How to Set Up a Contest Prep - Week 8 - Diet Break Mistakes

How to Set Up a Contest Prep – Week 8 – Diet Break Mistakes

This week was my 2nd diet break. The duration of my diet breaks are 7 days, and these are set at my predicted maintenance. I always need to factor in my individual metabolic rate as the predictive equations available end up being a little low for me based on my individual metabolism.

To accurately calculate your predicted maintenance calories mid way through a diet, when your metabolism is adapting, is actually quite a difficult. It has requires a lot of observation and practice, so thankfully I have had the ability to work with a large number of patients, as well as coaching clients over the years, so this has helped me to identify weight trends.

We are now at the point where we have a calculation that can determine maintenance requirements with great amount of confidence. This is actually discussed in the ‘The Complete Contest Prep Guide’.
For someone without a great amount of coaching experience, I can see how it could be very easy to over estimate your diet break macros, which wouldn’t be great as this has the potential for excessive weight regain.

My Progress
Diet Macros: 1623 cals, 165 Pro, 135 Carb, 47 Fats
Diet Break Macros; 1861 cals, 165 Pro, 190 Carbs, 49 Fats
Weight Average Pre Diet Break: 66.5kg
Weight Average post Diet break: 66.8kg
*I was 5% over my calories this week at 1961/day, and my compliance to protein was poor at 85%.

I am disappointed with the last 3 days of my diet break, but there is nothing I can do about it now, in which case, I refocus and move on.
Over the past few years, I have learned that dwelling on it achieves absolutely nothing. This week I will do everything within my control to make it a successful week, by hitting my targets and getting my training completed.

This weeks DIET Macros
5 low days, 2 high days
Low Days: 160 Pro, 110 C, 40 F
High Days 155 Pro, 150 C, 45 F
These are calculated by considering the following;

1. What weight do I still need to lose between now and show day? 4.8 kg
2. How many diet weeks do I have remaining? 6 weeks
3. How many days is this dieting? 42 days
4. What is my average weekly weight loss requirement in order to have me at 62 kg for stage. (800g)
5. What calorie deficit is required to achieve this amount of weight loss per week? 675 cal deficit
(NOTE**these step by step calculations are available in our ‘The Complete Contest Prep Guide’ see links in the description below)

5 weights
90 mins HIIT ( 2 x 45 min HIIT workouts)
60 mins LISS (walking)
60 mins Stair Master

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[Music] Hey guys we're back it's week eight and We just did diet break yeah that is Awesome if you call PTSD awesome then Yes here when we talk about the dead Break ah so let me think back to last Used a sir She's dead Tuesday's by a normal week Cycle um I usually get a little bit Anxious on my diet breaks because I am Recalculating my predicted maintenance And coming out of my reverse diet my Maintenance calories were actually quite A bit above my predicted so my Metabolism is certainly recovered and Had repaired itself so I was sitting a Little bit about the equations that we Typically use so I have to kind of keep That in mind when I'm recalculating my New predictive maintenance so every time I white comes down you know it's it's Going to change a little bit so when We're talking about this because in the Study that we referenced for diet breaks Around or study when they do a diet Break They don't use offseason maintenance Calories thank you share current are Predicted maintenance calories based so As you lose weight as you lose weight You lose a little bit lean body mass and When you lose fat mass and those two Energy factors that are considered in That lower your lower your metabolic

Rate so we're trying to make sure that We stay at the current maintenance Because if we're if we're if we give you A week of mm Callie a day which was your Maintenance you know months ago then You'll be man So so we're trying to get the current Source I I think we did a pretty good Job with kind of guessed it estimating Where my metabolism is at right now so Yeah I'm saying I I always seem to get a Little bit anxious coming in to those Diet breaks because you work so hard and My targets are pretty aggressive at the Moment on my dieting weight so to jump Your calories back up four or five Hundred and you're expecting to maintain Your weight is a little daunting and I Think this week in particular we've had A lot of stuff going on with work we had The second birthday party so there is a Lot of extra work tasks and Responsibilities this week so overall There was a lot of stuff kind of thrown On the plate to make this exceptionally Busy sorry and you hear somebody you do Over structure and you don't do well we Know routine when my normal routine is Like not in place and you know I'm Having to get asked last minute can you Do this or can you do that or this needs To be organized and I was meant to be Working it's like ah so yeah I've Actually been pretty good living into

