Finding Your Maintenance Calories After Falling Off the Wagon | Carbon Diet Coach

Finding Your Maintenance Calories After Falling Off the Wagon | Carbon Diet Coach

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Hey guys welcome back to my channel so Today's video i wanted to discuss with You how to determine your maintenance Calories if you've been inconsistent With your check-ins So this topic comes up quite a lot with Our carbon diet coach subscribers However it's also highly relevant even For the folks who are not using carbon So let me explain why let's say you've Decided to do a fat loss goal and you've Calculated your starting macros at say 1500 whether this is you doing this on Your own or whether you're using carbon Diet coach i'm just going to use that as The arbitrary calorie value so you might Do just fine for the first couple of Days and that's pretty normal however Things might start to pop up throughout The course of the week you stay back Late in the office you come home late You're ravenous and you eat pretty much Everything in sight That's me i've definitely been there and I'm sure you guys can relate to that too So the weekend rolls around you might Have a few social events and perhaps You're new to tracking and you haven't Quite got that down to an art form so You just don't bother tracking those Meals over the weekend and perhaps you Didn't weigh in as well because you were Too busy and that of course all Influences your weight on the scale and

It's going to be a little bit skewed so Your check-in day rolls around and let's Say it's a monday and unfortunately you Have to mark non-compliant because your Calories are probably well over perhaps You also notice that when you weigh in You're about a kilo heavier than when You first started let's assume that this Behavior continues for a couple of weeks You're only half tracking you're Forgetting to weigh in regularly and you Notice that your weight is slowly Trending in a positive direction You might have also missed a number of Training sessions and your activity Levels have been all over the place even As an expert you'd probably not believe It but this is exactly how my past few Weeks have been when i've been trying to Diet so i've quickly realized it's not Really the best time for me to be Dieting so the best option until i can Be a little bit more certain that i can Commit and prioritize that fat loss goal Is to switch back to maintenance the Only problem is the coach doesn't Actually have any reliable or recent Data if the coach attempted to calculate My maintenance calories It would actually be using my previous Compliant check-in information and that Might actually be completely different To the body composition that i'm at now So just as an example perhaps i am two

Kilos heavier it's actually likely that My maintenance calories are going to be Much higher so the coach would not be Able to accurately give me a prediction Because it doesn't know my current Weight this is why we recommend that you Recalculate your maintenance calories From scratch and that's if you have not Been compliant for three or four weeks In a row so this way the coach will ask You for your new information so for Example what's your current body weight And what about your current activity Levels you know has anything changed Over the last few weeks that might Remain consistent and moving forwards so Then it will better predict your Maintenance calories to ensure that your Weight does hold steady until you're Able to return to your weight loss goal And the same is true for somebody who Wants to take a break from their Building phase or a reverse diet so Maybe you've come across some of the Same scenarios as i've just explained Before so not being consistent with your Diet Perhaps you've been under eating and Maybe hitting those higher targets is Proving really hard without a lot of Planning So in this case you might have lost a Few pounds over those non-compliant Weeks if you did then decide to switch

To maintenance and just simply hold Steady at your current weight the coach Would not be able to accurately Determine your maintenance calories Unless you calculated it from scratch so Guys this is all to say when it comes to Calculating your maintenance calories You can't really use the old data My recommendation is if you haven't been Compliant for a few weeks in a row start From scratch and calculate them from new So guys i hope that this video was Helpful for you if you do have any Questions about maintenance calories or Changing goals or how any of the carbon App works please feel free to leave me a Comment And i will get back to you i hope that This video was helpful And if you aren't subscribed to my Channel please make sure you are Subscribed also give this video a like Turn on those notifications so that you Don't miss any of the video content that I am bringing out And i look forward to seeing you guys Next time have a good day