Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth

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Part of our Healthful Living and Natural Remedies class held in Bismarck, ND, October, 2013, this lecture deals with the benefits and uses of diatomaceous earth. We also cover the use of contrast baths for infections.
Here is what was on the outline: Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is made by diatoms, which are simple plankton or algae living in lakes and oceans. These diatoms live only about a week, and as they live, they surround themselves with mineral crustaceans, or silica, which becomes a sort of exoskeleton to them. When they die, these exoskeletons fall to the floor of the lake or ocean and become diatomaceous earth, which is really not “earth” at all, but fossil shell flour.

DE is very hard and sharp, which is what makes it very effective in use as a pesticide. The DE actually sticks to the waxy coating of bugs and causes tiny cuts or abrasions which then causes the insect to dehydrate. It is thought that it may also be ingested by insects, causing further internal injury resulting in death. It is 100% effective against mites, bedbugs, roaches, ants, fleas, ticks, garden pests, etc, and pests cannot become immune, as DE works mechanically as opposed to chemically. This opens up new vistas in organic, non-toxic gardening and pet care, as well as preserving stored grains from infestations.

Food grade DE is non-toxic to humans. There is an industrial grade, which is heated and has added chemicals and is used for swimming pools and filters. The industrial grade DE is NOT safe for human, garden or pet use and should be avoided. Although DE is not endorsed by the FDA, it has been proven repeatedly to be effective through many centuries, and testimonials abound as to its benefits.

For human use, the DE cleans the colon of deposits that can have been present for decades. It has been reported to lower high blood pressure, and helps to improve the texture of hair, nails and skin. It contains silica, which is vital to human life and health. In her book, Water and Salt, Dr. Barbara Hendel states: “Silica is the most important trace element in human health.” Silica has a direct relation to mineral absorption.

DE is also reported to lower blood cholesterol, improve osteoporosis, detoxify the body of heavy metals, improve gum and tooth health, and perhaps most importantly, rid the body of parasites.

Parasites affecting humans include, but are not limited to, roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, maggots, whipworms, liver flukes, etc. Parasites have been found in the brain, lungs, heart, colon, stomach, liver, eye, soft tissues, etc. Anyone who has pets has parasites, and it is estimated that upwards of 80% of the earth’s population is affected. Parasites can be transmitted by a cough, a handshake, by touching any publicly used surfaces such as keypads, signature pens, shopping carts, door handles, lawns, etc, as well as pets.
Some signs of parasite infestation include:
DiarrheaChronic ConstipationGas & BloatingDigestive ProblemsExcessive Early Bowel Movements (very explosive bowel movements very soon after eating)Abdominal PainMucus in the StoolsLeaky GutNauseaHemorrhoidsBurning in the StomachBloody Stools
Chronic Fatigue SyndromeLethargyExcessive WeaknessDry Skin or hairHair LossAllergiesItchy Nose, Anus, or SkinHivesAllergic Reactions to FoodCrawling Sensation Under the SkinRashesWeeping EczemaCutaneous Ulcers, SoresSwelling
Mood SwingsNervousnessDepressionForgetfulnessUnclear ThinkingRestlessnessAnxietySlow Reflexes
Weight GainLoss of Appetite ORUncontrollable Hunger Eating More Than Normal BUT Still Feeling HungryInability to Gain or Lose Weight
Muscle and Joint PainMuscle CrampingNumbness of the Hands and/or FeetHeart PainPain in the Back, Thighs or ShouldersArthritic PainsFast HeartbeatExcessive SalivaUnclear VisionBad BreathPoor Immune ResponseFeverRespiratory ProblemsChronic Viral or Bacterial SymptomsBody Odor

Many people take a heaping tsp of DE in water or juice daily. One book recommends starting with a tsp, working up to a heaping TBS, and taking DE for 10 days on, 10 days off for a total of 90 days in order to treat parasites. Others simply take it daily for the general health benefits.
see, www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use, for further information on use and benefits of DE.