The weekend and I do have a strategy so My strategy was like we obviously have a Lot of people coming to the house we Have 30 guests over the course of the Day for the party So I was going to be doing a lot of Cooking and R&R for me in the past I was Being like a massive I'm going to use The word but I hate it trigger a better Word but it definitely puts me in a Position where I feel very tempted to Eat and you're somebody who picks it Food yeah I just I love cooking I love Eating I'm such a foodie so I like to Try everything is I'm cooking to make Sure it tastes good and I have a really Hard time not eating like it sounds Worse already feel it's like this I just love food so dining room gross oh Yeah I think yeah Yes definitely but anyway I'm saying no and my plan was to make Sure that I would least go into the Start of the day not rolling any Calories just setting myself up and Pacing myself throughout the day so that I could actually eat all the awesome Stuff that I had prepared for everybody And I did a really great job into a Friday evening I was making some kinda Slice and what was I doing I was like Stern keep the condensed milk and make Like looking at me going Holly you're Not seem unreasonable to spin my why are

You drinking a condensed milk left over Either can't and I'm like well I'm not Going to use it and I'll just put it in Tomorrow so I tracked it I was taking Some accountability previously I Wouldn't bother tracking it I would just Feel really guilty stressed about a Disco that didn't happen sorry I've taken on some responsibility Started actually tracking everything That I pick out so yeah it already kind Of set me up for a bit of a failure on Saturday so the next mistake I want you Guys to actually learn from my mistakes I'm trying to tell you kind of how not To do things Thanks to what I have experienced in my Life and dieting preps I stopped tracking so throughout morning I was kind of picking things as I was Putting together platters and I just I Just stopped entering stuff into my Checking out and that was the biggest Mistake I could have made so if I can Share any kind of a message for you and It comes to competition track it before You eat it or track it as you are eating It because what happens is you end up Going yeah you're saying accountable Instead of going Yolo you know and That's exact Happen for the rest of the day your Anything once your I really wanted me to Know that reference so track your macros

And I have this happen with clients all The time where they'll just send me in Their reports and this probably kind of I don't know what you track with your Clients but I get all the details but There'll be like three days or there's No numbers entered might don't know what They've actually consumed that I'm like Cool why what did you do why didn't you Report on those days I'm like I just Didn't track I'm like well now it's a Non-compliant week I don't know what Your actual intakes were it makes it Really hard as a coach to then take Appropriate actions to correct for that So I made a mistake this week and it Really screwed me up in it yeah I think I think if it would have stopped it that Day I think that but you were I I Recalled correctly by the time the party Was finished you were a little bit over Yeah and then I think that night night Right before bed you ate something else Too right I didn't have anywhere near Enough protein on that day yeah so I add Some protein yeah but you were already Like you were already I think going to Bed and a negative headspace and you Woke up pretty cranky the next day I was Very disappointed in myself so and you Tend to you tend to like you're somebody Who builds so if you have like some good Positive days your confidence gets Really high and you tend to be better

And better Yes and if you have a couple if you have A bad day or two to bad days it tends to Like get worse and worse until something Clicks and we stop yeah so the next day You were really upset because you were Bored all day That was your but I think for you also When you're bored you have more of a Tendency to eat like that's your that's Your like selling time a border yeah and I think You probably agree with the fact that When you're busy you have a lot of stuff To do it can take away like this sauce So many more different actually some People when they get really busy they Actually tend to grab food to light you Can stare stress or whatever but you you Are like the most I'm convinced you're Actually an infant than adults body Because if you if your gastrointestinal Tract is okay and you're fed you've had Enough sleep and you're not bored You're just a pleasure to be around but If any one of those four things are not In sync you you get pretty upset so are You bored and I think you're you're gee I was a little I think I got like seven Grams of fiber so three days ago right And that's just not good for me like I Need to be a little higher than that and You know that was just terrible so then I actually did have an episode where I

Knew that I was mindlessly just eating And I could that was on one minute that Was on Monday said this is kind of Pronacom So now this is three days this is kind Of been going yeah so I had to do so Much exercise over those three days and Yeah when we go over my compliance they Can be able to see what I actually had To do just to maintain my weight this Week because it's of extra calories that I had but it's it's very traumatic for Me feel because of my history with Eating disorders I feel like you talk so Maybe – even you're talking about like Yeah so it's like it's an overwhelming Sense of disappointment like that I have Failed and it gets me really upset Like I feel myself getting all hot right Now yeah you're like really upset to me Your reaction is actually like a Traumatic reaction yeah because I know She does I like to go all hard reset so You know your iPhone doesn't work and You have to hold the home button and the Side button at the same time Entertain God so if she kind of just Like ladies in bed stares at the ceiling And it becomes pretty catatonic Yeah and that's usually only you could Have a lot of like bad stuff go on like I remember when I got you know like kick That company that I was involved with Like you were fine like you were ever a

