HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

HIGH PROTEIN VEGAN MEALS | 5 Recipes = 173g Protein

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Please do not count macros or calories (unless you need to for specific health reasons). The measurements and macros in this video are just for your information and to show you that you can get protein on a vegan diet. Life is more than calculating macros, and after years of not doing it, adding it up for this video was exhausting haha. Eat what feels good for you and what makes you happy!

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[Music] Hi guys so today I'm sharing with you Some high-protein vegan meals now a lot Of you may be if you're not vegan I'm Thinking well how can you make vegan Meals high-protein because one of the Top questions that vegans get asked and I've been asked countless times is where Do you get your protein and I think it's Something that is a bit misunderstood That you can't get protein from plant Foods and you can only get it from meat Products and it just isn't true so I Wanted to create some recipes that are Particularly high in protein to show you The sorts of foods that you can eat to Make sure that you're getting protein Not that it's something that you need to Really worry about if you eat a varied Diet and you eat carbs fat and protein Then you're gonna be fine you really Don't need to I personally don't think you need to Fuss too much about macros or if you're Getting enough of this or if you're Getting enough of that eat what makes You feel good and protein will be in There because it is satiating and just To kind of dispel this idea that you Can't get protein from plugs if you Think about where animals get their Protein from they get protein from Plants if you look at gorillas if you Look at cows they are huge animals and I

Don't think that they are lacking in any Protein and when you're eating an animal Product you're getting the protein from The animal that's gotten the protein for A plant so you know if you're vegan you Can easily get protein I said protein so Many times so I will be sharing on the Screen the macros of each meal so the Amount of protein that is in each meal And I just wanted to say that that is Not because I think you should count Your macros or count how much protein You're having or measure your food I'm Avidly against that I think that you Should eat what makes you feel good and The amount that makes you feel good so This is just like fewer informations and You can see in measurements how much Protein each meal is but yeah don't Measure your food and don't count your Macros it's really not something that You should worry about if you recreate Any of these recipes definitely tag me On Instagram I absolutely love seeing Your pictures and if you haven't already Checked out my $10 recipe ebook I will Leave it in the description down below But let's get into Recipes what I'm seeing but I'm into When I said and I know I'm a credit but It's time I get the lesson will be Thinning Z don't listen no [Music] Would you come to bed soon wait in my

Bed I was till you get to me We're I'll capture Unknown or Mayo you're worried about Tomatoes in there more Mayo Mayo amazed Can I have double layers may I thank you Okay go add a saucer you like it on There I personally put ketchup but my Life mustard yeah barbecue mustard Mayonnaise ketchup and then in weather Voila Well that will soon reach [Music] Such a good sandwich and did you know Wholemeal bread is full of protein so if You want that routine because you didn't Know these emotions no seeds I told you come a bit soon wait in my Until you get to [Music] Let's try this barbecue so the meat okay This is so good and this is like just a Variation what's up here make all the Time I usually do it with brown rice but Clean milk quinoa hard word to say is Especially or canola of some quick so Mm-hmm I know it Granola it's really high in protein Other grain so worthwhile if you want to Get more protein in and something a lot Of people don't know is that cruciferous Vegetables and green vegetables are Really high in proteins things like Broccoli kale and spinach they have a Lot of protein in them and yeah it's

Worth getting a lot of greens guys like That gotta be savetti don't be any ball Remeber yawning I don't trust him to Decorate the simple earth pretty full As I all communites time but I don't Trust him cuz Alex would just pile it All on okay probably put it on side okay Cuz it looks pretty done what toppings Did you have John some more chances a Teeny sprinkle just just for art look I Put a dollop of extra peanut butter cuz Why the hell not Joe Joe does any man to Do this and use the banana as the Chopping board because I'm built in Chopping board oh dear I do this every Time saves washing up [Music] Begin where do I start Is it the Perseus Bowl apart you ever Did see a little too pretty go get some I'm even bossing you how to eat your Food two three okay I should just put my Finger in because that's sweet [Music] This salad I've just made up I've made This type of dressing before but I Wanted to sort of just pack in as much Protein and fat in there as possible Because there's beans there's nuts and There's lentils you can put like a Sprinkling of seeds on there but I feel Really long here and you can switch out The types of nuts that your favorite the Types of beans at your favorite and play

Around with the play with the dressing But [Music] [Music] [Music] Forgot to add the secret ingredient Cinnamon why not a little bit more chili [Music] Excited for this one because usually we Make chili with just being silly and Yeah I thought to make it higher protein I chuck in soy beans and lentils so this Is probably good resemble a meat chili More than usual feels like minutes so I Really hope you enjoyed those recipes Definitely again make sure to tag me and Share your pictures if you make any of Them and share this video with anyone Who's said to you where to get your Protein or if someone's looking to go Vegan and they're concerned about Getting enough protein send this video To them and they can really see you how It is not a problem all of you can diet And yeah it's like and subscribe and I'll see you minutes on bye [Music]

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