What on earth is diatomaceous earth you Have a handout on diatomaceous earth you Should have one right Union if you don't Have one Corky doesn't have one Cheryl doesn't Have one okay everybody else has one Vitamix you sir what on earth is Diatomaceous earth you know it seems Like there's a lot of suspense with this Because I've had a lot of people asking What is this I don't know what this is That's what we're going to talk about it For diatomaceous earth is basically Phytoplankton or algae that live in Fresh and saltwater and when these Little single-celled organisms they only Live about six days while they're living They they kind of cooked themselves with Silica which is a very important element In the body and as they coat themselves With this that silica gets really thick And forms kind of an exoskeleton around The plankton or the algae when they die When the diatoms die They're called diatoms there's these Little allergies of in phytoplankton When they die The exoskeleton falls to the bottom of The ocean floor the little four lakes or Whatever and they just pile up and they Make this diatomaceous earth it's really Not Earth at all it's like fossil shells And what happens is it's taken and it's Grabbed up into a fine powder it's used

Now here's some pictures that's that's The actual single-celled organism here's Some pictures of diatoms on phones Beautiful shapes and kind of remind me Of snowflakes oh my god could make Something so awesome now the edges of These things this picture will show it a Little bit better are very sharp and They're very very hard so that if you Take it as a person if you take it Internally it kind of scrubs the colon As it passes through the body we'll talk More about using it for human use in Just a little bit but it's also used for Yes control look at these shape Something's beautiful things are so Pretty Now diatomaceous earth is used for a lot Of things one of the things that is used For is pest control and one of the Theories on this is that it actually Stood insects have like a waxy coating On them the diatomaceous earth actually Sticks to that and it's thought we don't Really know exactly for sure but it's Thought that because the edges of these Died the diatoms the diatomaceous earth Is so sharp and so hard that it causes Little abrasions on the the exoskeleton Of the insect and it causes them to be Hydrate and on as long as they come in Contact with it it may take a few days But it's 100% infected and this opens All new vistas for non toxic pest

Control if you want to do organic Gardening so it's very useful now let me Point out and this is on your paper There are two types of diatomaceous Earth okay there's an industrial type That is you do not want to use this stay Away from it it's it's got chemicals Added to it it's been heated it is not Pure but the food grade diatomaceous Earth which is what we have available to Back here on the table it says de I just Didn't want to have to write out Diatomaceous earth 30 times on these Bags so I just put de diatomaceous earth And we have some available it's three Dollars a bag once I get done with this Today you might want to think about even For nothing else pest control because as I said it's 100% infected now who likes These critters roaches 100% effective Have you ever had these in your garden If it's one or percent in fact it just Does And they the website I think it's called Earthworks comm I'll look that up again And be sure but I think it's Air Force Maybe I put it in here releasing Earthworks help it's on the second page At the very bottom earthworks help I got Help I did put it on here if you go There they actually sell the Diatomaceous earth on their website and They think that is a good resource if You want to go to that website and find

Out more information about diatomaceous Earth they sell products that you can Dust the diatomaceous earth on your Plants on your pets and everything Who wants bed boats raise your hand if You'd like to have bed bugs I didn't Think so If you'd like to get rid of bed bugs This is safe if you've got to go to a Hotel it might not be a bad idea to kind Of dust yourself before you go to a Hotel diatomaceous earth is used in food Storage if they put it in with vault Grades and stuff and keeps insects out The insects cannot survive in this in Grains that are stored and you can also Use it in home grain storage if you use Like like if you store beans if you Store rice wherever in your home mix a Little diatomaceous earth right in with It it is not toxic to human beings and It will keep the bugs out of your grains In any cute when you like a different Life so you can dust the diatomaceous Earth right on your pets it helps to Take care of fleas and ticks put it in Their food and it takes care of Parasites so this stuff is almost too Good to be true but you know parasites Is what I'm going to spend a little bit More time on parasites and toxins let me Touch a little bit on toxins before I Move on we've got a slide on that a Little bit later but Suzanne and Roxanne

