Do Fat Loss Supplements Work?!

Do Fat Loss Supplements Work?!

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This video dives into the topic of fat loss supplements as well as the science behind them. Looking at multiple pieces of evidence, I show that it’s not as clear as the industry portrays it as and sometimes the ingredients they are using to stimulate fat loss…simply show no ability to do so. Occasionally there is some evidence that these ingredients work, but the quantities used in most fat loss supplements AKA “fat burners” is simply insufficient to see a significant effect.


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Hey there to me no not you the other guy Oh whoa what do you want to get shredded This summer Well yeah do you want women to flock to You like your Ryan Gosling on steroids Holding 12 puppies Oh yeah well then you better get a lot Better-looking and probably make a lot More money oh but we got the next best Thing Introducing fat incinerator 9000 made With our patented awesome super secret Fat annihilated capsule Xtreme formula Way to say [ __ ] no it's pronounced as Fausse this is the ultimate fat loss Supplement you need to shred 10 20 even 30 pounds in the next 12 seconds this Can't be saying don't be a buzzkill you Little [ __ ] my insides are on fire fat Incinerator 9000 has been rigorously Tested by doctors whose names you will Release in a laboratory we can't name You've heard the doctors dieticians and So-called youtube fitness experts tell You that diet and exercise are the Answer but who the [ __ ] wants to do that Now that game of thrones is back on TV I decided to rewatch the first six Seasons I haven't been outside in a week And I get winded just walking to the Refrigerator but that's okay thanks fat Incinerator 9000 if there's one thing we Believe in here it's a spa saying shut The [ __ ] up Craig so what are you

Waiting for pick up the phone and call 1-800 Asma C eated a because it's time To give us your money her i'm een live a Happier and healthier life today mother [Applause] [Music] I've always wondered what the most Popular fitness goal from my generation Is the media bombards is with an array Of goals related to health and fitness But if he had to pick one specific Objective which would it be IRA's or it's a good old-fashioned Google for the answer seeing as how it Has never let me down I stepped in how – Only to find the most searched option Being how to make slime Google had let Me down also it seems like taking a Screenshot on a Mac is harder than Cooking quinoa take that Mac users PC Master-race for life yo switching to a More Fitness related hell – the answer Was clearly evident with the top two Answers being specifically related to Fat loss and the other two arguably Being related to starting down a path of Fat loss this becomes even more evidence When looking at the popularity of Google Search terms in comparison with one Another Fat loss clearly triumphs over the other Common fitness goals when it comes to Search popularity and it's no surprise Why in my opinion there's nothing wrong

With this assuming of course it has done The spirit of bettering oneself and done To a healthy extent in addition to the Obvious visual benefits for the majority Of the population which is as high as 70% in the United States losing a few Pounds can be an excellent addition to One's life due to the heaps of Beneficial attributes that comes with it Taking it one step further it's not Entirely uncommon for individuals to Look elsewhere for aid with fat loss Beyond the standard scope of diet and Exercise according to a 2015 report by Nielsen a company which specialises in Analyzing what consumers want and buy When it comes to weight loss the vast Majority of individuals worldwide rely Primarily on diet and exercise however 11 percent of consumers have also relied On taking additional supplements Including quote diet pills this may not Seem like a lot but when you factor in That 72% of responders reported engaging In physical exercise specifically for The purpose of fat loss based on these Numbers you can estimate that as many as One in every six individuals who Exercised for fat loss have also Experimented with fat loss supplements As well and although fat loss Supplements or fat burners as they are Often referred to as are still Relatively less common than other

Supplements such as creatine protein Powder and pre workouts they are quickly Gaining in popularity looking at the Popularity of search terms over the past Thirteen years the term fat burner has Almost tripled in popularity when Compared to a very popular supplements Such as creatine who search term Popularity has effectively been cut in Half fat burners have even gone to a Point where they have their own category On body becomes supplement of the Year Awards but then again why am i making This video as there are hundreds of Supplements out there so why am i Specifically picking on fat burners this This is why number one referred to these Supplements as belly fat burners is Simply preposterous number two of the Manner in which he refers to these Products is concerning having just Referenced food as a possible Quote-unquote cure for belly fat which I Absolutely have no quarrels against as Often times the trouble and solution to One's weight issues lie in his or her Dietary choices but to simply jump from That – fat loss supplements almost Causes an issue of false equivalency one Could easily misconstrue these Supplements as being as important or Effective as eating a proper diet and The third but most troubling thing to me Is this statement without breaking a

