How to Start a Raw Food Diet!

How to Start a Raw Food Diet!

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[Music] Let's do this [Music] Hey everyone i am so happy to be here Again and i constantly get asked by many Of you guys on instagram and facebook And Youtube here How can i start a raw vegan diet and you Want to start but you don't know where To start from well i'm gonna give you my Top tips that i feel that are gonna help You a lot So number one is Get sleep Sleep is so important i cannot stress it Enough how important it is to get enough Sleep So if you think five hours six hours of Sleep is enough Try For a week sleeping eight hours nine Hours and see the difference you're Gonna feel amazing sleeping affects your Mood it affects your energy levels and It's gonna affect the foods that you eat Number two is be grateful so as soon as You wake up while you're still in bed Count your blessings and be grateful for All the good things in your life for Having a bed or sleeping or under a roof Be grateful and that's gonna affect your Whole day you're gonna wake up feeling Good so number two be grateful number

Three go and buy Your favorite fruits and veggies Go to farmer's markets find local Farmers maggots and support your local Farmers or go to the grocery store Wherever it is that you can find your Favorite favorite favorite fruits and Veggies if you love mangoes go hunt for Mangoes whatever it is okay and greens Too so it's important to buy romaine Lettuce Spinach Chard Kale whatever greens that you like Celery cucumbers that's important too so Go buy your fruits and veggies And fill your whole house with it it's Gonna look beautiful fruit is life okay So fill your house with fruits and Veggies Number four Stay hydrated it's so important to drink Water so as soon as you wake up after You count your blessings drink water and I would recommend drinking anywhere from One to one and a half liters of water as Soon as you wake up I personally Like to stay very very hydrated and i Drink a lot of water i drink Six liters of water a day and that's a Lot but it when i don't drink that i Feel dehydrated And one thing

That you can you can tell if you're Dehydrated if Your pee is Yellow that means you're dehydrated your Pee has to be white or very yellow Yellow light okay So Not feeling feeling thirsty is too late You're already dehydrated by them okay So drink water Number five Start your first meal of the day with a Juice or a smoothie or fruit Whatever it is i have a I have a video i have a video on my Youtube channel my top five favorite Smoothies you can get some ideas there I have juices all over my instagram feed I'm always posting up juices Number six take food with you whether You're going to work whether you're Going to school whether you know that You're going to be out and about take Food with you if you need to pack before Night and Prepare do that pack some some celery Sticks some carrot fruit take it with You if your girl care i always carry Like an apple in my purse or something If you're a guy in your car or Wherever a bag Just take food with you because you Don't know if you're gonna be out and You're gonna

Need need something that way you don't Fall off and eat other things and you Have your raw fruits and vegetables to Eat Okay Number seven lunch time And lunch time is usually a fruit meal So It's very important to just have fruit Whatever fruit or Smoothie and remember that it's Important to eat greens as well so a Good option is for example if you're Eating mangoes just blending up the Mangoes or bananas and putting that over Some some Lettuce leaves or romaine hearts or Whatever it is But eat your fruits and veggies number Eight Exercise exercise is so important Exercise is gonna make you feel good and It's gonna wanna make you eat more raw Foods so it's very important to exercise Build muscle Sweat it out And that's something that everyone Should be doing not just Raw vegans or vegans or vegetarians Number nine dinner time and dinner time Always start off with juice or Smoothie or some type of fruit and then And then go off on your huge and Beautiful salad and have a good dressing

That's something that i struggled with And i have a video on my top four Favorite dressings they're delicious and They're easy And after dinner if you still feel like You want something sweet Then i would recommend eating either Oranges or strawberries or some type of Acid Very water watery food because that's Going to digest better with your dinner And last but not least number 10 Is Love yourself and i know that's very Easy to say But just accept where you are accept in Whatever part of your journey you are Accept it And don't Feel bad if you don't do it perfectly Because As i said in my other video Where Food isn't the only thing that nourishes Us there's A lot of other things so look at your Life and see what what what part of your Life is not being nourished and nourish That And you're gonna see how eating raw Foods and eating healthfully is just Gonna become second nature to you So i send you all a lot of love and care And thank you guys for watching again

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