Both talked a little bit about toxins Tonight Julie talked about water and Flushing those Without diatomaceous earth we'll take Heavy metals right out of your body so If you think that you've been exposed to Heavy metals which most of us have all The chemicals that were using in our Society the creams that we rub on our Bodies we're getting toxins from those Things The diatomaceous earth is very good to Cleanse those things out other things That diatomaceous earth has been Reported to help with in human beings is Lowering blood cholesterol improving Ostrom osteoporosis improving government Teeth helped because the diatomaceous Earth is high in silica and silica is One of the most important elements in The human body and helps in mineral Absorption of other minerals Okay now parasites That's a nasty thing to think about how Many of you think you might have Parasites only two you're brave enough To raise their hands well I've got news For you if you have a pet it's Guaranteed you have parasites okay Now let's move on and I will explain to Your wife say that this is a fish take One each one of those segments if it Breaks off will form a new fish tapeworm So these guys are hard to get rid of

They can become so dense in the human Color which is this is a cross section Of a human colon and can become so dense In the human colon they can cause a Bowel obstruction Worms parasites now what are some signs Of parasite infestation now this is Quite a list it's on your handout I'm Just going to read a few for the sake of Those who'll be watching this later some Signs of parasite infestation include Diarrhea chronic constipation Gas and bloating digestive problems Explosive diarrhea abdominal pliant pain Mucus in the stools leaky gut nausea Hemorrhoids burning in a stomach bloody Stools chronic fatigue lethargy Excessive weakness dry skin or hair hair Loss allergies Ichiro's anus or skin Hives allergic reactions to food problem Sensation under the skin rashes weeping Eczema forward my thing.you depression Forgetfulness unclear thinking Restlessness anxiety slow reflexes Weight gain appetite loss or increased Or uncontrollable hunger but while still Feeling hungry now raise your hand if You think you might have parasites a few More hands a few more people got brain Ok yeah alright I'm just going to Fast-forward through this and then I Want to show you some pictures of these Hookworms and we're going to talk about Something else – these are hook worms

These are pin worms round worms Whipworms these are worms inside the Human colon She's insane a lot of these when she's Helped people do colon cleanses and She's told me about some nasty stuff People get out worms She's actually had people take pictures Of what they get out and send it to him And we're so proud of their worms that They got rid of Some of the toxins these are some the Toxins that diatomaceous earth can Absorb methyl mercury e.coli under Toxins viruses organophosphate pesticide Residues I will spend just a minute on That just a minute I'll show you a Picture it's a natural colon cleanser Because as it passes through the colon It scrubs the colon and it can break Loose Stuff that might have been in there You've been hauling around for 15 years Or more diatomaceous earth scrubs it as It passes through the colon my husband Knows that I love him then when I bring Him a cup of mud I say honey here's your Bud he knows that I love him even though He's not crazy by the diatomaceous earth If it doesn't have much of a flavor it's Kind of just like drinking chalk really But it doesn't have a nasty taste but Look at this I took this picture in a Warehouse here in North Dakota if you

Notice that says glyphosate who knows What that is You can Anson Road oh I know you know What is it Roundup that's roundup roundup is used Everywhere in North Dakota this is some Names from the dangers of glyphosate or Roundup use cancer endocrine disorders DNA abnormalities infertility Parkinson's birth defects and stomach Disorders yes It's always been and when I see all These Roundup Ready wheat Roundup Ready Corn wrong approaches but it won't Service that is not true and I'm sorry We don't have time to talk about GMOs But we could spend a whole seminar on GMOs if something like ours that's right Have to be giving some of it some of it The some of the disorders that we're Seeing the common things that are coming Up now a lot of people are celiac or are Gluten intolerant all of that has to do With this GMO stuff that's coming in Okay and we could spend there's volumes That have been written on this so if you Ever have an opportunity to speak Against GMOs I encourage you to do so Because that's not the way God made Stuff the Lord didn't put pig genes and Tomatoes for a reason you know so at any Rate how to use it again I'm not doing Nice thing I'm not prescribing I'm Telling you here's what I do it's been

