and the fashion of getting tight And Different scar tissues that that can be Created so

You could either have it on top here or You can have it on the inside so we'll Kind of explore Both but we've got our ached away pro I've learned to just definitely Appreciate this a little bit more Especially while i'm watching netflix or Something like that so What i think here a lot of people need To understand kind of the basic anatomy You've got your posterior tib over here Tibialis muscle And your anterior tibialis muscle and You've got all these different muscles Think of it as thirds Your posterior tibialis your soleus Muscle and then your calf your gastroc Muscle Sometimes they get stuck because we just Have repeatedly Beat up our ankle or whatnot but you Want to work the muscle fibers the way They go So i think it's good for a couple Minutes To kind of warm up our body because it Doesn't have penetrate with as much Depth this doesn't have as much depth as Let's say this one where it's really Jamming into you What i want to do is if you want to make This stronger Let's say right here or make this less Tight

You want to go towards the Ankle this is one proprioceptive way to Think about i'll show you what happens Next So i basically deactivated this muscle Look but if you want to make it stronger You go This way if i basically shorten the Muscle this way Look at that can't even move it it just Takes maybe at least one stroke this way Or two strokes you know i'm not i can't Fake this but So if i go this way this property here Really going from attachment to Insertion is what we call that Go ahead and check that here griffin yep Okay Good right pretty firm right no doubt And then i'm gonna go the other way Just a couple of these now check that Out Like i'm trying my best right it's Significantly weaker So yes so what i want you to know is What we have to do in these understand These properties of these muscles So technically a lot of times like i Said this is you need to deactivate this One so do this for A couple minutes or so And i want to deactivate that but you Want to activate the right one So what's that one it's going to

Actually be this one so you want to go This way This is the soleus muscle that's the Muscle that should Absorb the brunt of your shin splints We'll talk about the anterior tibialis Shin splint in a minute But this is what you're going to have to Do you want to prep that body and this One your gastroc Also most of the time is pretty tight so You're going to go this way You want to wake up one of these three Muscles So you don't just want to go like this Aimless right you know like i said I want to feel it here in this strip So i'm just going to do that boom Boom and now like i said it doesn't Penetrate that deep And then you can it's much better so now We're going to Slip this on get the flat head going i Want to Deactivate this muscle activate this Muscle deactivate this muscle Boom right here and this gets it a Little deeper i would say it probably Penetrates another millimeter and a half So you don't want to go this way like i Said you want to have a strategic plan All those people out there dr joe dr Brad and bob they don't really talk About this i'm giving you the real stuff

[Music] And then so now you want to go up for The soleus it's a little bit more Strategic planning just Loosening up muscles loosen up the right Muscles tighten up the Other ones so you can see that's pretty Firm and then i want to deactivate this One Over used all the time so understanding Anatomy is going to be the key A little bit more intentional use boom That's still pretty solid How much how much stronger is that oh It's hard it's hard right so now you get To the deep stuff of course So this one's probably gonna get you Like almost close to centimeter Deep um so let's get this guy going And so obviously you want to be cautious So i actually just kind of Hold my thumb down and guide it so You can see if you watch my first video I had no clue what i was doing And we'll turn this on Just remember that's our that's our our Slogan We heal smarter not harder i think i was Working hard on that one And then now you want to go up for the Soleus so for you runners out there boy You're going to love this You're going to feel so much stronger i Got a chance to test it myself

At home before we shot this video so And then once again you want to go right Through here for the other ones So have a strategic plan of what what The hell you're doing All right let's see oh my gosh check This out griffin I'm not even trying i i like he he can See me i'm not even Breaking a sweat he's breaking the sweat Right dang that's awesome right Oh i love it okay so if you got the same Thing here Here's the problem we got a few muscles Let me kind of Change my angle here make sure i don't Fall off this table so You got the anterior tip but once again You got a little bit of this different Muscle which is actually A stabilizing uh muscle for your feet Your toes This is important to free up i would say A lot of times yeah you want you want to Think about deactivating this but Actually i don't believe that so i'm Actually going to want to stimulate this Unstimulate this and unstimulate this So stimulate which is me going you know This way Unstimulate going this way so this would Be significant because you just saw Griffin Test that but if i unstimulated

This one what's gonna happen should i be Stronger Let's just test this out should i be Stronger or should i be weaker So let's just go back to this um this One this will be real interesting so Initially this is still strong right i Didn't really change anything but let's Let's go ahead and do what you would Think You wanna you would go oh yeah i want to Stimmy or unstimulate or inhibit This so all right So you can like i said You want to avoid that good so let's Check that out here Yeah griffin check this out right I'm trying really hard you almost threw Me off the table so that's not what we Want see My hypothesis was quick it's because i Know what muscles need to work the Biomechanics That's that's how we heal smarter so Let's go back on it so let's get that Back because i i don't want to Be running like all weird imagine that You deactivate those muscles then you go For a run Well guess what you're only setting Yourself up for breakdown [Music] What the hell So let's go ahead and do that and then i

Want to deactivate these Guys deactivate these guys so i just I don't go up and down like i said those Are you just tuning in right now Understanding what muscles you're using And this one i'm just kind of going with The calf So just understanding that boom all Right Let's see how that turned out yep still Pretty good Now we'll go through the same process Use the flat head one so Once again remember i want to stimulate Up Not down Shorten the muscle you think it's the Opposite i would say The posterior tib is the one you have to Deactivate this one you want to Deactivate Doesn't have to take long boy it's all About facilitating this Bam bam bam bam There we go all right getting excited About this Getting oh yeah back it's really good Solid alright so once again So now we're going to bring this up get That anterior tib So know your anatomy then you're going To go down No one's talking about this but i said This one whoa right there

That's that that toe one always Stimulated And then over here get that calf outline It There we go griffin check this out Try to keep doing he might even be able To do a dip On my ankle look at that right it's Significantly stronger right yeah that's Pretty cool i'm really excited to show You guys all this stuff because all the Different muscles are gonna You're gonna need to know what the heck You're doing you know all those other Guys out there They don't know their stuff i know my Stuff so Check that out hopefully you like what We're doing uh definitely love your Feedback i would love to know do this Before your run See how that feels see if it makes a Difference and we love to put out more Information we want you to be Included in it so subscribe to our Channel And leave a like if you like this video I'm dr lynn remember we heal smarter Not harder You