Health benefits of sweet potato — Bolmann Brothers

Health benefits of sweet potato — Bolmann Brothers

The main contribution of the purple sweet potato is to be an excellent antioxidant, which helps to fight oxidative stress and metabolic syndrome, as well as to avoid cardiovascular diseases and even to control diabetes. For this reason, it is recommended to consume it as a vegetable or as a sweet.

The sweet potato is rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and phytoestrogens, among other essential nutrients. Its regular consumption has been linked to different health benefits, especially hormone balance. There are already several investigations that have observed its effectiveness as a hormone regulator in women going through menopause; it has been seen that its use as an alternative to estrogen therapy can attenuate the intensity of the symptoms that occur in this phase.

For this purpose, it is usually used the sweet potato tincture, a preparation obtained from the raw tuber. The root is washed, peeled and chopped into pieces before macerating in alcohol in a covered container for 30 to 45 days in a cool, dark place. The resulting liquid is strained and used in the form of drops, which can be added to infusions or other hot beverages. Depending on the severity of the symptoms, 3 to 5 drops should be used at a time, 2 to 4 times a day 2.

Researchers claim that using sweet potato root tincture in menopause not only helps to calm hot flashes and improve mood, but also prevents bone decalcification and lowers triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

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Hi there this is Dr Luis Vasquez for Bowman Brothers I want to share with you Some of the properties of the sweet Potato Okay this product has Linoleic acid which is a kind of an Omega-6 Um Oil and also it has oleic acid which is An Omega 9 oil furthermore it has a Hysteric acid which is very important to Um Cleans the liver and Well it's it's essential to lead to Cleanse the liver take into Consideration the number one reason People die in the western world are Cardiovascular diseases and we know we Know for sure that Omega six and nine Help this out Okay remember there's also omega-3 and Omega seven nobody is talking about Omega-7 which is in in the nuts you can Find it in knots Okay also sweet potato has vitamin a c And e Remember this vitamins a and vitamins E Are essential uh because they are Antioxidants to fight against Um Cancer cells and also to prevent Wrinkles uh premature oxidation Aging and so on and so forth so if you Want to have a healthy beautiful skin

Make sure you are taking enough vitamin A vitamin E Hence each sweet potato on a regular Basis remember sweet potato comes or It's originally from the Americas all The way from Mexico down to Chile also Argentina and other countries in the Americas Also sweet potato has high quantities of Vitamin C Also remember this it has also iron One of the number one of the most Important reasons why people have anemia It's because they lack iron in their Diet diet or they are not having a good Absorption of it how to absorb iron Correctly eating vitamin C With Um iron Take it remember this Plant-based Iron is not easily absorbed however if You Um Eat iron with vitamin C you will absorb It regardless of the fact that it is Plant-based If I view it a Iron comes from from animals a carnivore Diet let's say you don't need to eat High quantities of vitamin C because That iron is absorbed directly Moreover Um Bowman well sorry sweet potato has

High quantities of Lysine which is an Essential amino acid just remember this There are 10 20 sorry 20 amino acids 10 Are essential 10 are non-essential What does essential mean It means You cannot produce your body cannot Produce this amino acid from another Ingredient That that's the definition of essential Non-essential amino acids can be Produced from other ingredients Okay So you must eat lysine on a regular Basis Hence sweet potato and this is the most Important feature of sweet potato Back in 60 70 years ago a scientist from The U.S In association with a doctor from Mexico Partnered up and they investigated this Product sweet potato and eventually Produced Um The contraceptive pills thanks to the Sweet potato so if you eat I'm talking To to girls to women okay if you eat Sweet potato on a regular basis believe Me your pro your your body will produce More estrogen and progesterone that you Usually produce with no side effects This is not the same as eating Contraceptive contraceptive pills Because this product will increase your

Estrogen progesterone with no Um Risk of of increasing the breast cancer The risk for increasing not without Increasing the risk for breast cancer Nor over ovaries cancer and so on and so Forth so this is completely safe for you If you want to have a healthy Um Personality if you want to be in the Mood Eat sweet potato Just like the song from Benny Goodman in The mood you will be in the mood if you Have enough estrogens in your estrogen In your blood stream Hence eat sweet potato just remember This This is very very easy to remember okay The Menses period okay we all know that Girls start the Menses say bleeding This day and then 28 Days Later They have another Menses period okay Menstruation However 14 days before menstruation Remember I didn't say 14 days after no No I say I said 14 days before Ovulation is right here 14 days before Um you start bleeding menstruation That point uh backward let's say four or Five days it's when you are more most Fertile And it is when women have more levels of Estrogen and usually it's when women are

More willing to have sex it's when they Are more Let's say they are in the mood okay That's all you need to know but that's Because they have high quantities of Estrogen this specific time this is These days okay So and it's due to estrogen so if you Girls want to be in the mood Every single day 24 7 30 6 365 days per year eat sweet Potato on a regular basis you'll have Enough estrogen and you will you will Leave in this in the mood time without Being fair tired all the time but if you Are over 50 years old old if you went Through menopause okay you are not Having a lot of estrogen anymore how can You provide your body with estrogen Taking pills Well yes you can but you increase your Risk of a breast cancer did you know did You know Pfizer lab had had to pay this Is not a lie this is real you can Google It and it's it's completely real Pfizer had to pay 330 million dollars To women who uh took Pills contraceptive pills and in the Label it was not disclosed this pills Could produce breast cancer and these Girls had breast cancer as a consequence Of of Taking these pills from this lab I won't

Even write it down I won't because it's Um I won't getting I don't want to get Into trouble I'm just saying that it is Very different to take Contra safety pills means artificial Estrogens and progesterone than taking Or eating sweet potato Means natural estrogens and progesterone It is very different Okay so If you want to share to uh this video With someone else feel free to do it if You want to subscribe to our Channel Feel free to do it moreover I want to Remember you guys that we have for sale On Amazon us Our I would say Flagship product I am very Proud of this very very very proud and You will be very pleased because we have This product which is the Cafe Legend Which is coffee Plus collagen plus it has vitamin A C D E enolin Biotin zinc uh what else copper it has Pantophenic acid everything your body Needs to have No wrinkles whatsoever everything your Body needs to have Um you need to to have a completely Hydrated skin beautiful if you want to Have a good hair growth Good Nails Growth and so on and so forth Healthy joints drink called phylogen

It's an Amazon For sale in on Amazon us It also has coffee of course so it's Coffee Plus cophilian anyway uh I'll see You guys next on the next video