Recommended by some just to take a hip And teaspoonful and water or juice every Day some people do that some people Recommend if you want to use it Specifically to get rid of parasites Take start with a teaspoon work up to a Tablespoon a day take it ten days on ten Days off for 90 days to get rid of Parasites okay What working up to one heaping Tablespoon a day ten days on 10 days off For 90 days to get rid of the parasites If you think you might unfair sites and There's other things I think one would Is something that you can use to help Get rid of parasites and there's other Stuff too if you have any questions About parasite but we've got just a few Minutes left and I want to take just a Minute to talk about contrast bass and I'm not going to go into a lot of detail Because if you try to page 36 in your Book by the way God's healing away we Have extra copies available and you who Are watching if you Want to get a copy of this book contact Us we have them available this is one of The finest ebooks simple books on Natural remedies that I've ever read Page 36 you'll turn to page 36 and it Talks about the hydrotherapy Advantage Just let's read over this list a little Bit Now hydrotherapy is the use of water in

Treatment okay in treating disease it's Easily applied to the skin surface it Has virtually no side effects the only Thing is you have to be careful when you Use hydrotherapy not to use too hot of Water if you're treating someone with Diabetic neuropathy or any kind of Neurological disorder where they can't Detect the heat of the water in that Case you want to make sure that you Don't get your water over about 105 Degrees any higher than that don't use It for a diabetic because they're not Going to be able to tell you that's Burning me okay and it's also not a good Idea on a diabetic with neuropathy to Use water that's too cold just use cold Water cold tap water when you use the Contrast it produces no toxins or waste Products you tell me which drug does That tell me which drug does not produce Side effects or toxins in the body as a Result that does not tax or overwork the Liver or the kidneys we want to keep Those organs of elimination clear you Remember last week we talked about the Car with the catalytic converter and my Friend drove it got clogged up in a car Just couldn't go and it's the same with Us if our organs of elimination get Clogged up we just don't quite have that Own that we need okay it's inexpensive And readily available it can be done in The convenience of the home and it parts

A sense of well-being drugs like this Effect next week I'm going to talk about Fermentations and I remember shortly After my husband Very he got sick and he needed Fermentations and you know while I was Applying the fermentations and helping Him he started crying because of the the Care the hands-on care he never Experienced anything like that if Somebody actually spending time taking Care of him and so that's part of the Benefit of hydrotherapy is that One-on-one that communication of life in Spending the time and taking the time to Touch and take care I am investing Myself in this individual and that Really does import a sense of well-being And I can attest to that myself I could Give you a whole hour worth of Testimonials on that ok the contrast Bath is on page 37 we talked about one Of the cautions and that is with Diabetic neuropathy again I'm not going To go into a lot of detail what I do Want to do is give you a testimony Tonight in just a minute let's talk About just a little bit of this it talks About in here beginning your treatments With prayer and I think that's very Important because who made these reliefs Who gave the water this property who Gave our bodies the ability to respond To these treatments God did and so we

Need to appeal to the Lord to bless These treatments when we do them ok so Always when you begin a trigger whether It's on yourself or a loved one or Somebody you just met always begin with Prayer ok that's very important the way That the contrast bath works simply it's Very simple to do all you need is two Containers some cold water some hot Water and a few towels and a patient now For instance say like when I when I got Bit by the dog and the cat this summer I Did contrast baths and I had a big basin Of hot water and instead of having a Basin of cold water when I was treating The dog bite which was on my arm I just Ran it under the wall When I was treating the cat bite which Was on her leg I had two big buckets to Stick my whole leg down in one hot and One cold what that does is it creates Like a pump the hot water what does that Do to the blood vessels who knows it Opens the blood vessels the cold water It closes them down now what is that Doing to the blood it's pumping it okay It's get rid of the toxins and bringing That flush fresh blood and some of the Body can heal itself okay We're cooperating with nature now so What I did when I got bit bitten buggy Up by the dog I told you last week when I was talking about charcoal that by the Time I got off the airplane because I

Couldn't take care of it like I needed To traveling home I had a red streak That was starting to go of my arm and That really kind of alarmed me it got my Attention and I knew that the poultices Were not going to be aggressive enough So I thought well I need to get serious About this and I had a lot of people Calling me saying you need to go the Doctors need to go to the doc and me to Go the doctor doctors have their place And I'll be the first one to tell you Again as I said last week if I wrecked My car and I break my leg and the bone Is sticking out I don't need a charcoal Poultice I need to go to the emergency Room Okay so allopathic medicine which is Modern medicine hospitals out here they Had the place and I do believe that that I would avail myself of them if I needed To Ida died in two one was it 2010 my Appendix almost ruptured and I had to Have emergency surgery so when you way Back to this I set up my Big Basin full Hot water when I put charcoal I put About a third of a cup of charcoal in That basin of hot water and I put my arm In there and I did those treatments two Or three times a day And in less than a day that Streak was gone the pain was lessened There was no swelling and the wound was Clean now I want to ask for the bill if