Sweat Sorry to be blunt but this is [ __ ] [ __ ] actually guys know I'm done Let's not listen to dr. oz so instead Let's listen to dr. oz do you believe That there's a miracle pill out there There's not a pill that's gonna help you Long term lose weight and live your best Life without diet and exercise without Breaking a sweat In order to properly analyze the broad Spectrum of fat burners available i've Singled out the six most popular Ingredients i frequently saw in my Research in addition i've included four Common examples of foul supplements by Popular companies in the fitness Industry lemo at my evolution nutrition Because at the time of this video this Is the world's number one most popular Fat burner on body Bell comm hydroxy Caught by muscle tag because it is one Of the few fat loss supplements to have Broken out of this Fitness niche and Into the general consumer market being Found in retailers such as Walmart CVS And even on TV commercials such as this I was overweight and it was so Embarrassing Because I lost 27 pounds in just eight Weeks I'm dr. John Marshall I lost 29 Pounds and five-and-a-half inches off my Waist you can Hydroxycut I recommend Both as a new doctor

Fun fact Hydroxycut actually got into Some heat with the FDA over a liver Toxicity afterwards this guy pretty much Fell off the face of the earth third on Our list we have leptin shred by Six Pack Shortcuts wait a second what's Going on you're not my Chang God dad but It's like these guys come up an assembly Line and finally we have burner by Shreds I plotted these four examples Against the ingredients we mentioned Earlier to get the following matrix so Without further ado let's jump into the First and without a doubt most popular Weight loss ingredient ever caffeine an Excellent resource I'll be using Throughout this video is examined calm a Website which aggregates and summarizes Scientific evidence behind the Ingredients found in supplements each Ingredient is individually scored in Terms of the level of significance Supporting its efficacy the outcome the Magnitude of said outcome and the Consistency of their research when it Comes to caffeine there is ample Research with a high level of Consistency pointing at a small but Noticeable increase in fat oxidation However this isn't due to your fat Magically burning off on its own rather A temporary increase in energy due to Caffeine blocking adenosine a Neurotransmitter in your body

Responsible for inducing drowsiness in Turn you are most likely going to move More which increases metabolic rate Increasing the rate of calorie Expenditure and thus increasing the Likelihood of entering into a calorie Deficit and this is what burns body fat Two experiments tested the extent to Which one's metabolism increases the First paper gave healthy young men and Women with an average body fat 100 200 And 400 milligrams of caffeine the Results displayed an increase in Metabolism varying from 9.2 calories per Hour for the hundred milligram group all The way to thirty two point four Calories per hour for the 400 milligram Group the measurements were taken three Hours after caffeine ingestion so you Can assume that at the higher end of the Spectrum the group who ingested 400 Milligrams of calf Burned an additional 100 calories over The three-hour period and this is the Equivalent of about one third of a Tim Horton's honey cruller doughnut hashtag Canada although this is a noticeable Increase in metabolism this is the Equivalent of drinking four cups of Coffee in order to burn the same Calories as you would on nine minutes on The treadmill one is fantastic for your Health while the other will make you Feel like your head is about to explode

Fortunately another study performed a Similar test but this time with just 50 Milligrams of caffeine resulting in not Surprisingly a much smaller effect of Just 17 additional calories burned over The course of four hours looking back at Our supplement matrix only two products Actually contained a measurable amount Of caffeine but even then they were Significantly less the amount required Just to burn an additional 100 calories One contained no caffeine and with the Other one the actual amount is unknown Although the nutrition label says Caffeine is included the actual amount Is hidden under the term proprietary Blend which i think is kind of [ __ ] I mean imagine if you went to your Doctor and he gave you medication but Didn't tell you how much to take okay Here you go this medication is Absolutely critical to your survival Take too little and you will die take Too much and you will die in a much more Painful way oh geez okay Um how much am I supposed to take Luckily this study looked at another Ingredient as well green tea extract Unfortunately even when supplementing With as much as 500 milligrams of green Tea extract which is well over the Amount found in a regular serving of Green tea the resulting thermogenic Response was not significantly different

