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❀ Sadia

Hey and welcome back to part two of this Video series about protein sources and Meal prep for vegans if you missed part One I definitely recommend that you Watch that before delving into this one In the previous video we shared what High protein sources are for vegans and Certain ingredients I shared some tips And resources and we did a whole bunch Of protein packed meal prep now in this Video we're gonna use those meal prep Items to create some high protein meals Now all of the recipes I'm gonna be Sharing in both of these videos the Exact measurements can be found on their Respective blog posts again links for All of them can be found in the Description box below as well alright Let's get started Let's begin with bento box number one We're gonna make this pasta with vegan Bolognese sauce using the tofu chorizo We created together in the last video We'll start by cutting up the veggies Some onion garlic and bell pepper as Well as some artichoke sun-dried tomato And cherry tomatoes next we'll cook the Pasta and for some extra protein I'm Gonna be using this penne made from Green lentils making it gluten free as Well now on to making the sauce we'll Add the olive oil onion and garlic to a Pan on high heat for a couple minutes Before adding the vegan chorizo bell

Pepper artichokes sun-dried tomato and Some green olives then we'll saute this For another couple minutes before you Add some of your favorite pasta sauce And we'll add some tomatoes and oregano As well once it's heated up it's ready To be served so to the bento box we're Gonna add the penne some arugula which Is optional but goes really well with This dish The pasta sauce and we're gonna top it With the pine nuts that we roasted During the old prep because any sprinkle Of nuts helps boost protein even more Then you can garnish with green onions Or fresh basil Next we're gonna move on to making this Protein packed lentil in quinoa salad Which has a whopping five high protein Sources let's see if you can name them To make the dressing we're gonna use Some water tahini soy sauce apple cider Vinegar sambal or other hot sauce miso Paste and onion powder then blend it up Or alternatively you could whisk it all Together in a bowl now in a large bowl We're gonna add the lentils that we Precooked as well as the quinoa some Diced bell pepper and some edamame then We're gonna drizzle on the dressing and Toss everything to combine to our bento Box we're gonna first add some spinach And then top it with the salad mix Finally we'll sprinkle on some pumpkin

Seeds for that extra protein and garnish With some scallions combined these two Bento boxes host eight protein rich Ingredients for a meal idea number two We're gonna make these soba noodles with A BBQ tempeh we made during meal prep Again five high protein sources packed Into this meal we'll begin by cutting The carrots into matchsticks and cutting The ends off some broccolini Although regular broccoli will do as Well and will Finley slice some shiitake Mushrooms To make the sauce we'll use soy sauce Tahini rice vinegar agave syrup freshly Grated ginger garlic sambal or other hot Sauce sesame oil and the juice of half a Lime and then blend it until it's smooth To a wok or large pot on high heat we'll Add some sesame oil and crushed garlic Cooking this for a couple minutes before We add the carrots and mushrooms Allowing this to cook for about five Minutes meanwhile we'll cook the soba Which our noodles made from buckwheat And despite the name it's actually not a Wheat it's a seed making it a good Source of protein at the same time we Can add the edamame because they both Take just 5 minutes to cook now going Back to the wok we're gonna add in the Broccolini allowing this to cook for a Couple minutes more and when the noodles Are done we're gonna drain it rinse it

And add this to the wok as well then you Can pour over the sauce and toss Everything to combine so far we've got Protein sources from the tahini Buckwheat and edamame and we're about to Add two more the BBQ tempeh that we Major in our meal Prep stage see the previous video if you Miss this and we're also gonna top it With a sesame seeds that we roasted During meal prep as well now this can be Enjoyed for dinner or packed up for Lunch and I like it a little bit spicy And find it goes really well with some Sri Racha hot sauce on the side now Moving on to the other bento box Remember that you can always up your Protein intake by adding it to snacks as Well so for example we made a big batch Of hummus that I personally love to Enjoy with some fresh veggies I've also Gone ahead and added some Mary's Crackers to this because these Particular crackers are loaded with Different kinds of seeds and this again Helps to boost protein so this concludes Bento box number 2 now let's move on to The final meal for this we'll begin by Making some comforting coconut and red Lentil dal one of my favorite go-to easy To make recipes we want to ideally rinse And soak the lentils for at least two Hours or overnight if possible to help Increase protein and other mineral

Absorption to a pot on high heat We'll add some oil onion and garlic Sauteing for about four minutes before We add a diced carrot and some grated Ginger stirring for another couple of Minutes and one of my favorite things About dal is all of the comforting Spices you can add to it so for this We're gonna be using curry powder Turmeric cumin and paprika then we want To dry roast this for a couple minutes But you can also add water if needed to Prevent burning then we'll add the Soaked lentils water a vegetable Bouillon cube and I also added a can of Full fat coconut milk brought it to a Boil and then reduce it to a simmer with A lid partially covered at this point we Can start cooking the rice which I pre Soaked of course and I also added some Cracked cardamom pods which is optional I just like the extra flavor it gives After about 15 minutes the dal and rice Should be done cooking we enjoy this for Dinner at least a couple of times a Month and if you make extra it freezes Really well too now for the bento we'll Add the rice and dal and I feel it also Goes really well with some fresh Coriander if you'd like to increase the Protein even more you can serve this With quinoa instead of rice Now for a snack with this bento we're Gonna be using the candied pecans we

Made during meal prep it's seriously Been one of my favorite go-to snacks Lately I definitely recommend giving This recipe a try I also serve this on The side with some fresh pineapples and Kiwi so the main protein sources for This bento were the red lentils and the Pecans so that's it we did it in these Two videos I recognize we're extremely Information-packed so let's take a quick Second to recap we learned about Plant-based protein sources and you know That there's a free PDF that you can Download on the pickuplines website link For that is in the description box we Learned one key trick that helps to Increase protein absorption and that is To soak your beans lentils grains and Nuts and seeds whenever possible we Reviewed some things that you can make During meal prep to ensure you have high Protein ingredients are readily on-hand And in this video we explored a few Recipe examples on how to incorporate Those ingredients I really hope that you Found these videos helpful and that you Learned something new and if you did There's no way I know about it unless You share that with me so let me know by Sharing in the comment section below or Feel free to give this video a thumbs up It always means a lot when you do Alright I think that's everything thanks A lot for watching pick up limes signing

Off we'll see you in the next video [Music] [Music]

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