He would come up here this is this is my Grandpa bill I want you to roll up your Sleeve and show them this on maybe y'all Can zoom in with the camera a little bit Can y'all see that now this is what's Today Sunday when bill they'll call me Last Monday and he said Danna what do I Do with this charcoal poultice how long Do I lead and leave it on I said well What are you putting on Auburn arm a Little bit You know I'm thinking a little burn you Know but I should have known better Because this is bill you know when he Does something he does it right it was That you can see though it's pink hair Was all beyond his healing at least Johnny yeah okay so I'm thinking a Little bit burn I didn't know what he Had on his arm so I said well you need To change it once I mean you know for Four hours or so Wednesday night when I Saw him at prayer meeting and he showed Me his arm I nearly had a fit his his Forearm was swollen twice the size it Was all red maybe he didn't have you Know even in his hand that was swelling The wound was nasty icky look and I Nearly had a fit so I called his Daughter fund and I got him in trouble And then she fussed at him She come on me it's or what else and you Got to go to the doctor of course Err there I knew Dan which found

Grateful for her expertise but I've been On charcoal oh my life I use it Internally and externally because it's Always been if its weight in gold if I Have a stomachache or upset stomach I Take a teaspoon and shake it up a little Head water and dollar within minutes It's gone My wife is hard to convince that there's Things that you could do like this wide I got our insulin time she said maybe I Should take them when the bee stung me – You got it with a bee stung I don't want A song or two and a dislike that it took Care of it but I want to say personally That's one of the best things of God I've given amen and and you can use it Internally and externally and I'm glad She said what she has so what do you Call that deity time to my sister that Something I think we all need it's right Okay thank you Bill So um the reason I called I knew that charcoal would take care of His wound I knew I've dealt with enough Nasty looking wounds that I knew that The charcoal would take care of it but I Knew bill is busy he's working about and I was concerned that bill wouldn't be Aggressive enough and treating it but Bless his heart he did exactly what I Told him to do and he must have done Real done even more than I told him to Do because well when he showed me

Yesterday She's disputing a lot the quantity that Was you Got that quantity didn't bother me that Kim's cheap but I put in a couple and I Put in my barrel are twice as big as Yours cuz I got big arm yeah under the Water and I'd say I kept doing that Mahatma : hot Nicole otherwise we had The experience when I lost my finger Because I went to a doctor and that's Why I lost it I only cut the tip of look So you got to be aggressive was anything On your hands or your feet and so once You learn that and if you don't remember I'm getting old I forget so good well he He was a good patient and I was very Concerned about I'll tell you what when I saw that thing yesterday I just was Leaping and praising God because it Looks so much different than what it did Wednesday night and John saw it came Inside I mean it was it was all on open Blisters what it was that hole yeah it Was an open blister and it was infected He was badly infected and I was very Concerned because that's the kind of Thing don't mess with it Those of you who are nurses you know What I'm talking about okay so contrast As work if it's a bad infection or Something don't be afraid of charcoal in There you know what charcoal can tattoo You if it's an open wound but I'll tell

You my philosophy if it's a choice Between a little bit of a tattoo on my Arm or my hand you know from an infected Wound and taking antibiotics and risking Losing a limb or whatever I think I'll Deal with a little bit of a tattoo Doesn't always do that either it's just A risk I want to point out this book to You in closing we're almost done how Many of you have heard of Steve Wahlberg A lot of you first in Wahlberg has Anybody heard of his experience with his Son being toxic if you had not read this Book surviving toxic terrorism you need I think you may be able to read this on His website I'm not sure but I know you Can order it from him I think this is From remnant publications Steve Wahlberg's surviving Toxic terrorism if you have not read This just to understand the danger of Toxins in our environment and keeping Our bodies clamps of these things read It You

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