From the placebo another study performed A meta-analysis of green tea studies Which is the fancy way of saying a study That looked at other studies to look at Everybody's data and everybody's results And through a series of calculations the Researchers were actually able to Estimate that a typical cup of green tea Can result in about 5.7 grams of Additional body fat to be burned Essentially this is the equivalent of Drinking 80 cups of green tea just to burn one Additional pound of body fat does it Work well yes technically but you need a Lot the next ingredient is conjugated Linoleic acid or CLA fatty acid Naturally found in foods such as meat And dairy examined gum has a supplement Listed as A significant level of moderately Consistent research but no quantifiable Improvement when it comes to fat loss But diving a bit deeper I was able to Find one study involving overweight Participants which noticed an increased Rate of fat loss for those consuming Three point four grams of CLA as opposed To the placebo group however the results Were mine are at best and used an Extremely high dose of CLA Only two supplements in our matrix Actually contain CLA Six Pack Shortcuts Leptin shred which once again we have no

Idea how much they are using because They don't give us an amount and they Suck and lean mode by evolution Nutrition which contain 1000 milligrams Per serving far better than the Competition but still less than one Third of the required intake to see even A small improvement in fat loss next on Our list is alpha lipoic acid or ala an Essential fatty acid found in seeds nuts And other vegetable oils it seems there Is some evidence pointing to this having A weight reducing effect but once again It is minor and with insufficient Research a 2011 study looked at the Effects of ala on weight loss in obese Individuals over a 20 week period the Subjects were split into three groups Taking 1218 hundred milligrams of ala as Well as a placebo now the results short A minor but statistically significant Increase in fat loss for the 1,800 Milligram group and not surprisingly dr. Oz jumped all over this last time you've Got the whole day left it's the perfect Time to kick-start the burning of fat so The dye date here is alpha lipoic acid It's a very potent antioxidant you want About 200 milligrams you would take it With your lunch None of the supplements in our matrix Actually contained ala in them but Fortunately shredz has another fat Burner on their website which does

Although it's only 40 milligrams per Serving or 80 milligrams considering You're supposed to take two servings per Day so even assuming ala does have some Positive effect on fat loss you need as Much as 1,800 milligrams to see any Effect where as you are getting a Fraction of that in the form of these Fat burners next up and probably the Worst ingredient on our list L-carnitine this is because although Exam accom does seem to give it some Credibility in regrets to its fat Reducing capability a 2000 study Involving 4 grams total daily Supplementation of l-carnitine showed Quote no significant changes in mean Total body mass fat mass or resting Lipid utilization to add insult to Injury they go on to say that not only Did Not have the desired effect there were No significant differences between Groups for any variable fatality and Once again even if it did have an effect This study showed nothing with 4 grams Whereas it is found in much lower Quantities in our example supplements Lean mode had the highest quantity at 1000 milligrams per serving but this is Still one quarter of the quantity Required to see nothing really and the Last ingredient on our list we have gar Garcinia garcinia cambogia revolutionary

New research says it could be the magic Ingredient that lets you lose weight Without diet or exercise is this a joke There's even b-roll footage in the Episode of a lady eating a McDonald's Hamburger a study showing Supplementation at 2 grams per day of Ksenia cambogia extract showed quote it Did not promote weight loss or lower Total cholesterol and overweight Individuals consuming their habitual Diets and again even if it did have an Effect the amounts found in the Supplement seems to be extremely Insufficient with lean mode having the Highest quantity in our matrix but still Only having 1/10 of the quantity Required to see well nothing so what are My final thoughts on fat burners in General well they aren't entirely [ __ ] but they will never in a Million years be able to replace proper Diet and exercise this will require some Willpower this will require you to break A sweat where this will absolutely not Require you to take any supplements Although if you still insist on a pala Supplement I recommend you drink a cup Of coffee or get yourself a pack of Caffeine pills for the grand total of $4 Also guys don't forget to follow me on Instagram for more informative fitness As well as general lifestyle content I Put up photos pretty much every day and

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