Process and even like when bad stuff has Happened in our businesses you can have A process and talk and be logical but if You have if you whatever you have a Where you been G yeah that is where like By far that is what like causes you to Be anything to do with my nutrition Because it's something I feel like it's It's just completely taken out of my Control I just AM no reasonable person And I find it very hard to be logical And you said to me and I'm gonna have a Conversation with Holly today and we're Gonna have a conversation I'm not an always make us sorry with me and I think it kind of helps and you look Better this time You you you didn't acknowledge that you Were irrational but you turned it around Pretty quickly Yeah and that's something else sort of Likes to talk about sorry um when you Feel like you're in this place where you Have a mind of you know stuff dump your Macros or you didn't get to Train or you Know that's something that what moves Out I'm so disappointed I didn't get any Of my training sessions in this way Because this happened this happened or Could be the other way around your diet You didn't get your diet pod right what Do I always say to you every time this Happens no matter what it was it's not Forever

The feeling that you're having is Temporary laughs until you you can't Change what just happened yeah you can You can't undo it now The only thing and this goes for Anything in life you can't change what Just happen Yeah and your and I have myself gotten a Lot of solace I texted this to you When I was out running errands but I've Got a lot of salts out of the following Two sentences in the last two years of My life wooden things have been hard is That I am not in control of all the Things that happen to me and I'm not in Control of other people but I 100% in Control Angus of how I respond to that Yeah and that has given me a lot of Solace so you know you and I believe you Sometimes that becomes out of your Control in terms of your foot like when You're stressed and you're in a negative Place and if that can be really Difficult for you to actually control That you just but I'll be saying you you Can't change what just happened but you Can make a decision okay What we're going to do now yeah I think That's was just about to say so the Thing that I found most valuable over The past few years as being able to kind Of recover and pull yourself out of These negative emotions is to make that Decision that you are going to move on

Get on with your day or try to make some Kind of resolution so I really stuffed Up and I think I said to y'all sitting Up here I was amiss and I was like all Right outside of that today I'm actually Gonna doing extra 30 minutes of heat It's gonna be have to be at nine o'clock Because at the time I have to do it Today they're gonna work and then it was Like boom okay regained control of my Emotions and I also did some Self-reflection so it was I think that's Something that you can learn from okay What were the problems or how did this Situation or the combat in the first Place so the first thing was not Sticking to my like my plan so in future I know that I need to really it will Have got the big events and a lot of Stuff going on I have to learn from These mistakes so trying to stick to That plan and really being disciplined In doing that and the second thing was All the air that I made was stop Stopping from tracking so you know next Time I'm going to make sure that I'm 100% Accountable and track everything okay You might have to write it down in case I forget like that is a thing that I can Do to improve next time and then trying To once you know it's something does That happen like this moving on as Quickly as possible and finding your

Resolution and just being at ease with The outcome you can't change anything I Think I want to emphasize too we're not Necessarily saying that if you overeat You should go out and do a bunch of Exercise if you view that as punishment Mmm that's not punishment for you you Exercise for you I'm convinced is as Much as okay well you know I'll burn Some calories you just feel better after You actually yeah I feel a little bit of release yeah I Wouldn't say that you were like Santa Claus or anything but like Newark Newark Charles Manson which was nice uh-huh you Know that's a positive impact on you but Doesn't something like that gets you in A cosmic frame of mind like for me if I Had like something really bad this is Gonna sound weird I don't do well Lifting weights when I'm angry or if I'm Really upset like I do terrible I I that Is not productive and get as much as I Love to lift weights it's actually not Productive for me yeah I actually do Better why do something where like I Played a video game or I go shooting Yeah go fishing something where I enjoy It and those are some of the only Activities where I completely detached From the rest of the world when I'm Doing them unfortunately get much Occasion to do more but I'm pretty happy So I don't like I don't need those

Things that much but yeah they're trying To do something that puts you in a Positive frame of mind understanding What those things are Do that for you whether it's exercise or Whether it's gluto movie or whatever it Is like having those tools at your Disposal that switch you back into a Positive frame of mind but at the end of The day you cannot always control what Happens to you the situation you're in And you can't can you you can't change What's happened and I think something I'm pretty good at if I don't stew on my Mistakes or bad stuff for that long no I Usually well I usually process and move On very quickly I would hold on to Things for like I would allow it to Consume me and I think one of the first Times really you have date days between Together yeah so now like my ability Process is getting better but I'm it's An action and it's something that I'm Trying to take control of when I'm not Allowing that mindset to stay with Things so it's taken a long time to get Better at that but I have to be willing To work on it and I have to be willing To go you need to pull your head in and You know move on with the dialyzer You're going to continue to feel like This for the remainder of the week put Your head in in australia's AKA get your together

