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❀ Sadia

It's about time that we made a video about protein sources and meals for vegans Now there is so much I want to share with you on this topic that I went ahead and split this video up into two different parts and the one That you're watching right now, which is part one. I want us to explore what some plant-based protein sources are I want to share with you a tip I think everyone needs to know when it comes to how to increase the absorption of protein from certain foods And then we're gonna delve into some high protein meal prep in the next video We're gonna share some high protein meal ideas using some of the ingredients that we're gonna meal prep in this video All right, let's get started We've already created an article on the blog all about protein for vegans It's super comprehensive But a really simple read so we'll leave a link for you in the description box below on the website You can also find a downloadable PDF that lists the high plant-based protein sources So be sure to grab that as well if you're interested now, let's recap some of the high protein sources We're going to be using in these videos and first up are the members of the soy family this includes tofu Tempeh and edamame now if you're interested in learning more about soy because we realize it's a bit of a hot topic We've written about that on the blog as well. So again, the link is down below next up We've got beans and lentils will be using chickpeas brown lentils and red lentils and then we're gonna move on to seeds which include pumpkin And sunflower seeds sesame seeds and tahini which is just sesame seed butter and then we've got some quinoa and soba noodles Which is made from buckwheat and fun fact here both quinoa and buckwheat are actually seeds even though we tend to classify them as grains Finally, we've got any and all kinds of nuts and we'll be using pecans and pine nuts So these are just a few of the high protein items for vegans But I've got another tip that can help you boost your protein absorption Even more So now we know protein is high in legumes nuts seeds and certain grains, right, but here's the thing Protein from many of these plant-based sources are bound to inhibitors, which essentially means we're not absorbing them as well as we could So how do we improve this by soaking whenever possible? So, of course we soak our beans overnight before we cook them But often people don't soak their lentils or quinoa oats or rice because these ones tend to cook quite quickly anyway But if you want to increase the absorption of protein even more ambition to other minerals It's highly recommended that you soak these ingredients for at least two hours. If not overnight before preparing them now I don't always do this with my nuts and seeds because personally I like it when they're a little bit crunchy But I definitely always do it with any grains or lentils that I'm cooking So if you want to geek out and learn a little bit more again

We've got an article all about it on the pick up lens blog, you know The drill link for that is in the description box. Okay now let's get into some meal prep The exact measurements for all the recipes I'm going to be sharing in these videos can be found on the pickuplines website So see the links below and remember that you can get a printable pdf of each recipe by visiting the blog posts as well Each week. I like to batch cook some beans and lentils in quinoa. I usually use the chickpeas to then make hummus So here we go with recipe number one. We add our chickpeas to a food processor Add some pre soaked sunflower seeds to increase the protein a bit more We're gonna add some garlic tahini water olive oil balsamic vinegar some soy sauce Which I like to use in place of salt because I think it gives more depth of flavor Some hot sauce ground cumin and paprika powder Then we add the juice of a lemon and blend it up until it's creamy add it to a Tupperware container And sprinkle on some more paprika if you'd like hummus is a staple at the pickuplines headquarters We eat it pretty much every single day either in a sandwich in a wrap on crackers or as a veggie dip next up Let's make some baked barbecue tempeh. Now tempeh scared me a lot at first until I learned how to work with it So let's explore that here first. We just slice the tempeh into thin strips and here's an essential step I think a lot of people miss you want to steam ten pay for about ten minutes which helps it to soften Removes bitterness and helps it soak up more of the marinade then drain rinse and pat dry Then we're gonna use some barbecue sauce to generously coat each of the strips before placing it in a container We want to allow this to marinade overnight because the tempeh is gonna soak up most of that sauce the next day We'll distribute them on a baking sheet and bake it in the oven for 15 minutes Flip it over and you can add some more sauce at this stage if you'd like then bake again for another 10 minutes When it's done and cooled you can place the strip's into a container to enjoy throughout the week on Salads with rice or with noodle bowls like this one here Which we'll be sharing with you in the next video Moving on the next meal prep item are these candied coconut and cinnamon pecans to a bowl We'll add some coconut oil Maple syrup Shredded Coconut and Cinnamon and then mix it all together before adding the pecans as you can see the prep time for this is no more than five Minutes once it's coated we're gonna distribute it onto a baking sheet and bake it for ten minutes Stirring once halfway and when it's cooled, you can distribute them into jars or containers to enjoy as snacks throughout the week They taste like little caramel bites. I don't know. I've been obsessed with them lately for the final item We're gonna make this vegan tofu. Chorizo

So we first dice an onion mince some garlic and coarsely chop some mushrooms to a large pot or pan on high heat We'll add some oil the onions and garlic and some salt and pepper sauteing for about three to five minutes Then we'll add the mushrooms cooking for another seven minutes or so until the moisture evaporates Reduce the heat to medium-high and then we'll add two blocks of tofu crumbling it with our hands We're gonna cook this for anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes until the tofu crisps and browns to your liking Be sure to continuously stir and scrape the bottom to avoid burning then we're gonna add the spices Oregano paprika powder chili powder ground coriander Cumin and some Then mix it together allowing it to cook for another couple of minutes So the spices become fragrant and then at the end we can add the apple cider vinegar as well as some soy sauce mix it All together and that's it. Add it to a container to enjoy throughout the week For example We made these Nourishing taco salad bowls using this chorizo or you could also use it as a meat replacement for your burritos or tacos or you could Add it to your pasta sauce to make a pasta bolognese this particular recipe. We'll be sharing with you in the next video So stay tuned Now the last meal prep tip I have for you to boost the protein of any meal is To roast any nuts or seeds that you enjoy that you can add as garnish to any of the meals or salads or soups that You're creating because really any little bit of protein is going to add to your intake So this week I roasted some sesame seeds and some pine nuts and in the next video You're gonna see me using some of those in the meals that will be creating together So that's everything that we've meal prepped for this week all of which are or include high protein plant-based ingredients now I've already given you some examples in this video on how I use these certain ingredients But let's explore that a little bit more Which we're gonna do together by preparing some high protein meals in the next video bento block style So click right here to watch that. But before you do that head on over to the description box Make sure that you grab your downloadable PDF of high-protein vegan sources. Thanks a lot for meal prepping with me I look forward to seeing you in the next video

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