As a vegan bodybuilder, finding enough protein sources to support muscle growth can be a challenge. However, with the right plant-based ingredients, it’s entirely possible to meet your protein needs. In this blog post, I’ll be sharing my favorite high protein vegan bodybuilding meals that keep me fueled and satisfied. Whether you’re a seasoned vegan bodybuilder or just looking to incorporate more plant-based protein into your diet, you’re sure to find some tasty and nutritious inspiration here. So, let’s dive in!


Bodybuilding requires discipline in both exercise and diet. While most athletes consume meat-based diets, a growing number of sports enthusiasts maintain plant-based diets and achieve amazing results. In this article, we will focus on a vegan bodybuilding content creator’s diet and training program and share what they eat daily. They emphasize the importance of incorporating high-protein vegan meals to achieve their body goals while maintaining a plant-based diet.


Starting the day right is crucial for the content creator. They begin their day with porridge oats mixed with Siam X chocolate vegan protein powder and peanut butter. This meal is loaded with protein, and healthy fats, and is incredibly filling, giving them the energy they need to take on their workout routine.

Macro Tracking

Macro tracking is a technique used by many athletes to ensure that they consume the right amounts of protein, carbs, and fats in their diet. The content creator is no different. They keep track of their macro intake to achieve their fitness goals and ensure that their meals provide them with the necessary nutrients.


For lunch, the content creator has a quinoa and chickpea salad that is rich in protein, fiber, and other vital nutrients. They roast their chickpeas for added flavor and use seaweed to pack in even more nutrients.


Dinner for the content creator consists of spaghetti bolognese made with soy vegan mince and mushrooms. This meal is high in protein, carbs, and healthy fats, making it perfect for recovery after a long day of training.


For a sweet treat, the content creator has a pancake with walnuts and chocolate sauce. This dessert is both delicious and nutritious, as the walnuts add a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids to their diet.

Plant-Based Protein Sources

The content creator emphasizes the importance of incorporating a variety of plant-based protein sources in their diet. They consume nutritious meals to maintain their energy levels and power through their workouts. Foods like tofu, tempeh, lentils, and beans are just some of the many plant-based protein sources they consume.

Energy Levels

Maintaining energy levels is crucial for the content creator. They know that their body needs fuel to perform at its best, so they make sure to consume meals that provide them with the energy they need to take on their training routine.


The content creator understands the importance of staying hydrated. They consume a liter of water before eating anything to hydrate their body and prepare it for the day ahead.

Tea Time

Tea time is an essential part of the content creator’s daily routine. They like to wind down at the end of the day with a warm cup of tea, which helps them relax and sleep better.


  1. Can you build muscle on a vegan diet? Yes, you can build muscle on a vegan diet. Plant-based diets can provide enough protein for bodybuilding if you consume the right types of foods and the right amounts of protein.
  2. What are some plant-based protein sources? Tofu, tempeh, lentils, beans, and quinoa are some excellent plant-based protein sources.
  3. Do vegan bodybuilders consume protein supplements? Yes, many vegan bodybuilders use protein supplements to make sure they get the recommended amount of protein to fuel their training routine.
  4. How does macro tracking help in bodybuilding? Macro tracking helps in bodybuilding as it ensures that you consume the right amount of protein, carbs, and fats for your specific fitness goals.
  5. Can you roast chickpeas for added flavor? Yes, roasting chickpeas can add a delicious flavor and texture to your meals, making them more enjoyable to eat.

Maintaining a plant-based diet and achieving bodybuilding goals is possible with the right meal planning

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