Bless you rusty sorry i think looks look At my actual compliance kids base all This funny – okay But I actually haven't so we'll go Through now what my plan is for my next Two weeks of dieting as far as macros And how we're going to recalculate that Again and then what what we did in the Situation where I kind of went over my Calories you'll see there are some Pretty crazy high bays and that is just What I can remember eating so let's go Check that out so this week from my diet Break my macros for protein to 165 190 Carbs and 49 fat so it wasn't a really Big step up as you can see there from my Diet week but I have given myself Lenience with my carbohydrates just Because that's typically the food that Well the types of foods I enjoy more Carbohydrates so if we go over and look At my weight for the week you can see The dates are listed here I started last Week was Tuesday the end of August on my Diet break sixty six point three sixty Six point four eight seven four sunday Was the morning after we had our party I Was up at 67 and then on Monday I was Sixty seven point nine and that was the Combination of those two days kind of Enroll into each other and it was just Excessive and if we take a look at my Actual compliance we come over to Calories yeah I was five percent Arva my

Calorie target and I was very uh my Protein right and that's the real Problem As you were you're over low but the Compliance to calories is a terrible no But the fact that protein are so And carbs and fats was like a hundred And sixteen percent and we know that a Calorie is in the calorie in that sense We can't really compare protein to carbs And fats that it comes to the thermic Because that's energetic effect so um That's why my weight kind of jumped up So much I would have been retaining a Lot of fluid as well probably a lot of Salts because we had like a planar There's like salami zarkan i ate a block Of cheese on my right which was really Cool on Monday you just see the way your Eyes was up when you talked about eating A block of cheese Wow I wish you would Talk about me that way I just don't Really pull job this week and it's it's Very lucky it's very lucky that I got Away with not gaining a whole bunch of Weight but I actually only regained 300 Grams of weight based on my averages for The week so that's a really good outcome For a diet break Considering my averaging tanks were Around 2,000 calories so that was a good Hour 450 calorie increase from my Dieting week so yeah that's that's Really lucky but I did have to do a lot

More exercise so if we go over to my Exercise sheet you'll see here I Actually ended up doing a hundred forty Minutes of hit over the course of the Week and previously it had only been 45 Minutes and I obviously did 170 minutes Of low intensity steady-state so walking And just kind of moving around so that's Kind of compensated probably for some of The weight regain that would have Happened but I don't the problem with That is when you start adding in more of Those high-intensity exercise sessions You're giving your body a chance to kind Of adapt to that level and caliber Training And I don't or I didn't really want to Do it that early into the into the Program so looking at this week after my Lovely week of compliance lane and I Already had a bit of a chat about this Yeah you know we're doing the prep based On my book the complete contest prep Guide so we're following the guidelines There yeah and so since she's been Really draw we we kind of reached Figured out like what her deficit is Gonna equate to so she's behind now I'm Actually very behind so I was I still Need to lose four point eight kilos I Think we said so our estimate and that Equates to in terms of if we continue to Exciting when we break yeah that equates To about a six hundred seventy five kcal

Deficit per day that we need and so I Managed to lose about eight hundred Grams on my dot prove it Yes so which can't happen that can't Happen We've also considered but have not Implemented yet I think we're gonna Cross that bridge when we get there Possibly switching to two week and two Days dieting and then a five-day diet Break which is social benefits yeah and That would make it so the deficit isn't Quite sup her days and so quite so Aggressive yeah we have decided based on The book the recommendation is to drop Ten percent from carbs and fats so ten Percent your carbohydrate intake and ten Percent of your fat intake is very Predictive no no that's correct ninety Calories We dropped so you were at 135 yeah and We were gonna drop to 120 and drop fats To 22 however and you can see that it's Smaller than that that's because you're Gonna put it in too high days yeah During the week because there is some Evidence and it's mostly a mostly Personal preference some people are able To do well if they know that they – higher days where they can have some More flexibility they're okay with going A little bit more aggressive for a few Days I'm one of those people I like to Have the option that I can be I can have

A couple because if you're sure you can Have every day be 120 grams of Carbohydrate and 42 grams of fat and You're having a little bit more food Every day but you're not going to be Able to fit something really nice in There robbery's if you have 10 grams Less every day for five days and you've Got two days 150 now that you've got a Little more flexibility and you can fit Something so and I would say that Usually I like to just have seven days And the same macros but once you start Getting to more challenging to calorie Targets that's what I'm happy to go a Little bit harder on the longer days to Enable me to have some flexibility and Again like outlines don't stop our Social life does not stop we are always Going to be doing things and having Activities sorry again this weekend we Planned so I should it's actually gonna Work well to be able to have two days Where I have slightly hot targets to Mean I even you know restaurant food Because it's gonna be mine great so this Week we can see my thing one thing That's going to have to happen as you Get closer oh yeah that's that's the Problem because even if you track the Problem is is you're not preparing the Food you don't know what's in it you Don't know if they just splash an extra 15 grams of oil on there yeah you know

