High protein (160g) vegan day of eating

In this video I am showing my meals throughout the day. The meals are prepared for high protein content and plant-based ingridients.

If you want to learn more advanced calisthenics moves like:
– straddle planche,
– human flag,
– front lever,
– back lever,
– handstand push ups,
– handstand,
– press to handstand,
– L-sit,
– V-sit,
– muscle up,
– one arm chin up,

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Hello guys. The goal of this eating day was high protein content Without using supplements and using only plant based ingridients. I've eaten 3 big meals: first about 8 in the morning, Second one about 2 p.m. and last one about 7 p.m. In the end I made a little summary, so be sure to check it out. For breakfast I am having lentil pankes with hummus and some vegetables. Firstly I measure 130 g of green lentils And then blend it up until it becomes lentil flour. Then I am grinding up 30 g of sunflower seeds In coffee grinder, and mix it with lentils. Next I add water and mix it up to get consistency of a thick paste. As for vegetables I went for red bell pepper and some parsley, But feel free to use anything you like. Because I added sunflower seeds, there is no need to use oil, So just form little pancakes on preheated pan. They need about 5-10 minutes on each side. Its best to check every few minutes If they turned brownish and if so, turn them over. When all pancakes are ready, Spread hummus on top of them and top it with vegetables. For dinner I made boiled millet with steamed kale and soy chops. I measure 100 g of soy chops, add boiling water Cover it with a plate and leave for 10 minutes to soften. In the meantime I put 100 g of millet to a boiling water And then place metal strainer on top of the pot to steam the kale. Next I slice 2 tomatoes and put them on the pan. After that, I pour off the water from the soy chops, And add them to the pan aswell. In addition, I put in 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce Then mix it and leave to boil After 20 minutes I take millet out of water And put it with all other ingridients into a bowl. Third and last meal of the day is a big salad.

I measure 300 g of broccoli and boil it, until it's soft. Then open up a tofu and cut it into cubes. Next slice a tomato and add it to the bowl. On top of it, add 80 g of peanuts. When the broccoli is soft, chop it up and put to the salad. I also flavored it with rice vinegar and black pepper. Mix the ingridients and enjoy your salad. As you can see, I've eaten over 160 grams of protein. I weigh 80 kilograms, so that makes 2 grams of protein per kilogram of bodyweight. So the conclusion is, you don't necessarily need to eat meat Or other animal products to get high protein diet. Leave a thumb up if you'd like to see more clips like this And I will see you in the next video.

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