Four OVERRATED protein sources

Four OVERRATED protein sources

Here are 4 of the most overrated protein sources
1. Beans/ Lentils – beans are objectively less bioavailable compared to any kind of animal protein. They’re also very high in carbs which are non-essential and can lead to increases in blood sugar and insulin which is not ideal for weight loss
2. Soy – Soy is a complete protein, but like beans, it’s not as bioavailable as animal proteins. It’s also extremely hard to digest and contains a whole lot of plant defense chemicals
3. Nuts and nut butters – These have protein, but they also contain a ton of energy aka carbs and fats too. So they basically have a very bad protein-to-energy ratio, which won’t help
4. Plant-based protein powders – Purely based on bioavailability and absorption, every plant protein is objectively inferior to animal proteins. Plant proteins also come with plant defense chemicals, like trypsin inhibitors, phytates, purine, oxalates, and a lot more that prevent nutrient uptake. Plant protein powders are also typically the biggest offenders when it comes to heavy metal contamination.

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Here are the four most overrated protein Sources beans and lentils these are Objectively less bioavailable compared To any kind of animal protein they’re Also very high in carbs which are a Non-essential nutrient and can lead to Increases in blood sugar which is not Ideal for weight loss number two soy is A complete protein but like beans it’s Not going to be as bioavailable as Animal proteins it’s also extremely hard To digest and contains a whole lot of Plant defense chemicals number three Nuts and nut Butters these have protein But they also contain a ton of energy so They basically have a very bad protein To energy ratio number four plant-based Protein powders purely based on Bioavailability and absorption every Plant protein is objectively inferior to Animal proteins plant protein powders Are also typically the biggest offenders When it comes to heavy metal Contamination the best proteins are Going to be the ones that are the most Bioavailable which are going to be meats Eggs and if you’re struggling to get Enough protein grass-fed whey is going To do the trick