Right exactly so you're introducing more Chances for air so I think we're getting Close to that if we don't start seeing Some more progress I think we're gonna Be close to the point where yeah you're Not gonna be able to that sort of stuff And so I'm not saying not have a social Life during prep but I mean you know Drive choices and I think that you know We are like we're going to do things That don't necessarily involve food like We're take Vote out this weekend you know that's What I'm saying like that yeah that Doesn't involve food right so it's you Have to have strategies to do this stuff And it's very one of the very difficult Things is it I know I'm like this is When I get into the dole jewels of prep I just didn't become a hermit yeah I Don't want to do anything extra I'm Having the extra time I won't play video Game yeah don't take maybe oh sorry This week's calorie target will the Average calorie intake it's going to be 1493 so that is what we're looking at That was my last idea previously it was 1623 so it's a good time it's a little Baby Pretty aggressive drop another Aggressive drop my logo use my targets Are 160 for my protein 110 for my cuddle Hydrate and 40 for my facts and then Write to five days on reducing my

Protein just a little bit and I'm Increasing my cons to 150 and I've taken My fats up by 5 to 45 grams of fats I think one more thing that's important To mention why he won't look at this Don't look at the reverse typing and say Your reverse diet was a waste of time He's looking all over your counter is Going to get yeah and not to be real Hard on you but I think that if we had Really good compliance we wouldn't be in This position where we're having to get Like so aggressive so very but Relatively like if I had not have done That Rigorous diet and I had a started this Contest prep sitting at 1,700 calories Go be awarded it would be even more Difficult it is usually pretty relative To where you stop from right and the Other thing to point out is you're doing Much less activity now that you were Less prevalent you were probably doing 20 hours of exercise a week during your During your preparation Yeah so I would I would be doing an hour Of cardio every day and I would do one To two hours of whites training every Day cambree guy no names and there was No rest days in there either because I Was always something to catch up because I would be stuffed up sorry Yeah and that's the one other thing I Think it's important to point out for

You because you've been really hard Yourself but I said you're still doing Better than your previous prep that you Did you end up having to drop out of it And then the one that you did not show Up because you were stuck but at that Point you're having like binge eating Episodes pretty much every week yeah so You only have a couple of those recently Yeah so your management skills are Getting better You know I would if I haven't done the Extent of the reverse side that I did I Would not be not being this decision now I would be so much worse like I know a Lot of people find like when they start Dieting after reversed and I'm happy to Push pretty difficult numbers to lose Weight begin it's not a waste of time There is so much value in her to what What would either be like if you hadn't Done that Right yeah so yeah I think people need To kind of remember that if they you Know any time spent out of a calorie Deficit is doing your metabolism good so And pushing your metabolism up and up is A positive thing and it gives you more Flexibility in your off season knowing Some people might prefer to do it tough All year round like either no that's What you prefer to do and that's that's Okay too But yeah for me I much rather you know

Spend that bit of time in net calorie Surplus I guess or reversing and yeah I Think that it would be a whole lot more Difficult if I owned their bill net Looking at training this week five weeks Of weights of sorry five days of white Sessions I'm increasing my keeps down to 90 minutes so – 45 minutes And then previously I was doing 120 Minutes of low intensity city state I'm Actually going to make half of that on The Stairmaster can just nudging up the Difficulty or the amount of calories in Half is still going to be walking so Yeah two increases on the training side This week just because I do have to lose A pentagram so we keep I want to be kind Of on track so yeah I mean so I think we Have a plan now I just have to execute So I think that we're still in position That you can be ready but this is the This is the tough part of prep This is but I spot the ball you will get To clap now we never pull off so but I Think that you know this the next two Weeks are very important especially Tonight so I think really trying to make Sure that the Hammers down and Everything is done to the best extent Possible yeah if you're in Vegas and You're watching this make a comment down Below because I want to know where I Need to train and I want someone to Train wait sorry comment all those baby

Up questions about the series or you you Know wanting to know something for your Own competition please share your Thoughts with us we will try to get back To you as quick as we can we want this To be useful for you we are just secure You know I'm hoping that you This is your daytime TV we want you to Learn from this and not make the same Mistakes and do really well so yeah we Appreciate all of your comments over Never see you guys next week